Slow Poisoning – Pakistani Cousins

This is my first attempt on writing a story. It has a slow build up and is linked to real life hence not a fast paced “wam bam thank you ma’am” stuff.

All characters in this story are 18 years or above when they are involved in sex.


I’m Robina (Called by my nick Bina though), 29 years of age and living in Lahore (Pakistan). I’m only kid of my parents. My little cousin Faraz moved to live with us 8 years back (when he was 15) to attend a good school. His family is living in an agricultural town approximately 3 hours’ drive from Lahore.

My father is a businessman, not very rich but we are living very comfortably in a good house in a posh area. Ground Floor is where my parents have room and a guest room also on ground level, on upper floor, Faraz and I have separate rooms with attached baths. One bedroom is available on upper floor that is only used if we have lot of guests.

Faraz moved in and joined a school for his O levels. He is almost 6 years younger to me and our families have been pretty close. We met very often at family gatherings every now and then. His father was in Air Force but later took retirement and settled in native agricultural town.

Faraz was kinda lost when he moved in with us because he hadn’t been living away from his parents. My parents liked him a lot and they tried to take care of him as much as they could. I also did everything I could and soon he was feeling part of our family. Within six months, my parents started treating him as their own son. He has always been a little shy but cute and loving kid. I helped him in his studies and my mother would at times ask me to attend a Parents-Teachers Meeting at his school as I used to help him in his studies. He introduced me as his elder sister in school and I loved the way he presented me.

Faraz and I became good friends and he would look up to me for whatever bothered him in life and studies. He felt that being so elder to him means I know everything and he can rely on me without having the feeling that he has to approach his own or my parents. This actually developed into a strong bond between him and me. I completed my business management degree within a year of his arrival. I started working for a multi-national company with good salary. My father bought me a good car and I was thrilled with that. I took Faraz out for a dinner when I received my first salary. We had ice cream after dinner and Faraz seemed so excited about my job and everything.

“I so want to be like you. Earning my own money and having my own car” Faraz said while taking a spoon from his ice cream cup. His face as if he is dreaming and he looked such so cute.

“haha, you sure will when you complete your education”. I responded with amusement.

“Yes, I will”. He smiled back.

Faraz was doing great in studies and has been getting “A” grades all along. I gave him whatever time I could since I came late from my job. My mother would also help Faraz if he needed help but he was doing very well at his own. Also Faraz was into sports and despite my unliking, he joined a boxing club because my father supported his choice. My father has always had a thing for such sports. Faraz was also in swimming team of his school. That made his physique pretty good with well-toned muscles.

I developed friendship with a guy Sameer working in my company. He was pretty charming and we went out for dinner’s couple of times. Later, I also had sex with him for few months before he resigned to join another job in Dubai. I was surprised that he never mentioned that to me and felt angry and sad at same time. He told me that he won’t be coming back and he enjoyed being my friend. I was pretty broken at the sudden end of my relationship.

It was probably apparent from my appearance and behavior that day that my parents noticed something is wrong. I told them that it’s just work stress. My father told my mother that it happens while working so they let me be. I went to my room after dinner. Faraz had come up with me and went to his room. I changed into my sleeping clothes (I have many pairs of lose pajamas and buttoned shirts that I wear to bed) and was sitting in front of dressing table brushing my hair and thinking about what happened to my relationship when I heard a soft knock on my door.

“Yes” I responded.

The door opened slowly and Faraz came in. Unlike usual, his face was very serious. got concerned about what’s making him so serious. I immediately turned his eastern elder sister who can’t see her brother in any problem.

“What happened to my little prince” I asked him in concerned voice while stretching out my right hand towards him to hold his hand. He extended his hand to hold my hand as we usually did and just kept looking into my eyes. He had a strange look in his eyes that I had never seen before.

“Nothing happened to me Bina aapi (appi means big sister in urdu language). But something has happened to you” He said while looking into my eyes.

I felt his eyes piercing into me. “hey, it’s just work stress you know” I gave a fake smile.

“It’s okay if you don’t wanna  tell me but I know something is wrong besides work stress” He still looking at me with those piercing eyes. First time I felt he is more sensible than I ever thought him to be.

“Give me your magic hug and I will be fine my little prince” I tried to smile again and look happy while opening my arms still sitting on the stool in front of my dressing table. He stepped forward and hugged my with his hands resting softly on my back, my head against his chest since he was standing. I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed him a little as I always do with him. He bent a little and kissed on top of my head but didn’t say anything. This was unlike him. He always teased me that my hair smell bad or it got into his mouth and nose or something. That’s how he always has been to me. But he didn’t say anything this time. I pulled back my head and looked up his face. Oh, that serious face without smile.

“Hey what’s with this serious face little prince” I tried to smile at him.

“What happened to you aapi? Why don’t you share it with me”.  His eyes again piercing me. Oh God, is he getting into my brains through my eyes. I sighed and got up, placed my hand on his back and walked him towards my bed. I sat down and patted beside me where he also sat down. His head turned to look in my eyes trying to find an answer from me.

I shook my head gently and said “I told you about my boyfriend right? You met him when you came to pick me up from office a month ago”

“Yes”. He replied shortly.

“He left me today” I said in a slow voice.

“What? But why?” Faraz looked at me with surprised eyes.

“He got a job in Dubai. He never told me that he was looking for that job and today he just said that he is leaving for good” I spoke in a sad tone.

“He is leaving you knowing that you love him a lot” He questioned again.

“Yes, that’s his decision and I have accepted it like that.” I said in a soft tone. My both hands in my lap with fingers interlocked.

Faraz silently placed his hand on my hands. I looked up and found his eyes looking sharply at me. I could see that his eyes had that brotherly love for me and he wanted to say words of sympathy which for some reason he couldn’t. He was trying to say something with his eyes. But I was unable to read him. He got up, planted a soft kiss on my head again and said “goodnight aapi”. He left my room closing the door behind him.

Next day I was busy working in my cubicle when I heard some noises of people running towards EXIT. A colleague told me while passing by that there has been scuffle outside our office. I also got up and walked behind my colleague because everyone seemed to be going outside. I almost freaked out when I stepped outside the main door and saw the security guys holding Faraz by his arms.

Faraz didn’t seem to be fighting off security guards. He seemed pretty calm. Then I saw that another security guard was placing a piece of cloth on face of Sameer. I almost fainted at the sight of blood all over Sameer’s face and shirt. It took me few moments to gather myself and I ran making my way through people gathered to watch the scene. I was yelling at security guards “He is my brother, he is my brother”. Security guards knew me since I was working there and they seemed puzzled at what I want from them. I reached and pushed the security guards away from Faraz. They let his arms go without resisting. Faraz stood there staring at me without moving.

“Are you alright? What happened? Why are you here at this time? I asked so many questions in a shrieking voice. Faraz stood still just looking at me and then towards my boyfriend. I got what he meant but at the same time one of the security guard said “Ma’am, this boy broke nose of Mr. Sameer”.

I was becoming breathless at that point. A colleague lady who was manager HR in my office stepped forward and told me to move inside to her office rather than making a scene here. I thought it was a good suggestion so I held left arm of Faraz and pulled him after me. Security Guards followed behind Faraz but the Manager HR told them that things are in control now. I dragged Faraz into Manager HR office and she told people to stay out and let her do her job. Manager Security also walked into her office. And a few minutes later, Sameer also walked into the office and told Manager HR that they should let Faraz go and it was just a misunderstanding. He didn’t stay there for more than 2 minutes and left for hospital.

Manager HR looked confused at what Sameer told her. She turned towards Faraz and asked him what had happened. Faraz was sitting on a chair besides me starring at the floor tiles. He kept looking down and didn’t even acknowledge that he heard Manager HR. She looked at me with questioning eyes. I could join the dots that Faraz knew Sameer dumped me without any reason and kept his Dubai job secret from me and that made him to break Sameer’s nose. I took a deep breath and told the Manager HR that its nothing related to office so we should just drop it. She looked at me quizzically and said “Ok, its nothing official but I’m just curious to know what has happened. Why and how this young boy has broken Sameer’s nose”. I thought it’s better to tell her truth rather than hiding. All office colleagues knew that Sameer was my boyfriend.

I gave her a brief reply about things between me and Sameer. She kept nodding and then she spoke in fascinated voice while looking at Faraz “Wow son, I’m so impressed that you are so protective of your sister even though she is much elder”. Faraz didn’t say anything and his eyes were still focused on floor tiles near his feet. I told Manager HR that I’m going home with Faraz. She nodded and I got up. Faraz didn’t standup. I got hold of his right arm from above elbow and pulled him, he got up mechanically and I pulled him to my car in parking area. I told him to sit in my car as I climbed into driving seat. Faraz got into passenger seat. I kept my hands on steering and then rested my forehead on my hands. I was trying to recollect myself before asking Faraz about what happened there.

After a minute or so I sat back and looked at Faraz. He was looking out from the window as if nothing has happened. He was in his school uniform and the blue blazer having school insignia on top of his white shirt. I took a deep breath and said “Ok, What was that all about?”

Faraz turned his face towards me, stared in my eyes for few seconds and then spoke slowly “Aapi Sameer broke your heart. I can’t break his heart so I broke his nose. The security guards reached too fast and I couldn’t give him more than two punches and only one kick when he fell down.”

“What? What you know about heart breaking?” I was getting loud and angry.

“I don’t know. But he made you sad and you didn’t smile or talk to me yesterday because of what he did to you” He looked like a stubborn child. I looked at his face. He was looking like a kid who was annoyed because another kid took something from him forcefully.

“Faraz, how did you get here and how you found Sameer?” I asked him while staring at him.

“I didn’t go to school today. I came here in taxi when driver dropped me at school. I was in car parking waiting for Sameer. He came out just a while back” He said in a low voice.

“You didn’t go to school because you had to punish Sameer?” For some reason a smile came onto my face without my intention. It was probably because the way Faraz was talking and his face expressions. Despite all my anger, I felt what he did was out of his sheer love for his big sister and it made me feel elated that my little bro did all this for me.

Faraz didn’t say anything but nodded his head and then again started looking out of the window. I started my car as and we went home. Mom didn’t notice that Faraz came home with me or that I was home early. I didn’t say anything and went to my room. Faraz sat down with my mom in lounge.

At dinner table my parents and Faraz were sitting when I joined. While dinner I realized that Faraz hadn’t told my parents about his encounter with Sameer. I thought it’s better to keep it if no one asked me anything about it. After a while I went back to my room where as Faraz had already left for studies. I knocked and then opened his door. He was sitting on his study chair with elbows on desk. I walked upto his bed and sat down. Faraz revolved his chair to face me.

“You didn’t tell mom and dad about what you did at my office?” I asked him with a raised eyebrow.

“No. I was not sure if you would want them to know about Sameer or not. It might have put you in awkward position. You told me about Sameer because you said I’m your best friend and you know I will keep your secrets” He replied flatly.

Oh damn…. I hadn’t told my parents about my boyfriend because in our culture its something that we don’t tell parents till we are getting close to marriage. I never knew Faraz is so thoughtful about things.

Faraz kept doing things that would amaze me in different way. He was very sensitive yet very strong and bold when needed. While I also found those cute kid expressions on his face most of the times. Time flew by and we became closer. There was hardly a thing that I hid from him or vice versa. We would never lie to each other and I felt he was my real brother. I knew Faraz so much that I was able to see at his face or in his eyes and would know what he is upto or what he wants to say. It is a weird connection till this day.

He was doing A levels final year. Now Faraz would drive me to places and my parents even stopped bothering about me because they knew Faraz was there for almost everything that I needed. I felt like missing my half self when Faraz would go to visit his parents in vacations.

I had tried to be with some guys but nothing went past two or three dates (or dinners to be specific). The guys were not anything I would want to be with. Some part of me started comparing every guy I met with Faraz. He was so young but yet so sensible and gentleman. I know Faraz was groomed by his father who was airforce officer and his habits, behavior and the way he carried himself or even the way he dressed up showed as if he is some royal guy.

Faraz was doing very well in boxing and he was going to fight in Under 19 National Boxing Championship. Parents of Faraz had gone to UK for medical treatment of our common grandfather so my parents and I were to witness his bouts. I never liked Faraz playing boxing because he would often come home with swollen face, bleeding nose, and even some cuts on eyebrows or lips at occasions but still I never told him to not play his sport because he loved it. I never understood this idea of playing a sport where you beat and bleed each other. It’s just too much for me. This was first time I saw Faraz in boxing ring. My father knew a lot about boxing so he explained what was going on in the ring. He said Faraz was an intelligent boxer as he kept his opponent running around while he was holding his place at middle of ring. His opponent clearly seemed tired by the end of 2nd round. At the end, Faraz won the match by points. This kept going on for two more days and then it was final on third day. Faraz had made it to final and both boxers were bleeding pretty badly by end of 3rd round. I was horrified by the scene because it was blood all over Faraz’s face and the referee stopped match twice during the round to get his face cleaned. My father’s face also showed concern because it was obvious that Faraz sustained serious injuries. Referee asked Faraz before start of 4th round if he wanted to continue and he chose to fight on. Near end of 4th round, Faraz seemed to have injured his right arm while he was trying to throw a hook on his opponent but instead his biceps landed on his elbow. Faraz couldn’t use his right arm after that and his opponent gave him a combination of lethal punches on face. Faraz fell down and the referee started counting. I was all tears and my father got up and left to see the coach and other management of Faraz’s team. Faraz got up to his feet before referee counted 10. The referee cleaned Faraz’s gloves and then inspected his injuries. Then I saw referee waving his hand to someone outside ring. I saw a man with doctor’s gown inspecting Faraz’s face. He spoke to Faraz and then the referee. I saw Faraz talking to referee but then the referee spoke to coach of Faraz and declared the fight was over.

