Strange Light

All day long there had been fighter jets flying over the small English town, the army had appeared in town midway through the day, the police had been touring round the town warning people to stay inside off the streets, message had been broadcast on both the radio and telly news channels telling people to stay off the streets, none of the town’s residence had any idea why they had to stay inside, multi coloured lights had been seen in the sky during the night, rumours were soon going around that aliens were invading the country and that they were going to take over the world, other rumours included that world war three had broken out and the end was fast approaching. Most of the residents of the town listened to the warning given out on the radio and the telly and stayed inside but some said they are scare mongering and went out as they normally would have done, sixteen year old Sharon was one who went out as she walked through the wood she saw Tony who was two years younger than what she was and well hated because he was a peeping tom and flasher, not long after leaving home Sharon had started to feel light headed and strange then started to feel horny the more she walked the horny she got, Tony saw Sharon walking towards him and noticed the large pokies in her tee shirt, as Sharon got near him to Tony’s total surprise she said ” I want cock I need a good fuck ” Tony made no reply, when Sharon took her tee shirt off revealing her naked boobs with very erect nipples and said ” come on fuck me ” Tony thought he was dreaming but watched in awe as Sharon stripped out of her jeans and panties, as he stared at her love tube Sharon said ” come on fuck me ” then moved to Tony and pulled his joggers down letting his seven inch solid dick spring out as it did Sharon said ” at last a cock ” Sharon pulled Tony down on to the ground saying ” get your cock up my cunt ” Tony did not hesitate and was soon sliding his dick into Sharon’s very wet love tube and while rubbing Sharon’s boobs he started to thrust in and out of her love tube hearing her groan as he did and after a few minutes Tony felt Sharon climax but carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube. Sixteen year old Martin was laying in bed when his door burst open and his twin sister Jane walked in, Martin smiled when he saw that she was naked and rubbing her love tube and when she said ” fuck me ” Martin smiled even more and after a few minutes was thrusting in and out of his sisters love tube. Fourteen year old Mia was stood in her dad’s corner shop listening to seventeen year old local thug boy talking on his phone and heard him say ” come on babe my fucking is solid I got a raging hard on ” and after a pause say ” I am going to have a wank ” and watched Steve put his phone away and watched him strip naked, when his nine inch erection sprung out Mia gasped and watched in awe as Steve started to jerk his dick and when he squirted his cum in four spurts Mia gasped, all over town teens were taking part in sex acts with the nearest person to them not caring who it was, nobody knew where the unexplained urge came from nor did they care.

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