The used wife

” Well baby you look sexy. ” He said to her reflection in the mirror ” Thank you. ” She replied. ” Are you ready for this? ” He said to his wife. ” You sure have some weird fantasies. ” Carly said leaning in kissing his lips. ” I know, you sure your up … Continue reading The used wife

Claire and Felicity (almost like sisters)

Dale looked at Felicity. His daughter scantally clad. His lover encouraging her to slid down her fathers hard erection. A thought Felicity would do any day. She turned her back to her father stepping back. Dale reaching out cupping his daughters beautiful buttocks. Claire knelt between Dales legs holding his cock as Felicity’s pussy got … Continue reading Claire and Felicity (almost like sisters)

Dale and Felicity

10.28 am. Monday Daughter. Felicity sat in class. Unable to concentrate. Her fathers cum in her pussy. She could feel her wet panties against her pussy stained with the creamy gloobby cum from her father. She thought of the night before, naked with her father. Her fathers hands and mouth over her breasts and pussy, … Continue reading Dale and Felicity


” Good morning. ” Felicity said opening her eyes seeing the naked figure of her father next to her, she lay in her parents bed. ” Morning baby, how did you sleep? ” Dale asked. ” Great. ” She replied as she lay on her back the sheet down draping over her waist her b … Continue reading Felicity