In few minutes I got to know that Faraz has sustained serious injuries and the doctor declared him unfit for bout. I pulled my mother’s arm and told her that we should go and see Faraz. Faraz came out of ring and was walking on his feet but his second was holding him from shoulder. As we followed, Faraz was taken to an ambulance for evacuation to hospital. My heart was going out of all rhythms. My mother was also in tears and my father looked so worried for the first time in ages. My father took us to our car and we drove to hospital. Faraz was taken to emergency and then operation theatre. The staff told us that Faraz has got broken nose, a 3 inch cut on right eyebrow and 2 inch cut on left eyebrow, deep cuts on lips and a 2 inch cut on right cheek bone.

Faraz was shifted to a room after an hour or so and when I walked into the room, his face including eyes was all covered by bandages. I again started crying with tears. My mom held me and I saw her tears rolling down her cheeks. My father spoke to doctor about injuries. The doctor told us that the face wounds are not serious and have been taken care of and will be fine in few days. However, the apparent condition shows that there is a chance that all the punches might have done internal damage to his brain and hence Faraz needed to be examined for that. I sat on the bed near knees on faraz and placed my hand on Faraz’s hand. He immediately recognized my touch and said “Aapi you are here?”

“Yes. How are you feeling now? You will be fine” I spoke sobbingly.

Faraz was facing difficulty in talking but he managed to say “I’m ok and its just swelling and minor cuts”

I felt like shouting at him for playing this ruthless and cruel sport but remained quiet. Next day Faraz was shifted home after a brain surgeon did tests on him and declared that he was ok. After three days all bandages were gone and Faraz’s face looked horrible due to the swelling and stitches. I was so terrified by that. Faraz laughed at it and said “Aapi, I’m not a model but a boxer and this is part of the game”

“Have you gone mad? This is insane that you play a game so cruel and ruthless. You aren’t going to play it anymore” I almost shouted at him. He remained quiet. I was relieved a little because he didn’t say he will continue with his game. This was just like him. He would not say it to me if I told him something he didn’t like but he won’t refuse. I hugged him while he was half sitting in his bead against head board.

Faraz was improving fast and within two weeks he was good and stitch marks were not as visible as I thought to be. During this time, he never complained about pain or any discomfort but I still got into his room and would not leave till he was asleep. It became my habit to go into his room at night and stay with him till he fell asleep.

Faraz went to his boxing club one afternoon and I got to know from mom when I got back from work. I was not happy because I didn’t want him to. He came back shortly and I saw him wearing jeans and tee shirt. That’s not how he goes to his club and he wasn’t carrying his bag.

Still I asked him “so how was your boxing practice”

“I didn’t practice. You asked me not to because of your concerns so I won’t” He replied like a kid while looking at TV.

I sat down beside him and hugged him from side with my arm around his shoulders and kissed his temple. “Aww my little prince. Thank you so much” I chimed.

Things were going good and Faraz and I would often go out when I was not busy with something in evenings. My parents were worried about my marriage as it happens in our society. They asked me if I have someone in my mind. I told them that there is nothing of this sort. My parents told me that they have a guy in mind and a meeting was arranged. I met the guy twice and he seemed just ok. I said I’m ok with the guy and my parents made arrangements for my wedding. It all happened very fast and I was getting married in 6 weeks. Faraz took me for shopping and sometime my mom came along as well to prepare for big event. Faraz’s parents also came few days before wedding and everything was going smooth. Faraz was in my room the day prior to my wedding. He was helping me with packing my clothes and stuff. He seemed a little low.

“Something is wrong with my little prince?” I asked softly.

Faraz looked up at me and gave me a half smile “I will lose my best friend and will feel alone. But I’m happy that you are getting married”

I moved near him, held his arms and made him to face me. Hugged him tightly, and gave a peck on his cheek. He looked so cute that I felt like squeezing him which I did. He was now taller than me. I was 5 feet 6 inches while he was getting near 6 feet tall now. So I had to rise on my toes to place peck on his cheek.

Before I knew, I was married and moved to my new home. I visited parents every few days and my husband Amir’s house was just 30 minutes away from where my parents were living. Faraz was so happy every time he saw me. After two months or so, I found out that my husband is still continuing with his affairs and he would stay out once or twice every week on pretext of business travelling. I confronted Amir on this and he accepted that he has two girls and he also said he won’t stop going to them. Amir said it was upto me to decide if I want to stay with him or not. I packed my bags and called Faraz on his cell phone to pick me up. Faraz was alarmed because of my sobbing tone. He wanted to know if everything was ok but I told him to come over as soon as possible. I was little startled when Faraz called me after about 20 minutes that he is outside waiting for me. I wondered how he reached so fast. I called him inside and he looked at me quizzically when he saw my 4 bags next to main door. He didn’t say a word, just looked into my eyes and probably that weird connection told him something and he picked up three bags while I dragged the fourth one out. Amir was nowhere to be seen so I left with Faraz. He stopped in front of a restaurant we both visited frequently and said “I’m hungry and want to eat my favorite chicken handi (desi food made of chicken and herbs), if you are ok with that Aapi”

It was no way an occasion I would want to eat out but I could not say no to Faraz so I just nodded. We sat on a table in a corner and ordered food. We didn’t talk until food was brought. Faraz was eating while I was just playing with my folk lost in my thoughts.

“Aapi, we are still best friends?” Faraz asked looking at my face. I looked at him and saw the same piercing look in his eyes that make me think that he is studying my thought process.

“Ofcourse” I replied trying to break his gaze.

“What Amir did to you?” He kept those piercing eyes on me.

“What?? When did I mention Amir did something to me?” I was almost choking.

“You didn’t. But I can guess that” He said softly.

“Since when you have become old enough to guess about my relationship and its problems” My tone was sharp.

Faraz kept silent for a moment and then looked directly into my eyes. I tried to look away but I felt I was caught. “It’s ok if you don’t wanna tell me about it. Just that I felt we were still best friends” His typical kiddish way of saying things.

I took a deep sigh. Faraz had a sad look on his face.

“Ok, Amir has been cheating on me. Not with one but with two girls” I said somewhat irritated.

Faraz didn’t say anything. He just ate for a minute more and asked the waiter for bill. We left and reached home in silence. At home, I least wanted my both parents to be sitting in lounge but they were there. Faraz shifted my bags inside and sat quietly while my parents were asking me what and why things. I told them briefly and then left for my room. I was heartbroken and feeling bad that I wasn’t enough for Amir and probably that’s why he kept going to other girls. I was losing my confidence in myself and was thinking that something is terribly wrong with me that made Amir cheat on me. I also recalled occasions when I was not happy with Amir because I wanted him to behave like Faraz. It was damned thoughts of my little brother and comparisons I made that made me push Amir into cheating me. I was mad at Faraz now. I didn’t go downstairs for dinner. Faraz knocked and came into my room to get me for dinner.

“You have ruined my life enough. What else you want from me. Just go away” I shouted at Faraz.

He seemed stunned at my words. His face expressions changed as I kept staring at him while I was half sitting in by bed. I saw his face getting saddened… tears building up in his eyes… he kept looking at me for some moments and then spoke in a very low and hardly audible tone “Please tell me… What wrong I have done to you or Amir?”

His expressions started to have effects on me and my heart started melting yet again. This is what he always do to me. I didn’t have a clear answer to his question but I knew it’s the way he has been treating me that makes me feel that other guys don’t treat me well. I kept staring hard and repeated myself “can you leave me alone. I don’t need your sympathy and affection right now.”

I could see his tears swell and start to roll down from his eyes when he turned away and left my room closing the door behind. I tried to control my temper and slipped down in bed to try to sleep. My mother came to my room hardly few minutes after Faraz left. She sat on my bed and kissed my forehead. “Things happen in life Bina. Doesn’t mean we stop living. And you know Faraz has also gone to his room without eating saying that he isn’t hungry”.

Oh God, again Faraz. Why everyone is so obsessed with Faraz. Not concerned as much about my life getting ruined but concerned that Faraz is not taking dinner. I refrained from saying it aloud and just told my mom that I’m not hungry and want to sleep. She left at that.

I remained awake that night and kept thinking about things that happened between me and Amir. I realized and felt sorry that I threw some shit on Faraz for no reason. It was true that Faraz treated me like no one else ever treated me but it was because he was my little brother and he loved me a lot and I loved him as much. I also concluded that Amir married me to satisfy his parents (as happens in our society) and to get financial support from my father to expand his business.

It was 3:00 AM when I saw clock. I got up to get water and realized that I’m feeling hungry as my stomach was making sounds. I was about to go downstairs when I realized that Faraz also didn’t take dinner and he must be feeling hungry. But then he must be asleep at 3:00 AM. Nevertheless I slowly opened his door without knocking, as it would have woke him up. He was lying on his side facing the wall. His side lamp was switched on making the room lit softly. I stepped on carpeted floor without making any sound and sat down on edge of his bed. I felt sorry for what I said to him. I kept my hand on his shoulder and bent down to kiss his head. He turned his face slowly to look at me. His face reminded me of his childhood cuteness. “You aren’t asleep?” I asked softly.

He just shook his head and turned his head to look at the wall. I saw the sadness and agony in his eyes when he had looked at me for few moments. I hated myself for doing this to him. I had thrown my frustration on him for no reason and it wasn’t justified. I was feeling worse because Faraz didn’t say a single word in protest. I slid behind him in bed and rested my back against head board. Faraz didn’t move a bit. I started combing his dark brown hair with my fingers.

“I’m really sorry Faraz” I said in a slow voice while my fingers still combing his hair.

Faraz turned his head, looked at my face and then turned himself to lie on his other side. His head still on pillow near my hips but his arm extended over my body just above knees. He remained quiet for few moments and then said in a low voice “It’s because of Amir. He gave you all this frustration”.

I wondered why he is not angry with me but taking it that its Amir’s fault that I howled at Faraz. Why this guy never shows his anger or frustration to me. He finds an excuse for my wrongs.

“Its ok Faraz. I will get divorce” I spoke in decisive tone.

“But still he has ruined your life” Faraz spoke without looking at me.

“Forget it for now. Let’s go down stairs and eat something. My stomach is crying loud now” I tried to laugh a little.

Faraz nodded and I got up followed by Faraz. We came down stairs in kitchen and I took out bread and chicken spread to make sandwiches. We sat down on dining table making sandwiches. Mom walked in and saw us sitting there.

“So you two thieves are stealing food at 3:30 AM in morning. You want me to warm something more for you” Mom suppressed her surprise and tried to be cheerful.

I shook my head and looked at Faraz. He looked at mom and said smilingly “please do that or else I will keep eating sandwiches till breakfast”. Mom laughed and started looking in refrigerator to get us more food. It seemed she was happy that we were downstairs looking to eat while forgetting the problems of yesterday. We ate and then left to our rooms.

I woke up very late and it was already noon. I came down and discussed things with mom and told her that I want divorce. She agreed and told me that she will talk to my father and get the lawyer moving.

Faraz was around me more and was taking me out to mall for shopping or dining or just for ice cream. I knew he wanted to keep me happy and cheered up. I was also trying to forget about my marriage. I had resigned from my job when I was getting married. I didn’t feel like working now and there were no financial problems so I was staying home.

Faraz was done with finals of A levels and planned to visit his parents. He asked me to accompany him and I was thrilled. We packed and loaded up in my car and left. Faraz was driving and he kept talking enroute about places we were passing by. We reached and Faraz was so excited to meet his parents. We settled down in our separate rooms and first few days passed while Faraz showed me around the farms and cattle. We also visited the “Head Works” on river about 30 minutes from his town. I stayed there for almost two weeks despite the fact that initially I wanted to stay for one week only. It was awesome to spend whole day roaming or chatting away with Faraz on my side. My Uncle and Aunty laughed at seeing us together so much.

We came back after two weeks as Faraz had plans to take up some IT certification courses. Now I felt I was more close to Faraz then ever and it seemed my day was colorless if I don’t see to hear him around me. I didn’t take much notice of it but it did came to my mind every now and then.

I wasn’t very particular about my dress around Faraz but I was getting more careless. It was not that he saw me nude but my night shirt buttons were not always closed at top and while doing one or other thing, I showed him the cleavage of my 34C breasts. I knew that occasionally Faraz did see at my cleavage but then would turn away his eyes. I liked him so much for being such a gentleman. I loved the way he behaved around me. Always caring and always treating me with so much honor and dignity. He was my little prince whom I always loved.

That day, my father came home and told us that Amir has signed all divorce documents and lawyer is finalizing formalities to complete the process. I felt relieved that evening. At night I was sitting in bed with Faraz and we were chatting about things.

“Hey little prince, why don’t you have a girlfriend? I see that you are always around me and not looking for girls your age. You must have pretty class fellows and others around at your IT institute” I asked teasingly.

Faraz blushed a little and shrugged his shoulders. I never asked him about his interest in girls earlier.

“Oh come on bro. Don’t tell me that you aren’t interested in girls. Or maybe you like boys?” I again teased him.

“Noooo aapi. I’m not into boys at all. Just that I haven’t liked a girl yet” He frowned.

“And what kind of girl you are looking for my little prince?” I asked him while poking softly in his ribs.

“Just a girl like you” Faraz blurted.

I felt a 440 volt electric shock. I have been looking for a man like Faraz and he is looking for a girl like me!! Seems we have been so much into each other that our lives are intertwined. This isn’t good. I looked at Faraz and he didn’t seem to realize what he said really means. I preferred to not probe him further or talk about it. We talked some more and then said our goodnights and I left his room.

After a few days, I was again sitting with Faraz watching a movie in his room on his LCD TV mounted on wall. We were both sitting with our backs against head board and legs stretched out. I was sitting towards wall while Faraz was towards the side table. He grabbed a pack of chips from his side table, opened it and offered to me. I shoved my hand in pack and pulled out some chips and started munching. He got engrossed in movie and didn’t take any chips. I waited for few minutes and then pushed him with my right shoulder against his left shoulder and brought my hand up to his mouth. He opened his mouth when he saw two chips slices in my hand and I shoved them in his mouth. He smiles and said thanks. After few minutes I again took some chips from pack and pressed them on his mouth. I knew his mouth wasn’t open but I just pressed those chips and they were crushed into small pieces and fell down on his chest. He turned his face towards me and just smiled. No reaction and no protest…. Just a smile. What’s with this guy… I wondered. I only realized what was on his mind when I felt his hand rising like a flash and he pressed some chips on my chin instead of my mouth to make sure that they are crushed and fall on my chest just like him. The difference was that Faraz was wearing a round neck tee shirt and the crushed chips didn’t bother him where as I was wearing my buttoned front night shirt and the mess landed on my exposed chest and travelled down my cleavage and my boobs.

