Cuckcake to Cuckquean – Part 1

I was a 20 years old, fairly short 5 feet 1 inch shy girl from Chennai with good structure when I met my master. I was doing my final year Under Graduation where I was staying with my junior friend in the city. I met my husband and master as my friend introduced him as her boyfriend who was 5 years her senior ( 4 for me from here on referred as it).

Soon she decided to move in with him. As it will not be able to pay the rent separately it requested them whether it can stay in the their place for 3 months after which it will be moving from the city for work. They accept its request with the condition that it cooks for them and clean the place and get to live in their apartment for free. ( It was much more interested in saving money and It could not afford 1/3 of masters apartment and as women tend to become pride in their relationship in India and treat other women as inferior to their boyfriend It took it as a natural thing and It can tolerate it for the money).

It had always worn a saree inside the apartment in order to get used to wearing a saree all the time because it was mandatory for women to wear saree in its future work place ( It love wearing sarees and has nothing against it but it’s not comfortable wearing for long periods of time).

Master was always spending a lot of time with it as well talking while It was cooking or cleaning the apartment. It had also noticed master was also seeing it’s midriff and other parts exposed by the saree ( was feeling happy inside and it tried to show a lot of skin as discreetly possible) and it made no effort to hide it.

This was noticed by its friend when she confronted it by asking why is it’s saree so low on the hip always whatever may be the task it was doing in masters home. It just simply ignored her telling wearing sarees this way only while in the house for comfort for domestic work. Later she told it ( rather pleading) that she would like to share him with it only for sex without any emotions. And that as she noticed that he was having a lot of women throw themselves at him as women wanted to be with a successful business man like him at such a young age. 3 weeks after moving in she surprised her boyfriend by offering it as a gift to him where she thanked him when women threw themselves at him and he refrained from them hence she wanted to gift him a woman to him for his sexual pleasure.

It was on the other hand was nervous as it was a Virgin and master would be the first person to get inside it but at the same time it always wanted to lose its virginity before its marriage. Hence it had accepted its friends offer after being well aware relationships are not going to the same again in the house.

This was done by its friend offering a feast to her boyfriend where its naked self was the plate for masters food.

After about a month its friend had gone home for her vacation whereas it stayed back as college did not get over for it. It during that time it became even more closer to master. Where he confessed to it that he loves to see women in saree and wishes his girlfriend wear saree for him.

Within a few days after my friend left to her native place, my friend and master were having a fight and broke up. This made it extremely awkward for it as it was staying in its friend’s boyfriend’s place after they had broken up Even though master has reassured it that it can stay until it leaves the City for work.

After a week master had brought to his house 2 women in 3 days for sex and this made it extremely jealous and horny at the same time. When the 2nd woman had come and gone it felt like even it too wanted to join the race to be master’s girlfriend when he told me that he wanted to forget my friend and move on that he was bringing women to his house.

Later it felt like why was he not having sex with it at all but he was ready to have sex with unknown women. Soon it planned to seduce him by providing him a feast while wearing the saree as sexy as possible and confessed to him that he could freely have sex with it whenever he wanted for which he told that he only hesitated as it was his ex’s friend.

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Within a week it was finding itself providing sexual services to master everyday except when he had invited other women to spend time and have sex with him.

After a couple of weeks it confessed to master while he was having sex with it that it wanted to do what it was doing now for the rest of its life ie cook for him, clean his house, have sex with him and share his house for the rest of its life as his submissive wife.

He immediately stopped our love making and told it he was not ready for it as it would be leaving him soon for work and he was not ready for a long distance relationship. And it told him that it was ready to not join that job just to be masters girlfriend. He just told it that he will need some time to think about it and then get back to it and that for the first time he said he has always loved the way it cooked food for him or its submissive nature and the way it had sex with him or just the way it was giving up complete control to him.

Next day morning things went as usual where it cooked him breakfast and he left for work and in the evening he brought a girl to his house for sex and he made it even more jealous and anxious about his response.

As expected it served them a romantic dinner and slept in the kitchen as a ignored slave. Later after the girl left master spoke to it about how he wanted like to take its request forward.

First master wanted it to forget about its job offer and be a stay at home girlfriend for the next 6 months to the minimum and maximum of 2 years . It is only after that will master be able to decide whether it is deserving of being his submissive wife and slave. Rules of how it must conduct itself are in the link And during the trial master will be making love to it as well as other women and master can also add more women as girlfriends wanting to be his submissive wife where it will be competing to serve its master and become his wife. If master chooses it to become his wife after marriage master will refrain from making love to it for the next 5 years whereas he will be having ample sex. This period is used to train it to become a good mother to master’s children. If it fails masters training it will be divorced and it can either become masters keep and be his full time maid or if it wants it can have a life away from master but can’t ask for any money from master though if master wishes he can provide what he wishes . ( Note master will not have any liability to it, if it fails to be his wife and master can throw it out of his life.)

It had no second thoughts to the generosity of master and readily accepted to be his stay at home girlfriend. In 7 short months time master had accepted to marry it and be his submissive cuckquean wife.


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