Megan’s Diary 2

Bridget sat reading.

” Shit. ” She said. She took it down stairs to get a drink of water. She smiled and should have been annoyed but found it kind of erotic. She sat on the sofa crossing her legs.

Wednesday 18th April.

6.56 Tonight. Dads home hes showered. I’ve showered. I’m wearing a black off the shoulder top that shows my stomach. My tight white shorts hugging my hips and my long hair inna pony tail. He comes to the kitchen. My cleavage showing. We have a glass of wine together. We have dinner. I catch his eyes on my bust. I smile as I catch him. It feels romantic. I’m still a virgin. Dad suggests we have a spa together tonight. Yes. I say.

I wear my new red bikini. A string halterneck bikini. A really shows cleavage. Its got a string bottom on it. Dads already in there. He watches me get in. We sit talk. Joking how we have seen each other naked. We drink more wine. I am thinking it, then I say it. It just comes out. ‘ Can I see your cock again.’ I almost go as bright as my top. Dad looks at me. We chat about it. He says yes. He sits up on the spa edge. He pulls his togs down. His hard cock springs out. He looks at me and smiles. I touch it and stroke it. I look at Dad. He smiles his daughter playing with his cock. (Out of room, refer notes page at back.)

Bridget opens the back seeing (Wed 18th cont)

I sit playing with his cock. Its big. His circumcised knob. My fingers around it. I play with his balls as I stroke it. We catch each others eyes. A look of ‘We should not be doing this. ” But we don’t want to stop. I feel I need to return the favour. I stand and reach behind my back undoing my top. I take it off. Not topless. Dads eyes now on my naked breasts. He reaches out touching them. Caressing them. Rubbing his hands over my nipples. My erect nipples as I play with his cock. We don’t talk. Our looks do the talking. Knowing we should not be doing it, but it feels nice. It feels wrong but nice. I look down at his hands over my tits.

” Can I suck them ? ” He asked.

” Yes. ” I say. He pulls me in leaning in his tongue touching my nipple. He flicks it and sucks it. It feels so nice.


Bridget walks up to her bedroom. She takes off her dress. She removes her bra and panties. She sits on the bed. She reads as she rubs her pussy. It is turning her on.


Dad reaches for my arse. His hand over my togs. He squeezes my arse. I moan. Do I want sex tonight. My father. I enjoy it. I reach down. He twists his hand rubbing over my camel toe in my togs. Dads big fingers pleasuring my labias. I untie my togs. I need them off. NOW. They drop. Dad discards them to the side quickly. He returns to my pussy rubbing it.

” Fuck yes dad. ” I say smiling. His fingers opening my virgin cunt. His mouth sucking my nipples. I feel good. It feels nice.

Dad looks up at me. ” Are you a virgin? ” He asked

” Yes. ” I say. ” Do you want to take it ? ” I ask.

” Do you want me to ? ” He asks

” Yes please. ” I say. He stands turning me around sitting me on the pool edge. He gets in the pool between my legs. He rubs my pussy. Hes between my legs rubbing my clit. He leans in kissing my inner thighs. Inches away from my pussy. He kisses around my pussy. Its so nice. He licks my clit pushing his tongue into me. His fingers rubbing my labias opening them up. He licks up and down me. I moan. His fingertip in my vagina. I feel wet and moist. I’m craving his cock. I think about Billy. His girlfriend about to loose her virginity to her father.

Dads tongue licking up and down his daughters pussy. ” Fuck me. ” I say.

Dad stands lifting his cock to my pussy. I feel his knob against my clit. He rubs it over me. His precum lubing my pussy. He finds my hole. He pushes his knob into me. His big cock in my vagina. I feel it stretch as he pushes slowly.

” Sssssssshhit. ” I say holding him. My pussy stretching me. I feel it push deeper. My vagina stretching more.

I hurts. I push out. I sit back in the pool. A tear comes to my eye. Dad sits in the pool. I sit on his lap. I feel his cock on my arse he hugs me he tells me its ok.

He sits up on the edge of the pool. He lets me give him a hand job. He cums over my hands.

Thursday 19th April.

I wake in his arms we spent the night in his bed. NAKED. He kisses my lips good morning. We hug and he fondles my breasts. My dad touching my breasts. Its nice, I like it. His big hands kneedling my bosom. He tells me it took two tries to take mum’s virginity.

I ask if we have small pussies. He says no, every girl is different. So we get up and shower. I love showering with dad washing his cock, a cock I want to take my virginity. He washes my breasts, my pussy.

Dad goes to the kitchen after dressing. I go to my room putting on a white g string and matching bra, I go to the kitchen. For some reason I want dad to know what lingerie I’m wearing today. He smiles and whistles. I go to the laundry and get my skirt. Dad watches me dress as I slid it up my legs. I put on my fitted blouse. It contours my body. The boys at school love the new blouses girls wear. They fitted instead of loose.

Dad drops me to school he sees me hug my boyfriend. Mum’s home tomorrow. I need to fuck dad tonight.

