Her mother is always there to greet me

She had a pretty little bra on. “I like your brassiere,” I said smiling down at her. I was straddled across her as she lay on the floor grinning up at me. I was naked but she was still wearing her clothes.

“Do you like my penis,” I asked her as I continued undoing her crisp white blouse so that I could expose more of that pretty little brassiere? It was light pink with half laced cups. “My penis is sticking up for you,” I said moving it around for her, “and see the drippy sticky? You’re making it do that. Do you like it?”

“Eet beeg,” she grinned.

“Yes it is big,” I said. Six inches near enough and that’s big enough for her. “Or do you want to eat it, do you want to do yum yum? You yum-yum me?”

“I yum-yum you,” she grinned, “I do yum-yum good you.”

I just kind of shuffled further along her skinny little brown body and then using my right hand to help her head raise I used my left to push my cock down so that she could get it into her mouth. After that I just left her to it and she soon had my spunk sucked out. They’re good at that over there, the teen whores are best as far as I’m concerned.

After that it was my turn to be on my back and it was her turn to stand straddled over me and strip off, so pretty.

She wriggled out of her bra and then dropped her pleated blue skirt down her legs and onto me. I told her to stand there so I could savour the delights of her lovely scent lingerie clad teen body.

Her sexy little girl bra was matched by an equally sexy pair of semi see through lacy pink scanty mini little girl panty knickers. They were nice and tight, I could see that. I could see the delve where her little cunt lips were hiding. She wore white knee length socks too and she was still wearing her little shiny black toe scuffed shoes.

“You’re so sexy,” I said and she smiled in thanks, “turn round and then squat down like before.”

She did as she was told, they’re very obedient and as soon as I felt she was in the right position I reached up and slipped one side of her semi see through lacy pink scanty mini little girl panty knickers’ botty buttock holders and then after splaying her rubbery bum cheeks with that hand I reached out my other hand and fingered her little anus. As usual I forced my finger all the way up her rectum and then frigged her anal passage. She loved that, I could tell she loved it by the sounds she made – “ugh, ugh, ugh, nheeeeeeee.”

Then my cock tightened up again and since she was in just the right position I was able to use my other hand to force it to stand up and point towards her face, “time for your pretty little girl slitty fuck,” I said.

As soon as I slipped my finger out of her botty poo hole she knew what to do.

She turned round and then squatted down.

I didn’t need to do anything. I taught her enough times and she could do it as easily as she could recite her present tense, well actually she could do it better than reciting her present tense. Her English was shit.

Squatting down, she pulled one side of the gusset of her semi see through lacy pink scanty mini little girl panty knickers to one side she guided my cock into her cunt and then she did me.

I like to just lie there and let her do all the work and she gets a good half hour work out.

I prefer it when they fuck me and keep their sexy lingerie, socks and shoes on and its nice to molest their bosoms over their brassiere.

“You like my penis,” I asked her as her girl body pumped up and down on it?

“I lie, I lie good,” she panted.

“Big one,” I asked?

“Big, bigger biggest,” she grinned as she pumped.

“You like fucking my big penis,” I asked?

“I lie fuck you good,” she said, “I good fuck girl you?”

“You good fuck girl,” I said agreeing.

“I best fuck girl you,” she asked as she pumped?

“You’re ok,” I said and she pouted.

“I best more she,” she said, “she young me more, she not blasirre sexy same me.”

“Yes she got brassiere now,” I said, “I tell her Mother she must wear brassiere because it’s the rules.”

“It sexy same me,” she pouted again?

“It’s sexy same you,” I said “but she’s more tight than you.”

“Pussy more tie me,” she pouted?

“Much tighter,” I said.

“She do in botty now,” she asked?

“Not yet,” I said.

Suddenly she pulled up, stood up, turned round and squatting back down and pulling her semi see through lacy pink scanty mini little girl panty knickers’ botty buttock holders she grabbed my erect penis and threaded it up her anus and then sank down.

“I tie more now,” she asked as she bobbed up and down.

Her rectum was nice and tight and as my penis started to slowly but painfully sodomise her rectum I replied “mmmmm, nice and tight.”

I renamed after that occasion and called her Anal from then on and every time she came round she would always offer me her botty bum first and I always accepted and buggered her first.

After showering together where I did her cunt, we dressed and then I walked her home. I always walk her home to her mother’s to make sure she gets back safely.

Her mother is always there to greet me and always asks the same question. She can’t speak English of course, everything has to go through her daughter.

“She wan’ know I Englis good today?”

I put my thumb up and smile, “very good, better every day.”

And her mother smiles at me and takes my hand in both of hers and slips me the pittance of money we agreed for me to give her daughter private lessons.

They’re poor people and I don’t want the money but her mother insists and it would be an insult to refuse it.