Two Houses

Pao was sat in her bedroom looking out the window and like she had many times before was wondering why the house she lived in and the house next door were so far away from the houses in the street, there were ten houses each side of the street then a long empty space and … Continue reading Two Houses

Booze Up

Sara stood on the doorstep of the house where she lived watching as her parents drove away, Sara gave them a final wave goodbye as she did Sara thought glad there are gone now the celebrations can be begin, Sara’s parents had gone away for a few days leaving Sara to look after the house, … Continue reading Booze Up


Speedy was a young Romanian girl who had been give the nickname of speedy by her dad because she was very agile and a fast runner, when she was just ten years of age speedy and her family had been smuggled into England but as the came ashore the police and immigration officers who had … Continue reading Speedy

Empty Mansion

The mansion that was situated on the edge of a small English town was owned by one of the richest families in the world, they also owned various other small firms in the town and only employed residents who lived in the town one of who was sixteen year old Steve, it was a surprise … Continue reading Empty Mansion

What He Wants

Asif was walking home from school, as he walked he was looking around keeping his eyes open for trouble, Asif and his family had not been living in the small town where they were now living but had very quickly learnt that there was a lot of racists living in the town who not like … Continue reading What He Wants

The Flashers Joy

Sharon had been out with friends from school celebrating her sixteenth birthday and was now sitting on the last train home feeling tipsy, Sharon wondered why the train had not left the station, it should have departed a half hour ago, Sharon looked out the window and saw that the rain was still pouring down … Continue reading The Flashers Joy

No Escape

Steve was a sixteen year old violent thug, it was well known in the town where he lived that he was racist and homophobic, it had been said that he had no feelings and did not care who is victim was. Steve had robbed an old age pensioners retirement home that house fifty elderly residents … Continue reading No Escape

The Debt

Emma was a sixteen year old loud mouthed racist violent thug, not many people trusted her and stayed well clear of her. Mark who was two years younger than what she was had a reputation as a peeping tom , and like Emma was not liked by many people, Emma had beaten him up a … Continue reading The Debt