My Vicious change came at the right time. Vamps had moved in to kill.

Let me say first that this is a story so it’s length is Beyond average, it is Erotic horror and fantasy. I hope someone enjoys it. I hope there is enough fucking and sucking to keep you reading. Now to get started. I am an older man now, older than most. Steven Glockland I have lived 289 years, so far. I know that you may say bullshit. But when You live with the curse of the Werewolf you live many Long Suffering years. It used to be that we were chased, hunted, feared and yes we killed. I am one of 2000 in the entire world. What saves us now and is on our side is that people don’t believe any more, we have learned to control our change. We only hunt Animals or very very evil people. The kind that hurt women and children. Many years ago my family, The Glocklands, lived in a small town outside of Chattanooga Tn, We lived on a mountain top, thinking we could hide from people there. I was not aware at the time that we were hiding. I was turning 18 and just becoming a full werewolf. My parents had not explained to me that I was going to change very rapidly. I always knew something was different about me than the other kids. I was faster, stronger and could fuck for hours. My Body was way above average, the girls flocked to me like bees to honey. I was trying to fuck everything in sight. My cock  was sometimes too big for the younger girls there might have been one or two that could handle half of it, but for the most part they could not, and there were some full grown women that wanted to and tried like hell but not many. So word traveled among the females and I became very popular, not with the males. I had very few male friends, but the ones I had were very faithful. The rich Jocks hated me. I did not really care they were the type that thought that money made them who they were, I had had sex with a few of the Jocks girls. I remember this one girl that loved to fuck, she was the girlfriend of the quarter back. I had been out riding around and ended up at the local burger joint. All the jocks were there telling stories of their glory plays and bragging. The quarter back started yelling at me to come over. I ignored him and went about my order, he came over to my car and said didn’t you hear me? I was talking to you boy. About that time I punched him in the jaw from a seated position and broke his jaw and knocked him out. His girl ended up calling me two days later wanting to know if I wanted to go out. Sure I said. She said you’re the only one who ever stood up to him and made him look stupid, besides breaking his jaw. We went out and ended up fucking most of the night. She loved my massive cock, fucking and sucking, she could not get enough, also telling me that her boyfriend was hung like a hamster, she needed a cock, a real cock. Boy I did give her what she wanted, she took my cock in every hole, leaving her loaded with cum dipping from every hole, her ass was gaped open like a tunnel. She said she had never been fucked like that before. She really could not get her mouth around my cock, but she licked and bit on it like a pro. Anyway My high school years were coming to an end. I was turning 18 soon and now things would change. My Parents started talking to me about how I would change when I turned 18, they were starting to freak me out. I told them I  was well aware of changes that young men go through. My Mom said oh no you don’t, not like these. They both took a big long deep breath shook their heads and looked at each other then took turns telling me the story of how we became Werewolves. At first I could not believe what I was hearing, I thought my parents had both went off the deep end. Then I realized that they were telling the truth. There had always been something different about me. Then they told me what to expect on my birthday. Strange thing was that every year on my birthday was a full moon. This one was going to be different. It was a harvest moon or a blood moon. We were about 4 months away from my birthday, that seems like a long time but now that I knew what I was in for, time seem to speed up. The only distraction was a new family that bought the old house on the corner. It had been vacant for as long as I could remember. Rundown and haunted, to hear the local tales. An entire family had been killed there. A man, Mr Stan Stockton had killed his family, two daughters, one son older son and his newly born baby son and his wife, then himself. The tale was that each of the bodies had been beheaded and then burned, except for him. He was found burned with a wooden stake in his heart. The whole family had been strange, the kids were home schooled and only the family’s servant was ever seen in town in the day time. The only person to ever