Good Results

At sixty one years of age Joe was a lonely man who was well hated in the town that he lived in, he was a convicted flasher who had just served a three year prison sentence for his crimes, his wife had left him when he went to prison and then got a divorce from … Continue reading Good Results

The Idiot

Adam was thought of as the school idiot, he never paid attention in any lessons and had a very low intelligence level, teachers called him a day dreamer, Adam was always doing stupid things which had earned him the nickname of nut case from his fellow students many of who bullied him which made Adam … Continue reading The Idiot

New Sauna

Tina was not very happy, it was a Saturday evening one of her friends was holding a party which she had been looking forward to going to ever since she got the invite to the party three weeks ago, her mum had told Tina that she could go to the party but then a few … Continue reading New Sauna

Wrong Way

Dawn was a sixteen year old girl who lived in England but was in India with her dad who owned a very large clothing company. Dawn was a loud mouthed bully girl who never listened to advice, Dawn had decided to go sight seeing while her dad attended to business in his large office complex … Continue reading Wrong Way


The big iron gates to the young persons detention centre slammed shut behind sixteen year old Tina who had just served a twelve month sentence for beating up a neighbour, Tina looked at the gates then after spitting on the gates stuck up two fingers at the centre and walked off down the road heading … Continue reading Out

Your Safe

Pop was a fifty nine year old Bengali man who had been living in England since he was ten years of age, when his parents had first arrived in England they had very little but now pop owned three grocery shops and was well respected in the area he was known to be a fair … Continue reading Your Safe