Happy Sis

I was in my bedroom on the first floor last night, my elder sister was with me, our parents were out for sometime in this lockdown. We had a plan to raise our tits and probably squirt a few times. I was really excited as I was doing this for the first time with my … Continue reading Happy Sis

Megan’s Secret

Bridget stood in the middle of her daughters room naked, she looked around. Her husband was fucking her daughter, she smiled. She reached back into the wardrobe pulling out the tin. She sat down and opened it up. She pulled out her diary again and opened it. She read it again smiling, she picked up … Continue reading Megan’s Secret

Megan’s Diary 2

Bridget sat reading. ” Shit. ” She said. She took it down stairs to get a drink of water. She smiled and should have been annoyed but found it kind of erotic. She sat on the sofa crossing her legs. Wednesday 18th April. 6.56 Tonight. Dads home hes showered. I’ve showered. I’m wearing a black … Continue reading Megan’s Diary 2

Megan’s Diary

Hello all. Firstly before I start my next series. Thanks for the feedback. Some ideas for continuing some of my past series. Especially ‘Nudist Family Antics’ and ‘Being treated right’ and a couple of others. I am working on where I can take those further, and the other small ones I have had mentioned by … Continue reading Megan’s Diary

Teen crush

Dear Diary. Saturday Jan 5th Oh how I long for him. A love that cannot be. I saw him today. I looked out my bedroom upstairs window. He was washing his pride and joy. His red mustang. Oh no shirt. His beautiful muscular body. His tattoos. His short hair. His well groomed short beard. He … Continue reading Teen crush