Mom's Best Friend Part 2

Chapter 3

At home, Adam was a model father who made sure that his children knew he was eager to share things with them, to listen to their problems and help work them out, rather than giving them pat solutions.
When their mother had been alive, the house had often rung with laughter, and Adam knew it was up to him to restore that as quickly as possible after her death. It wasn’t easy, but he worked at it; seeing what he was doing, the kids tried, too, so that it was not long before the family, the survivors of the old family unit, resumed a reasonably normal state as they picked up the threads together and went on with their lives.
The children didn’t question his nightly walks, taking his word for it that he liked a little solitude and exercise before going to bed. Frequently, they were not even aware of the walks since they were asleep before he left the house.
The house where Mary lived with her daughter and her dog wasn’t on his list, but Adam kept working new areas, constantly looking for new faces, new talent, something different and more exciting. He doubted, however, that he was ever going to find anything more exciting than his beautiful lesbians, whom he visited once or twice a week, not wanting to go more often for fear of spoiling it and making it boring.
Usually, if he were patient and waited long enough, they gave him a performance of some kind, but there were some nights when all they did was strip and get into bed. Even those nights were interesting enough since they both had beautiful bodies, but it was so much more thrilling when he watched one or both of them eating pussy and doing their other erotic things to entertain him while he perched on the fire escape.
It had been a dull evening, he had spotted a couple of women in bra and panties, but that was about all. If things were going to improve, he told himself, it was just about time for it since it was a bit after eleven, a good time for people to be going to bed, he knew from experience.
He was walking in the service lane behind Mary’s house, checking windows all around, when her light came on. He stopped, saw that she had a big dog with her; then he let out a little sigh as he saw her approach the window and knew she was going to close the drapes. He started to leave, then stopped on a hunch. He watched as Mary closed the drapes; then his heart gave a little leap as he noted the little triangle which had been left to permit a view into the room.
He cased the layout quickly. Since the dog was in the house, he didn’t have to worry about going into the garden, and the gate from the lane hung open. Walking softly, Adam hurried into the garden. Luck was with him, since below the window was a low stand of the type used for hanging clothes on a line.
Getting onto it, he found that the level was great, perfect, and the chink in the drapes provided him with a clear view of most of the room. All he had to do then was hope nobody spotted him there and called the cops, but it was a risk he was prepared to take.
Mary hadn’t begun undressing, he observed, and she was sitting on the bed, patting her dog and talking to him. She was an attractive woman, early thirties, he guessed. The hem of her dress was up a little, and he liked what he saw of her thighs. He liked, too, the way she filled the front of her dress, and he guessed that her tits would be big and quite firm, lovely to stare at while he played with his cock.
When Mary got up and reached to unfasten the top of her dress, Adam slowly unzipped his fly. When he took his cock out, it was hard. His practiced eye looked around the room for a nightie, and he was pleased at not seeing one.
Mary wore no slip, and as she pulled the dress over her head, he gazed excitedly at thighs which were even more beautiful than he had anticipated, a little on the big side, but beautifully firm-looking, smooth and hairless. Her tummy was just slightly rounded, just enough so that it didn’t look boyish, and her black nylon panties hugged her crotch excitingly. He hoped she wouldn’t take them off too quickly.
She went to fold her dress over the back of a chair, and he was delighted at the way she filled the seat of her panties. The panties were small and sheer so that he could see her shadowy crack. Generous portions of round, white cheek peeked around the tiny garment, and Adam felt his cock throbbing with desire.
As she turned to face him again, she said something to her dog while Adam feasted his eyes on the bulging cups of the black bra; then her hands went behind her back, and he held his breath as he awaited the unveiling of her big, promising tits.
When she took her bra off, Adam almost gasped aloud. He had seen tits that big before, but never that big and that firm. She looked like an overdeveloped teenager, and Adam looked at her face again to confirm that she was as old as he had first guessed. He told himself that she had to be at least thirty. He noticed, too, that her face was beautiful, not in any glamorous way, but the face of a woman with warmth and humor, yet it was a face, he saw, that had known unhappiness and perhaps still did.
