Just a cyber i had the other day. Hope you enjoy

Its starts with the guy and then alternates.

*gives you a soft kiss on the lips*

*i kiss you back and wrap my arms around your neck*

*wraps his hands around your waste and pulls your body close to his*

*i slip my toung into your mouth and push my body against yours*

*sucks on your tounge running his own tounge over it*

*i arch my back, and run my fingers through your hair*

*slowly kisses down your neck as he softly starts to lift off your shirt*

*i lift my arms and allow you to pull my shirt off and place my arms back around your neck*

*kisses you passionately on the lips again, sliding his tounge into your mouth*

*i message your toung with mine, and begin sliping your shirt off*

*tosses his shirt aside and lays back, pulling your body on top of his*

*i lay ontop of you, and kiss my way down to your pants, un buttoning and un zipping them, then pulling them off*

*runs a hand softly through your hair as he kicks his pants away*

*i kiss my way back up and brush my lips on yours*

*slides his tounge into her mouth as he unzips her pants and starts to pull them down*

*i slip myself out of them and sit up right on you, smiling*

*smiles back ands gives you a kiss before leaning back*

*i position myself and slide down slowly, then back up and begin to pick up speed with each movement. i take your hands and place them on my breasts*

*masages your breasts as he watches you move up and down on top of him*

*a soft moan escapes my lips and i place a hand on your stomache for balance*

*moves his hands down to your hips and starts to move you up and faster*

*i slowly start to dig my nails into your stomache*

*watches your tits bounce up and down as he lets out a moan of pleasure*

*i bite my lip and close my eyes, arching my back a little*

*sits up and begins to kiss your breats as he continues to move you up and down*

*i place one cand on your shoulder and the other in your hair*

*grabs your butt and starts to move you faster while begining to kiss your neck*

*i drag my nails roughly up your back, leaving bright red scratches behind them, a soft moan slips from my lips as you kiss my neck*

*kisses you soflty on the lips and the turns you around, putting you onto fours in front of him*

*i arch my back and spread my legs a little*

*lines his cock up and slowly pulls you onto him*

*i moan softly, smiling and biting my lip*

*starts to push in and out faster and faster as he spanks your ass*

*i arch my back a little more and maon a little louder, moving back forth with your movements*

*leans forward and grabs your breasts from behind as he fucks you*

*i moan a little louder and lean my head back*

*grabs her waist and moves her back and forth harder and harder, feeling himself about to cum*

*i moan and begin building up for a climax*

*pushes himself into her as far as he can and lets out a moan as he cums inside her*

*i moan loudly and cum simontaneously with you*

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