Wife’s Sister and Past

My wife has a sister, Linda, my age; and a brother, Tom, a year younger then me. My wife, Betty, was a couple years younger then he was. When we were kids we kind of grew up together in the summer time at the lake. I say kind of because their parents were divorced and they were constantly going back and forth between parents. At one time or another one or more of them would end up at their mother’s and I would get to see them then.

Now I’m going to start this story with my wife’s sister Linda. Like I said, Linda was my age and although I really never really dated her we did hang out together at times. Betty, my wife, was a few years younger and really did not fit in the group at the time although her brother did. On this one occasion I was hanging out with her brother at their mother’s place with a couple of other guys. We had all been swimming and headed up to her brother’s room to change out of our bathing suits. Linda was headed down the hall to her bedroom when all of a sudden she turned and followed us into Tom’s room. We teased her that she was going to have to get naked with us if she stayed. That didn’t seem to bother her at all. So after a couple of minutes of warning her we started taking her bathing suit off. We had her totally naked and I was playing with her firm titties when we heard her mother coming home. She gathered up her bathing suit and quickly ran down the hall. I can still see her big white ass as she ran down the hall.

Later I realized although she was the same age as I was, that being a girl she had matured earlier and more then likely had more experience. That she must have had the hornies that day and we were the only guys around at the time. We lucked out. Hers were the first real breast I really ever played with and to be honest maybe the best. They did get bigger as the years passed and I always admired them. They had a great shape and felt they were perfectly spaced apart. I never told my wife but I felt she had the nicer set of tits or did I mention any experiences I had with her sister at all.

I only had a couple more experiences with Linda. One was the two of us ended up together one night on the beach. One thing led to another and we were making out on the beach. I got so worked up I shot a load in my pants. I’m not sure she was even aware that I had done that. A couple years she was in town visiting her mother around Christmas time. We went for a drive and she let me play with her tits one last time. That was the last time we ever fooled around.

Now as far as my wife, Betty goes. I ran into her the following Christmas when she was visiting her mother. I took her to the movies. Our first real date. We held hands and kissed a little but that was about it. She was a lot cuter and had by far the better personality then her sister but I felt she was a little innocent. She was only there for a few days and nothing more happen.

I didn’t see Betty again till she returned a couple of summers later to her mother’s place at the lake. Our first date that that summer was to the drive-in. Needless to say we started making out. I felt her firm titties a little and she had no objection with me opening her blouse, undoing her bra to give me full access to them. I sucked her nipples and started working my hand into her crotch. There was no resistance there either. In fact she welcomed it by widening her knees. I rubbed my hand against her crotch a few minutes. After getting a few moans off pleasure from her I then went to work undoing her shorts. As soon as I started that she went to work on the front of my jeans and by the time I got a finger in her juicy little pussy she had my cock out and was stroking it. Both of us ended the movie naked from the waist down.

She was no longer the innocent girl I thought she was. (Later I would learn she was never that innocent.)

She loved stroking my cock as much as I did fingering her pussy. She got me off twice that night but wouldn’t let me do the same for her. Later she confided that she was an uncontrollable squirter and would have been embarrassed if she did then. I then always made sure I always had a towel in the car and she never held back again.

Our sexual relationship quickly evolved over the next few days. She loved sex. She loved to get naked when making out. We loved feeling our naked bodies against each other. She would work her pussy up on one of my thighs, straddling it. Working her moist crack on my leg till she could get herself off. At the time she didn’t want to go all the way at the time so at times but she had no problem with me laying on her naked body and working my cock on her stomach till I would leave a creamy load on her tummy. In time we modified this position soon so that she would spread her legs up in the air and I would lay my cock up her moist crack over her clit. I moved on her till we both got off. Then leaving a load on cum on her soft curly patch, her juices covering my cock and balls. By the end of the summer she was having me fuck her in the ass.

I will try and sum this all up somehow.

For the next six months Betty and I were together till I went in the service. At that point we stayed in contact with each other but she was dating other guys. A year later I came home on a leave, and a couple of months after that we were getting married.

Over the years I have been able to fill in a few things about Betty that I didn’t know or maybe only suspected. Things she eventually told me or learned in some other way.

That by the time we went on our first movie date and I thought she was so innocent she had already been layed by some older guy. The two of them were rolling around naked and before she really knew what was going on he slipped inside and instantly started to cum as soon as he entered her pussy. From what I can surmise there were two or three other guy she had been with before we married. We talked about swinging at one point and when I suggested a threesome with her sister, Linda, Betty shut me down right away. She didn’t tell me details but the two of them had a sexual history between them that she wanted to forget.