Megan’s day out with daddy 2

I stood his cock sliding deep into me. I feel his full length slowly fill my pussy with his flesh. I exhale feeling him in me. His hands gripping my arse cheeks spreading them as he held his cock in my pussy.

” Oh fuck yes. ” He said moaning. He slowly thrust in and out of me. He slid his hand up my back to my bra strap playing with it. He fucked me doggy style slowly watching his shaft slid between my labias, that were hugging his shaft.

I moaned feeling him in me. His fingers squeezing into my flesh. I moan as he slowly thrusts me, spreading my loosening pussy wider accomodating the girth and length of his big cock in my teenage pussy. A pussy that has been aching for his cock all day. Now its in there where it should be. The same cock that fucks mum’s wet juicy pussy.

I keep having thoughts about mum. We see each other naked lots, changing rooms at the pool, shopping trying on clothes, when dads not home, walking around naked. But never sexual. I would love to feel her pussy. Her feel mine.

I feel his thumbs play with my anus. He spits on my arse, pushing his saliva over my hole. His thumb working its way in my butt hole. I jump and moan as his cock thrusts my pussy, his thumb pushing in my arse hole.

I grip the rail letting my father do what he wants to me. My pussy loving been fucked. It feels so so so erotic and pleasurable been fucked by my father on the outside balcony of his company’s guest house and retreat in the bush. A cooked lunch by the chef. I have a surprise afterwards.

It feels so naughty, knowing mum knows about us. Dad thinks we are doing it on the side, mum not knowing.

I feel so in charge. Even though dad is calling the shots fucking me how he wants. I love it. He loves it. I look out at the trees, the mountains, the view. My body been ever more stretched by dads cock penetrating deep into me. I’m a lucky girl. Not all girls get to be fucked by their fathers. A family bond I’m enjoying and embracing. He can fuck me where and when he wants.

I have been thinking of these fantasies. I lie in bed at night thinking about things and situations I would love to do. With Dad, With Mum. I would love to share dad in bed. Sleep next to him in his arms. Mum watch us fuck. Mum watch her husband fuck their little girl. Mum watch her husbands big cock in her little girls pussy, cum drip from her little girls pussy, her mouth. Mum play with herself watching dad pleasure me. Mum lick dads cum out of my pussy.

I masturbate in bed thinking about it. I deeply fantasize about it. I would love mum to clean me up after dad used me.

I fantasize about dad fucking me, But mum watching, but dad not knowing mum is watching. It makes me so horny thinking about it. I love sharing dads cock with mum.

Dad stands me up and pulls his cock out, I get out of my thoughts. He turns me around. He kisses my lips. His big hand gropes my breast. He leans in kissing my cleavage pulling my bra to the side. My breast falls out. I want to be naked. I will let dad decide when he wants my bra off. He sucks my nipple. I moan holding his head into my chest. I love him sucking my breast. His hands over my bust feeling them.

He grabs my sides rotating me ninety degrees. He pushes me back lifting me onto the wooden table. I sit, he kisses me. I feel the light breeze blowing. He kisses my lips. He gently lies me down. He opens my legs. My wet engorged pussy at his mercy. I feel his eyes loving looking at my pussy. He pulls a chair over and sits down between my legs. Leans in resting his right arm on my inside thigh using his thumb and finger to spread my labias. His wet moist tongue find inside my cunt licking up from my vagina to my clit. My sweet dripping juices been licked up. His tongue circles my clit.

I moan in pleasure and acceptance of his tongue on my fanny. My fathers tongue on his daughters pussy. He kisses my pussy and stands up.

” Wait there. ” He says.

A minute later he returns with a black bag.

” Whats that? ” I ask.

” Do you trust me ? ” He says.

” Yes. ” I say. He pulls out restraints. He smiles at me. Clicking them on my hands. He kisses my lips as he ties them to the wooden table. He kisses my bust, my stomach, down to my pussy. He gets into the same position. He licks my pussy. His tongue flicking around my vagina hole, his fingers pulling my pussy open. His finger circles my butt hole. Slowly he pushes it in my arse. I moan in pleasure and surprise as his thumb slips in my vagina.

He fingers both holes at the same time. I moan louder in pleasure. He licks my clit flicking it. The pleasure is intense. Not so much what hes doing, that’s magnificent. But who’s doing it. My father.

He reaches into the bag, he pulls out a big blue dildo. He removes his fingers resting it on my vagina. Slowly he pushes it into me as he rubs my clit.

” Ohhhh daddy. ” I say, ” Yes please don’t fuckin stop. ” He licks my clit circling it as he slowly fucks me with the dildo.

