Diary of the Poonhound

Thursday, August 13. 3:30 p.m.

I walk into the club. The music is playing, but no one is on stage. The Dj sees me and orders Sophie to get ready. A woman peels off the bar and into the dressing room. There are two tables where women are talking to men. I select a table where I can see the stage, but where I’m not too close. I look around to see the dancers to size up what I’m up against.

It’s the best time to get laid in the club. Most of the dancers are single mothers whose bodies have been ravaged by childbirth. Because they want to be home for their kids in the evening, they work the day shift. Over lunch, they’ve made less than fifty bucks. They want to make a big score before they go home.

Sophie comes out on stage. She’s Mexican with a a thick torso and small limbs. I divide my attention between the loght show and her. My field of vision is suddenly obstructed. I lean back and focus at an attractive woman who has draped herself across my table. She has a cute face, large breasts that strain against her babydoll nightie, an exposed belly that bears stretch marks, and a cottage cheese butt that wiggles.  "Want a dance? " she asks.

I stand up and she leads me to a private room in the back. She seats me, peels off her top to reveal some nice melons, perches her leg on a table, and pulls back the fabric of her panties to show me her pussy. I slide down my zipper. She reaches in her purse and pulls out a condom.  "Put this on " she orders.

I slide the condom on. She lowers herself onto my tool. With her ass towards me, she pumps up and down for several minutes, then changes position so that she faces me. We both get sweaty.She leans in stroking my ears and running her hands through my hair.  "Can’t cum? " she asks.  "Not with the rubber on " I answer.  "Take it off ".

She dismounts for a moment while I peel the rubber off, then remounts me. We go at it for several minutes, then I ask her to turn around. I bend her over a table and enter her. It only takes me a couple of minutes to shoot my load into her.

She turns and kisses me before getting a tissue out and placing it between her legs to stem the flow of my juices from her. She asks for a hundred bucks. I fish out five twenties and ask if that’s it.  "Do you want more? " she asks.  "Yeah, can you cut me a discount, I only have sixty more ".

 "Pay me the onesixty ". I give her the eight twenties, which she places in her purse. I bend her over the table again. I enter her, but only to get lubrication. I place the head of my dick at her ass. She exhales noisily as I fill her. I grab her hips and pump vigorously. Her ass looks like ocean waves as it rolls with every stroke.

I shoot my second load in her. She pushes back into the chair. Laying her head on my shoulder, I hear her say  "A manager is coming ". Seconds later, a man in a suit pokes his head in the room, then disappears. She lifts herself off of me, readjusts her panties, smiles, and puts her top back on.  "Thanks sweetie " she says before leaving the room. It’s only then that I notice our juices have run out onto my zipper.

Friday, April 15

It’s been a really hard week at work. I really need to get some pussy. I don’t get off at work until 9. The single mothers have gone home hours ago. This is going to require more expertise. I select a table where I can see all three stages. I’m there less than two minutes when a giant of a woman plops herself down in my lap. Even without the four inch heels, she still stands six foot. She tells me straight out she’ll do anything I want.

Rule number one in non single mother hours: NEVER go with the first one you see (if you can be picky with single mothers-go with that option).

I tell the giant to go away. There are several Mexican women prowling the floor. The reason they’re not giving private dances is that they won’t go all the way. Anytime I’ve touched their pussy, they say no and pull away. There are also several silicone barbies prowling the floor. I don’t get private dances from them because they look at the job of dancer as a career. They’re not likely to give up some pussy.

Two girls that look like they’re in high school are walking around. They’re cute, have killer bodies, but from the two 18 year olds I’ve been with, they’re in a big hurry and the encounters have been unsatisfying. I also see a couple of college girls. College girls will let you suck their nipples, show you their pussy, but they won’t go all the way. 

My ideal dancer has a petite frame, small to medium breasts, and is in her mid twenties. Like single mothers, they support someone else, but their lives are far more complicated.

It’s 12:20, and none of my ideal type have turned up. For the first time in the clubs, I go zero for zero.

Saturday, April 16, 6:30

It’s the next night, and I still need to get laid. I’m still equipped for a night of sex. I have 360.00 in my pocket, I’m not wearing any underwear (for easy access), and I’m well dressed (blue jeans won’t get you sex unless you have that bad boy look conquered).

Tonight, there is a mix of college students and silicone barbies. I notice someone like my ideal prey lurking around. We are eyeing each other. She’s blonde 5’5 " (in heels), with orange sized tits spilling out of her dress. She takes a seat at the table next to mine. A moment later she makes her move.

She sits on the arm rest, leans on me, kisses my neck and grabs my dick. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner.  "Buy me a drink? " she asks. I really don’t want to, but I know it’ll get me some pussy. We wait for her (10.00) drink to arrive before we go to the back room.

She starts with the standard lap dance, but only takes her hand off my dick to change positions. She ends up on the floor.  "You know what I’m asking? " she asks with one hand on my dick, the other pointing at her mouth.  "I want pussy " I tell her.

We haggle over the price and finally agree on three hundred. She puts the dress on, with the top portion down. With her ass towards me, she rides me for about five minutes, then announces that she’s done.

I’ve had better.

Saturday night before the Super Bowl   7 p.m.

It takes patience to get the ideal dancer. The dancers turn out in force the night before the Super Bowl. There are all types here, including the single mothers. They’re out of their comfort zone. I get a private dance from one of them. She lets me slip my hand in her panties, but the encounter is all too brief and she nervously pulls my hand out. She’s never going to go all the way.

I go back out on the main floor. I wave off a half dozen offers. One of the dancers is obviously a drug addict, and another is a hooker trying to work her trade here. If pussy is just pussy to you, then by all means go for it, but there are about 100 dancers here tonight, and I’m going to get some good pussy.

She takes the stage just before 9:30. She’s a dazzling blonde with small tits poorly concealed under a see through nightie. There’s only one way to get her attention. I run up and tip her thirty seconds after she takes the stage. Most guys tip after the girl takes off her top, but in a place like this you have to move fast.  "A dance later? " I ask. She nods.

I tip her again when she’s on the third stage. She asks where I’m sitting. I point out my table.  "I have to get dressed after this " she tells me.

She keeps her word and disappears into the dressing room. She’s gone for a good long while, and I begin to wonder if I’ve been I’ve been left.

Half an hour later, she reappears. She takes me by the hand and leads me to a private room. All is forgiven. She pulls off her top, exposing some tiny tits. Her nipples are tiny and brown. She straddles my lap, placing a nipple on my lips. I take her nipple, sucking it while running my tongue around it. After I make a full revolution, she switches nipples.

I run my finger along her G string. I can feel her wetness. She turns, placing her ass in my face. I run my finger along her G string again. She hooks a thumb in her G string, showing me her asshole. I take the hint, pulling the thin fabric aside to see her pussy lips. I stick my finger in her. She pulls away, placing the fabric back over her pussy lips.

She places her crotch next to mine. I pull the fabric aside to expose her pussy lips, then pull my zipper down. She places her body between mine and the door.  "Do you have a condom? " she asks. I whip one out and put it on. She mounts me, but also places a nipple in my mouth. The motion of her hips is slow. We caress each other, actually making love-not just having sex.

She pauses one moment to have an orgasm, then goes back to work on me.  "Can’t cum baby? " she asks. Again, the rubber has kept me from finishing the deal. I try to convince her to meet me at a hotel. She declines. She’ll have sex with me in a place where she can control the environment, but tells me she doesn’t want to go someplace where she’s not in control. I pay her 240.00

There’ll be other nights and other girls.