The Escort Home

Steve was a sixteen year old thug who was well feared in the small town where he lived, he was well known for his violent behaviour which had caused many people to stay clear of him, he lived with his gran and twelve year old sister Amy who were the only two people he really … Continue reading The Escort Home

Clean Up

Steve lived in a small quiet town in England with his dad who owned and ran a building business, Steve often did clean up for his dad, when a job had been finished Steve often went to the site and cleaned any mess that was left and today was on his way to a farm … Continue reading Clean Up

Willing Girl

The bus was travelling through the small country lanes, the bus was full of passengers returning from a day out in town, all the seats were occupied there was standing room only. Sixteen year old Steve a well known thug was seating on the back seat of the bus next to an Indian family, Pia … Continue reading Willing Girl