A Policewoman’s Lot – Part Seven

WPC Cox stared at the man in the balaclava behind her, her eyes wide in terror. She had never felt so helpless and vulnerable in all her life. She was on her own, miles from the office and completely at the mercy of these two men, these terrorists or whatever the hell they were. Nobody knew where she was and they wouldn’t miss her for hours. What were they going to do to her? They could just shoot her and leave her here. She wouldn’t be found for ages. She couldn’t even try to talk her way out of it. That was a bit difficult when her mouth was sealed shut with tape, she thought.

The man held her firmly with his left arm pressing against her neck and shoulders, pulling her backwards and off balance, with the gun pointed at the side of her head. The thin rope was cutting into her wrists and was already hurting. She squirmed against him, but there was no give in the rope. The effect of having her hands tied behind her back in this way was to force her chest out in a suggestive way. The second button on her blouse had come open when she was tied up.

The man put the pistol in his waistband and fondled her large breasts through the blouse. She struggled and protested, but only muffled sounds emerged through the gag. Oh my God, she thought, they’re going to rape me as well. They’ll rape me and kill me. She had a flashback to the time PS Rose had tried to grope her chest in the police car on night duty, and the snooker table incident when the section had stamped her chest with the police station rubber stamp. But this was different. They’d do what they wanted and get rid of the witness afterwards.

The second man in the jeans and brown jacket drove WPC Cox’s car out of sight inside the nearest of the large corrugated iron buildings. It was invisible from the road and track. Even if they got the helicopter out to search for her, she thought, they wouldn’t see it from the air. She struggled, but the man held her easily.

“Get the blanket out of the van,” the first man shouted to the second. So that was it then. They were going to shoot her and wrap her body in the blanket. Alison screamed through her gag, but only muffled sounds came out. “Keep still,” he said. “Do as you’re told and you won’t get hurt.”

Alison prayed that they weren’t going to kill her. The second man returned and stretched the grey blanket out on the grass behind the building, behind the police car. “Okay,” he said. “What are we going to do with her? Let’s just leave her here tied up and get out of here.”

Her hopes rose a little. At least they weren’t going to kill her. “It’s still only half eleven,” said the first man. We don’t have to be there for hours yet. We’ve got plenty of time. There’s nobody with her. We’re in the middle of nowhere here. I’m going to have some fun with her. I haven’t had a woman for a while now.”

WPC Cox shook her head vigorously in protest, her eyes wild. “This is a bit heavy man,” said the second man. “Shouldn’t we just get out of here? She isn’t bad looking though.”

The first man forced her into a kneeling position on the blanket. He fondled her breasts again, and peeled away the black adhesive tape from her mouth. Alison stretched her jaw and licked her dry lips. “Please,” she begged them. “Please don’t do this to me. This is rape. You could go to prison for ever.” Alison instantly regretted saying that. Perhaps they would think twice about leaving her as a witness, she thought. But she hadn’t seen their faces and couldn’t identify them. Perhaps they wouldn’t kill her after all. She had to keep it together and try to get out of this alive. Her hands hurt where the rope was cutting into her wrists. She couldn’t get away or fight them, but now they’d taken off her gag she could at least try to talk her way out of trouble.

The first man pulled down his track suit trousers, revealing a large erect penis. “You’re going to give me a good blow job. I don’t want to feel one tooth. Don’t think about biting me. I’ll blow your head off if you try to bite me.” He moved forward and took hold of the back of her head with both hands to control her.

Alison thought quickly. “Please don’t hurt me,” she said quickly, looking up at the man. “I’ll do whatever you say. You can fuck me if you want, you can rape me, but I’m not on the pill and I don’t want to get pregnant. There’s a packet of condoms in my handbag in the car. Can you put condoms on? You won’t leave any forensic evidence then. It’ll be safer for you as well.”

“That’s true,” said the second man. “We’d better put rubbers on. I’ll get her handbag.”

He returned a few seconds later clutching her police handbag, and put it down on the blanket. He extracted an unopened packet of three Durex. “It looks like you’ve come prepared,” he said. “Were you a girl guide or something?” Alison made no reply. At least she wouldn’t come out of this pregnant or with an STD, she thought. “It looks like you’ve got a boyfriend. Just imagine we’re your boyfriend.”