Dropping the bra onto a chair, she stood before the mirror on her vanity and played with her boobs. It wasn’t, he observed, the casual rubbing of tits after taking a bra off; she was playing with herself, and there was a look of passion on her face, passion that was just beginning to build and had a long way to go before it peaked.
He sensed that he was going to see her strip naked and finger her cunt or fuck herself with a fake cock, and he trembled with arousal. He didn’t often catch a woman playing with herself, and he found it wildly thrilling when he did. This was going to be one of those very good ones, he told himself, a five-star special, perhaps.
After she had been playing with her tits for a while, Adam saw that her nipples were aroused and stuck out temptingly, long and hard and very suckable. Pausing to talk to the dog again, Mary rubbed a hand on the crotch of her panties, and Adam became positive that he was in for a beautiful performance of finger-fucking. For just a moment, he wondered if she were going to include the dog in her act, then told himself he was asking for too much. Things like that only happen in books, he told himself.
Mary went to pat the dog again, and then she stood with her back to the window. Again Adam felt his cock throbbing and his heart pounding as he stared at what her beautifully rounded, white buttcheeks did to her little black panties. There was no portion of the female anatomy Adam didn’t appreciate, but he had a special fondness for a lovely, firm, well-rounded ass, and she measured up magnificently, top of the scale, he decided; then he thought his heart or his cock would explode as Mary slowly pushed her panties down to bare that lovely ass. She did it unhurriedly and, beautiful as her big tits were, he was thankful that she had her back to him so that his eyes could feast on her magnificent big ass. Then she stepped out of the panties and tossed them onto the chair with her bra.
Normally, Adam was content to just watch a woman as she undressed, but there was something different in Mary’s case, something more than her luscious tits and butt. He was seized by an almost overpowering urge to smash through the window and grab her, but then he told himself that he was not a rapist. Even if he were, the big shepherd would make very short work of him and what the dog left would languish in jail for a long time.
Adam watch her sit on the edge of the bed and talk to the dog while she opened her legs, showing him a glimpse of her cunt; then she was playing with it, confirming his hunch that she was going to masturbate for him.
Adam stared, trembling, then trembled more violently as Mary fell back across the bed, her ass partly over the edge. She raised and parted her shapely legs, drawing them back over her and showing him her cunt. It, too, was beautiful, he decided at once; then it was partially covered by her hand as she stroked it while she talked to the dog who, Adam observed, remained seated, even though he stretched toward her as though he wanted to get at her.
Taking the hand out of her crotch after she had parted the lips of her cunt, she spoke to the dog, and he got up and hurried to her.
 "Jesus Christ, " Adam gasped under his breath,  "she really does have him trained. "
The dog went directly to Mary and began licking her cunt. King used his long tongue well, and Adam could see that by the expression on the woman’s face as the animal kept lapping her cunt. While he watched, Adam kept his hard cock in his hand, giving it a slow pull from time to time, being careful not to lose his load since he sensed that the show was far from finished.
And then he watched Mary climaxing, pushing the dog out of her crotch and rolling over on the bed, her plump ass jerking as the come really gripped her and held on strongly. Again he hungered to get his hands on those beautiful big buttcheeks, to be lying on her with his cock pushed into her tight hole.
She rested for only a short time, then she sat up and talked to the dog again. Adam was afraid she would hear the hammering of his heart as she dropped to the carpet on her hands and knees; he knew the dog was going to fuck her and he was going to watch.
He saw King’s prick slipping out of the sheath, red and wet-looking as he approached her arched ass; the dog paused, sniffed at her twat, then mounted her for his woman fuck. As he did, Adam gasped again at the sight of the animal’s cock. The sheath had rolled all the way back so that his balls were bared, and his cock looked as big as a man’s. As Mary turned to talk to the dog, urging him on, Adam saw her face; the smile she wore was beatific. In that moment, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
The animal’s cock jabbed the air a couple of times, then he rammed about three inches of it up her cunt and slowly worked the rest of it into her hole. Then he was busy fucking her, both dog and woman panting while, outside, Adam thought he would go out of his mind. He thought of how he hungered for the feel of her lovely cunt, yet while he was forced to remain outside, there was a dog fucking her. Adam decided it wasn’t fair to the human race and especially to him.
