Wet Wednesday

Whats a girl to do when wakes up alone at 9 o’clock in bed naked when its raining outside. Its cold outside but warm inside.

She gets her computer and goes on line to her dating agency, not that a girl like me needs help in that area. I mean I could get any guy I like really. Its nice seeing who out there.

I scroll through profiles and see again my parents profile is active. Who’s it today mum or dad, probably mum she starts work at 12. Dad will already be at work. Yes its mum she says hi. Chatting to mum on a dating site. I find that funny. I’m hungry for sex today. I need a cock not just any cock. I have a couple of saved profiles.

Mum then tells me dad is here as well. We then arrange after talking for a couple of hours and chatting to other guys I will have sex on cam for them. I arrange with a guy I’ve been talking to for a few weeks he agrees.

He thinks its just a random couple, he doesn’t know its my parents.

1 O’clock.

After showering I put on a Rene Rolf White Lace Plunge In Teddy. ( Goggle it its sexy.) And a white satin short robe. The thought of having sex in front of my parents on cam is so alluring.Its all set I wait patiently. He is 54 yr old married guy. 6 Ft. Short greying hair. Average build. Nice looking cock from the photos. I have a glass of wine.

I hear his car pull up. I look out the window he is dressed in a suit and tie. He comes to the door and knocks. A surge of excitement and nervousness go through my body. I text my parents. ” Hes here. ”

I open the door.

” Hello sexy ” he says.

” Hi come in. ” I say to him.

” I’ve never done anything like this before. ” He said.

” Don’t be nervous. ” I said putting my arms around his waist. He put his hands on my hips. I kissed his lips.

” Your beautiful. ” He said to me.

” Thanks, so your married ? ” I asked.

” Yes ” he said. ” My wife better not find out. ”

” She wont, the people watching us are discrete. ” I said.

” I’ve never had sex with people watching ” he said

” Its fun ” I said. I took his hand and lead him to my bedroom.

” My wife’s away for the night ” he said.

” Oh good. ” I replied. I turned on the camera Mum and Dad were on the couch watching.

” Hi ” I said.

” Hi ” they replied

” This is Graeme. ” I said. Graeme waved.

We chatted for a while. I loved the fact it was my parents watching me. Graeme and I stood kissing. I undid his tie and took it off. I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He undid the tie on my gown and opened it.

” Wow ” he said looking at my teddy.

” You like it ? ” I said smiling slipping it off my back to the floor. He held my hips as I did a twirl. I felt so sexy and horny.

(Those who have googled it will know why, how sexy it is.)

I kissed his lips his hands on my hips sliding down to my arse squeezing my cheeks and then sliding up to my bust fondling my breasts. I undid his trousers. They dropped to the floor with his underwear. His hard cock springing out. I knelt down stroking it as he removed his trousers.

I slid my lips over his cock caressing his balls as I sucked it. Occasionally looking in the screen out if the corner off my eye at my parents watching. He groaned as he held my head as I sucked his cock. I then stood up. He hugged me kissing my lips his hands running over my back and arse. He spun me around my back to him kissing my neck his hands fondling my breasts over the lace of the teddy. I was facing the camera. I was loving it. I lifted my arms up putting my hands on the back of his neck as he kissed my neck. His hands sliding under my arms onto my breasts on top of the lace. I groaned as he slid them down to my groin rubbing the inside of my thighs as he sat on my bed pulling me closer kissing my back down over my arse. He sat me in his lap sliding his hands up to my breasts groping them. Pulling my hair to the side. I then sat sideways across his lapon his knee. He pulled the lace over my breast to the side, my breast falling out. He fondled it leaning in kissing my nipple I held his head as he sucked my nipple. I opened my legs as his hand slid down my body to my groin over my pussy.

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I was feeling horny as he rubbed my pussy over my teddy as he sucked my breasts. I kept glancing over at Mum and Dad watching me. I looked down at his tongue circling my nipple. The nipple of my other breast hard and erect pushing against the lace over my breast. I reached up pulling the teddy to the side my other breast falling out. He looked at it reaching up fondling it as he sucked the other one.

My pussy was on fire. I stood up between his legs he looked down at my pussy rubbing over it pulling the lace to the side, my wet swollen labias visible.

” Lovely pussy. ” He said. I reached behind my neck pulling the strap letting the teddy fall down. I pushed it down my body with his help to my feet. Now naked he rubbed my pussy and clit his other hand on my arse.

His fingers rubbing over my pussy. He slid a finger in my pussy as he looked up sucking my nipple. I held his head looking down watching him. I looked at the camera and smiled, mum and dad waving back.

He lay me on the bed and we got into a 69 . I lay down my legs open. My pussy visible to the camera. He straddled me. I put his cock in my mouth and sucked it as he played with my pussy.

He licked and sucked my clit and pussy lips. His fingers been pushed deep inside my pussy.

After a few minutes I got up and got onto my hands and knees at a angle to the camera you could see my pussy and his cock sliding deep into me doggy style. I groaned as he plunged me. Mum and Dad watching his cock thrust in and out of me.

He then pulled out I lay down, he got behind me lifting my leg he thrust his cock in me fucking me from behind. Both looking at the camera and us on the screen seeing what my parents were seeing. I was loving watching his cock thrust me. He fondled my breasts as he fucked me. My pussy wet and moist as he thrust me.

We changed positions. He lay on the bed. I straddled him my back to him facing the camera. I slid down his cock smiling and waving at my parents as I rode him he held my sides as I leant back riding him. I could hear him groan. I rode him faster fondling my breasts. A minute later he cum filling my pussy with his semen.

I sat on him letting his cock empty inside me. I rubbed my clit and watched his semen spill out of me. His cock slid out of me I grabbed it rubbing it over my pussy. I leant down putting my mouth over his cock sucking it. Licking his cum off his shaft tasting my sweet pussy juices on his cock. Afterwards we showered together and he dressed and left to go back to work.

I went back on cam afterwards and played with myself for my parents.

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