tell a different tale was our local town drunk John Samuel, he walked around in a drunken state mumbling most of the time, but if you would buy him a half pint he would tell you that about 50 years ago when he was in his 20s, the locals got together and tried to run the Stockton family out of town. When that did not work they all banded together and killed the family and burned their bodies and cut off their heads so they could not come back to life. It was told that they were Vampires and were feeding on the locals. Blubbering from a drunken idiot, right? I was starting to believe because my parents just told me I was a Werewolf and I believed that shit. We did not see anyone around the house for about a month. Then one day two trucks pull up and a car, a big black SUV with tinted  windows, well black windows. Two people got out, a tall man very strong looking and serious face, square jaw, black hair dark eyes and dressed in jeans, a dark Maroon shirt black leather jacket and boots. Then a woman steps out, oh damn she was the hottest thing around here, long black hair in the back and her head was shaved on both sides, a tattoo on the side of her head some kind of old Gothic design, her lips were dark red, her eyes were almost black, big tits, but not too big, they were firm and round, she had on a tank top that showed off her perfect tits, a small leather half jacket and blue jeans, it looked like her ass had been melted into her jeans, her ass was round firm and just a little wide, not fat wide but the type that you wanted to see on a poll dancing and twerking. They walked up on the sidewalk looked around the small town and then started instructing the man on where to pull and what to do. They unlocked the house and went in. It was mid morning when they got there and late afternoon when the trucks left. The thing that did not ring a bell until later was the sign on the trucks, said Stockton Moving Company Inc. Our house was right beside this old creepy house, I was used to it being totally dark, so while I was in my room that night doing my homework and a light came on in the window across from mine it grabbed my attention right away. The window was not covered with anything yet. So I could see right in. I jumped up turned my light out and sat in the darkness hoping to catch a peek of the woman. Well I got the main event. The man walks into the room first, totally naked. He stands beside the bed with his back to it and sits down and then falls backward onto the soft mattress, not that I look at men but his cock was as big if not bigger than mine.  When he fell back his cock flew backwards in the air and landed on his stomach and his chest, what the hell? he had to be a good 11 inches soft, it looked like a base ball bat laying on him. I had gotten a bit turned on by this, then the Woman walks over and and kneels down in front of him. Her body totally naked, her Nipples were sticking out from her Dark Large Areolas, oh my they were perfect. I had to grab my big cock and start slowly stroking it. Her ass sticking out like she was getting fucked from behind and that’s what I imagined, me just pumping away on her perfectly shaved pussy. She reaches up and runs her hand up his long fat shaft. Both hands going up to his chest and then she licks his big cock following her hands as they slid over his body. They both had tattoos all over, spread out in different places. She slides her hands back down and picks up his now solid hard cock and strokes it with both hands. Oh man this was going to be good. I think though, there is no way she can suck such a massive cock. Then I see her begin to lick and stroke his cock. It seemed to grow even more, 14 inches at the least. It was standing straight up, then she raises up over his cock and opens her mouth, Damn is she going to try to suck that, Yep! she scared the hell out of me when her mouth opened up seeming to stretch right over his huge oversized cock. She takes the head and half his cock down her throat. No fucking way she could do that. Her head starts bobbing up and down on his tool, stroking and sucking at the same time. She sucks his cock for a few minutes and then stands over him and gets her knees on the bed, raises up on her feet and slowly lowers her dripping wet cunt down on that massive pole. Her hands on his chest her knees bent holing her up like doing deep knee bends. His Cock was shinning with her juices, as he started pulling her down and then pumped in and out of her as fast as he could. Her head flew back her tits in his mouth and his hands on her ass pulling her down on his hard massive cock. Then I see something crazy. It was like she grew sharp claws and dug them into his chest hard and deep, blood started to run down the sides of his chest, I see his hands on her ass as blood started dripping down her ass. What the fuck, he raises up and bites her on the shoulder, bringing blood out there also. I was beating my own huge cock up until that point. Then the woman Looks over right at me, like she could see me, or knew I was watching them and winks at me. I panic and shove my chair backwards, falling back on the floor. There is no way she knew, I was in total blackness. I crawl across the floor and slide up into my bed. I was still hard as a rock and still thinking about the woman, I started jerking off, after about an hour of jerking off and pinching my nipples I shoot a huge load all over my stomach and chest.  