Dawn was taking with her mum in the kitchen of the house that came with her mum’s job, Dawn’s mum told her that she had had a fight at work and because of the fight she had been sacked which meant that in one month’s time they would have to move out of the house … Continue reading Staying

Last Bus

The bus driver was sat in the driving seat of his bus, it was the last bus from the depot that evening, the driver looked at his watch seeing there was five more minutes to go before he left, he knew there only two passengers on board, he knew that one of them was sixteen … Continue reading Last Bus

Rough Area Part 1

Sharon lived in one of the roughest areas that there was in England, the crime rate was very high, the housing estate that Sharon lived on was the worst estate for crime in the country, the police had lost control of the estate and they hardly ever went onto it. At just sixteen years of … Continue reading Rough Area Part 1

The Oldies

Sixteen year old Tina was a well known girl in the small town where she lived, not many people trusted her, she was known for having no respect for anybody and would argue with anybody even with the local police officers who did their best not to approach her, Tina’s mum was an alcoholic who … Continue reading The Oldies

Drunks Part 1

Residents of the small English street were not very happy, there had been a party in one of the houses that had been going on for nearly twelve hours, the party was to celebrate Tina’s sixteenth birthday, Tina’s parents had gone away for the weekend leaving Tina alone in the house, Tina soon invited friends … Continue reading Drunks Part 1