Gone Bad Part 1

Dawn was known as the star pupil of the school that she was attending, she was top in all subjects that she was studying, the teachers of the school said that despite just being sixteen years of age she would do very well in university and gain very high grades and achieve a doctor ship … Continue reading Gone Bad Part 1


Mia was a young Indian girl who had been living in a small English town with her uncle and aunt for two years, she was happy living there everybody was friendly and she had made a lot of friends, then one day she was caught trying to see the boys in the showers at school … Continue reading Caught


It was very quiet in the small English town, the town was well known for being quiet, the police wished that more towns were the same where nothing much ever happened, it was extra quiet on the streets because of the extra hot weather, most residents of the town had decided to stay in their … Continue reading Boozy

Night Watching

Adah was a young African girl who had been living in England for two years, Adah lived with her gran who was a chronic alcoholic, they lived in a flat on the tenth floor of a tower block of flats near to another tower block of flats, it was late at night Adah was alone … Continue reading Night Watching

Warm Up

The whole of England was going through the coldest winter since records began, the temperature had been below freezing for over two weeks which caused the roads to be very icy and slippery which in turn was causing many accidents. Most people were not venturing outside of thier homes instead they were staying inside where … Continue reading Warm Up

The Try On

Mia was a sixteen year old Bengali girl who had been born in Bangladesh where she had lived with her mum. Mia had never known her dad as he had left home just after her birth to go and live with another woman. Mia had been very happy living with her mum in a small … Continue reading The Try On

In The Barn

Pia was a twelve year old Indian girl who had been in England for just over two weeks, she was an illegal immigrant who had entered the country by boat with her mum and dad as well as ten other Indian immigrants, it had been late at night when they had come ashore just outside … Continue reading In The Barn