Big Surprise

Sixteen year old Anjana was a Bengali girl who was now living in England with her Gran and sister Mia who was four years younger than what she was, the girls were walking home early one evening after being at a friends house as they cut through the park Anjana saw Steve who was in … Continue reading Big Surprise

Double Take

There had been a large demonstration held by a well known racist organisation, the police had been out in large numbers keeping things under control, Many of the residents of the small coastal town where the demonstration had been held were Bengali they had boarded up there homes and businesses and stayed off the streets … Continue reading Double Take

Immigration Centre

The Immigration detention centre stood on the edge of a small town in England, residents of the local town call it the last chance saloon, the immigrants who went there were never there long, after being there for about a week they were taken to the near by airport and flown back home to their … Continue reading Immigration Centre

Rich Girl

Tina was the daughter of the richest man in England, she lived with her parents in a twelve bedroom house on the edge of a small English town where she was well known and well liked, Tina was known to help anybody if she could. It was two days after Tina’s sixteenth birthday her parents … Continue reading Rich Girl

The Treble

Simon was walking home school happy that it was Friday which meant that there was no more school for two days, Simon decided to take a short cut through the derelict factory, not long after going into the factory Simon saw Steve who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he … Continue reading The Treble