I sat upright and started cleaning my chest while Faraz started laughing. I looked at him pretending to be angry and then opened the top button to have better access to clean the pieces of chips. Faraz took some tissues from his side table and sat upright besides me while giving me those tissues. Now he could see large part of my bare chest, some boobs and my bra. He all of a sudden stopped laughing. His mouth was half open and he was staring at my bare chest and whatever part of boobs was visible.

I took tissues from his hand and taunted “What? You haven’t seen a girl’s boobs before?”

Faraz turned away his gaze and his face turned red at my question. He kept silent. This was so like him, not talking and just making me know things from his body language, face and eyes. He told me that he didn’t have girlfriend so it was obvious that he hasn’t seen a real women’s body naked. A naughty thought rose on my mind and I decided to tease him more.

“So you really never saw any woman’s naked chest?” I pushed him with my shoulder.

“No” was his short reply. He was getting uncomfortable with my questions and I knew that but I wanted to play and tease him.

“Never in real I suppose. You must have seen in movies?” I inquired with a naughty smile.

“Yes, saw in movies” He replied in low tone while looking towards TV but I knew he isn’t watching TV but thinking about accidently watching my bare chest. I cleaned my chest and closed my top button. I placed my arm on his shoulders and spoke near his ear in a soft and low voice “Chill out buddy”.

He looked at me smiling this time and nodded his head. He again rested his back against head board and I followed suit. We were again watching movie. The movie finished in few minutes and next movie was of my flavor, what we call chick flicks. Faraz was not interested in that movie and he said he is feeling sleepy. I told him to fall asleep and I will leave when I’m done with the movie. The light and sound of movie isn’t a problem for Faraz because he is a heavy sleeper. Once he is sleepy and wants to sleep, nothing can deter him.

He said goodnight to me, turned on his side with his back toward me and slipped down while pulling up the blanket. I adjusted the blanket on Faraz and I as it was stuck at my feet when he was pulling it up. Faraz was sleeping in few minutes when I looked down at him. He looked so cute in his sleep. His lips open slightly and the soft expressions of his face. I adore love this guy next to me, I love everything about him I realized.

The movie ended well past midnight. I was also feeling sleepy and didn’t want to leave the warm bed and the warmth coming from his body was making me feel cozy. A part in my brain stopped working and I decided to sleep in his bed… with his warmth.

I was missing the body touch of a man for so long now but I didn’t want to get into any relationship for now. With these thoughts, I slid down on my back under the blanket and fell asleep while staring at ceiling. I woke up sometime and found myself hugging Faraz’s back. It was like spooning and felt so good. I wrapped my arm on his body and clung to him tightly. Faraz was deep asleep and his breathing was smooth and rhythmic. I fell asleep again in warmth of his body.

I again woke up near morning and found myself facing wall with my back towards Faraz. I shifted myself to face Faraz again and saw that he was now sleeping on his back facing ceiling. I draped my arm on his chest and hugged his side. Then placed my upper leg on his thighs and felt the touch made me feel too good. I bent my upper leg from knee and pulled it up a little to only notice that my thigh was brushing his hard cock. I could make out from his breathing that he was in deep sleep and had an erection in sleep. I had never thought about his cock but now my thigh was touching his hard cock.

My brain was not thinking straight. My hand moved slowly and I touched his hard cock lightly with my palm. I could feel the hot cock through his lose long shorts. He wasn’t wearing briefs under his shorts and his cock was pointed towards ceiling. I wrapped my hand around his cock without thinking and was awed at its hardness. It wasn’t extra ordinarily long or thick but it was pretty good by all means. Suddenly my brain clicked and I felt ashamed at what I was doing. I removed my hand and slowly got out of the blanket and left his room quietly. I came to my room and got under the blanket but I couldn’t sleep. I was ashamed to feel that my panties were wet because of touching my little brother’s hard cock. I realized I hadn’t masturbated for more than a week and probably that’s the reason I was getting horny with my little bro.

I saw the clock and it was near 5:00 AM. I pushed down my pajama and removed it under my blanket. Then I removed my panties and opened the buttons on my shirt and pushed up my bra and cupped my boobs with both hands. My nipples were already hard. I squeezed and pinched on my sensitive nipples. My wetness was already flowing between my legs. I slowly moved my right hand towards my crotch. I always keep my pussy shaved as it gives me a feel of neatness and softness between my legs. My fingers slightly touched my clit and then moved down in the slit between my pussy lips. Pushed my finger into my wet hole and moved it slowly.

My brain drifted to the feeling of Faraz’s hard cock without my intentions. I tried to get rid of those feelings but just couldn’t help my brain drifting back to those thoughts. I moved my other hand towards my crotch and started rubbing my clit with fingers of other hand while pushing two fingers of right hand in my pussy hole. I started fucking myself with two fingers harder. I felt the pleasure running in my blood and then felt my orgasm rising all over my body. My muscles started twitching and felt my pussy contracting around my fingers. I don’t know what made me cum so hard so fast that I was breathing hard for a long time with sensations running in my body. I kept lying like that for some time and then wore my panties and pajama, adjusted my bra and buttoned my shirt. I drifted to sleep to wake up late in morning.

The day passed without any event. However, my thoughts kept going to the feel of Faraz’s hard cock in my hand. I tried to get rid of those thoughts but just couldn’t. In evening, I was again with Faraz in his room debating on which movie to watch. Faraz had a DVD player as well in his room and he has his stock of CDs in one of the study table drawer. Faraz as usual wanted to watch an action movie where as I wanted some comedy. I was sitting on his study chair while he was sitting on edge of his bed.

“Ok, its final that I will decide what to watch” I chirped while watching Faraz with puppy eyes.

I knew he won’t object at the end and he just nodded without saying anything. I opened the drawer to select a movie and Faraz jumped from bed and hurriedly started fumbling with CDs. I was surprised because he seemed to be worried about something. And then I saw some CD covers that made me realize why he was worried.

It was not porn but certainly something with nudity as evident from the covers. I jumped to grab the CDs from his hand and could only snatch one from his hand. Faraz tried to snatch it back but I held the CD tightly against my tummy and could see the helplessness on his face as he didn’t want to use force against me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fight him off if he used little bit of his strength. I used this to my benefit.

“Aapi please give me my CD back” He looked at my face helplessly.

“Why? What so special about this CD that you are ready to fight with me for it” I smirked.

“Oh come on please. Don’t do this to me. Its just a movie but we can’t watch it together” He said hesitantly.

“Is it porn” I inquired giving him surprised look.

“Nooooo” he shrieked.

“Then why can’t we see it together?” I smirked.

“It just has some love making scenes” He answered while looking at floor.

“Well, I’m not a kid that you think will be spoiled with those scenes. I’m much elder to you and have not only seen but done a lot more then you” I taunted him.

Faraz just shrugged helplessly while putting the CDs in his hand back in the drawer and went back to sit on the bed. He was avoiding looking at me though. It was the way Faraz was… shy and cute.

I inserted the CD I was holding in the player and climbed into bed. Faraz was still sitting on the edge with legs hanging down. I patted the place beside me for him. He climbed up without looking at me and sat with his back against head board similar to the way I was sitting. I was holding the remote controls of CD player and TV so I played the movie. I placed my hand on Faraz’s hands which were crossed in his lap and asked him curiously “so why you don’t have a girl friend? I’m just curious because you are handsome and cute guy. Any girl would want to be with you”

“I don’t want any girl aapi” Faraz said while looking at TV.

“Then what exactly are you looking for my little prince? You know you can tell me” I smiled at him.

“I’m friends with some class fellow girls but they are not sensible, caring and pretty like you” Faraz blurted still looking at TV.

Oh shit, it was again a reminder. I was looking for what to say. Faraz was looking for a girl like me!! I gathered my thoughts, placed my arm on his shoulders and spoke softly “You know you are not looking correctly my little prince. I saw some of your class fellows who are much prettier than me. However, you can’t expect girls of your age to be mature like me because I’m 6 years older to you.”

“Hmm…” was his only response.

“I can help you in getting a good girlfriend. You know I will do anything for you my little prince” I teasingly spoke in his ear.

He looked at me and just stared into my eyes… the same piercing eyes digging deep down inside me. I just shrugged my shoulders and looked towards TV. The scene was a boy and girl taking shower together. Faraz also looked at TV and I could feel he was getting uncomfortable in watching naked couple in my presence.

“Hey, don’t be so shy. This is what people do to express love and affection when in a relationship” I smiled to make him comfy.

“I’m not shy. It’s just that you are sitting with me” He spoke in a low voice while looking at his hands in his lap.

“Aren’t we best friends? We share everything with each other” I smiled at him.

“Not everything aapi. You are my elder sis so it doesn’t feel right” He again spoke in a low voice.

“Oh come on Faraz. We are best friends besides being cousins so get over with your shyness” I again smiled and pulled his cheeks with left hand.

“Okay” was his only reply.

But he did start to look at TV. The couple was now having sex in the bath tub with girl sitting on top of the boy. The private parts were not being showed but just the naked upper bodies visual and with moaning sounds implying that they were having. The scene was giving me tingling feeling in stomach. I was just wondering why I was pushing Faraz to open up with me which I never did in past. I was also feeling little awkward that I was watching a sex scene sitting in bed with my little brother. My right thigh was touching his left thigh and this wasn’t appropriate at all. My mind scorned me.

The scene ended implying from sounds that the couple had their orgasms and then the scene changed to something else. I felt relieved for some reason. I thought it’s better to leave right away before another such scene starts. I tried to get up and get down the bed for which I had to cross over the body of Faraz. I placed my hand on his thigh to get support and he jerked as if hit by electric shock. I climbed down ignoring his reaction, stood on floor, kissed Faraz on forehead and said with a wink “I’m going to sleep early tonight. You enjoy the movie alone comfortably and have fun”.

“Aapi, ummm…  it… it’s not like that.” Faraz stammered.

“Its fine little prince. I’m just little sleepy tonight. Goodnight” I smiled and left his room. I fell asleep shortly after getting into my bed.

Next day we had dinner outside since my parents had gone to Karachi for three days due to my father’s business. We came back late night after roaming in a mall to spend time. It again reminded me that I felt so good in company of Faraz and he was such a gentleman when it comes to dealing and being around me.

Once home, I told Faraz that I will be joining him in his room and he should choose a movie. We settled in bed and Faraz, as usual, chose an action movie. It was around 1:00 AM when the movie ended. Faraz wanted to watch another movie since he wasn’t feeling sleepy. I told him I will make him fall asleep so he slid down in bed and was lying on his back facing ceiling. I also slid down in bed and was on my right side with right hand under my head with elbow touching his shoulder. I moved my left hand and started combing Faraz’s hair with my fingers.

We were both quiet and I wanted to make him fall asleep. After few minutes I felt that Faraz is falling asleep because of his breathing pattern. His eyes were closed so I stopped combing his hair with my fingers and placed that same left hand on his shoulder. His arms were across his chest. I didn’t feel like leaving so I decided to sleep with him. The thought of sleeping in his bed brought back the feeling of his hard cock against in palm. I immediately started getting wet between my legs. It wasn’t good to think like that about my little bro but I couldn’t help it as it felt so good and the pleasure of only the thoughts made me think more about it. I waited for some time so that Faraz was in deep sleep.

I knew he won’t wake up from his heavy sleep. I moved closer to him and hugged his side. My arm across his chest over his arms and my left leg on his thighs bent at knee. I snuggled my face in his shoulder and closed my eyes. The fragrance of his body and deodorant was so nice to feel, rhythm of his breathing was like lullaby. I fell asleep in those thoughts. I woke up sometime later and my right side felt little numb so I changed side and faced towards wall away from Faraz. He was still sleeping on his back. I again drifted into sleep.

I woke up again to feel that Faraz was facing my back now and we were in somewhat spooning position though his body wasn’t touching mine a lot. Just his bent knees were touching my lower thighs and his hand slightly brushing my shoulder where it was in contact with bed. I felt I wanted him to spoon me but he was in his usual heavy sleep. I slid a little back to touch more of his body but it didn’t work. His right arm and hand touching my shoulder was keeping me away. I moved my arm to grab his hand and draped it around my body, his hand on my tummy. I slid back and this time my back was touching his chest and my buttocks touching his tummy and slightly bent thighs. I was wondering if his cock is erect but some part of my brain was keeping me from pressing my body further back to feel it.

It was still a great feeling lying with him in this way so I remained in this position while my hand was placed on top of Faraz’s hand on my tummy. After a while I crossed my fingers with his fingers with my hand still on top of his. I closed eyes and tried to feel that goodness in warmth of his body. I was lost in those thoughts when the alarm went off on Faraz’s cell phone.

I didn’t feel like moving or letting him go so I gathered courage to remain in that position. Just when his mobile phone alarm was sounding, his side table clock also went off. Faraz was using two alarms because of his heavy sleep. He started to stir because of all the noise those two alarms with making. I could feel slight movement in his body. I felt his body jerking when he came to his senses and found himself hugging my back.

“Good morning little prince” I chimed

“Good morning. Sorry, I didn’t… didn’t know you were here and… and… sorry” He stammered and tried to get away from me. He turned his body and switched off both alarms and kept lying facing ceiling.

“Little prince, you can come back to same position. It was good to have your warmth. It kept me from feeling cold.” I smiled over my shoulder. He looked towards me and seemed little lost in thoughts. After few moments, he turned towards me but kept some distance from my body.

