The Snob Girl

Tracy was the daughter of one of the richest men in the country, at just sixteen years of age Tracy had everything that she wanted, she went on holiday three times a year to the family villa in Italy, she dressed in designer clothes and attended many functions, it was at one of these functions … Continue reading The Snob Girl

The Fight

Lucy was a sixteen year old British girl living in London, it was well known that she was racist, homophobic and violent, she was not liked by many people and certainly not trusted, it was well known that she could fight like a boy, nobody had ever known her to get beat in a fight. … Continue reading The Fight

Cider Girl

The small English town was a very quiet town that had a very low crime rate. It was well kept with clean streets and nicely trimmed grass. Sharon was a sixteen year old girl who lived in the town and considered as a bad thing for the town, she was a trouble maker who was … Continue reading Cider Girl

Parents Away

Steve was sitting in his bedroom feeling bored, his parents were away leaving him to look after the house and his sister Amy, At sixteen years of age Steve was two years older than what his sister Emma was, so his parents thought that he could be trusted to take care of his younger sister … Continue reading Parents Away

Caught ???

Simon had been suspended from school because he had been caught trying to look into the girls changing room, no girls had been in there so he had seen nothing and thought it was unfair that he had been suspended, he was now sitting at home being looked after by Tracy who lived in the … Continue reading Caught ???

Big Boys

Tina was a sixteen year old Girl who lived in a small English town, many residents of the town did not trust her, she was known to be stroppy and would argue with anybody , she was also known to be a girl who could fight and was good at fighting, many people stayed clear … Continue reading Big Boys

Thug Surprise

Martin was a gay boy who had just been sent to a young offenders custody centre for twelve months, he had been caught by the police trying to break into a house. Martin was sat in the centre’s custody wing waiting to be allocated a cell after waiting a hour and a half one of … Continue reading Thug Surprise

Free Shows

The large paint factory had stood on the edge of the small town for many years with out there being any problems for the residents of the town but then in the early hours of the morning and with out any warning at all the town was rocked by a big explosion that woke many … Continue reading Free Shows