The next morning I wake to find the two of them outside working, what were they? They could not be Vampires, they were out in daylight. I walked out like nothing happened, I get in my car and go to school, I get back to normal after about a week and start inviting people to my birthday party. Days and weeks pass so fast until its only two weeks away. I don’t have a girlfriend so I can invite any girl I want. I do, I invite  almost every girl I see. This one girl that was not very popular, Ellen Lee, Hargis, she was not very attractive that I could see and I could not tell much about her body because she wore baggy clothes, big sweat shirts and a ball cap with her hair sticking out the back in a pony tail. She had glasses and always carried books in a heavy ass back pack, handed me my invitation right back. I said you don’t want to come? She said what is this? you have a bet on me or something? I was like what are you talking about? She said the last time I was invited to a party, the guy had a bet that he could get in my pants before the party was over. I said no, nothing like that, why would I do that? She said because I am the ugly girl that everyone makes fun of. I said not me, I was giving these out to everyone, I would never do anything like that, so do you want it or not? I said everyone is supposed to dress up in a costume. Okay? I hope you come. I went home to find my parents waiting for me, we need to talk. I was like what now? are we related to Dr Fronkenstien? ha ha. No son, I wish it was something like that. You know the family beside us? Yes. Well ya know the rumor about the family that got killed years ago? Ya who hasn’t heard that? Well what ole John says is true, the town did kill them, because they were dangerous, they came to feed on the people. What? Do you believe that? My dad said yes. We were sent here to protect the people if any of the relatives ever came seeking revenge. That is what the family in the old house is here for, Revenge! Yeah well sense when do Vampires go out in daylight? They said, those are not the Vampires, they are the servants that watch over them while they sleep. Don’t you watch movies? I said so where is the family. They are more than likely in the basement or the attic. Some place totally dark that is hidden. We have been watching them and their servants. They come out at night and back in the day. How many of them are there? I asked. Two sons, two daughters and the mom and dad, and one uncle and Aunt. So there is 8 of them? And two half Vampires, the servants. They are able to go in daylight, they are strong but not as strong or fast as the others. We have to kill them. Oh wait what the hell are you saying? We have to kill them all and we need your help. We are outnumbered and will have to fight them at night. So they will be able to fight back and have all their strength. We have sent for your Uncle and his daughter to help, but we are still the underdog. Oh funny mom, Wolf, Dog that’s a good one. Your cousin and Uncle will be here tonight. You will need to share your room or move into the attic. Okay, I will move into the attic. Great I will have to show some girl around and she is going to be ugly, I just know it. Boy was I wrong, she was short, stout with muscular legs, arms and a 6 pack stomach, medium size tits and long blond hair. She wore in braids all over her head, with the rest just flowing down on her shoulders. One blue eye and the other was like a wolf’s snow eye. Oh damn she was sexy. My mom  introduced us, she said this is Miriam and we shook hands, I said I am Steven, and this is Maze Theo, just call me Maze. After he crushed my hand I could not help but stare at Miriam,  I got a hard on just looking at her, she knew it too, it was hard to hide a big cock getting hard. Damn now I am in the attic, what a dumb ass. My uncle was a huge man, 6 foot 4 and not fat, he was the type that worked all day on the farm and then still beat the shit out of you with ease, what kind of wolf will he make, he must be a monster. His forearms were the size of my thighs, he was rough looking, scars on his face, a crew cut from the service and a tattoo on his shoulder. He was scary even without knowing  he was a wolf. That night they all sat around talking about what was to come. The advantage we had was that the Vamps had no idea we were Werewolves, we were stronger and healed faster but the Vamps were faster and could shape shift.  