I shifted myself to push against his body. He didn’t make any movement. I again held his hand and brought it back on my tummy. My back was touching his front this time and I felt a new pleasure in the touch of his body.

“So how was your sleep?” I asked softly

“Very good” He spoke as his breathing was heavier.

“I slept very well too because of your warmth, my little prince” I smiled over my shoulder.

I could feel that his body was stiff and he wasn’t comfy with this cuddling but I felt I have to make it normal for him. We were in that position for few minutes when I felt a little poke against my upper butt. I could make out that I was giving him hard on and I liked being a bad girl on this thought. Faraz got up immediately and entered attached washroom without saying a word. I stayed in his bed instead of going back to my room. Faraz came back after 15 minutes or so and he had a towel wrapped around his lower body. He seemed startled to see me still in his bed while I was looking directly at him. He wasn’t expecting me to be still in his bed. It never happened before. But I was bent upon changing things because I like this new “bad girl” in me.

Faraz shrugged his shoulders and grabbed his clothes from cupboard and went back to bathroom to change. I got up and left for my room. Faraz went for his classes and I supervised maid since mom wasn’t home. We had pizza delivered at home that night and then we left for his room.

Faraz tried to watch the movie but that day I was keeping his mind occupied with my talks about this or that. He was still watching movie when I slid down in the bed, adjusted my pillow and cuddled against Faraz while he was half lying with his back against head board. I wrapped my left arm around his thighs and placed my leg bent at my knee on top of his just below knees. I again felt his body stiffening. But I had decided to loosen him up. I stayed there without moving or talking for few minutes. His body relaxed when I didn’t do anything else. I was getting success in what I was doing.

I was pretending that I have fallen asleep just to make Faraz more comfy. He did feel comfortable when I didn’t talk or move for some time. The movie finished and Faraz switched off TV with remote and then He shifted little to place remote on bed side table and to switch on table lamp. I left my body lose so that Faraz doesn’t know I’m awake. He slid down in bed on his back facing ceiling. My hand was earlier on his thighs so when he slipped down, it went down further and then fell between him and me.

Faraz made no move to touch me. I moved my body a little as if I awakened due to his body movement and then placed my arms around his chest. His arms were already there on his chest. I lifted my head to look at his face with sleepy eyes. Gave a peck on his cheek and pushed his arms from his chest and placed my own arms there as if it was my territory. I also draped my leg on top of his thighs near his groin. I knew it might give him erection but I wanted to feel it. I was now cuddling with faraz and my leg over his thigh moved couple of times and I could feel his cock getting hard.

His body tensed once again because he knew his erection was touching my thigh. He started moving and decided to face away from me. I didn’t want this to happen. But before I knew, his back was against my front and I tried to pull him closer but it was against his back.

I lifted my head and murmured near his ear “Why you facing away from me?  Don’t like to see me or you trying to hide something from me?”

“Uh.. no, no… not that I don’t like seeing you. Just… just that I thought you will be more comfy like this” He made an excuse while stammering.

I knew I was having effects on him and I decided to play with him.

“So you like spooning as you were hugging my back this morning?” I said playfully.

He remained quiet.

“But it does feels great when you spoon me, little prince. So… spoon me please” I cooed in his ear and then rolled my body to face towards wall. Now my back was against his back. He didn’t respond nor moved.

“I’m waiting Faraz… It feels so much better and I sleep so well when you spoon me.” I pleaded over my shoulder.

He thought for few moments and then I felt his body shifting. He faced my back but was keeping some distance between him and me. I grabbed his hand and wrapped his arm around me with his hand on my belly.

“This is how you spoon, little prince” I chimed and slid my body back against his. His body stiffened but he didn’t move. Then his body relaxed and I felt his arm pulling me against him. I smiled inwardly on this little success in getting him accustomed to my touch.

My hair was in a ponytail and the way I was positioned now, I could feel his warm breath near my neck. In few minutes I moved my body further back into Faraz and my buttocks pressed against his crotch. I felt he was already erect. He jerked and pulled his crotch away from me.

“What happened” I looked over my shoulder with a smile. I knew but I wanted to play with him.

“Ah… nothing. I think I should keep some distance to avoid bothering you aapi” He said in a worried tone.

“You won’t bother me if you hug my back tightly little prince. And don’t worry about your hard thing poking me. It’s anatomical thingy and I fully understand that it happens without your intentions” I smiled over my shoulder as I continued trying to make him comfortable.

I held his hand on my tummy and again slid myself against Faraz. I could feel my upper ass cheek pressing against his erection. Faraz was too shy and hasn’t been with girls so he was having troubles adjusting to the touches, especially his elder sister.

“Relax and try to fall asleep. It will feel good if you shed away the worries and just be with me” I told him in an assuring tone.

I felt his body relaxing. I thought it’s a good sign. I caressed his hand that was placed on my tummy. Pushed myself little more into him and cooed, “It feels so nice now.”

We remained like that till I fell asleep. I knew Faraz wasn’t asleep till then from his breathing. I woke up sometime later because I felt some movement. When I regained my senses, I realized that Faraz was rubbing his cock against my ass. I smiled inwardly as I knew that it was most natural thing under current circumstances. It’s an instinct thing. I didn’t move or speak and tried to pretend that I was still asleep. I knew how shy Faraz was and he might just pull away if he knew I was awake.

Faraz had kept his hand on small of my back and was very slowly rubbing his hard cock on my ass. His cock was unable to slide between my ass cheeks since I was wearing panties under PJs. I was holding still while my brain was running different thoughts and I felt I should make it easy for Faraz.

I slowly pushed out my ass little more so that Faraz and I both can get more pleasure. However, I kept silent and didn’t move otherwise to make him believe that I was asleep. I was feeling electric current running in my body. My libido wanted me to tear off my own and Faraz’s clothes and makes him fuck me hard. But I had to take it easy and slow.

I felt Faraz picking up speed now. He was humping me faster now while he shifted his hand from small of my back and wrapped it around my tummy and pulled me against himself. I could make out from his movements that he was about to cum. I was not sure how long he has been rubbing his cock on my ass because I woke up just few minutes ago. I didn’t move as I was in no mood to stop Faraz. I can do anything and everything to make him happy. He is the dearest person to me and I love him a lot. What’s wrong if he can have little sexual pleasure from me? I thought to myself. Also it was me who started all this and it was no surprise that he was humping on my ass now.

I felt his body getting stiff with some hard and fast humps and then he kept hugging me from back tightly while I could feel his cock throbbing against my ass while it was spurting semen. His breathing was hard and loud. It felt so good to feel his cock throbbing against my ass while he held my tight. His breathing hadn’t normalized by then but be suddenly pulled himself away from me and was lying on his back. I smiled to myself with thoughts that probably he realized that he was going to soak my PJs with his cum. The thought of his cum suddenly made me way too horny. I was already wet between my legs because of the humping. Faraz fell asleep soon after cumming as it was a natural thing to be relaxed after orgasms and he had a good one I suppose.

I knew I won’t be able to sleep till I also get an orgasm to satisfy my horniness. I waited for some time so that Faraz was in his usual deep sleep. I rolled over to face ceiling and looked at Faraz. He was fast asleep. I slowly moved my right hand between my legs and felt the dampness on my panties inside PJs. I slipped my hand under my PJs and panties and started rubbing my bare pussy soaking wet. Faraz had orgasm using my body so it wasn’t wrong if I masturbate while lying next to him. I inserted two fingers inside my pussy and moved my other hand slowly under the blanket to reach crotch of Faraz. My hand touched his cum soaked PJs, his cock was limp now.

It made me so much hornier thinking that his orgasm was because of me… he achieved it by humping my ass. I went over the edge in an instant and felt my body stiffening and then a flood being released in my pussy canal. The sensations that arose from my crotch were travelling all across my body. I never came so fast before that. My panties were soaking wet and I knew I won’t be able to sleep like that. I slowly rose out of bed and went to attached washroom. I removed PJs and then my panties. Threw them in dirty clothes of Faraz and wore my PJ up again. Came back to bed and slid inside blanket and then hugged his side facing him.

I woke up again later in night and felt myself facing ceiling while Faraz was facing me with his hand on my tummy. His breathing showed that he was asleep. I rolled to face him and hugged him. Hugging him first time in bed with entire body touching. I was hugging him first time with sexual thoughts occupying my head. I moved my hand slowly to his crotch and felt that his cum had dried. There was a patch of stiff cloth with his dried cum. This instantly led to my pussy getting wet. I didn’t want to get horny again so I decided to face away from him. I rolled again to face wall but pushed myself into him as the feel of his body gave me great satisfaction. I drifted to sleep while thinking for how Faraz has always made me happy and being around him was such a treat.

I woke up again later and was amazed that Faraz was having his hard cocked pressed against my ass. I remained still and found that Faraz had his right hand placed on my breasts this time. He was not grabbing my boobs, but it was first time that his hand was touching my boobs. It made me feel turned on right away. I kept myself from moving and decided to keep pretending to be asleep. My mind wanted Faraz to do something to me, to my body. I felt like I wanted him to touch and feel all over my body, remove my clothes, touch me kiss all over my body.

It dawned on me that Faraz was awake as his breathing was eratic. He wasn’t doing anything to me as such. Probably afraid that he might wake me up or not knowing how would I react if I found him doing something sexual to me. I wish he knew somehow that I wasn’t going to object to anything he does to me. But there was still a line between us, some part of brain yelling that it’s not right. I decided to give him time as I wanted him to advance so that he is comfy and he do things the way he likes.

I wanted to feel his cock between my ass cheeks so I pretended to stir a little in sleep and pressed my ass against his groin. It further pressed his hard cock against my ass. I loved the feeling, it was so hard. I kept my breathing as smooth as I could to make him believe that I was asleep.

Faraz slowly moved away his hand from my breasts and it made my heart sink because I wanted him to grab my boobs instead of pulling away. But next thing I felt made me feel happy instead. He was holding his cock with his hand and was adjusting it in the crack of my ass. He seemed to be exploring my ass crack with his cock, moving it slowly up and down. I was not sure what he thought about the fact that when he humped my ass earlier that night, I had my panties on. Now my panties were gone. But I guess last time he was not as bold as this time so he might not have explored anything, rather just humped in haste on my ass to get sexual release.

My loose PJs gave him chance to explore my ass crack with his cock. I felt head of his cock rubbing against my ass hole. I closed my mouth tightly to avoid letting out a moan. My body was getting out of my control and wanted to grab him and start fucking him right away but I resisted. Faraz adjusted his cock between my ass cheeks so that he can slide it up and down and started moving slowly. His hand was now placed on my upper butt, cupping it softly.

He stopped sliding his cock and instead started moving his hand softly on my butt. He was exploring the new found territory. He appeared to be getting familiarized with my body. He was very gentle and the sensual touch on his fingers on my ass was giving me hard time controlling my moans. His fingers moved in my ass crack and then back on upper butt. Again he positioned his cock with his hand and pressed it against my ass. Then started humping slowly. His hand moved little up from my ass and I felt a chill running in my body as his fingers touched naked skin on side of my tummy, as his fingers pushed up my shirt. Faraz froze for a moment, probably he felt my body reacting to his touch. But then placed his palm on my bare skin and again started rubbing his cock on my ass.

I remained still pretending to be asleep. I wanted him to push his hand up and grab my boobs but I knew my movement might freak him out. I must give him chance to explore me and do more and more things to my body. I was lost in those lovely feelings when a soft moan escaped my lips. I immediately realized because Faraz stopped moving. He rolled away to face ceiling. I cursed myself for that. I felt that my breathing and heart beat was rapid.

I stayed in the same position waiting for him to come back. It seemed that lot of time passed but he didn’t spoon me to continue the humping. Probably having second thoughts that he was doing wrong thing to me or it will annoy me or make him lose his relation with me if I wake up. Only if he knew how much I wanted him to continue.

I waited for few more minutes and then rolled over to face Faraz. He was lying facing ceiling. I hugged his side and wrapped my arm around his chest while placing my upper leg on his legs. I could almost hear his fast heartbeat. He was awake. My mind was racing about my next action. I wanted him to know that I also have same feelings like him. I wanted him sexually. I knew I can’t talk to him about it openly because of the lines drawn between us. I had to find a solution and then maybe I found one.

I slowly moved my arm on his chest and started caressing his chest with palm of my hand. Moving fingers gently on his pectorals. Then I slowly brought my hand on his tummy and traced his abs. He has been touching me sexually during my sleep so if I also touch him back while he pretends to be asleep will put across the message.

My hand kept going down till it reached tent in his PJs due to his erection. I slowly brushed my hand against his hard cock. I felt a jerk in his body but I was determined to go ahead. I wanted him to think that I didn’t know he was awake. This is how we can move forward. I slowly placed my hand on his erect cock and moved my hand gently to make his cock lye towards his tummy. I was getting goose bumps from the touch and I could feel the twitching in his body as well. His cock was hot and hard like wood.

I caressed his cock with palm of my hand. Sliding my hand up and down his shaft, giving little pressure when his cock head was in middle of my palm. His cock throbbed against my palm. I was happy that his body was responding to my touch. I felt encouraged. I wrapped my hand around his cock very slowly and then started rubbing it up and down. The cloth didn’t allow me to giving him a good hand but I kept doing it slowly. His cock jumped in my hand. I was amazed by its harness and strength. I felt his breathing getting erratic. I wanted to make him cum, to give him pleasure. I wanted to take the pleasure of making him cum with my hand. But I also wanted to prolong our game. I removed my hand from his cock. I heard his sigh as if he didn’t want me to stop but I had more on my mind.

