Dumb E-Mails

 "200 damn emails and not one worth reading! " I complained. Being on five different mailing lists can get irritating sometimes.

You had just gone in to take a shower, so I decided to scan through my email. Nothing for me personally so I went to one of those erotic story sites to pass the time. I found one that looked interesting and began to read. About halfway through, I started to get really turned on. I could feel my clit start to throb, wanting attention. I wanted to slip my hand down and make myself cum, but I decided to wait and let you do the job.

I was almost finished with the story when I heard the water turn off. A minute later you came out and walked across the kitchen towards me in your towel.

 "Whatcha reading? " you asked.

 "Just a story. Its actually pretty good, its making me horny, " I answered, laughing. I pulled your towel to bring you closer to me. I looked up at you, admiring your gorgeous body. Your black hair was still glistening with water.

 "Oops! " I exclaimed when I purposely made it fall to the ground.  "Look what I did. "

I grinned up at you as you positioned yourself in front of me. I leaned forward, staying seated in the chair as you stood above me. I started to get excited, knowing anyone could walk by your window that has no curtains and see what I was about to do. It was already dark out, but there was still a lot of traffic coming in and out of the 24-hour grocery store across the street. I’m sure the glow from the computer screen lit up the room enough to see us from the outside.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around your already hard cock, lifting it to get full access to your balls. I love licking and sucking on them. I moistened my tongue and slowly licked at them ever so lightly. You just shaved them, and I tasted the shaving cream you had used. I felt you bring your hands to my hair to pull my ponytail free. My strawberry blond hair cascaded down my shoulders. You ran your fingers through my hair and moaned. I’ve always loved the feeling of someone playing with my hair. I could feel my scalp tingle from your touch.

I then directed my tongue to your cock, which was obviously waiting for my mouth. I started at the base and slowly licked up to the head. I circled my tongue around the tip and then licked back down. I teased it for a moment, feeling it spasm every so often. I moistened my mouth again and wrapped my lips around the head again, sucking it unhurriedly and rolling my tongue around it.

 "I want to feel it against your throat " you moaned.

At your request, I slowly brought your cock deeper into my mouth, rubbing my tongue ring around underneath. Ignoring my gag reflex that is sometimes a nuisance, I felt it go deep into my throat. I pulled back, my lips tight around it, my mouth sucking gently. I brought you back in, a little faster and deeper this time.

I felt your fingers pressing into my scalp as if to make me work faster. Instead, I continued for a while at my leisurely pace. I brought my hands up from your thighs, reaching around to grab your ass.

 "God, your mouth feels so fucking good! " you muttered. I started to suck harder, moving my mouth up an down a bit faster, taking you in as deep as I possibly could. My heart pounded and I could feel my pussy get wet, soaking through my panties. I was wishing your cock was fucking it hard.

I opened my eyes and noticed a woman across the street, sitting on the curb looking in our direction. I assume she was waiting for someone to pick her up because she has all her groceries bagged up in a shopping cart to her left. I got very excited by someone watching us. I was surprised that I didn’t stop out of embarrassment.

I didn’t want you to cum, so I slowed down and eventually released my mouth from your cock. I stood up slowly, kissing your stomach and chest, working my way up to your mouth. My lips found yours and opened to meet your tongue. We kissed for a minute, and you began walking me over to the kitchen counter. I felt your fingers going to work on my jeans, fiddling with the button and undoing it. You pulled the zipper down and reached inside my panties. Your fingers plunged inside my pussy, my hot juices making it slippery.

 "Damn, baby. Why are you so wet? " you asked me. I said nothing, just moaned, pushing my weight down harder on your fingers, making you go deeper.  "Behave, " you whispered in my ear, biting at my earlobe. I backed up against the counter, placing my hands on it behind me for balance. Your free hand went under my shirt to my breast and pinched at my nipple, gently tugging at the hoop I have pierced through it.

 "Mmm… " I moaned,  "Pinch it harder. " You squeezed my erect nipple between your thumb and index finger, rolling it around and hardening your pressure.

Your other finger started to rub at my swollen clit. I moaned louder, bringing my hand down to your cock and squeezing it.  "I need you to fuck me! " I begged.

 "You want my cock? " you asked.

 "Uhhh huhhhh…. " I said.

 "Then you better behave. "

You lowered yourself down to your knees and pulled my jeans down along with my panties. I lifted each leg up one by one to help you take them off. I stood there, naked from the waist down as you brought your face in between my thighs. I spread my legs a little to allow you access to my smooth, shaved pussy. I felt you bring your fingers back up to it and push them inside of me while your mouth sucked at my clit.

 "You must want it bad, your pussy is hot and dripping wet! " you told me.

