Personal Assistant (Bianca Fred Cuckquean)

She turned up at Fred’s house. She knocked on the door and waited. Fred asking her to his house. She heard footsteps. The lock on the door turning. The door opening.

It was 6 pm. She had finished work. She told her husband she was away for the night for a business meeting. She was often away for a night even before her affair.

Fred instructions for the day again to wear no underwear.

She wore a short leather red skirt, a black silk blouse and red heels.

The door opened. A older lady opening it, his wife. Shit. She wore a knee length red dress. Her shirt grey hair cut in a bob hair cut.

” Come in Bianca. Fred is waiting for you. ”

” Thanks. ” Bianca said. She followed Dianne to Fred’s sitting room office. He sat behind a big desk. A big wooden window seat behind him. A red chesterfield lounge suite in the middle of the room. Two three seaters facing each other with a wooden coffee table in the middle. Two single seats at the ends.

” Sit ” he said standing. Bianca sat on the three seater. Fred sat next to her leaning forward opening a small box in the table pulling out a cigar. He trimmed the end off.

” Cubian ” he said. ” Want one ? ” He said pushing one in her direction.

” No thanks. ” She said.

Fred lit one. Dianne sat on the couch opposite.

” Drinks ? ” Dianne said.

” Scotch on the rocks times two. ” Fred said smiling at his wife. She stood up and went to the drinks cabinet.

Fred sat smoking his cigar his hand on Bianca’s knee. Dianne returning seeing her husband’s hand on her knee. She handed the drinks to Bianca and Fred.

” Thanks ” Bianca said confused.

” I will leave you to alone. ” Dianne said walking out and closing the door.

” Is she…. ”

” That’s ok, she knows. ” Fred said.

” She lets you ? ” Bianca said

” Ok yes. ” Fred said smiling leaning forward putting his cigar on the edge of the ash tray.

” Lets have some fun baby. ” Fred said kissing her cheek.

In a weird way. Bianca felt horny. Her pussy wet. Fred’s wife in the house allowing her husband to play with her.

” Come over to the window seat. ” Fred said smiling. They both walked over she looked out at the countryside. ” No one for miles. ” He said. He stood behind her putting his hands on her hips kissing her neck.

” Nice view. ” She said.

” It is. ” Fred replied his hands sliding forward onto her bust squeezing her breasts.

She reached behind feeling his groin. His hard cock pushing against his trousers. She turned around kissing his lips.

” You want to fuck me. ” Fred said smiling.

” Yeh ok. ” She said.

” You didn’t want to a week ago. ” He said.

” Well, I feel horny fucking a man with the wife in the house. ” She said.

She slid to her knees undoing his trousers. She pulled them down pulling his cock out. Fred stepping out of his trousers. She grabbed his cock licking his shaft and slid her mouth down his cock deep throating him. Fred holding her head as she pulled out licking his shaft then stroking his cock as she licked then deep throated him again. Fred looked at the ceiling groaning. He sipped his scotch.

The office door opened, Dianne walking in seeing Bianca sucking her husbands cock.

” Mind if my wife watches us ? ” Fred asked. She took his cock out looking over at Dianne sitting legs crossed in Fred’s chair.

” No ” she said returning to his cock sucking it deep throating him again. Fred held her cheeks fucking her open mouth.

Dianne stood up undoing his tie pulling it from his collar. She undid his shirt Fred pushing it off his back. He then lifted his singlet up.

Now naked he stood as Bianca grabbed his cock sucking and stroking it occasionally deep throating him.

” I love you doing that. ” Fred said.

” This ” she said pushing Fred’s whole erection in her mouth and throat for ten seconds then pulled out.

” Oh fuck yes that. ” He said. Dianne sitting sipping a glass of red wine.

Fred smoked his cigar and drunk his scotch looking out the big windows at the paddocks and trees.

He felt himself tense. Bianca closing her mouth around his knob as she stroked him. Fred cum filling her mouth with cum. She swallowed and licked him clean. Looking up at him and over at his wife feeling like a whore. She wanted to be his whore now.

” Good blowjob ? ” Dianne asked.

” Fuck yes, this girl can fuckin suck. ” Fred said.

Bianca stood licking her lips picking up her scotch off the desk taking a sip. Fred offered her his cigar. She took it putting it in her mouth taking a drag and blowing out the smoke.

Dianne watched his cock go down after been emptied by Bianca.

They stood and drunk and smoked. Fred naked. Bianca dressed. Bianca stood on one side. Dianne on the other.

Dianne sat again. Fred finished his cigar stubbing it out. He finished his scotch placing the glass on his desk.

” Lets get your clothes off. ” Fred said to his Personal Assistant. Dianne walking over to the cabinet refilling both glasses.

She returned placing the glasses on the desk. Bianca smoking her cigar as Dianne sat again watching her husband undo Bianca’s blouse. Each button undone revealing her cleavage, her black padded bra, her stomach. He pushed it off her back. She swapped hands with the cigar letting Fred take her blouse off. He squeezed her bust over her bra. His cock re herdening.

He reached behind her back unclipping her bra pulling it forward. Each strap falling off letting a breast out. Fred dropping her bra to the desk cupping her breasts. She smoked and drunk as Fred leant in sucking her nipples.

