The Attack

The day had begun like any other day in the small English town, sixteen year Steve who was a racist thug had stayed in bed as long as he could listening to his mum yelling up the stairs for him to get up and now he was sat at the breakfast table pulling faces at … Continue reading The Attack

The Cave

It was a hot afternoon as the bus made it’s way through the narrow country lane it was about five miles from the country village when the bus swerved to one side and hit a tree, nobody was hurt but sixteen year old Sara a loud mouth trouble maker started to curse the driver, who … Continue reading The Cave

Chemical Leak

The residents of the large English town were going about their daily tasks like they always did, Old Joe was sat in the town square with his board that stated doom is approaching like he had done for the last ten years, nobody every took any notice of him saying that he was mad but … Continue reading Chemical Leak

Old School

The school was five years old, it was built after an accident in the science lab of the old school had released very toxic gas into the ventilation system of the school this resulted in the death of quite a few staff and students. After an investigation that lasted quite a few months the old … Continue reading Old School

The Test Boys

Dawn and her best mate Tina were two sixteen year old girls who worked in a top secret lab that tested medicines on humans before being sent for sale, the girls were part time staff cleaning up in the lab. It was late as the girls cleaned no other staff were on duty as she … Continue reading The Test Boys