 "Yessss… " I sighed and pulled your head back to me. You sucked at my clit harder and drove your fingers in deeper. I pushed down and met each thrust of you hand anxiously.

I opened my eyes again and saw the woman still sitting there. This time she was smoking a cigarette. A man came walking down the sidewalk. He looked down at the woman, and glanced in our direction, curiously wondering what she was looking at. He looked across the street at us. I saw his jaw drop and he quickly scurried away, obviously quite shocked.

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I thought to myself,  "What the hell, I’ll give them a real show. " I took off my shirt, which was already damp with my sweat and dropped it on the kitchen floor. I wasn’t wearing a bra so I was now fully naked. You stopped, looking up at me, and then proceeded to turn me around as you stood back up. I leaned forward against the counter. You pressed your back against me, taking hold of your cock and rubbing my pussy with it.

 "Still want it? " you said in my ear, kissing my neck. I could feel your fingers digging into the skin on my waist.

I replied by pressing myself against you harder and reaching around, clawing at your ass with my nails.  "Oh, God yesssss… Fuck me hard, fuck me good, please? " I begged you. My body was shaking with anticipation. I was extremely turned on knowing the woman across the street was watching. I wanted to make this something she would never forget. I wondered if you knew she was there.

I could feel your cock stiff between my legs. Of course, you had to tease me with it, rubbing at my slit before finally pushing yourself inside me. You placed your hands on my hips and slowly sawed in and out of me.

 "Oh, you are so tight. Your pussy feels so good. " I felt you biting at my shoulder.

I started to fuck you harder, making your cock go as deep as it could. You reached up and grabbed my hair, pulling it tight with your fist.

 "Didn’t I ask you to behave? " you growled in my ear.

I whimpered and slowed my pace. You brought your finger around to my clit again and rubbed at it while your cock plunged in and out of my pussy slowly. Unexpectedly you stopped. I froze, wondering what you were doing. All of the sudden I felt you pound into my cunt. I heard your balls slap against me. You slowly pulled out again and thrust it back inside. Harder this time, as hard as you could. I started to scream out and push myself harder and faster on your cock. I could feel my juices start to run down my legs. You started to rub harder at my clit, and I felt myself begin to cum. My knees began shaking and I started to feel dizzy.

 "Oh, shit, I’m gonna cum….fuck me harder…faster!!!! " I cried. I could feel it start to roll in waves through out my body, building up until I screamed out.  "OH GOD!!! " I shouted as my orgasm shook my body. You felt me tremble and more juices ran from my pussy, making your cock slip out.

I turned around and hopped up onto the counter, scooting my ass to the edge until I was barely on it. I glanced out the window. There she was, still sitting there, watching.

You stood between my legs and wasted no time ramming your cock back inside of me, pumping in and out like a wild animal. I wrapped my legs around your waist and balanced on my arms to fuck you faster. I found your mouth with my lips and hungrily thrust my tongue into your mouth. I bit down on your bottom lip, sucking as I released it. I could hear you moaning, your nails were clawing into my back, breaking the skin and leaving red marks everywhere. You pulled me harder onto your cock.  "Fuck Misty, I’m going to cum! "

Our chests pressed together, slippery and hot, our bodies were so wet with sweat. I gripped the counter edge tighter with my hands so I wouldn’t slide off. You clung onto me, pumping harder and harder, about to explode inside of me. You reached for my hair again and grabbed onto it, pulling at it roughly. I froze when you did this, and you buried your head in my neck and groaned. I could feel your cock pulse from your orgasm as you stood there, slowing down and trying to push inside deeper. I tightened my pussy around it as your cum shot up inside of me. Finally, you let go of my hair and stood there for a moment, not moving, your cock still pulsing.

 "Oh my God! " you said when you finally pulled out. You wrapped your arms around me, as I sat there panting, desperately trying to catch my breath. You kissed me hard on the lips and then lowered you face down to my pussy. You bent over and began lapping up our cum, cleaning up the mess with your tongue.

I looked over to the woman, who was loading the last bag of her groceries into the bed of a blue truck. She looked over at me as she climbed in the passenger side. My eyes met with hers for only a second before she quickly shut the door as the driver sped off.

I looked back down at you and pulled your face up to mine to kiss you after a moment of your gentle licks. I tasted myself on your lips mixed with the saltiness from your cum. We stayed there for a while, kissing and catching our breaths and finally I slid off the counter.

 "Did you notice the woman across the street? " you asked me.

 "I did. I was quite excited knowing she was watching us the whole time. " I answered, smiling.

 "Oh really?! " You sounded surprised.

 "Oh yeah. It was very exciting! I’ve never done anything like that before. I can’t believe it turned me on so much " I said to you as I walked towards the bedroom door.

You laughed and smiled, following me into bed.

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