I slipped my hand through elastic waist band of his PJs. My hand touched the shaven pubic area. I felt a drum of juices burst in my pussy which started leaking from my hole and was making my thighs wet. I touched his cock and then my hand slid down to touch his balls. I cupped his balls in my palm and caressed them. Then I placed my hand on his bare hard cock and wrapped my fingers around it. His cock now felt enormous. My fingers couldn’t wrap it completely because of good girth. I started rubbing it slowly but firmly. I was too horny by then. I adjust my leg placed on him and pushed my crotch against his thigh. Now I was rubbing my pussy hard and fast on his thigh while my hand was rubbing his cock. I felt him stiffening little and he started thrusting his pelvic upwards. I knew it was because he was nearing orgasm. I rubbed my pussy harder against his thigh while using my hand on his cock. His cock swelled further and then exploded as he was thrusting his pelvic in air. His cum shot out into the cloth of his PJs and then flowed on my fingers and back of my hand.

This triggered my own orgasm at same time and I pushed my pussy against his thigh very hard and then exploded. “Ahhhhhhh…” A moan escaped my lips but I wasn’t concerned about it now. We both had orgasms together. Our bodies responded too well to each other.

My hand was still holding his cock. Faraz was still pretending to be asleep and I knew it was because of his shy nature and his relation with me. Also he hadn’t been with girls sexually so he didn’t know what to do and how to do. I was determined to make him learn though.

I slowly removed my hand from his cock and then got up from bed and went to washroom. I washed my hand then looked for my panties that I removed earlier as I wanted to wear them because my PJ was too soaking wet. I didn’t want to waste more time in going to my room to change.

I came back to bed and found Faraz lying on his side. I slipped under blanket and hugged his back. I knew his PJs was soaked with his cum second time that night (earlier he humped and shot his sperms on my ass). So I supposed he will be ok that way. I kissed back of his head and draped my arm around his chest to hold him tight.

I woke up in morning when his alarm went off. Faraz got up and went into his washroom. I went to my room to get ready for the day. I showered and changed clothes and hurriedly went down to meet him at breakfast table.

Faraz came down after me. He has always been taking some fruits and juice in breakfast. I, on other hand, had bread with jam and cup of tea. Faraz was not looking at me when he saw me sitting at dining table.

I smiled and said “Good Morning little prince. Hope you had a good night?”

“Yes” was his only reply while his face was getting red. I loved that redness on his cheeks. I didn’t want to make him feel awkward so I just spoke about general stuff and he started talking normal.

The day passed and at night I wanted to play a little game with Faraz. I knew he liked what happened last night. But I wanted him to accept the way things were, even if not openly. After dinner, we went upstairs together and I stopped at my door. Opened it and then turned to face Faraz “Goodnight little prince” I chimed.

He looked surprised because he was thinking I would go to his room to watch movie and then sleep with him. I knew he wanted to sleep with me in his bed. I felt elated to see his reactions. It boosted my confidence and I knew that he wanted it as much as I wanted. But he didn’t say anything. Just stood there staring at me. Then he looked towards his door and said “good night aapi” in a low voice and started walking away.

I thought for a moment and realized that Faraz was not gonna push me for anything. He was like that. He won’t ask anything for himself.

“Hey, I’m sleepy and can’t stay up for long. If you don’t intend staying awake then I can come to your room” I smiled at him with my eyebrow raised. He stopped and looked at me with quizzical face.

“That’s fine with me.” He said while looking at me. I smiled inside and knew that my plan was working.

“I’ll be with you in few minutes after changing my clothes” I winked at him.

He went to his room and I changed into PJs. The bottom was having a lose elastic only that held it on my hip bones. I removed my panties and thought about removing my bra as well. And after a moment of pondering, I unclasped and removed my bra before wearing the front buttoned night shirt. I was preparing myself but I didn’t want to push anything too hard. I decided to let Faraz open up because it will make this new experience all the more wonderful for him.

I walked into his room and found that he was in washroom. I climbed into bed and took the usual place towards wall. I slipped down in bed, stretched out straight facing ceiling and pulled up the blanket covering my breasts. Faraz came in a few minutes later and I saw his lips twitching up when he saw me in bed already.

He climbed into bed and stretched out straight just like me.

“Hey. I’m too sleepy today and will be probably like dead till morning. Do wake me up in morning when you get up” I spoke with a smile.

“Ok, sure” Faraz said while nodding his head.

I wasn’t sleepy at all but I wanted Faraz to think that I was fast asleep. I wanted to give him chance and see how and what he would do to me in my sleep. I tried to keep my breathing smooth and then rolled my body to face Faraz. Top button of my shirt was open and I wasn’t wearing bra. I knew my left boob was on display with only the nipple inside shirt. My nipples were already hard in anticipation and my pussy was so wet that I felt my juices running on my inner thighs. I extended my left arm and place my hand just below ribs on his tummy. I gave him a peck on cheek and pretended that I was drifting off. Giving him a peck made him look at me and this also made him notice my boob hanging out of my open shirt top.

I felt a short tremor in his body. I felt so great to see the effects of my exposure on him. I closed my eyes but my face was very close to his ear. I started breathing deeply. Some time passed but Faraz didn’t make any move. I knew he was still shy and didn’t want to risk his relation with me. It was probably too high a cost for him to take risk of spoiling everything between us. Only he didn’t knew how much I wanted him to grab me and fuck me at that moment.

I waited for some time and when I felt Faraz was awake but not ready to take chances, I stirred and then rolled over to face wall. Now my back was towards Faraz. I knew he loved my ass and thought this will entice him to make his move. I was getting desperate that Faraz hadn’t even rolled onto his side. He was lying facing ceiling not sure what was going on in his mind but I knew he was awake.

I slowly drifted into sleep still wanting him to hug me and touch me all over. I woke up sometime later to find that Faraz was spooning me. His hand was resting on my tummy and this time he was little more brazen to hold me tight. It was an awesome feeling honestly. His chest was touching my upper back and his groin was pressed against my ass, his hard cock resting almost between my ass cheeks. His legs were bent a little to touch his front thighs with back of my thighs. I tried to keep my breathing from going too erratic in excitement. I was going to pretend that I was fast asleep. This would give Faraz chance to explore my body and do things he felt like doing. I was all his.

Faraz kept his hand still on my tummy for a while. Then I felt his fingers moving slowly and caressing my tummy. I was unable to feel his touch directly on my skin because of the thin cloth of shirt on my tummy. Faraz found hem of my shirt while caressing me and his hand stopped for few seconds. As if he was contemplating what to do next. I was sure that Faraz was intelligent enough to know that I wanted him to proceed because I masturbated him while humping his thighs last night. I knew he was awake and he knew what I did. It was just that both of us didn’t want to talk about it openly yet.

Then I felt his hand lifting my shirt slowly and then an electric current ran across my body when his fingers touched bare skin of my tummy. I was already getting too excited. I wanted to remove my clothes and start fucking Faraz like crazy but I kept myself from doing anything that might scare or shy him away. I realized it was more exciting and erotic to let Faraz explore my body and do things the way he want. The coming of something unknown has more excitement for me.

Faraz placed his palm on my tummy and then moved it around very slowly and softly. This was throwing me off balance. I was already soaking wet between my legs. Faraz kept moving his hand softly on my tummy and then ever slowly pushed his hand upwards towards my breasts. My shirt was pressed under my body and it wouldn’t go up more than it already had. I wanted to lift my body up and help Faraz lifting up and removing my shirt but I decided to let his use his ingenuity.

He pulled out his hand from under my shirt. I was now thinking about what he was going to do next. He placed his hand on my butt and started caressing it slowly. My breathing wasn’t entirely under my control. I loved his body and I felt his hard cock rubbing against my ass. He positioned it in my ass crack and then moved up and down slowly. I felt his body separating from mine and I wondered what he was going to do next or if some part of his brain told him to stop like last night.

But he wasn’t stopping tonight. His hand moved slowly on the elastic on my PJs waist and then he slowly pushed his hand inside and his fingers touched the soft flesh of my petite ass for the first time. He kept pushing his hand and then his palm rested on my upper butt. He was feeling it in his palm while it was a torture to me. My body was aching to make love to Faraz openly without inhibitions. He cupped my butt softly and then gave it a very light squeeze. Then his hand struggled to move to my lower butt but it was little difficult for his hand to grab it because of the angle and PJ stuck under my body. However, he was bold enough tonight and tried to push elastic waist down a little more. I kept myself from lifting my body up to help him because it will tell him that I’m awake. I didn’t know if he was going to stop if he knew I was awake but I didn’t want to take chances, rather wanted to enjoy the feeling and see what he was gonna do next.

Thin cloth of my PJ slid down a little and I could feel the elastic hugging my butts much lower thereby exposing half of my ass. His fingers were now grazing on my bare ass cheeks. His fingers touching me so very softly, sending waves of pleasure across my body. His fingers then went into my ass crack and he probed without apply too much pressure. He then grabbed my lower ass cheek in his palm and squeezed it, moved his hand to upper ass cheek and repeated the squeeze. His hand pulled back from my ass cheeks and then on small of my back. The shirt was already pushed up so his palm was on my bare skin.

I felt his hard cock touching my naked ass now. His PJ was on so there was still a layer of cloth between his cock and my ass. He started sliding his cock on my buttocks. He removed his hand from my body and guided his cock with that hand to slide in my ass crack. It felt so good to have him touching me there like that. He started humping my ass in a rhythmic motion now. Then he stopped and used his hand to adjust the cloth on his cock before humping again. Again the cloth hindered his humping. He stopped and it seemed he was not happy with interruption of that cloth hindering his cock sliding smoothly between my ass cheeks.

After pause of few moments Faraz hugged my back and my body almost jerked because this time his naked cock was pressed between my ass cheeks. He then used his hand to adjust his cock while further pushing down my PJs waist which he kept pushing down until it reached half past my thighs. He didn’t seem worried about waking me up now. I wondered how come my shy Faraz had become so brazen. May be he thought if I can do things to him then he don’t have to worry about me being awake. But still I wanted to keep pretending that I was asleep.

His hand was grabbing side of my upper hip and his cock was lying firmly between my ass cheeks along its length. He started sliding his cock in my ass crack. Moving it up and down. It was making me feel wild now. My pussy was gushing fluids like a broken dam. After just a while he started picking up pace and there was harder pushing against my butts. I could make out that he was about to cum now. And after few more thrusts, he grabbed my hip hard with his hand and pushed his body into mine. I felt his cock throbbing and then spewing his semen on my bare skin. He kept himself pressed against me for a while after his orgasm. Later, his breathing started to get normal and he separated himself from me. Faraz got up from bed and went to washroom. I heard the door opening and closing. He came back in a minute and then I felt a cloth being rubbed on my ass. I smiled inwardly. Faraz was cleaning the mess he made on my butts and lower back. He also cleaned some of the cum that fell onto bed sheets and went to washroom again.

I was too horny by now and my brain started to contemplate about my next move. I waited for him to come back and lye down in bed. He came back after washing and drying himself. He slipped under blanket and stretched straight facing ceiling. I rolled over to face him and hugged his side. His body went stiff for second but then relaxed. I wrapped my left arm on his chest and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. He didn’t look at me. I didn’t remove my lips from his cheek and started giving soft kisses while caressing his cheek with my lips. My arm wrapped around his chest squeezing him.

“You liked it, my little prince?” I asked coyly in his ear. His body went stiff again. He wasn’t looking at me but his eyes were open and staring at ceiling.

“Hey, its fine and I felt good too.” I cooed again in his ear. I felt his body relaxing. He looked at my face. That cute face had some fear on it. Although I tried to dismiss his fears but he still had something on his mind. I knew I had to relieve him from all his fears.

“Turn to face me please” I asked softly. He rolled and positioned his body to face me. I hugged him tightly. My body touching all the front of his body. First time I was hugging him sexually while we both knew what was going on. I started softly kissing all over his face. First on cheeks, forehead and then kissed his chin. I looked into his eyes, and then I slowly placed my lips on his lips. I felt a jerk in his body. His lips didn’t move. I kept my lips on his just moving them very slow to create a caressing effect. His lips loosened a little and I took his upper lip in mine and sucked it. I felt his sweetness seeping into my body. I could feel that he was responding to my kiss now, his lips sucking my lower lip. It was a natural thing and I knew he would soon learn so I kept kissing him.

I placed my left hand on his right hand and pulled it over my body and again place my own hand on his back and hugged him tightly. I removed my lips from him to get some air. I looked into his eyes as he was looking at me. I could see uncertainty in his eyes. I gave him an assuring look and again planted my lips on his. He kissed me back. My tongue penetrated his open lips and ran over his teeth and further probed his mouth. My tongue met his tongue and our tongues intertwined making me too wild. I hugged him more tightly and his arm squeezed me too. Faraz moved his hand to place it on my ass and pulled me tightly against his hardening cock.

I removed my hand from his back and placed it on his cheek, caressing there. I removed my lips from his and pulled back a little to see in his eyes while gasping for air. There was no uncertainty this time. His eyes were glowing this time. I melted inside once again and hugged him tight.

“Faraz I love you a lot” I muttered while breathing heavily.

“I love you a lot too” He spoke while panting.

“I know my little prince that you love me a lot. Don’t worry about anything. This is our secret and I’m all yours” I smiled at him.

He smiled back at me. Oh God, that smile made me feel that everything around me was happy and dancing.

I placed my hand on his chest and started unbuttoning his shirt and opened the front. I slid down and started kissing at his neck, shoulders and chest. He had very little hair on his chest. I kissed his manly nipples and then pushed my hand down towards his pelvic. I pushed my hand inside the elastic waist of his PJs and my fingers rubbed against his shaved pubic region. My fingers grazed his skin and kept moving down till I touched his half erect cock. My fingers traced his cock all along its length and my touch immediately showed its effects as he suddenly grew very hard. I removed my hand from his PJs and sat up.

“Let’s remove your shirt, little prince” I said and then immediately started unbuttoning my own shirt. He just nodded his head and sat up and pulled off his shirt as the buttons were already open. I didn’t pull off my own shirt although my buttons were open but I held the front close with my hands. He eyes were shifting at my face and then my chest and then back in anticipation. I slowly parted the front of my shirt and my boobs came into his view.

There was look of an awe on his face. I smiled and pulled off my shirt. I held his right hand with my left hand and brought it up to place it on my left boob. I held his hand in place with mine. His hand was just there and would have fell down if I wasn’t holding it.

