My Horny Cousins

What can I say about my cousins? My cousin Greg and I are the same age and we always had good times together, riding horses, camping, swimming in the creek that ran at one side of their property. My cousin Patty, Greg’s sister, was a year older than us and pretty much let us alone. … Continue reading My Horny Cousins


“Conditioning” NorthernWolf — Cindy and Rob at 50 were no strangers to a variety of different ways of sexually pleasing each other, and themselves. After 25 years of marriage, they were open and extremely candid in their discussions on the matter. Lately, Cindy had been playing with both verbal and costume roleplay in order to … Continue reading Conditioning

Mixed Couples

The evening came when the couple that Gayle had been chatting with showed up for the meet and greet that had been building up for a few weeks now. Gayle kept all the details to herself to keep me in suspense and to make it a surprise when the evening eventually came. We shared drinks … Continue reading Mixed Couples