Staying In

It was very quiet on the streets of the small English town, nearly everybody was following the advice of the authority and only leaving theirs homes when they had no other option but to do so, an illness had been sweeping the country but luck was on the side of the residents of the small … Continue reading Staying In

Strange Light

All day long there had been fighter jets flying over the small English town, the army had appeared in town midway through the day, the police had been touring round the town warning people to stay inside off the streets, message had been broadcast on both the radio and telly news channels telling people to … Continue reading Strange Light

Closed Down

The small hotel that catered for twelve people had been owned by the same family for over three hundred years, it had been passed down to generations of the family over the years. It stood on the edge of a small town and was now run by Tom and his wife, but due to a … Continue reading Closed Down


Steve was a sixteen year lad who was not liked by many people, he was well known for having a very violent nature to him and this caused many people to be very scared of him, they stayed out of his way as best as they could, people who saw Steve walking along the road … Continue reading Released


There had been a hotel standing on the edge of the small English town for just over one hundred and fifty two years, but then the owners went bankrupt and the hotel closed and after legal debates was sold to a very rich business man who converted the hotel into a mansion, after moving in … Continue reading Away

Gone Bad Part 1

Dawn was known as the star pupil of the school that she was attending, she was top in all subjects that she was studying, the teachers of the school said that despite just being sixteen years of age she would do very well in university and gain very high grades and achieve a doctor ship … Continue reading Gone Bad Part 1


Mia was a young Indian girl who had been living in a small English town with her uncle and aunt for two years, she was happy living there everybody was friendly and she had made a lot of friends, then one day she was caught trying to see the boys in the showers at school … Continue reading Caught