“You can grab and touch me. My nipples are very sensitive and if you want to make me crazy horny, you just have to rub or pinch or suck them and I will be ready in an instant” I gave him a naughty smile.

He softly grabbed my boob. I removed my hand and allowed him to take his time. He pressed my boob gently in his palm. Then he brushed his fingers on my already swollen and hard nipple. He held the nipple between his thumb and index finger and pinched it.

“Ohhhhhh….” I let out a loud moan from my lips. He looked into my eyes and pinched again and I again moaned. His eyes shifted back to my nipple and he caressed it.

“You can kiss and suck it, my little prince” I smiled invitingly while lying down on my back.

He bent down and kissed the top of my right boob. I grabbed my left boob with left hand and placed my right hand on Faraz’s head and guided his lips to my nipple. He kissed my nipple.

“Take it in your mouth and suck it like a baby. You are my little baby since you were born.” I was flying in clouds.

He took my nipple in his lips and started sucking it slowly. I felt his tongue playing around with my nipple.

“Ahhhhhh…. I love it my little bro.” I moaned as it sent shock waves across my body. My pussy canal was getting flooded again.

“You lye down now, please. I want to make love to you. I want to make you a real man now” I said while pushing him back as I was getting impatient.

I got on top of him and started kissing him as I hugged his body tightly. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly too. I adjusted my body and shifted a little lower so that my crotch was rubbing against his hard cock. I was already too worked up because of all the anticipation and touching and humping which gave Faraz his orgasm.

I knew that since he had his orgasm just a while ago so he will last longer this time. He was already hard. I shifted my body off of him and pulled down his PJs. He lifted his butts from bed to help me pulling them off. I straightened my own legs and pulled off my own PJs was well.

We were both naked now. I was seeing his hard cock first time although I touched it last night also. I again got on top of him and started rubbing my pussy along his shaft. My pussy was splattering juices all over his cock and groin. I was straddling him and loving the feelings running throughout my body. I lifted myself while holding his cock with my right hand, placed it on my pussy opening and allowed myself lower on his cock. I felt his cock head opening up my pussy lips and then gliding an inch into my pussy canal. I looked at his face. His eyes were closed and his hands were wresting on my bent knees.

“Look at me please. I want to see into your eyes while you are deep inside my body for the first time, my lovely little prince” I almost begged him.

His eyes opened and he looked into my eyes. I lowered myself and his thick cock penetrated me, opening my pussy all the way. I pushed myself down until my clit was pressed hard against his crotch. I felt my pussy stretched out but the feeling was lovely. The touch of his cock skin against inner walls of my pussy gave me pleasure beyond description. He filled me completely. I stayed there without moving to memorize all those wonderful sensations. I could feel his cock head almost pressing against my uterus.

I started moving up and down. After a minute or so, Faraz  joined me in the movement and we were now moving in a rhythm. It was an awesome and out of world feeling. His cock was gliding easily in my tight but very wet pussy, filling me up enough to feel my inside skin rubbing against his cock.

It was the feelings in my brains that made me realize that I wasn’t going to last long. My body was going on auto now. Moving faster on his cock and my body getting tense as my orgasm was nearing.

“Ahhhhhh… I’m cummung my baby.” A loud moan escaped my lips as the first wave of orgasm hit me.

My pussy started contacting squeezing his cock and my thighs pressed hard on his waist and I pushed myself down taking all his cock inside me. Waves of orgasm followed and I felt my pussy filled with my woman cum. Only his cock was holding my juices from wetting his groin, balls and further down the bed sheets.

I bent forward and kept my head on his shoulders and started kissing his neck and shoulders.

“That was the best orgasm I ever had. It’s my little prince who gave me this awesome orgasm.” I told him while panting and planting soft kisses on his neck and shoulders.

“How you would like to fuck me now.” I looked into his eyes and asked him while giving him a satisfied smile. I was astonished at myself for uttering all those taboo words with my little bro.

He didn’t say anything but was looking into my eyes. He probably didn’t know what to say. I know he was too shy but he has to talk to me. I want him to be very open even about sex and talk dirty to me.

“Don’t be shy, please. Which position excites you most? You have seen in movies and porn” I asked in a low voice.

“Umm… I like several” He was hardly audible.

“I want you to say it Faraz. In which position you wanna fuck your aapi right now. You can do it in all the ways you want tonight and every night after this” I gave him assuring smile.

“Doggy” was his short response.

“You seem to like my ass a lot” I replied in a naughty wink. He just nodded his head. I knew his shy nature but I also knew he will open up with passage of time.

I got off of him and got on all fours. I looked back at him and pushed my ass up in the air.

“I’m ready and all yours my little prince. Come and fuck me now.” I said seductively.

He got behind me. I opened up my knees for better balance. He was between my legs. I felt his cock rubbing on my pussy. He wasn’t inside me yet. I thought Faraz is having little trouble finding my pussy opening. I grabbed his cock with my hand between my thighs and placed in on my pussy opening and pushed myself back. His cock head slid inside me. Faraz grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and started fucking me slow. But then he increased pace and soon was thrusting hard. His thighs and pelvic was hitting my thighs and ass very hard. Our bodies were making loud sounds while hitting against each other. He was getting hard and wild. My body wasn’t used to such fucking though. Never been fucked with so much vigor. But I was determined to not tell Faraz to be gentle. It was his turn and he could use me the way he wants.

He was too wild and his cock was reaching where I never felt a cock earlier. His thrusts were long and hard. I felt his cock throbbing now and I realized he was about to cum.

“Pull out please” I cried out as my brain told me that I was not on contraception since I was alone for couple of months now. I was amazed when instantly, Faraz pulled out of my pussy and at same moment I felt his cum landing on my butts and ass hole. He pressed his body against mine and grinded for a while as his cock kept discharging his semen on my ass. He moaned very softly, hardly audible, while grinding his cock against my ass. He pulled back and fell on bed with legs under him. I also sat up and moved near him and hugged him.

“I’m so sorry Faraz. I’m not protected and realized it just when you were cuming. Sorry I just ruined your first experience” I spoke as I felt terribly bad for him and too angry at myself for not handling the situation well. I was the experienced one here and I should have thought about things rather than being a dumb ass.

“Its fine aapi. Good that you told me or else you would have been in trouble” He replied while hugging me back. Oh damn…. he was always thinking about me. He didn’t protest that I ruined his first experience by yelling at him to pull out right when he was cumming.

“I’ll make it up for you my little prince. I will, for sure” I smiled at him.

Faraz didn’t say anything. My mind started thinking about repercussions and after effects of what we did. It was first real sex experience of Faraz and I realized that he might feel guilty or bad about what we did. This instilled fear in my mind about losing my relationship with him. I had to workout something to avoid any bad consequences.

“You know how much I love you my little prince” I said softly while kissing his cheek with a smile.

“Yes, and I love you too” He replied but he wasn’t looking at me. This made me think that my worries aren’t without reason. He was avoiding eye contact with me. But it was kinda natural because it was his first time and that too with his big sister.

“Faraz, you have to promise me something” I spoke while looking into his eyes.

He tilted his face towards me “What is that aapi?”

“You won’t avoid me or feel awkward around me. We are and will be best friends and favorite cousins. You are not obliged to have sex with me if you don’t want or feel like. Though you made me so happy with your love making” I said in an assuring tone.

“I’m happy that I made you happy” He said with a smile. Oh God, he is so obsessed with making me happiness. He always think about me. Nothing about himself. Is he really a human being! My mind wondered about the cute creature wrapped in my arms. Why he loves me so much? I questioned myself.

“Thank you my little prince. But did I make you feel good too? I mean did you enjoy sex with me?” I felt myself blushing while asking him.

He just nodded his head but his arms around me tightened giving me assurance that what he said was right. I knew him too well to know his reactions. He was not always using words to express himself and he knew I can read his actions, reactions and even thoughts to some extent.

“Let’s take shower together. It will be our first time and I will wash you” I spoke smilingly and got up from the bed still holding his hand and pulling it. He followed me without resistance.

Shower in his washroom was above the bath tub. I opened that shower while staying out of tub and waited for hot water. I adjusted water mixer when hot water came in and looked at Faraz. He was looking at my body but looked away when I looked at him.

“You know you can watch me the way you want without hesitation” I told him and then giggled “Just don’t do that in front of family though”. He smiled at me but I could see his red cheeks. I stepped into shower and he followed when I pulled on his arm.

When Faraz stepped into tub, I got closer to him and hugged him. His arms remained hanging on his side for some seconds and then he wrapped his arms around me to hold tightly. I looked up and reached up on my toes and placed my lips on his. It was closed mouth short kiss. I didn’t push my tongue into his. I pulled away and then made him stand under the water jet. Stepped back and looked at his magnificent body. His cock was half erect. I poured lot of shower gel from bottle on my hand and started scattering it on his torso. “Let me give you a bath the way I did when you were a kid” I smiled at him with a little blush on my face. Faraz gave a sly smile and kept standing there while I was rubbing my hands all over his upper torso. Then I poured some more gel and started working on his arms and then legs. I avoided touching his cock. Then I stood hugging him and started working on his back. He kept standing still. That was exactly how he did when he was kid I thought inwardly.

I turned him around to have better access and used my hands to leather up his back till his butts and then sat down to work on his legs. When my hands touched his butts on my way up his legs, I felt his body going stiff for a moment and then relaxed. I spread leather on his butts without probing his butt crack and then again got some gel on my hand. I again came towards his front and work up leather on his pelvic area. He had his pubes shaved very recently and it felt so smooth under my hands. I rubbed his cock and balls, his cock was getting hard. I saw him getting little nervous as his cock grew to full erection in my hands. I softly cupped his balls in my left hand and rubbed his cock with other hand. I stopped after a minute. I saw a hint of frustration on his face as if he wanted me to continue.

“I will give you all the pleasure you want, my little prince. But its your turn to put some wash gel on my body” I spoke with a seductive smile and stood straight. Faraz didn’t say a word and poured half bottle of gel on his big palm and used other hand to lift and spread it on my body. He started from my shoulders then arms and he avoided touching my boobs and went on to my belly and then legs. I turned around without him saying so and he silently applied gel on my back, again avoiding my butts. Then he started leathering up on my back but without even touching my butts.

“Hey I thought you like my butt” I giggled over my shoulder.

I couldn’t see his face but then his hand cupped my right butt and then a second later his other hand cupped my left butt. He caressed my ass cheeks and it felt so wonderful with the leather making my skin slip from his hands. He was squeezing my ass cheeks now. Then he worked on my inner thighs and his hand slightly brushed against my pussy lips. It sent waves of pleasure in my body and I bucked a little. I turned around and he started rubbing on my front body.

“Don’t make your big sister beg you to not let her boobs feel left out” I grinned. He looked at my face and gave me a shy smile but his hands moved around my boobs. He grabbed my boobs in both hands and caressed and squeezed them. My nipples were already hard. I wanted to get him to bed because the tub was not big enough for what I had in mind. But I thought to wait a little. He sat down and rubbed my legs and then his right hand touched my crotch. He rubbed his hand on my pussy which stimulated my clit in the process. I turned the shower lever to let the water flow on our bodies and I started washing the leather off of his body. Faraz stood up and did same with my body and we were clean in just a minute. I turned off the shower jet, grabbed a towel and dried off his body. He took another towel and dried mine. It was such an awesome feeling standing naked in front on each other. I stepped out of tub while holding his hand and he kept following me. We moved into room and I pushed him on his back when we were standing next to bed.

I climbed up and was lying down on top of him with my legs straddling his right thigh. I bent forwards and hugged him then looked into his eyes. His eyes were shining beautiful as always and made me feel melting. I kissed his forehead, brows, temples, cheeks, nose tip, chin and then his eyes as he closed them while swallowing the feelings.

I placed my palms on his cheeks and then placed my lips on his lips. My last sex session with him was more like out of spite. I was too worked up and horny and I just rushed to get my pussy fucked. Now I wanted to make it special for both of us.

I slowly moved my lips on his, taking in the soft sensuous feelings. My both thumbs caressed his manly cheeks while I sucked sweetness from his lips. He loosened his lips and they opened partly. I took his upper lip in my mouth and sucked it gently then pulled back my face and his lip pouted from mine. I took his lower lip in my mouth and sucked on it. I could feel that Faraz was moving his tongue on my lips and his arms were wrapped around my lower back and his hands were moving along my spine. I couldn’t take anymore and went for an open mouth kiss. Our tongues reaching out to each other’s now. Lips pushed against each other’s harder. I gave my tongue to Faraz and he started sucking it. My saliva was flowing into his open mouth and this gave me a sudden pleasure and I tightened my straddled legs around his thigh. I broke our kiss as I needed air very badly. We both took deep erratic breathes while looking into each other’s eyes.

I slipped down and started planting kisses on his neck, shoulders, his broad and strong chest. I took his left nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. Then moved my lips and sucked his right nipple and kept kissing his chest and then reached down his belly. His strong abs felt awesome under my lips. My right hand was now caressing his belly. I kept kissing his abs and then slid my right hand to his left thigh. I also slid down further along his right leg and then my face reached near his erect cock. I placed my hand on his cock shaft and pressed gently as it lay against his belly and felt it twitching. I felt pleasure in that too that my touches make his body respond so well.

I moved my hand slowly on his shaft up and down and then placed my palm on his cock head and grabbed it gently. I felt it twitching again as my hand started to rub it slowly and gently. I planted a short kiss on his shaved pelvic and the held his cock in my grip with top mushroom exposed. I moved my lips slowly towards his cock head and looked up towards his face. Faraz was looking down at me. Our eyes met and then I kissed his cock head softly.

“Ahhhhh….” He closed his eyes for a moment as a moan escaped his mouth.

