Mary June and Jim

Please read part one of this story. In that part Marty seduced his mom then was seduced by his next door neighbor, a preacher’s wife. His mom joined in and later the neighbor’s virgin niece. Marty and Cathy were just entering their house when the preacher drove into the driveway. “That was close!” Cathy said. … Continue reading Mary June and Jim

Prom mom

Billy came home from school in a sour mood. His mom, Kathy, asked him, “What’s wrong, Billy?” Like a typical teen he answered, “nothing mom, I just need to go to my room and do homework.” “Not until you tell me what’s bothering you!” “Okay! If you really have to know, I can’t get a … Continue reading Prom mom


Jessica and her husband were sailing a small yacht in the ocean near the Philippines. They were near one of the smaller islands and had just anchored near a cove to spend the night and explore in the morning. They had failed to check the state department warnings for the area. Had they checked they … Continue reading Pirates

Special gift

It was Jenny’s 16th birthday and her parents, Jim and June, hosted a party for her with many of her friends. She got some really great gifts but Jim and June saved the best for last. Jenny and her parents were sitting in the family room after everyone had left. June said, “Well Jenny, we … Continue reading Special gift

Dominating son

This is a different kind of story from me, so if you are offended by bisexual acts or forced sex don’t continue. I am a sixteen year old boy and since puberty I have lusted after my mom. I have been fantasizing about just taking her to my room, ripping her clothes off and raping … Continue reading Dominating son