The first man quickly fitted a condom over his erect penis. WPC Cox knew it was pointless to try to resist. She’d have to give them what they wanted. Perhaps if she was compliant and cooperated with them, they’d go easy on her. Perhaps they’d see her more as another human being then and have qualms about killing her, she thought.

But she couldn’t overcome her sense of revulsion. Alison never really liked oral sex, though she had given her boyfriend blowjobs in his car. She had always insisted that he wear a condom, and usually kept a packet in her handbag. She instinctively turned her head away, her eyes tight shut and her lips pressed firmly together.

The first man forced her head back towards him and tilted it backwards. “Open your mouth,” he said. “Open your fucking mouth. Suck the cock. Suck the fucking cock.”

WPC Cox reluctantly obeyed. She opened her mouth. “Wider,” he said. “Wider. Suck it.” Alison passively allowed him to enter her mouth. He was quite big, with a wide girth, and he filled her mouth. He thrust deep into her mouth and throat, in and out like a piston, grasping the rear of her head with both hands to control her. Her cheeks bulged in and out. She was not an expert in giving blow jobs, and tried to pull away, gasping for air. It was awkward with her hands bound behind her back. He forced her mouth back on his cock.

Alison just hoped he’d come and finish. He seemed to go on forever, but eventually ejaculated and came into the condom. At least I don’t have to swallow it, she thought. The first man groaned and stepped back, and removed the rubber. He took one of Alison’s tissues from her handbag. “Your turn,” he said to the second man.

WPC Cox’s jaw was aching. She just wanted it to be over. The second man had taken off his jacket and jeans and was just wearing a grey sweatshirt. His penis stood to attention, covered with a condom. She opened her mouth expectantly.

“No,” said the man. “I don’t want a blow job. I’m going to fuck you. In the pussy.” He pushed her back on to the blanket. He lay down on top of her, kissing her on the mouth and unbuttoning her blouse. She lay back silently and passively and let him do what he wanted. It was uncomfortable lying on her back on her bound hands. He fondled and kissed her breasts through her white bra and moved his arms down her sides to her hips.

The second man ran his hand up her thighs under her skirt, and fondled her pussy through her knickers. Alison groaned and turned her head to the side, her eyes firmly shut. Better just let him do it, she thought. He pushed the tight police skirt up her thighs and above her waist, revealing her black hold up stockings and black knickers. He seemed to become more excited, and inserted his fingers inside her underneath her knickers. “Lift up your bum,” he ordered. He pulled down the black knickers and discarded them on the blanket. “Now spread your legs.”

WPC Cox did as she was told. She tried to make her mind blank. The man forced her legs further apart and began to fondle her pussy. Alison kept her eyes closed. She gave an involuntary moan as he penetrated her. He was big as well. He supported his weight on his elbows on the blanket, thrusting rhythmically deeper inside her. She wasn’t ready for sex and he stretched her pussy and hurt her. He carried on for several minutes. Alison lay still, her face turned to her side and her eyes tightly shut, moaning softly. Just come and get it over with, she thought. She was distracted by the weight resting on her bound hands. He eventually ejaculated and withdrew from her. She lay passively on the blanket and said nothing. “She’s a good fuck,”  the man said by way of compliment. “She’s got a nice tight pussy.”

The man took off the condom and wiped his cock with a tissue. He pulled his jeans back on. Alison lay back on the blanket, her blouse open and her skirt pushed up, naked from the waist down, her legs spread, her jaw and pussy aching. She looked up at the two men. Now she’d satisfied them, perhaps they wouldn’t hurt her. But they could just as easily shoot her anyway. She still had to try to talk her way out of this. Perhaps she could ingratiate herself with them. She was prepared to humiliate herself if necessary.

“You’ve got a big cock,” she said, smiling weakly. “Bigger than my boyfriend’s.”

The second man laughed at the unexpected compliment. “That’s okay, love,” he replied.  ” No charge. No problem.” He seemed pleased.

“Okay, stud,” the first man laughed. “You can get yourself a job as a male escort.”

“What are you going to do with me?” asked Alison. She still feared being shot. If they really were terrorists, perhaps they would want to kill police officers anyway. “Please don’t hurt me.”

“It’s okay,” he replied. “Like I said. Do as you’re told and you won’t get hurt.”

That gave WPC Cox some hope. She wondered what they were going to do with her.

To be continued.