My Mom had sent over an invitation to the Vamps, Dear Stockton Family You are invited to our sons 18 Birthday party, please come and bring the entire family. Thank you, the Glockland Family. Time is an 6 pm until everyone is tired, come hungry. A week before my Birthday I hear a knock at the door. I open it and to my amazement two girls were standing on our front porch talking, I did not know either girl. The one on the left had a short kind of bob hair cut, dark eyes, a very sexy body, dark eye liner with dark blue almost black eye shadow and blood red lipstick, her tits stuck out like two very firm boulders and nipples that she did not try to hide at all. The girl on the right was tall thin muscular, dirty blond with streaks of dark maroon on one side, the other side was shaved about half way up then the long hair on top flowed over the shaved part. Their makeup almost matched in color. Her tits were not as big but very nice, no bra, her shirt barely covered the bottom of her tits, her waist was small giving way to her medium wide hips and firm round ass. They both stuck out their hands with returned invitations. I took the one on the left first, oh shit, that can’t be you, I mean you look so different, really? Ellen Hargis? She said you can call me Lee. The other one was Carrie Ann Stockton, my new neighbor. I said nice to meet you I am Steven, so great, I am happy you both are coming. Would you like to come in? They looked at each other and then turned to me and one said no I need to return to my Family. Then Lee said Yes I would love to, they told each other bye and hugged. I asked Ellen, so you know each other? Yes she is my best friend now. I said Really? How did you meet her? It was at night when I had to run to the store, she was broke down in the parking lot, I walked over and let her use my phone. That’s the last thing I remember. What do you mean? Oh I mean I left. I thought did Lee get bit By Carrie, oh My god she was a Vampire. How the hell could I kill her? She was such a nice girl that is innocent of any kind of harm. She did not choose to become this. Just like me, we were both victims of other people and other means, not our choice. We went upstairs to my hole in the attic. She was looking so hot I could not help myself. I had to kiss her, she did not stop me. We kissed and I was shocked when she reached down and grabbed my cock  and stroked it. She said  MMMM OH Nice Cock, then pulled her shirt off and her jeans, she stood naked in front of me and said I have always wanted to fuck your brains out. What the hell, this is not Ellen, I  mean Lee, but what the hell, I was too turned on to back off now. Her body had been covered up with all those clothes. She pushed me down on the floor.  Pulled my cock out of my pants and started to stroke and lick my huge cock. It seemed like I had never been this hard. My cock was full of blood and throbbing. That made me a bit nervous, would she just take a bite out of my meat stick?  would she just suck me dry right then? I thought maybe she just wanted to fuck and that was it,  the skin was so tight it could not stretch any more. Then she said I want that cock down my throat and shoved it half way down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down on the long thick shaft. Jerking my cock at the same time. I said, how can you take so much? She did not say anything, just kept sucking. Then I turned her over and started licking and sucking her wet sweet smelling cunt. I loved eating her pussy, it was hot wet and creamy. She slowly moved her hips up and down, softly humping my face, moaning with pleasure, making me want her more than any other women I had ever had, her body moved with hot sensual desire. My hands on her ass pulling her cunt into my face, my tongue swirling around her clit brought her to a quick climax. Then she turned over and told me to fuck her pussy good. She said watch your cock sink into my wet cunt. Tell me what you see. I said my head is right at your love hole. I am rubbing it all around your hole and pussy lips. Your cunt is so wet and looks very tight. I am starting to push my cock in, inch by inch. Your pussy is stretching open for my cock. Oh my your pussy is taking all of my huge cock. I am starting to slowly pump your cunt. She raised her ass up more and said fuck my cunt hard you pussy, fuck me hard. I said okay, here you are, I shoved my cock into her all the way up to my balls with one hard thrust. She screamed out, that’s it