Armpit Lust for Colleagues

This story is based on true events, with some details changed.

The first time I met Renu was at an office party where my colleague introduced me to her as his wife. We exchanged our hellos and began conversation over drinks. It turned out that we both attended the same university but our paths never crossed. Renu was wearing a black sleeveless dress and when she raised her arms to pick up her drink, I saw that she had hairy armpits. I instantly felt surprised and turned on. I was thinking to myself ” it can’t be. What are the chances that Renu has hairy armpits! ” She saw me looking at her hairy armpits and got embarrassed for a brief moment but smiled back, giving me the cheeky signal that it was ok for me to look. I understood that she fancied me otherwise she would’ve been offended which didn’t happen.

We decided to get another drink and head over to the balcony to carry on with our conversation. I saw that Renu’s husband was busy getting drunk which was good for me since I wanted to know about Renu’s hairy armpits by making random conversation with her. We got our drinks and headed to the balcony. Suddenly, seeing no one around Renu asked me ” so, you like hairy armpits? I saw you looking at mine. ” I was so taken aback that I admitted that I was looking at her hairy armpits.

No awkwardness, straight to the point. Brilliant! Off to a good start, I was slowly building a relationship with Renu and I didn’t imagine that it would happen the very evening I met her. So I told her that I love women who are natural and hairy. It makes them more confident than other women and it’s super sexy to me. As we were talking, Renu told me that I didn’t look like a guy who would like hairy women. So, I immediately told her that I got immensely turned on by seeing her hairy armpits and the fact that I didn’t expect anyone to come at a party with their armpits showing. ” I don’t care about what people think. I am comfortable and I feel sexy, though my husband absolutely hates me being hairy. ” I quickly replied ” fuck what Asif thinks. You do whatever makes you happy. ” Renu looked at me and gave me a wicked smile like she got really turned on by what I had said and wanted to fuck me. I looked at her and quickly said ” let’s go see what Asif is up to. ”

When we got to the bar, Renu’s husband was nowhere to be found. Renu looked around and found out that her husband got so drunk that he asked one of our colleagues to drop him off home. This meant more time with Renu. So we got another round of drinks and as the party was clearing out, Renu and I went to one of the rooms. On our way in, I intentionally closed the door so that we could talk privately. She then asked me if I have been with any hairy girls and why I liked them so much. I told her that I have been with a few girls who were hairy but not so much. She then raised her arms and asked me to rate her hairy armpits, 1 being not hairy and 10 being super fucking hairy. I instantly took this opportunity to rate her a 7 and told her that there was room for improvement. She gave me a wicked smile again and I knew what she was hinting at. I just wanted to have my face all over her armpits and lick them. I don’t think she would have had a problem with that.

I realised that I was with Renu the entire evening and didn’t socialise with anyone else. Renu got up and said ” David please drop me home, it’s really late and I don’t have a ride for the night. ” I finished my drink and agreed to drop her home. As we reached my car, Renu looked at me and said ” what do you think of my tits? Are they perky, round, small, saggy or what? ” I couldn’t believe what she just asked me, given this was the first time we met. So I just looked at her and said ” it’s just the way I like them. Natural, a bit on the saggy end with big pointy nipples. ” She heard that and instantly got horny like she could fuck right there and then. What she said next surprised me the most: ” we have a guest bedroom with two sets of doors to ensure guest privacy. You can stay the night if you want, tomorrow’s a weekend anyway and Asif is done for the night and won’t wake up till the evening. ” I just thought to myself that this is the golden opportunity to spend more time with Renu and maybe even fuck her hairy body. So, o reluctantly agreed and we were on our way to her house. Once we reached, Renu went ahead of me so that it seemed she came on her own. I parked my car and took the stairs to find her waiting for me.

She told me that it was her and Asif who’s in the house so I didn’t have to worry about maids or anyone else. That was a relief because I was picturing myself fucking Renu and I didn’t want anyone else to hear her moan. I changed and wore my boxers and Renu gave me a t shirt to wear. I freshened up and was sitting on the bed when Renu came into my room wearing a purple lingerie/bra set. She was being too comfortable with me and that fucked with my head. Seeing her in the lingerie, I asked her if she was going to bed or not. The lingerie was so see-through that everything was visible. But she replied ” why, are you sleepy? What’s the rush? I came here to keep you company, I thought you’d get bored. ”

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While she was talking, I kept staring at her body and her tits which were on display. She was wearing a stunning lingerie which accentuated her features and showed her hairy parts. I was getting so horny that I didn’t even pay attention to what Renu was saying.

Suddenly, Renu stops talking and asks ” what have you been looking at? ” I said ” well you are wearing sexy lingerie, how can I not look at your body! ” ” Well? What do you think of my tits? Is it big enough for a tit fuck? ” ” I definitely think so. And those hairy armpits are fucking sexy! Makes me want to do things to you. ” ” Like what? You can tell me. How about I do something? Let me pose for you in different lingeries and you rate me based on which one makes you want to fuck me, ok? ” ” And what happens then? You are teasing me way too much! ”

So, Renu comes and poses in front of me in different lingeries and each one is better than the last one. Finally, she comes in golden lingerie and I lose my mind. I told her that this was the sexiest lingerie of the night and I am ready to fuck her. I rushed at her and started licking her armpits. ” You have been waiting for this moment all night, haven’t you! Oh David, lick me, suck me, squeeze me, hurt me… do whatever the fuck you and your dick wants! ”

I pushed her to the door and asked her if her husband was out for the night. She said ” nothing is going out of this room. Even if I scream for my life, he won’t hear a thing! Make me scream, baby! ” I was kissing her, holding her tits with one hand and fingering her with the other. She was moaning and begging for more. I pushed her to the bed and started going down on her. She was wet like heavy rainfall and I licked every bit of it. Her pussy was so hairy I was overjoyed. I licked her and put two fingers in but then she told me to shove three fingers in. She was shaking with excitement and told me that Asif never appreciated her hairiness. But I loved every bit of hair on her body especially her hairy armpits. I was so excited that I came once.

She then made me sit on the bed and started licking my balls and took my entire dick in her mouth. A velvety feeling suddenly came over my dick and I loved it. While she was sucking me off, I was playing with her armpits. ” I have never been with anyone so hairy especially not the armpits. Why can’t all women be hairy! Oh baby, yes suck me good. Alright, enough sucking. Let me lick your armpits again, I can’t get enough of it. ” I licked her pussy and her armpits again and decided that it was time to put my dick in her. As I was about to wear the condom, Renu said ” don’t put it on! I want to feel your dick properly. I was so excited to hear that that I thrusted my dick inside Renu and she screamed like a slut.

Renu’s pussy was so tight as if it hasn’t been fucked in ages. But I loved that feeling and I kept pushing it in because Renu was having orgasm after orgasm. I loved it! I made her kneel and fucked her doggy style. She was coming so hard every time, it felt intense! ” Pump me harder, David! Pump me harder than my loser husband who can’t even get his dick up. Oh David, destroy my pussy, fuck it like it has never been fucked before. David… oh David where were you all this time! I missed having sex, oh fuck me! Lie down, let me ride you! Be careful, I ride hard. Oh look at that dick, can’t wait to sit on it! ” After this, I went old school and made her lie on the bed to fuck her missionary style. My dick went right in and it went all the way. Her pussy was so fucking wet that within minutes we both came.

That was one of the best sex I’ve ever had. On top of that, Renu was my co worker’s wife and it was exciting to think that I was fucking my colleague’s wife who’s a hairy goddess.

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