7 Pm.

I step out of the shower. Today after school I went to the lingerie shop. I bought this purple baby doll and matching g string. I love purple, its sexy, black is boring, red is slutty. I’m not a slut or boring.

I put it on and do my hair. I do my make up. Dads home soon. I go to the kitchen and pour two glasses of wine. I sit on the couch and put on high heels. White ones.

This is how I lost my virginity. (Refer extra pages in back of diary.)


” Shit. ” Bridget said scrambling to find them. She was sitting on her bed looking in the back. The radio going. She stood walking naked to her daughters room she looked in her drawers for the pages. She was thinking, she should be angry, pissed off her husband took their daughters virginity, she was intrigued. She wanted to read more. She pushed her hand to the back of the bottom drawer where Megan’s jeans are jerseys. She pulls out the purple baby doll. She stands back and looks at it. She pulls out the G String. ” Two weeks ago. ” Bridget says. She sniffs the G String smelling Megan’s scent. She hears her favourite song on the radio. She sings out loud looking in her daughters room naked. The diary on Megan’s bed open.

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” MUM FUCK. ” Bridget hears a loud voice.

” Meg. ” Bridget says seeing her daughter standing their.

” WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING. ” She yells then sees her diary, her mother holding her baby doll. She storms in.

” My diary. Your reading my fuckin diary.MUM. ”

” Is it true ? ” Bridget says aware shes naked in front of her daughter.

” Is what true ? ” Megan knew exactly what she was talking about.

” Oh ok. I wake in his arms NAKED. We shower I love him touching my breasts. Have you fucked your father. Has your father taken your virginity.

Megan looks to the floor. ” Yes. Mum sorry. It was me, don’t blame dad. ” Megan says

” Shit. My husband and daughter are fucking. ” Bridget says.

” Mum it started….. ”

” I’ve read how it fuckin started. Do you enjoy fucking him ? ” Bridget asks.

” I shouldn’t, but yes. ” Megan says.

” You know Megan as a mother finding out her husband is involved in a sexual relationship with her daughter. I should be embarrassed, pissed off, angry, resentful of you, packing your fuckin bags and telling you to fuck off. ”

Megan burst into tears.

” But I’m not. Cone here. ” Bridget put her arms out and pulled Megan into her hugging her clothed daughter against her naked body

” Your not why ? ” Megan sobbed looking up at her mum from her mothers breast.

” Because your my daughter, I love you. ” She said pushing Megan’s hair off her forehead, pushing it behind her ears kissing her forehead.

” You should be all those things. I know its wrong having sex with dad but…. ”

” You have hormones and you feel its safe. ” Bridget said.

” Well yeh. I mean, I have lots of boys trying to get into my knickers, I nearly fucked Billy and Glen. ” Megan said.

” I know, I read it darling. Why didn’t you ? ” Bridget asked. ” Apart from both times been interrupted. ”

” I don’t know. I guess I was pleased. When I saw dads cock for the first time. I guess I felt he was more mature. Experienced, not some teenage boy who just wants to claim me, telling his friends he nailed Megan. ” She said.

” So you felt dad was more experienced and you felt safe with someone you knew wouldn’t brag, and had to keep it quiet. ” Bridget replied.

” Yeh, sorry mum. ” Megan said.

” Its ok baby. ” Bridget said kissing her forehead. They sat on the bed next to each other.

” Mum. ” Megan said.

” Yes dear. ” Bridget said looking at Megan again pushing Megan’s hair behind her ear.

” Your naked. ” Megan said.

” So I am. ” Bridget sat looking down at her breasts and pussy.

” Oh shit mum. ” Megan gasped.

” What dear ? ”

” Oh fuck, it turned you on. You started reading dressed, it turned you on you stripped off. You enjoyed it. ” Megan said.

” Like a good novel, I couldn’t put down. I wanted to finish it. ” Bridget said.

Megan stood up and walked to her wardrobe. She reached it pulling out a tin. She reached in her school bag pulling out a key. She placed it on the bed.

” Whats this ? ” Bridget asked.

” Where my diary should have been I remembered at school I was in a hurry today. I forgot to put it back, that’s why I came home. ” She said unlocking the lock pulling out papers. She handed it to her mother.

” Whats this ? ” Bridget asked.

” Happy reading, the next chapter in your novel mum. Put it back in the tin when your finished. I guess I don’t need to lock it now. I need to get back to school. ” Megan said

” Oh ok. ” Bridget said.

” Mum, one question ? ” Megan said

” Yes dear ” Bridget said.

” Now you know dad and I are fucking. Do I get to keep fucking him? Do we still do it in secret? Tell dad you know let us fuck with you in the house. ” Megan asked.

” You still want to ? ” Bridget asked.

” Yeh its nice, I enjoy it. ” Megan said

” Lets talk about it later, I have some reading to do. ” Bridget said shaking the papers.

” Well enjoy. ” Megan replied walking out. Bridget went to the kitchen pouring a glass of wine and settled back with Megan’s diary and the missing papers on her daughters bed.

Megan felt happy her mother knew and wasn’t pissed off.

How would they tell her dad they knew about it.

A discussion her and her mother would have to make. She couldn’t wait.

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