Anjana was a fourteen year old Bengali girl who lived in East London, she was not feeling very happy her dad had made her stay in the family owned small grocery shop to keep an eyes on things, it was new years eve and there were big celebrations taking place with the streets being packed … Continue reading Celebrations

The Foggy Day

It was mid winter and the residents of the small coastal English town were feeling the cold, they had been doing their best to keep warm during the night. When dawn broke the whole area was covered by fog, the fog was drifting in from the sea and it was very thick, cars were being … Continue reading The Foggy Day

Double Take

Steve and Martin were both sixteen years of age they had lived next door to each other all of their lives and were very good friends, they stuck together and supported each other, Marin had been going out Debbie for just over a year, the pair were in the same class at school and were … Continue reading Double Take

House Boy

Simon was a sixteen year youth who had a very low education level, he had never paid attention in school lessons and bunked off school a lot, he was an out of control teenager who could get very violent, Simon’s dad had left home when he was quiet young which had caused his mum to … Continue reading House Boy

The Split

Sharon was known as a disruptive foul mouthed bully who was racist and out of control, her parents had got fed up with her and her bad behaviour and did not want to have anything more to do with her so now Sharon was living with the only person that she had ever had respect … Continue reading The Split

After Dinner

Sara was fed up, she lived at home with her mum who was an alcoholic and hardly ever home, her mum spent her money on booze so there was hardly ever any food in the house, at just sixteen years of age Sara classed herself as a pauper and often went hungry, all her friends … Continue reading After Dinner

House Destroyed

The street where Asif lived was a quiet Cul De Sac where everybody knew everybody else and were friendly towards each other and were always willing to give a helping hand where help was needed. It was in the early hours of the morning, Asif had been fast asleep in his bed when he was … Continue reading House Destroyed