Piss Addict

Julia was at the clinic telling Doctor Gard “Doctor, doctor  I’ve a piss addiction.  Whenever I see anyone piss – I just want it. I can’t stop myself. My husband Joe says I’m disgusting – he told me he’d leave me if I don’t stop”“I see you’ve seen a number a of doctors  – it … Continue reading Piss Addict


So it all started out about three weeks ago when I was staying over my friends for a bonfire and some drinking. I ended up getting pretty trashed and so did he. We went inside at abOut 1:30 am and he instantly fell asleep. I was raging with sexual intimacy and wanted to cum, whatever … Continue reading Amy

I Just Want To Lick … and …

I Just Want To Lick … and …                 Trina was wandering around the old neighborhood.  She was really a messed up young lady, 32 years old, 5’6” tall, quite overweight, maybe 250 pounds, long dirty blonde hair.  She had been living with one guy, but when he went to jail she was seeing another … Continue reading I Just Want To Lick … and …

Toilet Fun

Toilet Fun                 Since there are no stories under the subject of Toilet Slaves, I’ll begin.  Not that I am into really gross or mean spirited toilet play, but there are certain aspects of it that I do enjoy.  Hopefully these can be just short little blurbs.  For example, I spent most of my adult … Continue reading Toilet Fun