motherfucker, that’s it. I shoved my cock up her over and over as hard as I could. Listening to her yell and moan as we both came was so fucking hot, she took everything I had and then some. My cum ran out of her pussy like a waterfall. She said that’s what I needed, then she got up and dressed, then she said I will see you soon. Then walked out. That was incredible, I was sure she was a Vamp. No regular girl could have taken that fucking. I told my parents and my cousin and Uncle about this girl, that we just fucked like animals. We were about to kill an entire family and whoever else was a Vamp. I told everyone that I was the only one to touch her, no questions asked. Two days before my changing and I am starting to feel the difference already. I was putting on Muscle, about 15 pounds more, I felt extra hot constantly. My sight and my hearing were far better, I had a craving for meat that was a hunger that could not be contained. My nails seemed as if I could claw through granite and never feel it, this was great and awful at the same time. The worst was the need to fuck, that was way beyond my need for meat. All I could do was think of pussy, my cock grew bigger and harder as if that could happen. I guess you have to take the bad to get the good. All I could do was think of Lee, how bad I wanted her and how I might have to kill her. This is not something a normal 18 year old has to deal with. But I was not Normal, was I? I had never seen Carrie out before but then just like that, there she was sitting out in a swing in the front yard. I went down and walked over to her. I asked, so is your whole family coming for the party? I think so she replied. If anyone doesn’t come it will be my older brother. He kinda goes off on his own. Oh, well I hope he comes, so what are you doing out here? She said, I am bored and wanting to do something different. I asked her if she wanted to come over and shoot pool? Sure, so we went downstairs to our game room. Pool, ping pong, two Pin Ball machines, darts and a chess board. Well you guys sure do like games, we don’t use this much. The whole time I was talking to her all I wanted to do was rip her clothes off and fuck. I just blurted it out while I was racking the balls. So do you have a boyfriend? She said well that’s straight forward. She said if you’re asking me if I want to have sex with with you? then No I don’t have a regular fuck. We don’t plan on being here Long. What do you mean I asked. Well we only came here for a short time, my father has some Business to take care of. Oh because of his work? Yeah you might say that she replied. She was staring me right in the eyes like she was trying to read my mind, I said what is it? She just said oh nothing, but had this strange look on her face. She asked where we were from. I said my grandfather was from Lithuania and my grandmother was from Russia. What a mix huh, they have a lot of strange beliefs don’t they? Yes we do. She said like they believe in Vampires and Werewolves and such. Yeah is that not crazy? She said well I don’t know, they could be real I guess. She said now back to our pool game, lets play strip pool. I was shocked. I quickly said sure that sounds fun, she said  I thought you would like that, she said lets make it a quick game, for every ball I get in you take something off, and for everyone you get in I take something off, but you have got to call your shots. If you call it and miss, you take something off. It was like my cock knew I would lose and got hard right then, I could not think about my shots, even before we started she unbuttoned her blouse two buttons to give me a preview. So she is down to her bra and I am down to my shorts, we have two balls each and the 8. She is bent over the table, so I walk around behind her and push my cock in between her cheeks. She says no fair distracting me. Oh I am sorry is that distracting? She makes her shot so off with my shorts, she is looking at my cock hanging between my legs, its rising up slowly to my stomach, she walks over and slides her hand up and down my big thick shaft. I said well I guess I lose. She says it depends on how you look at it. It could be that you win also. I said so do I get one last shot? Yes you do. So I said now if I make this we are both naked, it looks that way Carrie says. I start to shoot, then just like that a pair of lacy black panties hit right in front of me before I shoot, she says I thought I would save you the trouble, since you’re not that good of a shot. She hops up on the table and lays down with her legs spread wide open, touching her own body all over, her hands sliding up and down her body, pinching her nipples and letting her fingers slide between her pussy lips. I could see the moisture shining on her lips, she licks her fingers and