Getting It

It was a late Saturday evening and sixteen year old Steve had just left his girlfriend after snogging with her in the bus shelter, Steve waved as the bus carrying his girlfriend drove down the road, Steve started to walk through the park which was a short cut to where he lived, Steve knew that … Continue reading Getting It


It was baking hot, the temperature was the hottest that it had ever been, it was so hot that the tar on the roads was starting to melt, fires were breaking out in the fields and in the woods, the fire brigade were being kept very busy. The ambulance service had dealt with lots of … Continue reading Heatwave

The Witch

Sixteen year old Dawn was waiting on the rail way station platform for the train home, Steve and his mate Mark who were both sixteen and thugs were also waiting on the platform for the same train as was Cindy Marks twelve year old sister, both of the two boys were giving Dawn verbal abuse … Continue reading The Witch

The Duct

Oma was a twelve year old girl who was living in England, she was an illegal immigrant who had lost all contact with her family, for just over six months she had been living rough in the docks in Kent, she survived by begging and sorting through bins for left over food, she had become … Continue reading The Duct

The Spray

Abdul was a sixteen year old Bengali boy who had been living in the small English country village for only a couple of weeks, he lived with his parents who were retired and in their seventies, his youngest sister who was six years younger than what he was  also lived there as did his brother … Continue reading The Spray