Old School

The school was five years old, it was built after an accident in the science lab of the old school had released very toxic gas into the ventilation system of the school this resulted in the death of quite a few staff and students. After an investigation that lasted quite a few months the old … Continue reading Old School

The Test Boys

Dawn and her best mate Tina were two sixteen year old girls who worked in a top secret lab that tested medicines on humans before being sent for sale, the girls were part time staff cleaning up in the lab. It was late as the girls cleaned no other staff were on duty as she … Continue reading The Test Boys

The School

The school was nearly one hundred and fifty years old built on the site of an ancient burial ground there had been many stories about the school being haunted by the ghosts of those buried under the school, when ever anything bad happened in the near by town residents of the town blamed ghosts, over … Continue reading The School

Not Gone

It was five years ago to the day that an explosion had ripped through the chemical factory that had stood on the outskirts of the small country village killing all one thousand five hundred people who worked at the factory, the correct cause of the explosion was never found and ever since the accident the … Continue reading Not Gone

The Sludge

The derelict farm had stood on the edge of the town for eighty five years, during the working life of the farm many cows and pigs had been reared and sold but then a recession hit and the farm closed down, it had been closed for nearly ten years, nobody was interested in buying the … Continue reading The Sludge