Rain soaked

Sara and her mates were walking home from their first day at big school talking about the bullies from the top form, as they past the football pitch they saw a match being played by 16 year old boys from the top form, Sara said to her mates “look at movement in the front of … Continue reading Rain soaked

The Witch

16 year old Abdul was walking through the park, loudmouthed Cindy who was the same age as Abdul and her younger sister Carol were walking a few feet behind Abdul giving him a load of  verbal abuse, Abdul had been caught at school spying on the girls as they went up stairs. Cindy was calling … Continue reading The Witch


Mary was walking down the school corridor, it was her first day at the big school and was lost, a teacher appeared handed Mary a note and said “you boy take this to Mr. Kendall the gym teacher” and walked away. Mary was a tomboy and with short cropped hair and a flat chest was … Continue reading Tomboy

Broken down

Steve was sat in the back of his neighbour’s car, his neighbour had picked him up from town because the buses were on strike, about 20 miles from the village the car ran out of petrol, as it was cold the neighbour had left Steve with the car while he walked to the village to … Continue reading Broken down

The boat

The small boat was bobbing about on the sea as it made it’s way to England and a new life for the illegal immigrants on board, they were all locked away in cell like rooms. 16 year old Steve was at the wheel apart from the immigrants he was the only other person on board, … Continue reading The boat

Break in

Steve was waiting in the dark ally behind the houses, he was feeling the cold despite having his hoodie pulled up tight, he was wishing he had worn jeans instead of his track suit trousers, but the jeans would have shown up easier. He looked at the house he intended breaking into, he knew the … Continue reading Break in

The trek

16 year old Abdul was on school 48 hour school trek with 17 year old Steve and 16 year old Sara, he was acting as a guide. Sara was a hard nosed bitch from a local street gang and was well feared. Part way up a rocky hill Steve slipped rolled part way down the … Continue reading The trek