He then takes it out and picks out a butt plug. He lubes it and pushes in in my arse. I love it as he licks over it. Up to my vagina and inside me to my clit and reinserts the dildo fucking me.

I pull against my restraints in pleasure, dad working my pussy. The pussy that he claimed. The first cock to go into me. His cock. He then stands taking the dildo out. He drags the tip up my stomach to my chest trailing it over my breast. Then he reaches down grabbing his cock rubbing my clit with his knob. He slids into me. His cock entering my pussy. He slowly fucks me, he rubs the dildo over my lips.

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I taste my pussy juices as he pushes it in my mouth.

” Suck it. ” He says. I look in his eyes as my mouth slids up and down the shaft of the dildo as dads cock plunges my pussy. He moves the dildo around my mouth. He takes it out rubbing it across my lips. I poke my tongue out and lick it as he drags it across my lips then pushes it back in my mouth as he plunged me.

He leans in groping my bra squeezing my breast still in it sucking the nipple that is out.He sucks me, licks me, gropes me, fucks me. Ties me. I love it, I love been his whore. I love him in control of me. He reaches behind my back. I arch it for him. I know my bras going to be unclipped. He fumbles with the clasp. He unclips my bra. He lifts it. Both breasts now out. Like a child with new toys. He gropes them. Plays with them. Sucks them like he has never seen breasts before. He stands up and pulls his cock out. He picks up my underwear. He returns guiding his cock back in me.

He fucks me standing looking at me, he smiles as he sniffs my underwear holding them. Kneadling them. He then puts them on my stomach pushing my legs open, looking down at his cock sliding in and out of my wet moist open pussy. I look down at his cock thrusting me.

It feels so fuckin nice. I put my head back and close my eyes savouring the moment, what dafs doing to me. Where I am. A thought goes through my head. Anyone could be watching. I don’t care. I’m loving it.

Dad moans thrusting faster. I moan. I feel my body tense. I feel it through my whole body. The build up of my orgasm. I’ve orgasmed once already been fucked on the rail. This is different. Its a different orgasm. I moan. I arch my back. I am about to, it happens like a wave going through my body. Dad thrusts harder and faster. With one last big thrust he stops. His cock deep in me. He lets outba huge groan.

I know his cock has erupted inside me, dad holds it there. I don’t know how my pussy and my body is accomodating his cock and his flood of cum. He looks at me as I start to come down from a intense orgasm. He smiles at me. I smile back. Knowing the amount of his cum is in my pussy. In my womb. I’m glad he cant get me pregnant.

He pulls out. He picks up my knickers. He wipes my pussy.

” I can get more. ” He says. He shows me my french knickers with his cum on them.

(Mum, wardrobe in a plastic bag.)


Bridget stands looking in the wardrobe finding the plastic bag. A pair of blue knickers. She pulls them out opening them. Stains of her husbands cum on them. She plays with them as she reads on


I feel cum ooze out of my pussy. Dad lies over me kissing my lips. He kisses down my body to my pussy. He picks up the dildo and slids it into me. He fucks me with the dildo. He wipes with his finger his oozing cum over my thighs and waist. He stands lifting the dildo to my mouth again making me suck it. I suck my juices and his cum off it as he wipes my pussy with his finger. He them walks around putting his cock in my mouth. I suck and lick the last of his cum off him.

He unties me and removes my butt plug. I take off my loose bra. I wrap my arms around him and kiss him. I tell him how much I loved it. It was so nice, so erotic been tied up. Been controlled. I say we will have to do it a lot more. I tell him. I cant wait till mum goes away next. We can have some fun. I tell him I love his cock in me. It feels so nice. His is the only cock I want.

We get in the shower and wash off. We wash our sex stained bodies. Our juices on each other. I tell dad not to let mum suck your cock for a day or so. He laughs.

We go to the bedroom. He opens his bag and pulls out fresh underwear for me. He is so thoughtful. We dress and clean up for the cleaners. He hugs me once more and kisses my lips.

We get into the car and drive home. Mum is waiting in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine. We are getting good at putting on our poker faces and acting like just a normal father and daughter.

Mum asks if we had a good time. I say yes lunch with dad was nice. Dad goes upstairs to shower again. I know tonight dad getting another blow job. This time from mum.

Mum and I plan it all. Keep him on his toes. I guess we are evil bitches. But we just enjoy sex. Dad loves the power over me having sex, but little does he know, I have the power knowing mum knows about us and what we do.

Me and mum quietly sit drinking wine. I am looking forward to writing this for mum to read..

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