Naked Husband

My wife and ex wife got on really well we all used spend evenings and week ends playing computer games and drinking.I was always dispatched to the kitchen to cook up some bacon sandwiches and things.

One summers day we were all sat around chatting when said I think I might get a few rays of sun on me my wife said you’ve not got any shorts on I looked at her and said I’ll sit out in my pants then!
They both laughed and said dare you.

So I stripped off and sat in the garden in the warm sun later on when I came back in I went to get dressed but my wife told me not to bother and to stay like that so I spent the rest of the night in just my pants.
Every night after that they would always demand I take off my clothes and be in my underwear.
One night I was sent to the kitchen to make some supper but this time my ex wife through me a pinney and said wear this I duly put it on and proceeded to make some drinks on taking them in to the girls they both groaned because I had left my pants on.

On going back into the kitchen I removed my pants I was now naked with only a pinney covering me up on serving them up bacon sandwiches they cheered when I turned around revealing my nakedness after eating I was made to parade around the room in my pinney while they smacked my bum as I walked past the 2 of them.

I stood in the light of the window and my wife laughed and said you can see everything through that pinney I shrugged and pulled the draw string holding it in front of me my wife said I dare you to take it off I stood there looking at the both of them and said if I let this go I’ll be Naked.

My ex wife said yeah go on then and with that I let go a stood there totally Naked
They got be to parade past them this time they they smacked my bum but also touched my dick and commented on how I looked.

After that night I was made to be Naked in front of the 2 of them all the time one night whilst walking round Naked my wife summoned me over and started to play with my nipples this always turned me on I started to get hard she then stopped looked at me and said now sit over there and wank for us I looked at my ex wife and she smiled and said get on with it then.
So I sat in front of them and wanked my self off slowly at first but then I got more and more into it I pumped my cock whilst the girls watched the show and smiled at me I kept going till I shot my load all over my belly my ex looked at me and said well done now go clean up.

I got up covered in cum and went to the bathroom to clean myself.

After this Night they would always give me task to do but I was always to be naked.