Mom's Best Friend Part 3

Chapter 5

The first thing Sharon noticed when she got home from school was the happy look on her mother’s face and the gleam in her eyes. The next thing was the bouquet of long-stemmed, red roses. Despite being only thirteen, it wasn’t hard for Sharon to connect the two, and to realize that there was just one missing ingredient–the man.
 "You’ve got a boy friend! " she gasped aloud, not yet sure whether or not she liked the idea.  "Tell me about him, Mother. "
 "You sound more like a mother talking to your daughter, " Mary told her.  "Just for that, I’m not going to tell you a thing about him–except that his name is Adam, he’s forty-one years old, a widower, he’s very handsome and charming and sensitive and he has a daughter of fifteen and a son of twelve. Now that’s all, " she said, more than a little out of breath.
 "How did you meet him? Where? You hardly ever go anywhere. "
In her lighthearted, lightheaded mood, Mary couldn’t help wondering how it would sound if she told her daughter that she met him when he was being a peeping Tom at her window, jerking himself off while he watched King licking her cunt and fucking her.
 "He’s a businessman and I met him in the course of business. You’re going to meet him soon, and I have a hunch you’ll like him. You’re not going to get upset about my having a relationship with a inane are you, Sharon? "
 "No, Mother. You’re young and pretty, and I guess you deserve it. It’s just that after all the things I heard you say about men and marriage, I’m surprised. Are you going to marry him? "
 "I don’t know for sure, dear. I guess it’s a possibility, but it’s a little early for such major decisions. For the time being, we’re going to get to know each other a lot better. To this point, we seem to be perfectly suited for each other. "
Stealing another glance at her mother, seeing that her face was still flushed, that she was a little red around the mouth, as though she had been necking heavily, Sharon wondered if her mother had been in bed with her man, but she pushed the thought away. They talked of school and other things, but it wasn’t what either of them was really thinking about.
Adam came to visit at eight that same evening, and Sharon saw at once why her mother liked the man. She was pleased, too, that he didn’t bring her any gift, was not trying to buy her affection or approval, and he didn’t talk down to her as so many adults tended to do.
Her mother had greeted him at the door with a warm kiss, but after that, they chatted like friends, with no hand-holding or other displays of affection. They seemed to welcome Sharon in their conversation, and she stayed with them for about a half-hour, then excused herself and went to her room.
Mary and Adam found many things to talk about, and they were still talking long after midnight when Mary was sure her daughter was soundly asleep. She didn’t want to take chances, though, so she took Adam to the basement room where the couch served them well as he made love to her with his hands and mouth for a long time before he was ready to fuck her.
 "I’d love another fuck, Adam, " she whispered as he stroked her cunt gently,  "but tell me the truth. Would you like me to suck your cock? You’ve sucked my cunt so well and so often. "
 "If it’s the truth you want–yes, I’d love that. I haven’t had my cock sucked in so long. Are you sure you don’t mind doing it? "
 "Far from minding, dear, I’ll enjoy it very much. Your cock felt so good in my cunt, now I want to feel it in my mouth. I want to feel your cream shooting in my mouth. Lie back, darling, and I’ll suck you off. "
But instead of doing that, he had her lie back on the couch and he went down on her for the third time that evening, sucking and licking her cunt thrillingly until she climaxed strongly, being careful not to make too much noise, though she didn’t feel like being careful about anything.
Her twat was still tingling warmly as her man lay on his back beside her and she crouched beside him to play with his big, strong prick. It would have felt so good, she thought, to straddle his body, to guide his cockhead into her slit, then lower herself on it and impale her snatch, but she told herself that it would feel better to suck on the big dick and feel his warm, rich cream shooting into her mouth.
As she started to take the cock into her mouth, she felt a hand tugging at her and changed her position so that her lover had her ass to play with while she went to work on his prick. A hand squeezed one smooth cheek, and Adam again told her how beautiful and exciting her ass was; then she was opening her mouth and slowly pushing the big velvet cockhead into it, making Adam groan with delight.
If her former husband had done anything for her, Mary thought, it was teaching her how to suck a cock. He had begun the training during their honeymoon, and while she had been nervous, she began enjoying the act during her first blow job. She got to enjoy it more and more until it reached the stage where he wanted nothing but cock-sucking. Only then did she stop enjoying giving head.
