Cam gets mummy

” Ok fuck mum. ” Cam moaned as she sucked his cock. He stood fondling Kats breasts. Her amazing bosom in his hands again. Kat kissed his lips then knelt down his body kissing down his teenage chest to his cock. Viv smiled at Kat as they both shared his penis, shared kissing, licking, sucking … Continue reading Cam gets mummy

Katrina (Guilt)

Wednesday 12.15. She walked back home, she again was greeted by Mr Muggles. ” Hi baby. ” She said again picking him up kissing his furry head, the cat started purring. ” What did mummy just do? ” She said in a baby voice looking at her cat. ” She carried Mr Muggles upstairs to … Continue reading Katrina (Guilt)

Katrina (Cam)

Wednesday 7.12 am. She woke to Brian putting on his watch. She turned onto her back. ” Morning. ” She said looking at him. ” Good morning sexy. ” He said turning looking at her. ” Sleep well. ” ” Ummm yes. ” She replied sitting up in bed she looked down at her dangling … Continue reading Katrina (Cam)