Colchester cuckold wife

It was Xmas week, when my cousin Phil popped round for a beer, we hadn’t planned one but he was going through a rough time with his marriage and decided to call in and have a chat.

There certainly wasn’t a great deal on the television so out came the cards instead. We hadn’t played for a while, so kept the bets small to start then steadily increased them. The game was going good but I think we were getting just a little noisy as my wife Gina came downstairs and complained. Phil had bought a couple of presents round to thank us for the help we’d given him during the year, only minor stuff but I guess he appreciated it. Gina’s present was a small bottle of vodka, and since she was awake decided she would have a glass, it was Xmas after all.

After watching us, playing cards, she was enquiring as to just what we were playing, and asked to play a few games herself. Gina settled into it OK, had to help a little but all in all she coped. It was only when she ran out of money did things change. The vodka had taken its toll, Gina was getting wound up, her voice raised as I headed upstairs to the toilet in order to defuse the situation.

I washed my hands, checked my face in the mirror then walked into our bedroom so that I could sort out some dvds to give Phil on his way out, knowing he would by now be embarrassed of the situation.

I headed back down, dvds, in hand and opened the dining room door. To my utter surprise neither were at the table but the kettle was boiling in the kitchen, as I made my way through to the lounge. It was when I turned that corner, that I caught sight of the two of them on the settee. Gina’s dressing gown was wide open, she was on her back, legs across Phil’s naked lap, with one leg up as he fingered her hard, her head tilted back over the arm. In her hand, I could see Phil’s cock, getting harder and harder as she rubbed the shaft up and down.

Phil noticed my return, “sorry mate”, he spoke……. looking guilty….. “no, no, you two carry on”, I said. My words must have been the catalyst as he lent forward and kissed her on the lips as she looked across.. Within moments, she had lifted her bum, her panties removed quickly by Phil….. pushed off over her feet as he continued kissing my wife. Then he moved quickly and forcefully, kneeling in front of her as her head once again tilted over the edge of the settee, and she awaited the next move. Phil lifted her legs and parted them, swiftly inserting his tongue into her wet cunt, where he licked and lapped up her sex juices, making her orgasm twice in the time that his tongue was working her hole. That was it…. he needed no further encouragement… swinging her legs round I knew what was about to happen.

I myself stood up and dropped my trousers, and boxers, my erection just as hard as Phil’s as his naked bottom half showed. “Go on Phil, do her, do her hard mate”, I said…. Gina started to wriggle underneath which I could see was turning my cousin on more than ever. As the head of his cock entered her, she protested profoundly… “no, you can’t Phil”. “Yes” I said, he can as he slid deeper inside her can’t squelching with wetness.

“Not without a condom”, she spoke.

For a moment things went into slow motion as neither of us were likely to have any on us whatsoever, but I had found an old packet on top of the cupboard when I’d got some matches down. Phil stayed in her as I found the box. “Yes”, I said silently. Looking at the date, they were three years too old, but hey, they were condoms. I went back and handed Phil the condom.

Quickly putting it on, he inserted his cock back into her hole, the sloppy sounds making it really horny as he began to fuck her harder and harder, and in all kinds of positions without withdrawing.

As she lay in the missionary position on the floor, I knew exactly why he hadn’t pulled out. Knowing the condom had split almost as soon as he entered her, he had carried on regardless, I put my fingers under his cock and removed the broken bits as his stroke slowed down, knowing full well I’d spotted it.

Slapping his arse, I urged him to go for it…. “fuck the dirty bitch hard”. I think what I’d said was a turn on to both as she writhed and bucked underneath him, as he fucked her so hard and deep on the floor. I could sense they were both near, so grasped Gina’s legs high in the air, my wife unable to move, as my cock dangled near her face.

Phil pushed down his final stroke as he to held her legs, the ecstasy on his face said it all, but the constant steady jerking of the veins in his cock, told me more. Gina screamed loudly as she tried to sit up, orgasms shook her body as she lay back down Phil’s cock still jerking. From every angle, Phil’s semen could be seen, oozing out around his cock, all around her groin, some running down into my wife’s arse crack, gently rocking to and fro, till he had no more.

They both lay exhausted on the floor, for almost five minutes, then Phil slowly pulled out, his cock covered in thick semen.

Gina looked down between her legs, “oh my fucking god”, she moaned as she looked again. I could tell she was annoyed but also very aroused as her fingers played with her clitoris. “On your knees”, I yelled as she got up and lent on the settee. I’m not sure if she thought I was angry, but obeyed my command and lent on the settee. Moving behind her my erect cock slid easily into her lubricated cunt, and her inside  walls and semen felt so damn nice. Phil egged me on as vast amounts of semen coated, my cock, groin, legs and floor, before I had no further control and I too ejaculated another huge load into my wife.

What a great night that was, and it wasn’t the last!