To get the basic descriptions out of the way, I am 5’6 " with short blonde hair, green-blue-grey eyes, DD breasts and an average/athletic build. My boyfriend is 5’11 " with short brown hair, honey brown eyes, and an average/athletic build.  I was seventeen and my boyfriend came over to my parents house when I was home … Continue reading

Road Trip

Road Trip   Brent was happy to finally get the chance to be away for a few days.  His wife had certainly changed over the last few years.  She used to be sexually adventurous but no more…. Straight ’slam bam thank you ma’am’ and that was even more and more rare lately.  He missed the … Continue reading Road Trip

Show me how its done big boy

SHOW ME HOW IT’S DONE BIG BOY               Angela and I had been dating for over two years on this incredible night.  She had known about my love for her ass pretty much since it popped up (pun intended).  This might be a good time to tell you about Angela.  She is a beautiful … Continue reading Show me how its done big boy