I shifted my gaze on his cock head and saw that there was a big drop of pre-cum which dispersed a little because of my previous kiss. I opened my mouth and brought out my tongue to lick that drop. There was a noticeable jerk in his body and then I felt his hands placed on back on my head. I smiled realizing that I’m making him feel good. I took his cock head between my lips and moved my tongue on it. His cock head was pretty thick and it was difficult for me to open up my mouth so much. I did it but knew I won’t be able to do that for long because my mouth will ache. I pushed my mouth down on his shaft and tried to take half his cock in my mouth.

Faraz moaned loudly and his hands pressed my head down little hard and I couldn’t back off. Then without warning, he thrusted his cock upwards further down my mouth and I was almost chocked. His cock was in my throat. I tried to pull away but his hands were keeping me in place. Suddenly I felt his cum pumping into my throat. I again tried to pull away instinctively as I wasn’t a cum eater. My mind told me that it was Faraz’s cum, my love and my price for so long that I don’t even remember. I tried to swallow his cum as much as possible but then it flowed out of my mouth around his cock shaft. He decreased pressure of his hands behind my head and I pulled away to breathe and to reduce ache of stretched mouth. I looked at him while swallowing whatever cum was left in my mouth.This was my first experience to taste cum or let a man release in my mouth.

“You cum tastes little salty, my little prince” I smiled looking at his face after taking some deep breathes.

“And by the way, you gave me first experience of eating cum” I added.

“Sorryyy…” was his instant reply as he sat up. His fingers combed my hair while I placed my head in his lap.

“I’m sorry” He muttered.

“For what” I looked up at him little surprised.

“I came too fast and didn’t let you do much and you are still not done” He cheeks again going red.

“Hey, it happens to everyone. You aren’t used to the sexual stuff but you will be good very soon. I don’t intend to let you off the hook soon” I smirked. He just smiled and let out a long breathe. I knew he was satisfied with my reply.

I sat up and then felt his cum taste in my mouth and some cum on my cheeks. I wasn’t used to it so I said “Just give me a minute” and dashed to washroom. Washed my face and gargled with mouthwash and came back.

I climbed in bed and lied down beside Faraz on my back. Then I pulled myself up in half sitting position against head rest of bed and hugged his side. “You don’t have to be shy at all. Play and explore my body the way you want” I told him invitingly. He responded immediately and turned to face me.

He hugged me tight and kissed my neck and shoulders. I rolled on to my back to give him easy access. He kneeled and placed his hands on my boobs. Caressed my boobs and then pinched the nipples. He bent and took my left nipple in his mouth and it was so much pleasure that I moaned loudly while wrapping my arms around his neck. I pulled his head down and he kept sucking my nipples while his right hand cupped that boob. He then lifted his face and kissed and sucked other boob and nipple. Then he went down to kiss and tummy.

“Can you please lye down on your tummy” He said reluctantly while sitting up.

“Anything for you, my little prince. I’m happy to hear that. Say whatever comes to your mind”. I smiled at him and then turned to lye down on my tummy.

He bent down again and started kissing my shoulders and upped back while caressing my skin with his fingers. That gentle touch was sending waves of pleasure in my body which made me squirm. I felt his kisses shifting down my body. He was kissing my lower back, small or my back and then he kissed my right butt. His hands then grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them. Then again planted kisses on both ass cheeks. He massaged my ass a little.

“You really like my ass” I looked over my right shoulder lifting my head from pillow.

“Yes, I love your petite ass aapi. Its very sexy and inviting” He spoke between his kisses. I was thrilled that he started expressing openly about sexual stuff.

“Wow, you see being more descriptive makes it so much hot Faraz. That makes sex a lot more pleasurable” I cooed.

“You wanna taste my pussy” I looked back at him over my shoulder.

“Yea, I…. I would love to… But…. I don’t know how to do that.” Faraz spoke with reluctance in his voice.

“Hey don’t worry, I will guide you my cutie pie” I said with a smile while rolling over on my back. I pulled myself up and half sat against headrest. I looked at Faraz and then spread my leg while looking into his eyes. He was sitting on his knees but he gave me space to spread my legs little more and then shifted his gaze from my face to my boobs and then further down to my pussy. I was too aroused with my openly presenting my most private parts for his inspection. This is first time he is having a close and open look at my pussy with my legs wide opened for him, while we were face to face.

Faraz was looking at my pussy with attention. His lips were opened slightly and he looked like a child who saw a new toy and is weighing option on how to play with it. I moved my right hand slowly on my right thigh and then grazed it on my crotch.

“You can touch and play with it Faraz” I smiled invitingly.

He bent down a little and his face was about one foot from my crotch while his right hand was slightly touching my left thigh with his left hand between my thighs. I touched my fingers on my pussy and opened the folds.

“These are pussy lips and this is my clit, the most sensitive and intimate part that makes me cum very fast if you play with it” I gave him formal introduction with my pussy.

He brought his right hand to my pussy and his fingers touched my pussy lips softly. I didn’t remove my fingers from exposing my clit. Faraz bent down further and kissed my clit between my fingers.

“Ahhhhhh….” A loud moan escaped my lips. Faraz looked into my eyes and read the plea. He shifted himself between my legs and lied down on his tummy. I adjusted my legs on both sides of his body by bending my knees slightly while lifting them off the bed and slid down a little pushing my pussy closer to his face. I was getting desperate to get his mouth on my pussy.

Faraz moved his right hand and ran his fingers over my pussy lips and clit and then kissed my wet pussy lips. I placed my hands behind his head and forced him down because I didn’t want him to break the contact. His lips were still closed. I wanted him to eat me but he was not doing that yet. I moved my left hand on to my pussy and opened the lips while his mouth was on it. His lips touched the inner of my pussy and it sent shock waves across my body.

“You can use your tongue to lick it. Please do it. I’m longing for your mouth to make me cum and feel the pleasure” I pleaded.

My words seem to have switched on something in Faraz. He shifted his other hand between my thighs and opened my pussy with thumbs of both hands and licked the soft inside with his tongue. I held my mouth tightly from letting out a scream of pleasure. He them lapped his tongue on my clit making me moan loudly. Faraz started probing my pussy hole with his tongue as if he was tongue fucking me. His thumbs were keeping my pussy opened. Then he shifted his focus to my clit. He took my engorged clit between his lips and ran his tongue over it. I was already on the brink because of all the buildup and this just threw me off the edge.

I pressed his head down onto my pussy with both hands as my body was stiffening. My legs wrapped around his neck and I pushed my crotch up while caught in the frenzy of my orgasm.

“Ohhhh…. Ahhhhh…. Oh God….” I moaned as my body jerked with delight. My head fell back against headrest and my hands and legs loosened around Faraz. I was panting heavily. I never had this much pleasure from an orgasm in my life. It was out of the world experience. I was lying there like a ragdoll.

Faraz was still holding my clit in his lips with his tongue stroking it but it was now too sensitive and I wanted him to stop.

“Oh please stop. My clit is too sensitive now. I need a break.” I spoke while trying to normalize my breathing. Faraz lifted his head and looked into my eyes. I smiled at him and stretched my arms towards him. He got the message without words and slid forward on my body. I held his shoulders and guided him up further till his face was against mine. I placed my palms on his cheeks to grab his face and then lifted my face to kiss his lips. Our mouths opened and tongues felt and hugged each other. The taste and slipperiness of my pussy juices on his lips and tongue made me feel dirty. And I liked this dirty feeling. We parted only when I felt suffocated and needed air.

Faraz rolled onto my side and fell on bed. I rolled to face him and hugged him tightly. His face pressed into my breasts and my hands around his wide shoulders. I kissed on top of his head.

“You know you gave me the best orgasm of my life. That was incredible”. I spoke while still catching my breath. Faraz wrapped his arms around my lower back and just stayed there. I felt his breathing in the middle of my chest between my boobs.

“I’m feeling hungry now and I sent the maid to visit her family last evening. Let’s go down stairs and eat something”. I told Faraz as I heard my stomach churning.

“Yes, I’m hungry too after this workout session” Faraz laughed and then got up and picked up his washed briefs from drawer. He pulled it up and then picked up PJ.

“Freeze” I shouted at him. He stopped and looked towards me.

“We are alone in house. Let’s just go down in underwear only” I suggested with naughty smile. He just nodded. I got off the bed and picked up my panties. I didn’t intend wearing bra so I walked into washroom and left the door open. Faraz also followed me as we washed our hands and faces and then went down stairs.

I grabbed bread and jam jar and placed them on dining table. Faraz was sitting on a chair watching me. I walked over to him and gave him a seductive smile “Can you please make some place for me in your lap”

He smiled at me while pushing his chair back from table to make space for me and opened his arms.

“Sure, but then Bina aapi you will feed me while sitting in my lap” He quipped.

I sank into his lap and wriggled my ass. Wrapped my arms around Faraz and faced him to give a peck on his lips “Whatever you want, my little prince.”

I turned towards table and applied jam on two bread slices and gave one to Faraz. He held it in his right hand and brought it to my mouth. I looked at him a little surprised and then opened my mouth to take a bite from it. I was touched deep down inside me with the love he was showing with his small actions. He never spoke a lot that he cares for me or loves me but his actions always told me that. I brought my piece of slice to his mouth and he took bite from it.

We made each other eat those slices and then I made one more for each of us. When we finished, I looked at Faraz “We have house to ourselves till evening when parents will return. What do we do now?”

“Umm… whatever you say aapi” Faraz replied while looking at my boobs.

“But I want you to say what you want to do. I’m all yours if you wanna do something to me. I will try to fulfill any of your fantasy that we won’t be able to practice when parents at home. And stop being shy now. You can just say anything” I spoke while caressing his cheek with my left hand.

Faraz looked into my eyes and smiled. “I will surely do things to you. I want you with me as much as possible”

Faraz extended his arm and dipped his finger into jam jar and picked up some with his finger. He brought it to my chest as I watched him intently. I so much wanted him to do and say things to me that he want or like. He rubbed that jam on my right nipple. I nodded with a smile when he looked at my face for approval like a little child.

He bent down a little and placed his lips on my jam covered nipple. My nipple was getting hard with touch of his finger but his mouth on my nipple sent electric current in my body. He sucked my nipple like a child trying to squeeze milk. I placed my hand behind his head and felt the pleasure.

He then let the nipple pop out of his mouth and looked into my eyes. “You really meant I can do anything I want to with you” Faraz asked with uncertainty in his eyes.

“Sure Faraz. Just try it baby” I smiled encouragingly.

He looked in my eyes for a few seconds and then lifted me off his body with his hands on small of my back. I was amazed at how he could lift me up like a doll. He got up and then turned me around by holding my shoulders. He hugged me from behind and kissed my neck and shoulders by pushing my hair aside with his hands. He then reached down and I felt his hands on small of my back. His hands caressed my skin. I was waiting for his next move and was wondering what he is up to. I had no intentions of stopping him. His fingers hooked into my panties and then pushed them down in one go till my knees. I looked over my shoulder and gave him encouraging smile. I wanted him to continue and do whatever he wants to. I helped him to push down my panties and stepped out of them. He then bent and removed his briefs. His semi hard cock was swaying as if looking for a prey.

He again hugged me from behind and placed his cock between my ass cheeks and rubbed gently. I felt it growing instantly. He pushed me forward with his hands on my shoulders. I was already standing beside the dining table so it made my upper body bend on the table. I smiled as I understood what he had on his mind. I parted my legs and pushed my ass back to him while spreading my arms on the table and my boobs pressed against cold table surface.

He held his cock with his right hand and rubbed it on my pussy and ass crack. Then he bent his knees to lower himself and places his cock on my pussy hole and shoved in inside me in one strong thrust. I felt myself filled to the limit.

“Ahhhhh…. Fuck.” A loud moan came out of my mouth. He kept himself pressed hard against my ass with his cock buried deep in my pussy. I felt cock was trying to enter my uterus. I was filled up to max. I felt so aroused that my pussy was flooded with my juices all of a sudden. Faraz grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and then pulled out his cock and pushed inside me little forcefully. My pussy was so wet that his cock just slid in again as his crotch banged against my ass and his thighs against mine and our flesh made slapping sound.

He started fucking me by moving in and out. I felt his right hand fingers moving in my ass crack and it enhanced my pleasure. His cock was going all the way deep inside me. The feeling was awesome as I felt myself filled with each thrust. Suddenly I realized that his thumb was being rubbing my asshole and it felt good. His thumb was dry and it was little painful when he pushed it into my asshole but I kept quite as I didn’t want to tell Faraz to stop.

But he stopped and pulled out his thumb from my asshole. Then he pulled out his cock from my pussy and held it on my asshole. I was surprised and didn’t know what to say.

“Owww….” I cried out as his cock head opened my asshole and entered. Faraz pulled out instantly.

“Uh, I’m so sorry aapi. Didn’t mean to hurt you” I heard his concerned voice.

I looked over my shoulder at him and his face showed worries about what he did. I stood up, turned around and hugged him.

“It’s fine my little prince. It’s just that I have never been fucked in my asshole and your sudden attack caught me off guard. If you want to fuck my asshole, you have to prepare it.” I caressed his back while trying to smile at him. I still had a little burning sensation in my asshole.

“You never did? Even with you husband” He blurted with a look on his face that what I said was unbelievable.

“Amir did ask me but I refused. It’s not something that we women usually do. It’s not a great pleasure to get fucked in the ass. That’s what I heard” I smiled at him.

“I’m very sorry. I didn’t know that. I watched it in porn and saw that women enjoyed it a lot” He said and I could make out that he was trying to clear his position to me.

“Its okay my love” His eyes and innocence was touching my very soul and I felt I would do anything to keep him happy. “You want to fuck my ass?” I said while bringing my mouth close to his ear.

“Yes… No, no because it hurts you. I didn’t know that” He shook his head.

“Well, wherever there is a will, there is a way” I giggled. “So it’s your fantasy or something.”

Faraz nodded his head but kept quiet. I hugged him tight and my brain was contemplating on how to fulfill his fantasy. It was true that I was afraid of getting fucked in the ass but Faraz was the only man on earth I would want to fuck my ass as I knew he would be gentle and will stop the moment I want him to. And I also realized that I was way too comfortable with him than anyone else. Also I took his virginity and I wanted to repay him in some way even if it’s by giving my ass cherry to him.