Adam couldn’t keep from jacking his cock as he watched. Then he saw the animal jerking as he shot his load into the cunt of the naked woman and Adam lost control, his jizz spurting against the wall of the house. It was a big charge and when he finished, he felt deliciously weak.
So did the dog, Adam thought with a smile as King pulled his cock out of Mary’s slit and curled up on the carpet, licking his dick, his interest in the woman obviously gone.
 "Crazy fucking dog, " Adam said quietly to himself.  "If I’d just finished fucking that beauty, I’d go right on loving her up with my hands and my mouth. "
He watched as Mary got up, got onto the bed and turned the light off; then he left, but not before he got her name and address from her mailbox. As he walked to his home, Adam vowed that he would get to know Mary and that they would be lovers. All he didn’t know was how he was going to arrange that.

Chapter 4

Adam wrestled with his problem for two days and the greater part of two nights, yet he couldn’t come up with the solution he sought. He didn’t go walking those evenings, wasn’t interested in watching other women undressing for bed, wasn’t interested even in his two beautiful lesbians. The only thing on which his mind would dwell was the beautiful, exciting woman with the dog and how he was going to arrange to meet her.
Phoning her was out of the question, Adam reasoned. Before he could begin his approach, she would hang up on him. Over and over again he told himself that a letter was the only approach. Though he didn’t like the idea, he finally faced the fact that there were no alternatives, so he spent an entire evening writing, throwing away, changing and writing some more.
It was after midnight when he finished and as he reread his letter, he still wasn’t sure it was right.
He began the letter by telling of the tragic loss of his wife and went on to tell how, after a long period during which masturbation was his only sexual outlet, he accidentally became a peeping Tom. He told her how he had tried to fight it, realizing the danger it involved, but that he hadn’t had the strength to stop.
Then came the really tough part where he told her what he had seen when he peeped into her window that night. He didn’t dwell on details, saying just enough so that she would know what he had observed–the lapping and the fucking King had given her. He told, too, that in his wild arousal and jealousy of the dog, he had jacked off outside her window.
Much of the letter was an impassioned plea for her to agree to see him, pointing out that he was a loner, an unhappy lonesome man, and that he sensed it was a problem they shared, that in getting to know each other, in talking of their problems and of life, they could, hopefully, build a new life for themselves, one which would be full and rich and rewarding. If not, he pointed out, at least they would have discussed their problems and perhaps even that would be helpful to both. After much debate with himself, he mailed the letter on Friday evening, knowing she would receive it on Monday. He hadn’t signed the letter, for obvious reasons, but he promised he would phone her on Monday for her answer.
On Monday morning, at ten o’clock, Adam went to a quiet restaurant where there was a phone booth in the back, and his hand trembled as he fed a dime into the slot and dialed her number.
He heard nervousness in her voice when he told her he was the writer of the letter and begged her not to hang up. She told him she wouldn’t.
Nervously, she told him of her terrible humiliation at his having caught her with her guilty secret. Then he reminded her that he had confessed his guilty secret to her in the letter, so that they were even.
Both were trying, and gradually much of the nervousness passed so that they were able to talk a little more easily. Then they agreed that he would go to visit her at ten-thirty.
 "You’re sure you’re not afraid to have me in your house alone? " he asked considerately.  "We could meet in some public place, a park for instance. "
 "No, I’m not afraid. Something in your voice and in the tone of your letter tells me I won’t be in any danger with you. "
There was a florist shop next to the restaurant, and Adam bought a dozen beautiful red roses which he earned as he got out of his car in front of her house and turned up the walk. Mary had seen him coming and opened the door before he could ring the bell. She was pleased to see a handsome, well-dressed, clean-cut man, with just a few traces of gray hair around his temples, but she couldn’t keep from blushing, and she apologized for it, stammering a little.
 "I’m nervous, too, " he told her,  "and you blush far more beautifully than these roses, " he added as he gave her the bouquet. Her hands trembled as she took it and thanked him, then led him into the living room where a coffee service had been set up.
Conversation was difficult in the beginning, and Adam saw that it was up to him to get things started. He repeated much of what he had told her in the letter; that helped loosen her up so that she was able to talk about the emptiness of her own life, her bad marriage, starvation for sex and finally, how by accident she had learned that, in a forbidden manner, her dog could serve her needs much better than her husband had.
