Your Safe

Pop was a fifty nine year old Bengali man who had been living in England since he was ten years of age, when his parents had first arrived in England they had very little but now pop owned three grocery shops and was well respected in the area he was known to be a fair … Continue reading Your Safe

All Gone

Fourteen year old Sharon was a loud mouth girl who caused trouble where ever she went, not many people liked her she was a loner with not many friends, Dawn who was in the same class as Sharon was at school was often bullied by Sharon and did her best to avoid the trouble making … Continue reading All Gone

The Farm Hand

The isolated farm stood five miles out side of the nearest town, the owners of the farm had gone on holiday for two weeks, leaving their only farm hand seventeen year old Steve to run the farm, Steve had a very bad reputation for being a racist homophobic violent thug who many people did not … Continue reading The Farm Hand

The Weather

England was suffering the worst weather in living history, nobody could remember when the weather had been as bad as it was now, there had been five days of none stop heavy rain which had caused very heavy flooding, now the wind had been blowing at over one miles a hour for nearly two days … Continue reading The Weather

Bullied Boy

Dawn had been born and raised on a farm that was ten miles from the nearest town, she was happy living on the isolated farm and thought that it was good living so far from town, Dawn’s parents would often go away for a few days leaving Dawn to run the farm on her own, … Continue reading Bullied Boy

Don’t Care

Adam was walking home through the park late at night after an evening out with his mates celebrating his sixteenth birthday, he had been annoyed by a heavy police putrescence in the town, the police had been having a big crack down on under age drinking which had stopped Adam and his mates from getting … Continue reading Don’t Care

Punishment Part 1

Dawn was sat at the kitchen table knowing that she was in serious trouble with her mum, Dawn had been baby sitting her younger twelve year old sister the night before while her mum was working, during the night her best friend had called round and the pair had drank cheap cider and smoked a … Continue reading Punishment Part 1

The Tribe

Sara was a sixteen year old girl who lived in England with her sister Amy who was four years younger than what she was, her parents were both missionaries who did a lot of work with the tribes in the jungles of Africa, when her parents were in Africa Sara wold go and stay with … Continue reading The Tribe