“Let’s go upstairs my little prince and I will let you fulfill your fantasy” I smiled at him and pulled him by his arm going upstairs.

“No, please no. I don’t wanna hurt you” He pleaded.

“It’s going to be alright. I will guide you and it won’t hurt me Faraz” I gave him assuring smile. I entered my room and he followed me. I picked up a baby oil bottle from my dressing and went to my bed. Faraz was standing in middle of the room watching me. His cock lost his erection to a large extent. I brought up my right hand and signaled him to come closer with my fingers. He came towards me with concern in his eyes “Look aapi, let’s not do anything that you never did and might be painful to you.”

“Just do as I tell you. I want you to be the first and only man to fuck my ass, my little prince. And I will tell you to stop if it hurts. OK?” I gave him another assuring smile.

He nodded his head with reluctance in his eyes. It was just him, worried about me all the times. But I decided to fulfill his fantasy at any cost.

I climbed into bed in middle with by knees on edge and then got down on all fours making doggy position. I parted my knees by two feet and then rested my front body weight on my elbows.

“Take some baby oil and apply it on my asshole” I looked back at Faraz. He seemed indecisive but then he nodded and opened the oil bottle. Brought it on my ass and poured some in my ass crack. He placed his hand pressed against my pussy to not let the oil dribble down to bed. Then his hand moved and brought the dribbling oil back on my asshole. He massaged it on my ass hole softly. It felt good actually.

“Please rub my pussy with your other hand. It will help me to let my asshole relax” I instructed softly. His other hand came up and his palm cupped my pussy. He applied some pressure and it made me feel good. His palm rubbed my pussy and clit gently and I felt my juices started flowing. His other hand was busy massaging my asshole with fingers. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations. His touch had magical effects on me and my body was falling into a pleasure roller coaster.

I looked over my shoulder and saw that Faraz was kneeling behind me. “You can insert your one finger in my asshole and be gentle please. Don’t shove it all the way. Just an inch for now” I told him with a smile.

He nodded and then I felt his finger pushing into my asshole. My reflexes made me stiff for a moment but then I relaxed my body. I felt his finger inside my asshole now. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. Just that I felt little something there.

His other hand was playing with my pussy. His thumb was sliding in and out my pussy hole and his palm rubbing my pussy lips and fingers playing with my clit. I was again getting horny as my pussy was too sloppy against his hand.

“Push your finger little more in my asshole now” I said without looking back at him. I realized my voice was kind of pleading and I smiled inwardly that Faraz has so much effect on me and my feelings and needs.

Faraz pushed his finger gently and it went in without causing any pain to me but then he kept it still.

“How much of your finger is inside me?” I asked while adjusting a pillow under my head and placed my face on it.

“Ummm… half finger is inside you” He spoke hesitantly.

“Good, it’s not that bad. Pull it out and then oil up your two fingers again and push them in my asshole gently” I said with a little laugh.

He pulled out his fingers and also other hand from my pussy. He took some more oil from bottle and lubed his fingers, placed oil bottle on bed side table and then I felt his fingers probing my asshole. I felt my asshole muscles giving way to his two fingers as he pushed them very gently. I felt my asshole being opened little more than last time but I wasn’t too uncomfortable yet. He kept his fingers still and then his other hand again started playing with my pussy and clit.

Faraz now started fucking my asshole with his fingers by moving them in and out slowly. I felt something deeper in my asshole and wondered how much I can take.

“How much of your fingers are inside my asshole” I inquired while looking over my right shoulder. I saw a smile on his face.

“Almost all the way” he said and then I felt his knuckles pressed on my asshole as his fingers were buried deep down inside me and his hand was still. The he pulled it out and pushed back in. I was amazed that I took two fingers all the way without feeling any pain.

Then I felt Faraz kneeling on floor as he removed his left hand from my pussy and placed it on my butt cheek. Then his right hand thumb was sliding in my slit and he suddenly pushed it in my pussy. Now his right hand two fingers were in my asshole and thumb of same hand was in pussy. I felt him rubbing his thumb and fingers together still inside me which caused the thin skin separating both holes getting rubbed. It was a new thing for me but it gave me an all new sensation.

“Ahhhhh…. Yessss….” I moaned out load and thrusted my ass back asking Faraz to do this more to me. He got the message and he kept doing it while I felt going over the edge and my body stiffened as my orgasm built up and then my asshole and pussy muscles started contracting on his fingers and thumb. I shuddered and kept pushing back my ass till the waves of orgasm subsided. I panted heavily as I opened my mouth to take more air into my lungs.

I looked back at Faraz with my face still on pillow “That was something new but really awesome.”

He smiled and gave a kiss on my ass cheek. He pulled out his fingers and thumb and applied some more oil. I kept looking at him as he didn’t need any more instructions on what to do. It seemed that he now knew what to do to me.

I again felt his fingers on my asshole and this time my ass hole felt opened wide even more than last time but just a streak of short lived pain when his fingers were opening my sphincter muscle. He then pushed his thumb into my pussy again and started rubbing the thin membrane between my ass and pussy holes. Again I started feeling the pleasure. I felt my asshole opening wider as his knuckles pushed against my asshole.

“You have taken three fingers”. Faraz spoke with a hint of tease in his voice.

“My body can do anything for you it seems” I spoke through the pleasure waves.

“Stop now please” I said abruptly. Faraz looked at me surprised but didn’t say anything. “I’m getting tired. Please fuck me in the ass with your cock. Apply oil on your cock and then shove it inside me” I added with a wanting plead.

Faraz pulled out and then applied some oil on his cock and rubbed it on his shaft. Then he took position behind me and I felt his cock rubbing on my asshole. He applied some pressure and his cock head opened my asshole. Reflexes again made my muscles tighten but I relaxed my body again. His cock head was inside my asshole but it didn’t hurt that bad. Just a slight feeling of something stretching my asshole.

“Please wait and let my body adjust” I spoke while keeping my discomfort under control.

Faraz kept still and just caressed my ass cheeks with both hands. Then I felt his hands spreading my ass cheeks and he pushed his cock little more. It slid down without problem. He kept still for few moments and then pulled back slowly and then pushed inside again. My asshole was now getting used to the invasion of his big cock. His three fingers had really made my asshole relax and open up for his thick cock.

Faraz started fucking me with a slow but continuous rhythm. I was really getting tired now and my knees were hurting.

“Faraz, can we change position? My knees are hurting but I don’t want to stop” I looked to him over my shoulder.

He stopped instantly “I will pull out” He replied and his cock started to pull out.

“No, don’t pull out”. I hurriedly said. “Just let me lye down on my tummy. I added.

Faraz didn’t say anything but I felt him pushing his cock deeper into my asshole and then his crotch was pressed against my ass cheeks. He kept pushing my ass and I realized he is pushing me to slide forward and lye on my tummy. I smiled at how he was managing it.

I pushed the pillow from under my head to under my tummy and slid forward and Faraz moved along as if we were one body. He was now on top on my with his legs between mine while he sustained his weight on his elbows just beside my chest. My hands were above my head and his body started rocking gently. My asshole became tighter now because of the position and I felt his cock sliding in and out. It was so much better than what I had anticipated. This position was also more comfortable for me.

I realized that my body was almost hidden under Faraz. He was pretty huge for my body frame. The thought gave me immense pleasure. I pushed up my ass against Faraz lifting it a little from bed surface. It must have made Faraz feel more wanted as his gentle movement changed pace and he was little fast and hard now.

I was feeling waves of some new pleasures travelling in my body. Faraz was getting faster and harder. His pelvic was hitting harder against my butts as he rammed his cock all the way deep inside my asshole. Moans started flowing from my mouth as I let my lips open and my mind slipped into feelings of ecstasy. I could make out that Faraz was getting near his orgasm as his pumping was harder and I felt his cock going too deep inside me. There was little pain but the pleasure was making that pain overcome with every thrust. I was unable to control my moans and was pushing my ass up against his pelvic. This was making Faraz hornier and he was ramming my asshole more frantically now.

I felt my orgasm approaching with all the feelings and thoughts of Faraz filling my asshole with his big cock and hiding me under his body. I felt his cock getting swollen in my asshole because of his impending orgasm. My body jerked as the first wave of orgasm hit me and my muscles stiffened along with contractions in asshole. The extra tight grip on his cock made Faraz fuck my asshole with some extra hard thrusts and then he kept his cock pressed deep inside me as I felt his hot cum being released deep inside me. The feelings of being so filled up prolonged my moments of bliss as my orgasm waves kept following one after the other.

I opened my mouth to inhale oxygen into my lungs and I heard Faraz breathing the same way. He didn’t throw his entire weight on me rather kept it on his elbows but his head was now placed on back of my head. His body touching mine almost all the way. It was such a lovely feeling.

He was the first man to fuck my asshole. I was the first to fuck his beautiful cock. Our bodies and minds giving so much pleasure to each other.

“Can I stay here for a while? I don’t feel like moving right now” Faraz spoke amidst his heavy breathing.

“Oh yes sure….  my little prince. I don’t mind even if you crush me to death” I tried to smile through my own fast breathing.

He kissed my head and laid his head on it. We stayed like that for some time and then he moved. Pulled his cock out of my asshole. I think I heard a little popping sound when his cock came out of my asshole.

“Seems like your asshole didn’t want me to pull out” Faraz said in a teasing light laugh. I loved it because he was not shy around me.

“You bet my asshole didn’t wanna let you go”. I laughed in response.

“Don’t worry, I won’t make him miss my cock for long”. He laughed too.

“Looks like someone plans to fuck my ass too much” this time I teased him.

“Yes, you said you are all mine. So I can do whatever I want” Faraz was getting authority over me for the first time. It felt good to me that he is kind of dominating me even if only in bed.

“Sure, just keep in mind that if you tear me apart then you won’t be able to use me later” I said with raised eyebrow.

“Aapi, I will never hurt you. I was just kidding”. He spoke in a concerned voice as he rolled on to my side facing me. I shifted my body to face him and threw my arm over his chest.

“I know you won’t. I was also kidding” I spoke as I kissed him on his lips. It was a short kiss giving him assurance that I know he won’t hurt me.




We fell asleep together in each other’s arms. I woke up after few hours and jumped out of bed when I saw the clock. My parents were returning anytime and I had to make sure that there is nothing that makes them think what has been happening around. Faraz also woke up when I left bed in a hurry.

“What happened” He asked groggily.

“Mom and dad will be home anytime” I replied while leaving his room. I saw him getting up when I closing his door.

I had hardly changed into decent clothes when the door bell rang announcing arrival of my parent. We sat around together catching up on stuff and night came quickly. After dinner, Faraz and I left like usual and I joined him in his room and locked the door from inside.

I hugged Faraz while standing near his bed and then pushed him back till we fell on the mattress. I was on top. I gave him a peck on his lips.

“Ok, now we have to be very discreet. We can’t let mom and dad get wind of what’s going on between us. They can’t imagine anything sexual between us Faraz. Please be careful.” I spoke softly while looking into his eyes.

“Sure aapi. Don’t worry at all.” Faraz gave me assuring smile.

“I will go to my room now and we will make love once or twice a week depending on circumstances and chances we get.” I spoke with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes.” Was all he said while looking into my eyes. Oh god, why he never complains or ask me for something. Why he is always content with what I say or do! I asked inwardly and as usual I knew I had no reasonable reply for it. He was like that, like a selfless man around me.

I kissed him deeply and then got up, left for my room. Next few days passed without any incident. Then my parents announced that the lawyer has managed to get the divorce papers signed and I was in the “iddat” (In Islam, it’s the period a woman must observe after the death of her spouse or after a divorce, during which she may not marry another man. Its purpose is to ensure that the male parent of any offspring produced after the cessation of a nikah (marriage) would be known)

Meanwhile my parents started looking for another suitable man to marry me. The guy and his parents visited our home and I met them. The guy named “Zain” was helping his father in his construction business. Zain was good looking and intelligent from what I figured. However, my mind raced back to thoughts of Faraz to compare him. At one point in time I felt like telling them to get lost as I have found my love of life but I kept my mouth shut.

I went to Faraz’s room that night. He was in his study chair focused on his books when I barged in. I locked the door and hungrily kissed him while I sat in his lap.

“Fuck me Faraz.” I asked him while looking into his eyes.

“You know aunt and uncle are down stairs aapi. I don’t mind if they kick me out of their house but you will be in serious trouble.” Faraz spoke with concern in his voice.

Oh not again… he is concerned about me yet again. It had been days that he hadn’t fucked me and I was so hungry for him to fill me up with his cock. I just wanted a wild and rough fuck. But he was right that it was a big risk. It wasn’t a concern to be found together when we were not into sexual stuff. But now if we were together, we were bound to be doing things that can make things obvious.

“I want a good fuck Faraz right now.” I was almost begging him.

He held me tightly in his arms and kissed all over my face.

“We will manage time and go to hotel room for that. Is that Okay?” He spoke softly.

“I’m too hot and horny Faraz. You have no idea. I won’t be able to sleep all night.” I was surprised at my shameless talk.

“Go to your room and get naked. Then get into your bed and pull up blanket. I will come in few minutes to make you fall asleep.” He said with a meaningful smile on his face. That was enough for me. I left and pulled off my PJ the moment I entered my room. Got into bed as instructed and waited for Faraz.

Faraz came in after few minutes.

“Lock the door.” I almost pleaded.

“It more fun like this. Just don’t’ talk and let me do it” He smiled mischievously. I was seeing a new side of his personality. I just nodded.

He sat on edge of my bad and pushed his arms under the blanket. His one hand played with my pussy while other one teased and squeezed my boobs. He made me cum in just few minutes and his touch made me feel so good. He kissed on my cheek after I came back from my body shattering orgasm and said good bye. I was unable to talk and he left and in no time I fell asleep.

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