 "It’s all right while it’s happening and for a while after, " Mary told him,  "but then comes the shame. I have cruel little voices in my head, telling me I’m no longer a woman, that no man would want me and that I’m only good enough for dogs, " she said, and Adam saw tears welling up in her eyes.
 "Don’t talk like that, " he scolded.  "I know what you mean. I hear voices, too, after I’ve peeped at other people making love while I was jerking off like a little boy. It can’t be worse for you than it is for me. That’s why I’m convinced we’re each other’s only hope. "
They talked on for more than an hour, then reached the stage where they were discussing various sexual acts. There was a different kind of nervousness then, a strongly sexual one. As their conversation became more intimate, the feeling grew in both of them until it was straight sexual arousal and both knew it.
When he asked if he might sit beside her on the couch, she nodded and gave him a nervous smile. Seeing that she was trembling as he sat, Adam put an arm around her waist, felt the firmness of her flesh. Then his mouth was on hers, and they were kissing in passionate abandon. It was obvious that they would be screwing in just a little while, and Adam couldn’t believe his good fortune.
Still, not wanting to make even one blunder, he kept his hands off her thighs and tits until she took one hand and guided it to a nyloned thigh, just above her knee. They were kissing at the time, and as his tongue played with hers, his hand squeezed and rubbed up the sheer nylon until it was on the skin of a luscious thigh and Adam and Mary were sighing into each other’s mouths.
 "We don’t need to wait any longer, Adam, " Mary told him after the kiss, while his hand on her thigh triggered electric sensations for both of them.  "Take me to my bed now. Strip me naked and we’ll make love. I know it’s going to be so good. I’ll try to be good for you, too. "
 "I want that, Mary, more than I want life, " Adam told her. Then they were walking hand in hand to her bedroom where she bent over the bed, displaying her lush thighs as she drew the covers back.
As she did, Adam began undressing. He did it fast, and by the time she had removed her dress, he was naked, his cock looking big and proud and beautiful in erection. Mary let out little squeal as she looked at it and thought of how good his prick would feel in her hot, churning cunt.
She reached to unhook her bra, but Adam caught her hands and told her he would do it. Before doing so, he fondled the cups of her bra, telling her what lovely tits she had and how firm and youthful they were; then he took her in his arms again and while they kissed, he rubbed his hands down her silken-smooth back to feel the luscious big buttcheeks he lusted for. She loved the way he fondled her and the way his hard prick throbbed against her belly.
As their kiss ended, Adam slipped the hooks of her bra. Then he stepped back with the garment in his hands, staring hotly at her lovely, naked tits while Mary panted with lust, surprised that she felt proud of her body, more proud than nervous at baring it to this stranger, this beautiful, romantic man.
 "I still can’t believe that breasts can be so beautiful, so big, so firm, " he told Mary as he held a boob in each hand and fondled gently.
 "With you, I want to call them tits. I want to hear and use all the sex words. Do you mind? " sheasked.
 "Mind? Far from it. I’m going to suck these luscious tits, darling. I’m also going to suck your lovely cunt and make you come with my tongue, but I’m going to suck and kiss and lick a lot of other places as well. We’re going to go wild, Mary, and it’ll be hours before we come back to earth. "
 "Oh yes, Adam, yes, and you’ll fuck me with that big, beautiful, hard cock I feel against my belly. I want to feel that lovely cock inside my hot cunt. Do you really want to fuck me, Adam? Do you want to put your cock in my cunt and fuck me? " she repeated, loving the sound of the words.
 "I want to fuck you more than I want to breathe, " Adam told her. Then he was kissing her mouth again and her big, bare tits were mashed against his chest. Both his hands clutched her satiny asscheeks as they shared saliva.
 "Aren’t you going to take my panties off? " she asked as he eased her down onto the bed and loomed above her.
 "You can be sure of that, darling, " he told her,  "in a little while. There are so many things to do first. I intend to make the unveiling of your beautiful ass a very special event. "
Mary accepted that with a sigh; then she was sighing more loudly as Adam fondled and sucked her tits in a way they had never been sucked and fondled before. While he sucked one luscious boob, he fondled them both. His ardent touches drove her farther into the throes of lust.