Dianne sipping her wine. Fred sat on the window seat pulling Bianca towards him. She stood looking out. Feeling exposed but loving it.

Dianne behind her. Fred reached behind her holding her zip.

” Are we knickerless ? ” He said

” Yes. ” She said ” All day. ” Her skirt sitting
a third of the way down her thigh. Fred’s hand sliding up inside her thigh feeling her naked uncovered pussy.

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” Yes you are. Can feel that wet pussy. ” He said then pulled out unzipping her skirt letting it fall down. She was now standing naked. ” Look at this lovely body Dianne ” Fred said opening her legs rubbing her pussy pushing his finger inside her slowly finger fucking her.

He pulled his finger out sucking it. He sat her on the window seat. Both totally visible in the window from outside. He opened her legs. One foot on the floor, the other one up flat on the seat. Fred leaning in licking her clit. His fingers opening her labias his tongue pushing down into her pussy. Bianca moaning as her boss gave her oral sex, with his wife sitting watching.

After five minutes, Fred got up his cock hard. He put his knob against her clit rubbing it and pushed it down her pussy lips to her vagina. He watched with Bianca and his wife as his cock disappeared into Bianca’s vagina.

Bianca groaned as Fred’s cock entered her his flesh filling her pussy.

” Fuck yes. ” Fred said moaning.

Fuck Bianca thought. The only man who had been in her was her husband. Here was her boss with his cock slowly thrusting in and out of her in the window seat overlooking the farmland.

Dianne lit a cigarette taking a drag blowing up at the ceiling her eyes never leaving Bianca’s naked body, her husband fucking her. She sipped her wine.

She sat looking over at Dianne sitting legs crossed her elbow on the arm of the chair her hand in the air holding a cigarette smoke rising upwards. Every once and a while moving her head to the cigarette taking a drag and blowing smoke to the ceiling never taking her eyes of her husband thrusting his lover. His young lover.

” Ahhhhh fuck. ” Bianca said as Fred’s hands fondled her breasts as he thrust her.

She felt so horny. A feeling she had never experienced before. She reached out putting the palm of her hand flat on his chest pushing him. Fred leaning on her as he thrust her pussy.

” Fuck yes. ” Fred said smiling as Bianca.

” Fuck me hard. ” Bianca said smiling at him performing for his wife watching.

Fred looking down watching his cock in his personal assistants pussy.

He pulled out sitting her up pushing his cock in her mouth. She deep throated him tasting his pre cum in her mouth she took it out stroking his hard cock licking his knob. His stringy pre cum on her lips and chin as she sucked.

She moved onto her hands and knees resting on the bench seat. Fred moving to the side opening her arse cheeks running his fingers over her anus and pussy he rubbed it opening her vagina hole leaning in pushing his tongue in licking it.

Bianca groaned as a minute later she felt his cock re enter her. He had shown his wife the nice young pussy he had brought home. He now stood behind her thrusting her.

How many other girls had been fucked in his home with his wife watching ? Bianca thought. She didn’t care, she was loving his moment. She had gone from not wanting to fuck him at all. Now she couldn’t get enough of his cock. She new it wouldn’t be long before she would be fucking Kevin and Jean, the son and grandson.

Fred slapped harder against her arse with his groin. His cock deep in her pussy fucking her. She looked out the window at the landscape. Was there someone with binoculars watching ? She thought. She actually felt disappointed if no one was, she found that thought quite nice.

She heard Fred moan louder fucking faster.

He pulled out again. He sat down guiding her to his lap she stood. With her back to him she sat in his lap guiding his hard erection to her pussy sliding down his cock. His hand finding her breasts and one on her hip as she rode him. His wife looking up and down at her full frontal.

She rode him for five minutes hearing him moan and groan in her ear. He fondled and squeezed her breasts.

” Fill my pussy. ” Bianca said.

” Oh yes baby. ” He said.

” Cum. ” Bianca said.

Fred did. He shot his load deep into Bianca’s pussy. Slowing down with short thrusts as his cock emptied into her. He held her hips as his cum shot up into her. His wife stood up and stood in front of her offering Bianca her half smoked cigarette. Bianca took a drag.

” Enjoy that darling. ” Dianne asked.

” Oh fuck yes. ” Bianca said.

For minute she sat there on her bosses cock in her, cum oozing out of her pussy, sharing a cigarette with his wife standing fully clothed in front of her.

Bianca stood turning around facing Fred. Bianca rubbing her pussy wiping cum over her labias and clit. She got on her knees as Dianne sat next to Fred. Bianca licking his limp cock clean. Fred sitting his legs open lighting a cigar and picking up his scotch from the small table next to the window seat.

” So I guess your sharing a bed with my husband tonight ? ” Dianne said looking down at the naked cum filled Bianca licking her husbands limp cum covered, pussy juice covered cock been licked and sucked clean.

Bianca sat back leaning back on her knees on the floor loving been naked. She was now loving been her bosses little slut. She loved his wife sitting looking at her naked body after fucking her husband. She loved been her husbands slut, fucking him with her watching. Almost claiming him as her own.

” Yes ” Bianca said.


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