says do you want to taste my sweet pussy? I was around between her legs before she could finish her words. I pulled her over to the edge like I was going to eat supper. I bury my face into her lovely sweet pussy, taking in a huge smell. My now extra long tongue was lapping at her juices like a dog lapping up water. I was crazed with hunger. I said you are so fucking sweet. I want to just take a bite. She said I know what you mean, I was licking away and just happen to glance up and see her fangs growing, I can’t let on, so I just keep an eye on her every move but still taste her lovely hole. I push two fingers up in her to her G-spot and start rubbing in small circles while licking all over her very hard clit. She was yelling and growling her fangs grew, her nails ripped the cloth on our table. She raises up and grabs my head and pulls it into her pussy so tight I feel like I could stick my tongue up her pussy and lick her tongue from the inside. She is cumming and humping my face with vigorous fury. Then she bends forward and starts to bite my neck. I could not let her know that I knew what she was going to do, so I raise up and tell her I’m going to fuck your brains out. I always had a thing for fucking like a dog. So I flip her over and proceed to shove my cock in her. To my surprise she was so tight it took awhile to get my cock in, she moaned and wiggled and humped until I was all the way in, my balls swinging up and hitting her cunt as I fucked her hard and fast. She was yelling and almost howled for me, she said oh god your killing my pussy, it feels so good, fuck me harder. So I rammed my cock in her shaking and pushing the table across the floor. We both started cumming. I pulled out and covered her body with a huge load of cum. Then I had a thought of, here I am fucking this girl that once again, I might have to kill. How could this be stopped? How could I not let this happen? I  pushed my cock back in her and pumped away a few more times. Then we both just collapsed and laid on the table for a good half hour. She said I better go before my family knows I am here. I said what? you’re not supposed to be here? why not? She just said I will see you tomorrow night, and left. Okay, that night there were seven people killed. All the blood was drained from them, their heads were never found, Carrie was with me so it was not her, maybe the rest of the family were true to life Vampires, but not her not Carrie. Time was getting closer, the night seem to turn to day in a matter of seconds. It was time, my parents locked me in the basement, it was only dusk but the moon was already up, blood red and I was changing. They said it only takes about an hour of awful pain, then its over, then you will be a Werewolf and be able to change at will. My Body was in such terrible awful pain, I was screaming, yelling, growling and howling, ripping my clothes off, growing, rolling around in my cell on the concrete, biting, thrashing. My fans growing my legs, my arms my entire face, when I finally transformed and stood up, I was an impressive 7 foot and all muscle and fans, claws and fur. I had 6 inch claws, 4 inch fangs and a 16 inch cock, ready for anything, you bet. My father came down after about an hour and a half. I knew what he was thinking, I could read his mind, we all were connected. He said now make yourself change back, you can do this whenever you want, remember that you are always strong, but you are at your strongest when the full Moon is up. Now here I brought you some clothes, take a shower and come up. We are having your birthday and we have a Job to do. Dad please remind everyone not to touch Lee and Carrie. He said what do you mean Carrie? She is one of the Family and has to die. I said I don’t think she is like the rest, I think she really hates killing. You had Sex with her didn’t you? I eh uh, Yes I did. Damn you, you could not keep your cock in your pants for a week. How in the hell are you ever going to control changing? I just hung my head and started changing back and then looked at him. I said I will be up in a few minutes. So when I went up everyone was having a good time, drinking and smoking, talking dancing and listing to Music. I thought, how can we kill when everyone seems to be getting along so well? What could I do. I hatched a plan to try to stop the killing. I was taking a huge chance but I got Carrie off to her self and told her what was about to happen. She told me that she was not there to kill people, she was feeding on animals just like us. She told me that one brother and one sister felt like she did. Well that was good, that gave us the odds we needed to force some kind of resolution. After all the humans had gone, I slipped over and locked the doors windows and blocked off any area of escape. I