Bus Driver Fucks a Student

My name is Giselle, a Latina with a tight body covered with sweet olive skin. My eyes are fiery and induce lust any man or woman they gaze upon. I drive buses for my daddy’s company when I need to earn a few extra bucks. One cold night in January, I was assigned a senior high school trip, this is the story of how I made the best of it…

The students are loud and I drive and drive for an hour through the cold darkness. I pull into the parking lot and all the kids stand up and file through the doors. In my overhead mirror, I had been keeping my eye on a cute broad shouldered guy. I figured how else am I going to keep myself entertained while the rest of his class is gone? He is one of the last to reach the door.

To stop him, I say “Why don’t we check and see if there is anything left on the bus.”

Initially, he didn’t seem too thrilled about it, but I’m sure I could change his opinion. He makes his way to the back of the bus and I getup from the driver’s seat and take off my coat to uncover a small tank top that squeezes my C-cup boobs into a nice, firm package. My skin tight jeans rest below my hips and I expose my belly button ring. He turns around and I pose against a seat and smile seductively. He smiles back and realizes that he isn’t here to clean up the bus at all.

I sit on the back of a seat facing the emergency exit and remove my jeans. My lace panties draw his attention and I spread my legs.

“I’m sure you won’t miss your little field trip if you stay here with me! Take off your pants…but first eat my pussy.”

He sat in returned to his seated position facing my waiting cunt. He began licking my clit. He slowly and rhythmically messaged me before exploring my lips and penetrating me with his tongue. He nodded his head forcing his tongue deeper inside of me while his nose continued to hit my clit. His hands travel up my shirt and pinch my nipples. I am flooding his mouth as he smiles at my taste.

I slide down to sit on his lap, straddling his legs. My shirt is removed a he gazes upon my boobs under my lacy bra. The bra is quickly discarded and my perky tits bounce free. His tongue and lips suck on my nipples sending waves of pleasure pulsing through my body. I rub his cock and can tell I will be pleased. I ride it through his jeans and I can feel it harden. Slipping through his knees, I kneel on the floor and unzip his pants. He pulls his pants and boxers down and his very large dick springs free. I rub his shaft then take his whole length, engulfing his penis in the warmth of my mouth.

I need his cock in me now! A few more strokes then I return to my straddling position and slowly slide down his cock. I vigorously slide up and down making him moan. I speed up and I approach orgasm.

“Fuck me harder!” He begs.

I would not disappoint, he pinches my nipples harder and my pussy clamps on his dick. Waves of pleasure overwhelm my body. My hands remain holding the back of his seat while he continues to clench my nipples.

Suddenly, I feel my vagina flooded with warm cum that hits the walls of my vagina taking me to my final orgasm. I decrease my pace and feel some of his cum drip out of my cunt. I collapse onto of him. He pushes me to the seat next to him and begins to dress. I offer to clean his dick off. How can he say no? Once again I engulf his penis looking him in the eyes the entire time.

Finally, after his dick is clean enough for my standards he smiles and exits the bus. I watch him return to his class to tell his friends how he fucked the cum slut bus driver. I begin to finger myself and feel his cum. I bring my fingers back to my mouth and taste the wonderful taste of sex.

I wonder if he will tell how he left the bus driver eating his cum out of her pussy?

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