After he had been sucking her second tit awhile, she felt one of his hands rubbing down her tummy, and she opened her legs wide to make a path for it. Adam’s hand followed the path right down into her crotch, and he felt the warmth of her soft, tender cunt through sheer nylon, his rubbing hand providing a maddening thrill for her as he continued to suck the silken jug which she pressed up at him, sighing and panting and moaning with desire.
 "Oh, Adam, my panties are all wet in the crotch and my cunt is so hot and juicy for you, " Mary said, her behind squirming on the sheet.
 "Then I guess I’ll just have to do something about it, won’t I? " he said as he raised his face from her tit and licked his lips.  "I think I’m going to love the taste of your wet panties. Open your legs nice and wide, Mary. "
 "You’re going to … to suck my panties? "
 "Yes, darling. I’m going to have a nice taste of nylon-filtered cunt, and then I’ll take your panties off and suck and lick your hot, juicy twat until you can’t stand another come. I’ll probably suck for at least an hour. "
All Mary could do was moan with passion; then she cried out more loudly as his face went into her crotch, brushed an inner thigh, and then he was sucking and lightly chewing on the wet crotch of her panties, rocketing her to a new plateau of passion, one she had never before achieved.
As he sucked, Adam worked his hands under her, and she raised her ass to help. He fondled her lush, smooth buttcheeks while he went on sucking and slurping in her crotch, making her panties very wet and adding to the searing heat of her cunt.
Abandoning herself totally to him, Mary was sure than no woman in history had ever been as well loved, then reminded herself that they were only getting started, that she still had her panties on, wet though they were, and that the actual cunt-lapping and fucking was yet to come. She wondered if her heart could stand it all, wondered if it were possible to die of too much joy, but the thought didn’t bother her at all; then she gasped as she realized that, despite the fact that her panties were still on, she was right on the verge of coming.
She opened her mouth to pant the words to her lover, but she didn’t make it. Instead of words, she emitted a series of groans and high-pitched wails, and her body jerked through an orgasm that was as magnificent as any she had ever known, better than any, she decided as the delicious waves kept sweeping over her while Adam kept his face pressed into the warmth of her wet crotch, inhaling deeply, his hands holding the cheeks of her ass firmly.
 "Oh, Adam, " she sighed,  "I’ve never had a come with my panties on in my life. You work miracles. "
 "There are going to be a lot of miracles, darling, " he told her,  "and a lot of comes. Lie face down now so I can unveil that work of art you carry in your panties. "
Sighing, her eyes shining, Mary turned over and lay face down as his hands went to her buttcheeks which were only partially covered by her panties. As he played there, she thought of how she had always considered her ass too big and had never dreamed that one day a man would call it a work of art and would handle it as though he meant what he said. When he bent to kiss and lick bare skin around the cuffs of her panties, Mary groaned deeply. She had never been kissed there and wondered how she had been able to live without it, or would be able to in the future if things turned out that way.
And then she felt him beginning to peel her panties down and tried to raise a little to help him. He lowered them until two inches of the top of her crack showed. He paused and pressed his lips there in a thrilling kiss. Before taking his mouth away, he licked the top of her crack and made it excitingly wet, then he went back to peeling her panties down, his voice breaking as he told her over and over how beautiful she was.
Her wet panties were caught in her crotch, but he freed them with the same gentle touch, then took them down her legs and off. Telling her to look, Adam untangled her panties, found the wet crotch and put it in his mouth. Mary trembled as she saw and heard him sucking juice from the nylon, the thrill so great she thought she would faint. Then he kissed the wet crotch of the garment and dropped it onto the chair.
Returning to the bed, he knelt up beside her and gazed lovingly at the perfect rounds of her ass. Then he crouched beside her and settled down to play with them, using his hands and his lips and his tongue as she squirmed, sighed and panted and rubbed her bushy cunt mound on the sheet.
From time to time, his lips would leave a cheek and his hands would pull the firm mounds apart; then his face was between them and he was licking deeply, wetly in her crack, the tip of his tongue playing teasing games with her bung, her groans becoming a little louder as he tickled her asshole.