got in the middle of the room with Carrie, Lee, Paul and Trish, Carrie’s brother and sister. I knew if anyone was going to give trouble it was going to be Dad, Maze and Carrie’s other brother Stephan. We had our backs to my family to show that the others were outnumbered. I got everyone’s attention. Then I started telling the story of the Vamps and why the town’s people had to kill the Stocktons. The town’s people were scared, terrified and had no other resort. The family was looking at each other and then I said we were sent here to protect the town’s people. That’s when Stephan said and how would you be able to do that? I looked over at Maze and my father and said because we are different and changed right there. I let out a loud growl and let my claws and fangs come out. Then Dad Mom Maze and Miriam all changed at the same time. We were very impressive, then Lee, Carrie, Paul, Trish all showed that they were on our side and showed their claws and fangs, hissing and growling. I said now two things can happen, we can rip each other to shreds and the rest of you can die. Or you can see reason and call off this attack of the humans. Which is it. Of course Stephan wanted to fight and advanced on me. I grabbed him by the throat and held him in the air with my other hand drawed back and claws out. I said I figured you would be the stupid one. I just held him there while we gave the others time to agree to terms. Mr and Mrs Stockton looked at each other, she said they are right, what choice did the people have but to fight back. Mr Stockton turned and said okay we will agree. I Looked at Stephan and said what about the dumb ass? He shook his head yes. I let him down. Then what happened next I did not expect. We all started smoking, like to symbolize a peace treaty. Carrie said I want to fuck you right now and started kissing me. My mom and dad had started kissing. Then Mr and Mrs Stockton, the next thing I knew everyone was getting naked and fucking, sucking, and anything you can imagine. The two servants were already fucking so hard and loud it could have woke the dead, just some dead humor. I loved watching that woman fuck, her body moving and sweating was like watching art in motion. I watched as Mrs Stockton and Mr Stockton started fucking, Mrs Stockton motioned for maze to join them. He went right over and stuck his cock right down her throat. Stephan was fucking Miriam. I really did not want to see my mom fuck anyone but my dad but that was not going o happen, my mom was taking Paul up her pussy while giving dad a huge blow job. Lee was on me while Carrie was licking lees wet cunt, Trish was getting her cunt licked by my father and kissing Paul. It was like some strange dream, everyone was fucking and moaning, growling. The room filled with the smell of sex and sweat, everyone switching, I even saw my mom and dad fucking Mr and Mrs Stockton, Mrs Stockton was hot  just like Carrie, except she had bigger tits and a much deeper pussy, as I saw her take my fathers cock all the way up her very beautiful pussy. My dad’s cock was bigger than mine, which was saying a lot because I was hanging a good 18 inch cock (hard that is). Lee had gone over to the male servant and started sucking his cock, taking it down her throat and would smile and growl as she went all the way down, she loved taking his rock hard cock. The female servant came over to join me and Miriam, I was fucking Miriam as hard as I could when the woman stuck her cunt right down on Miriam’s face and pushed her perfect nipples right in my mouth, Oh god I was licking and biting them, just barely letting my teeth touch the tips of her nipples. Then it all started to become a haze, like a huge cloud of fog had moved over us. We were all cumming at different times, and many times. The vamps were getting a tad bit nervous as dawn was starting to crest the mountain tops. We all got one last climax in and agreed it was the best night we had in Decades. The Wolves and Vamps were now friends, very little blood was shed, and that was from passion not hate. Lee and Carrie left together and slept together. I stayed home and jerked off one last time thinking of everyone that I fucked and had sex with. Lee, Carrie, The Servant Woman, Mrs Stockton, Trish, Miriam, Paul, and at some point I think my mom sucked my cock. That was when we were all in a pile and I looked down to see who was sucking my cock off. I don’t know if she knew but it sure did feel good, after all we were Wolves. The Stocktons stayed in Town but never killed an innocent human. Maze and Miriam lived with us, they said it was just in case. But I think Maze had a thing for Trish, who was really 196 years old, even though she didn’t look a day over 30. We had a lot more parties and a lot more fucking for years to come.