My Muslim Lover

Yousuf Khan, 43, was madly in love with Shweta Pandit from the moment He saw Her in her anniversary party. I mean what he would have done. Shweta was milky white & very gorgeous. Whereas her husband Anil was a fat ass. How can a Real Man control himself. That too a Muslim… Yousuf tried … Continue reading My Muslim Lover

Closing Early

My first job ever was working at a small restaurant. I was mostly working a closing shift on a very slow location so it was easy money. There were many people that helped me close through out the week and one of them was this small but fun blonde girl. We were really bored through … Continue reading Closing Early

Am I Cheater?

My friends it happened a long time ago and would like to share with you my feelings, sorrows and wishes. Hope you will give me your feedback. I am happily married, live in the city with my husband yet my sons have not come to this world. My husband works for a company and he … Continue reading Am I Cheater?

Double Take

Steve and Martin were both sixteen years of age they had lived next door to each other all of their lives and were very good friends, they stuck together and supported each other, Marin had been going out Debbie for just over a year, the pair were in the same class at school and were … Continue reading Double Take