 "Is your pretty pussy ready for another come now? " he asked. When she told him it was more than ready, he had her turn over, bending her knees up and moving them wide apart as he stared into her crotch where he saw a cunt that was truly beautiful.
 "But don’t all cunts look the same? " Mary asked.
 "Not by any means. I’ve seen cunts that were so-so, others that were positively ugly. A truly pretty cunt is quite unusual, and you have a beautiful one to look at and to touch and to suck and to fuck. I plan to do all of those things to it, if you’ll allow me. "
 "Allow you? Oh, you wonderful, crazy man. I’ll die if you don’t. I’ve never been treated this way, never responded to any man like this. "
While she talked, one of his hands was stroking a silken inner thigh, finding it firm, firmer than he would have expected. The hand moved higher, the tips of his fingers brushing the tender lips of an obviously hot cunt. She moaned again as his hand covered the moist twat, pressed warmly over it, then began to rub tenderly.
Telling her he had to shake hands with her cunt, he parted the pussy-lips, stroking gently between them with the same loving touch. Slowly he worked a long, gentle finger into her slit and felt her tremble, saw beads of sweat standing out on her naked body as the finger worked in and out and she told him it was better than any cock she had ever felt in her snatch.
While a hand rubbed over her smooth tummy, Adam went on diddling her twat for a while, then brought his finger higher until the tip of it found her clit and made her body jerk strongly.
Whispering softly to Mary, he went on stroking her clit lightly until he saw passion contort her face. She cried out as an almost unbearable orgasm claimed her and swept her away. Removing his finger from her slit, he pressed his hand warmly on her cunt and held it there until the spasms finally weakened and then passed. When she was able to talk again, Mary told him with awe that it had been the most magnificent come she had ever known. He smiled as he promised her more and better ones, a promise she felt was impossible for him to keep.
Lying close to her, Adam began kissing her thighs and tummy and hips, using his hands as well as his lips and bringing her quickly up again, hot and trembling as she sensed that this time his mouth would find its way to her cunt. In her aroused state, she felt sure it wouldn’t take much muff-diving to make her have another come
He worked slowly, ardently, and then she felt warm, moist breath in her crotch. Mary wanted to tell him to hurry, to get his mouth right on her cunt, but all that came out was another groan. It was followed by a loud, quavering cry as his tongue licked slowly over her twat. She heard a muffled groan from her crotch, felt an unbelievably exciting kiss on her gash, and then he was sucking her cunt while his hands held and rubbed her hips and thighs. Mary knew she was going to fly over the rainbow again.
As Adam sucked her cunt and she moaned, Mary found it impossible to believe that just one mouth and one cunt could combine to produce such fantastic sensations. But there was an even greater sensation to come, and it happened when his tongue came into play and he began lapping her open cunt.
His tongue probed deeply, into her hot, juicy box. It lashed inside her snatch, and Mary told herself that his tongue must be more than just a tongue and that what he was doing to her had to be more than just cunt-lapping. He was not just a man, she decided, but a god or perhaps a devil.
Mary felt him shifting his position subtly. Her cry filled the room as his tongue found her clit, found it and did such wildly wonderful things to it that she feared her cries would be heard blocks away. But she didn’t care, didn’t care about anything except the erotic magic he was working in her cunt and throughout her entire being as he licked on and on until climax struck. Mary knew it was going to surpass even the previous ones, so she stuffed a hand into her mouth and bit down to stifle the cries she felt fighting for escape from her throat.
Her hunch about the intensity of the come proved very right. While the waves kept crashing over her, Mary kept his face trapped in her crotch, her thighs rubbing it as her legs scissored and her body jerked as though in electric shock. Finally it passed. Mary felt such a glow of warmth and contentment and ecstasy that she didn’t even try to describe it to her lover, knew she couldn’t even begin to try, but later, when he raised his sweating face from her silken crotch, he read all her thoughts in her eyes.
