Ass Obsession

I’m Emily 19 years old the last year has been interesting. I live with my grandmother in a two bedroom house. A friend she use to work with needed a place to stay. Yes it was him it was Eddie, I had such a little school girl crush on him when I was in in High School. He’d come over and help around the house with things that needed fixing. Well this time he needed a place to stay. Of course grandma loved him so much he moved in. Eddie was the perfect man for me, nice build to his body, amazing beard he’d always let grow then cut. So nice and kinda shy but we talked and he was so sweet. He said “Emily wow! Your a woman now! Your very beautiful. My knees went weak when he told me that. Well a two months past and grandma gets a call from a her sister. Great gran gran is dying and she want to see her kids who still live. Great gran gran is very old. Grandma loved and trusted Eddie so much she asked him to take care of me and the house. I of course was excited, Not so much my Boyfriend Adam who I’d been with since middle school. As soon as grandma left I left to a party with Adam. This was when everything went to shit. Adam has been pressuring me for two years to have sex with him since high school but I keep telling him “No!” Because I’m not ready. Well he got drunk and took off with some bimbo that we went to school with. I hates that bitch so much, she always wanted Adam and now she had him. He tried to call me and when that didn’t work he came to the house and Eddie told him to get lost. “She’s hurt and you! You little limp dick motherfucker I don’t wanna see you around here again or near Emily. I felt so good Eddie stood up for me I was hurt and crying non-stop. Eddie and I talked and he gave me advice. Then I told him Adam has been pressuring me for a while to have sex with him. Eddie told me with cute smile on his face. “Why don’t you have Anal Sex if your not ready to lose your virginity? I was shocked he told me that.”Anal Sex like sex in butthole?” “Yes Sex in your butthole, don’t tell your grandma we talked about this but you’re a grown woman.” Then he says “What’s the most sexual thing you’ve done with Adam? Have you ever grabbed his dick? “No” I said. “Has he eaten your pussy or butthole?” “No we haven’t done anything.” “Well that’s the problem then you’ve been together and you won’t let him in your panties.” He said. The he says “You know what I do Emily? I collect panties from women I’ve fucked more precisely women who I’ve taken their ass cherry, I keep the panties they had on that day and I make them sign their name on them. Kinda like a trophy I take from each one.” He stands up goes to his bag and pulls out another back and tosses it to me “Open it”. I open the bag and sure enough 12 individual women’s panties with their names on each individual pair. Anna, Veronica, Josie, Bertha, Stephanie (Bertha’s sister), Marissa, Sophia, Jasmine, Mary, Lupe, Irene and Linda. I didn’t know what to think, he had videos too but didn’t want to show me. I knew was a ladies man. Honestly it turned me on. I asked him “Does Anal Sex hurt?” He said “No it feels great and it’s my favorite.” I figured grandma wouldn’t find out and Adam was a piece of cheating shit I was gonna get back at. So took a deep breathe and said “Eddie I trust you and care about you and so does grandma, so please don’t get mad at me but would you teach me?” He look straight at me grabbed me by the hand and twirled me visibly checking me out. “Yes but you have to do as I say ok?” Did you wanna start today or tomorrow when?” “Why not today” “Are you sure Emily? “Yes I’m sure Eddie.” He said sternly from now on you call me daddy you understand Bitch!?” Why did you call…….. I said, “Did you understand Bitch!?” “Yes daddy!” Ok then I record this on my camera because I like keeping track of how many women I pope from behind.” Ok put you hair in a ponytail or bun now!” I did as instructed and put it in a ponytail. The Eddie I knew was gone, he became cold and serious and I listened and did everything he asked. I’m gonna send your little fag boyfriend the finished video so he can see what he missed out on. We went to my room and he had a small handheld video camera and batteries. He turned it on and asked me What you name? “Emily” “how old are you Emily?” “I just turned 19 before you moved in.” “What is it you need my help with, what can I teach you?” “I’m pissed off Adam didn’t wait for me and I wanna get him back for humiliating me.” Then he said I’m gonna humiliate you worse than he ever could. Get on your knees Bitch! Look at the camera and tell Adam what you want me to do with you.” I looked at the camera and said “Adam it’s me the girl who never cheated or betrayed you, Remember my friend the one who threw you out a few days ago Well I’m gonna give it all to him.” Then Eddie interrupts me saying. “You hear that Adam that round piece of meat that hangs on Emily now belongs to me, that cute doll face and that lovely soft mouth are now mine! Enjoy! I know I will, Bitch you on your knees and take off that blouse.” I got on my knees and threw my blouse. Eddie towered over me his crotch in my face he