Western Style

zGetUpKids24:  "why do you always chase me Mina? " Roland says with the same look in his eyesXXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids24:  "There is alot you dont know about me…alot you don’t want to know… "he says quietly as you touch his faceXXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids24: He shudders a bit… " I’m a bad man. I’ve done things you can’t imagine "XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids24:  "You … Continue reading Western Style


Just a cyber i had the other day. Hope you enjoy Its starts with the guy and then alternates. *gives you a soft kiss on the lips* *i kiss you back and wrap my arms around your neck* *wraps his hands around your waste and pulls your body close to his* *i slip my toung … Continue reading Cybering

Cell sex

As he sits at work, thinking of the last lustful conversation they had, he is distracted by a familiar ring tone. He answers his cell phone anxiously, knowing it is her.  She asks what time he takes lunch…noon, he replies. She asks if he has a private office, somewhere that he can lock the … Continue reading Cell sex

Slumber Party 2

jdm068014 (8/29/2005 2:04:39 PM): hey Heather Callahan (8/29/2005 2:04:55 PM): I liked your role can I get in on it jdm068014 (8/29/2005 2:05:02 PM): sure jdm068014 (8/29/2005 2:05:27 PM): just pick it up with you at my door Heather Callahan (8/29/2005 2:07:19 PM): ok it’s about 12 midnight and I knock jdm068014 (8/29/2005 2:07:19 PM): … Continue reading Slumber Party 2

teacher in cyber

ladt_xxxx: yes at my deskremark: yeremark: me coming inremark: excuse me madamladt_xxxx: good morning ladt_xxxx: yesremark: goodmoring remark: hru ladt_xxxx: may i help uladt_xxxx: fine and uremark: ye madam remark: fine madamremark: i hav some prb in my tutesladt_xxxx: watladt_xxxx: tutes?remark: some question remark: question papersladt_xxxx: ok ask and ill c if i can help … Continue reading teacher in cyber

Cybering with slut

Hi Guys ,Last few weeks we are cybering with a whore. Hope you will enjoy our cybering with  slut.(Amy) Amy  (2:05:35 PM): busy?Joe (2:06:06 PM): heyAmy  (3:10:14 PM): hiJoe (3:10:27 PM): heyAmy  (3:10:47 PM): what age r u again?Joe (3:11:04 PM): 32Joe (3:11:07 PM): why?Amy  (3:11:15 PM): whats job u do?Joe (3:12:23 PM): engineeringAmy  (3:15:55 PM): what … Continue reading Cybering with slut