 "My God, Adam my darling, " she said as she found his hard, throbbing dick and squeezed it,  "it must be time to do something about this beautiful cock. Such a long time it’s been hard. Isn’t it hurting you? "
 "Now that you mention it, " he told her with a warm smile,  "it would feel a whole lot better buried in that beautiful cunt of yours. Does your cunt feel wet enough to take a stiff prick? "
 "You wonderful, crazy lover. My cunt feels wet enough for a marathon swim. Fuck me, my darling lover. Fuck me now and shoot all your cream into me and make my cunt even wetter. I can already feel juice trickling into the crack of my ass, but I want to be wet with your cream. "
Reaching between her parted legs, Adam patted and rubbed her wet twat, then used the tip of a finger to follow the wet trail down between the lower slopes of the big, silken asscheeks. For a little while, he played in her wet crack; then she saw him moving up over her. Her eyes went wide with delight. She held out her arms to welcome his body onto hers, his cock into her hot, wet cunt for what she knew was going to be the greatest fuck of her life.
 "You’re beautiful to begin with, my darling, " he told her as he knelt between her legs and stared at her,  "but you’re especially beautiful when you’re horny. What a sweet, beautiful fuck this is going to be. I only hope I can make it last long enough so that you can have a big come with my prick inside you. "
 "Another come would kill me, " Mary told him and sighed,  "but I don’t care if it does. I’m so happy, I can’t stand it. I think it would be nice to die this way. "
Telling her that it would be even nicer to live that way, he lowered himself gently onto her, being careful not to hurt her. Mary felt his cock probing her crotch. It found her cunt, and the cockhead rubbed her gash for a few seconds; then she was moaning and he was panting as he slowly pushed his rod between the soft pussy-lips and slowly worked it up her cunt in a series of short, very gentle strokes, until it was totally buried in her hole. She wrapped her arms tightly around him, telling him she would never let go and that he would have to spend the rest of his life lying on her body with his prick buried in her cunt.
For a little while, he lay with his full weight on her. They both felt his cock throbbing in the tight warmth of her juicy cunt; then he was ready to give her the fuck they both wanted, but when he tried to get his weight off her, her arms tightened around him.
 "Be heavy on me, " she panted.  "Be rough. Fuck me hard, my darling lover. Make me know you’re fucking me. "
Adam had wanted to be gentle, but since it was not the way she wanted it, he decided to really pound the meat to her. He was heavy on her body and he rode her roughly, his cock stabbing and jabbing strongly, making her pant and grunt. The next time he screwed her, he vowed silently, he would do it gently, but this was one rough fuck that both she and he would remember.
Adam knew he wasn’t going to be able to make their fuck last very long, but then he sensed that she was almost ready to climax again. Mary panted confirmation of that, asked him to fuck hard, and then her arms and legs were wrapped tightly around his body and she was crying out and jerking in yet another magnificent orgasm.
Adam waited until it had passed, smiled down into her face, then broke the grip of her arms and took his weight off her body, supporting it on his hands. When he started fucking Mary again, he did it slowly and she loved it, sighing and telling him that she had never been fucked so gently and beautifully. He surprised himself by making the slow fuck last a long time. Then his balls flashed the signal that it was time to come.
Lowering his body onto her again, he gave her a few more long strokes of stiff cock. Then she was holding his jerking body strongly as he fired his hot load into her greedily sucking cunt.
 "Yes, baby, yes, " she whispered as spurt after spurt of jizz shot into her hole.  "Give it all to me. Shoot it in my cunt, darling. Yes … yes … yes, " she cooed until he was finished and, with a deep sigh, he became just a little heavier on her. But his tired body was a beautiful burden for Mary, and she didn’t want to part with it, ever.
They lay for a little while, resting. Then they got up and walked into the kitchen, her garter belt and nylons the only clothing in sight. Mary produced a bottle of whiskey, and they drank a toast to the miracle they had found.
At one point, Adam had his back turned to her. When he turned to look at her, he saw tears in her eyes. Putting his drink down, he took her in his arms and asked about them.
 "I’m so afraid, Adam. It was so beautiful. It was like I was just born again. I don’t want it to be just a one-time thing. I couldn’t stand that. "
 "You sweet, darling dumb-dumb, " he said, laughing as he gave her a smack on one cheek of her ass.  "I feel exactly the way you do, and as far as I’m concerned, this is just the beginning of our life together. "
They kissed, and then Mary felt better. There were still tears in her eyes, but she told him that they were happy tears and he understood.