After the summer jaunt last month i can now tell you how my training course went last week.S and i had gone to warrington for a 3 day course on managment training and after a very boring first day had gone back to our respective rooms for to get changed before going out for a … Continue reading Meeting

Flight Diary

On the flight from London to New York, Mark finds time to update his diary with all the events of past few days. Emma, the blond bombshell sitting in the isle next to him steals his attention, he can’t quite decided if it is her slender legs, or her voluptuous breasts which is having this … Continue reading Flight Diary

The Store; A Prologue.

I’ll never forget the first time Kasey Hartigan walked into McMillian’s Grocery. Because that’s when everything that was the norm changed. Sitting at the computer screen when this fresh,brown-eyed,sultry-sounding brunette walked in and asked for an application,I only could stare at first. She was,quite simply,stunning. But it wasn’t that she was overdone; like someone who … Continue reading The Store; A Prologue.