Closing Early

My first job ever was working at a small restaurant. I was mostly working a closing shift on a very slow location so it was easy money. There were many people that helped me close through out the week and one of them was this small but fun blonde girl. We were really bored through … Continue reading Closing Early

Am I Cheater?

My friends it happened a long time ago and would like to share with you my feelings, sorrows and wishes. Hope you will give me your feedback. I am happily married, live in the city with my husband yet my sons have not come to this world. My husband works for a company and he … Continue reading Am I Cheater?

Double Take

Steve and Martin were both sixteen years of age they had lived next door to each other all of their lives and were very good friends, they stuck together and supported each other, Marin had been going out Debbie for just over a year, the pair were in the same class at school and were … Continue reading Double Take

Anybody Can

Sixteen year old Karen has just finished the part time job that she had, she liked working in the small grocery shop two days a week after school, the owner of the shop would often say to Karen let us make wild passionate love, Karen always made the same reply of your nearly sixty years … Continue reading Anybody Can


Tony was a bi sexual man who was age forty five years old, he had recently been released from prison where he had served a prison sentence for having sex with an underage boy, the boy had been willing but the pair were caught by the police. Since being out of prison Tony had received … Continue reading Secrets