just looked and said to me. “What The Fuck Bitch!” Open daddy’s zipper reach in and pull my cock out my pants!” I was so nervous I’ve never seen a dick in real life much less grabbed one. I reached in and feel something throbbing in there. I squeezed it and he said “Oh Fuck Emily you have soft hands.” “Pull it out bitch time to show you how adults play.” I pulled it out and it almost smacked my face. “Oh shit Daddy are they this huge, I’ve never grabbed one before, it’s so thick and hard.” “You see that Adam how fast it is to have your girl do what you want.” He grabbed his throbbing dick and slapped my face with it enjoying every contact it made with my soft face. “Open wide Emily time to show Adam how you feel.” I opened my mouth and could feel his thick head in my mouth, he pretty much filled my mouth with only his dick head. “It doesn’t fit” I said with his dick head filling up my innocent mouth. Don’t worry Emily in a few minuets my balls will be slapping your chin and Adam will be jacking off to this.” He pulled out and said. “You know what I’m gonna go all out on you Emily. Put you hands behind your back.” He got some zip ties and tied my hands behind my back. He slapped his cock on my face then said “Watch and Learn Adam. He pushed his cock so hard in my mouth I couldn’t breathe. He didn’t care how healthy I was a big dick will choke you. I couldn’t breathe as his huge meat pushed and stretched my little virgin throat. “Oh FUCK EMILY IT FEELS SO GOOD! Little by little my throat was opening up being forced in Eddie Man Meat. I choked and Gagged choked and gagged tears rubbing down my eyes. Hands bound behind. It went on for over 30mins I was getting stretched beyond repair. He would shove his cock in my mouth. hold it in a few seconds pull out and before I could catch my breathe his cock would be rammed back into my mouth Then as he had it all the way down my throat with his balls up against my chin he yells out “I’M CUMMING BITCH! SWALLOW THAT SHIT FUCKIN WHORE AHHHHHH OH FUCK!! I FELT A HOT GOOEY SUBSTANCE FILL UP MY MOUTH AS HE PULLED HIS COCK OUT. BUT IT WOULDN’T STOP CUMMING OUT OF HIS DICK. Ass soon as he pulled out of my mouth his dick sprayed my pretty little face. Covering me almost completely. I could see with so much in my eyes and hair. I could still feel it hitting my face and dripping down my chest and stomach. little trickles came out But he fed me for the entire day. I didn’t know what to do or think. I just got covered in semen almost completely by my grandmas friend. I opened my mouth to breathe and again he stuffs my mouth telling me to suck out whats left. He put me in front of the camera and showed me off to Adam. “Is that Adam? That right there is what her mouth is for. About a half hour later I’m still tied up and I’m still drenched in cum. Then my grandma calls to check up on us. Eddie talks to her as he stuffs my mouth and makes me suck his meat. He lies and says I’m Showering while recording everything on video. Little did grandma know I was showered in cum. Eddie grabs me by the hair and throws me on my bed he then ties my ankles together and picks up my ass so its in the air. “You ready you cum eating whore? yes daddy I’m ready. OK look what we got here. Eddie rubbed my asscheeks enjoying the curve before sliding my pants and panties down rips my panties off and plays with my asscheeks. Enjoying himself with my ass. As he dick slaps my buttcheeks to make them jiggle he calls my name. “Emily.” “Yeah daddy” Remember when you asked me if Anal Sex hurt? I said no right” “That’s right daddy you said it feels good.” “Well that’s not true you stupid bitch! How dumb can you be? My dick didn’t even fit in your mouth and your asshole is way tighter,why wouldn’t it hurt? This will be the most painful thing you’ll go through, but the harder you cry and scream the harder and faster I’m gonna fuck your butthole.” He then shoves my panties in my mouth and puts my cum drenched face in the pillow and pushes his beefy cock inside my virgin asshole. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh shit Eddie it’s too big it hurts!!AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” HE DIDN’T CARE. He just pushed harder and it felt better. “You dumb bitch! Oh fuck it feels like heaven!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAA TAKE IT BITCH!!!” It was so painful I cried. But never said Stop! Because I wanted this and I wanted Adam to See him enjoying my asshole that should have been his. Adam had given me a promise ring I wore everyday Eddie seen it and took it off my finger. Before he cummed he pulled out of my shithole and pushed the ring deep inside my ass. He blew a huge load almost like the 1st one but this one filled up my asshole cavity and he sprayed my now red asscheeks. I was tied and going in and out in my head. Later on I seen the edited version and Eddie records Adams Promise rings as I shit it out a few mins after he filled me up. The next few months even after grandma came back Eddie fucked my asshole almost everyday. Adam seen the videos but was too scared to stand up to a real man with a bigger cock that made me a woman.