Summer is Here

THIS STORY IS PURELY FICTIONAL. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE STORY.   Summer is here. Alexis and her family are getting away from the city and are spending the summer at the countryside of Tuscany, renting an old but refurnished villa.   Alexis Cavallo is Italian-Americans as her … Continue reading Summer is Here

Dr. T and Corrin

Intro: Corrin was filled with anticipation as she sat waiting for Dr. T. to arrive at the restaurant. She’d been corresponding with him by email since graduation two years earlier, and this was her first visit back to the small college town of Royale, Wisconsin. She remembered being so excited on graduation day — the … Continue reading Dr. T and Corrin

Nerd Preferred

NERD PREFERRED BY Bobjj123 I was what is commonly referred to as a nerd in high school where I was more interested in computer science and electronic media than anything else. By Middle school I’d given up an any form of sports and girls were still a nuisance. In High School, I was busy building … Continue reading Nerd Preferred