Broken in

John was a small skinny guy, he was only 23. He got married to the girl off his dreams who was 26. But his life fell apart when she left him for another guy. It was 6 months since she left and he drinking too much and very depressed. Why he kept asking himself, they … Continue reading Broken in

Beach surprise

Julie was 41 4feet 10 inches tall, had put on a bit off weight but big breasts and nice tight bum. Well her husband and friends always said. But having worked hard, had taken a break for relaxation and recharge her batteries as they say. So took a couple off days away at a b … Continue reading Beach surprise


Behind every successful man is a woman isn’t that what they say. Susan had grown up with very little but had met John when they where 18 and had fallen in love with him. They married at 20 and soon he got job in a big enterprise. He worked hard even long hours, but Susan … Continue reading Promotion


John was only 17, a slim but very feminine looking guy. Only 5ft tall and even talked very softly. He left home at 16, as life was unbearable at home. He got a job working in a office and now had a small 1 bedroom apartment. He had only one friend, a girl named Sofia … Continue reading Challenge


Linda was 38 long black hair slim body with small breasts but she looked stunning. She was married to a very successful business man name Chris and was used to great life of luxury. But life was about to change for her as she had a secret lover and for most of her married life … Continue reading Blackmail