But she was enjoying the act immensely as his big, beautiful cockhead filled her mouth and she held his dick with one hand, while the other explored, touching belly, thighs and balls, cupping the heavy, hairy sac gently with a silent promise that she soon would drain it, and that there would be other cock-suckings in the beautiful future.
Seeing how much her man was enjoying the blow job, Mary took it slow, removing his rod often from her mouth to let it cool down a little. He let out a little grunt of objection the first time Mary took his dick out of her mouth. When she told him it would last longer that way, he smiled and told her to take all night if she wanted to.
Mary wasn’t the type to time a blow job, or any other sexual act, but when she started, she heard the antique clock on the mantel deride quarter to twelve. When it struck midnight, his cock was still hard and strong, and it delighted her to see that she had made the blow job last so long.
 "Do you want me to finish you up now, darling? " Mary asked as she took his cock out of her mouth one more time, her hand giving the shaft a little squeeze.
 "Make it last as long as you like, my angel. It has to be the most beautiful cock-sucking any man ever received. Try to finish by ten-thirty. I have an appointment then. "
Mary laughed, teasingly licking the head of his prick. Her hand gave it a few slow, loving pulls, and then she pushed the tool into her mouth again and resumed the delightful blow job, keeping him panting and moaning with lust. He had carried her beyond heaven with his mouth, and she was determined to do no less for him.
But even in taking, Adam was giving, too, as he fondled her ass so lovingly, stroking the cheeks, fingering her bung and, from time to time, pushing a hand between her thighs to tease her pussy.
And then she heard a change in his sounds and felt his body tensing. There was no time then for teasing, no need for further delay. His cock had been well-sucked and now it was time for him to fire his load and for her to taste his sperm.
Making muffled moaning and humming sounds in her throat, Mary sucked more greedily, taking more and more of the shaft into her mouth. As she felt his dick expanding, she drew her head back a little so that only the cockhead was in her mouth.
The first spurt of cream in her mouth was just a small one, but the second was much bigger. So was the third and the fourth and the rest as Adam shot much more jizz into her mouth than she would have expected, considering their morning fuck session.
She sucked until his balls were drained. At last he pushed her head gently away from him still moaning like a dying man. As he did, she heard the clock strike the quarter hour and was delighted to see that she had been sucking his cock for a half-hour.
While her man recovered from the magnificent blow job, Mary was content to lie with her cheek on his belly, one hand stroking a strong, hairy thigh. She observed that while his thighs and the base of his belly were hairy, the rest of his body was free of hair, smooth and thrilling to touch. It was just, she told herself, another way in which her exciting man was so perfect. She wondered how it could be that no other woman had claimed him before she found him–or, more to the point, she amended, before he found her in her room, getting fucked by her dog.
It was a wonder to her, too, that instead of his having been horrified at the sight, it had so taken him that he had to meet her, that he had sent her a letter, the letter which had first filled her with terror and shame.
 "Come to me, my beautiful angel, " Adam said tiredly.  "I want to kiss the mouth that did such wild, wonderful things to my cock. I’ve never been sucked like that no man ever has. "
She hurried into his arms, and then their mouths came together in a fiercely passionate kiss which went on and on before it ended and he told her again what a magnificent job she had done and Mary glowed with pride.
 "I don’t know how long that lasted, but it seemed like hours. "
 "I know exactly how long it lasted, darling. It was thirty minutes, " and then she told him about the clock.
 "Christ, at a million dollars a minute–and it was worth at least that–I owe you a hell of a big bill. "  "Don’t bother with money, darling, " Mary told him.  "Income tax would take so much of it. The next time we get together, lap my cunt in that special way of yours, and then I’ll owe you. "
They laughed, and then Adam didn’t want to wait until the next time.
 "But you must be tired, my poor angel. "
 "I’ll never be too tired to eat that magic cunt, " he assured her.  "Now open those beautiful legs and my mouth will say thank you in a different way. "
 "You know I can’t say no to a cunt-lapping, dear, especially the way you do it, but at least lie back so I can serve you your hot, juicy snack. "
 "And I can play with that beautiful ass while you feed me. That sounds perfect, better than perfect, my darling, " Adam told her. Then he lay back and she slowly straddled him.
Mary allowed him to stare up into her open gash, his hands coursing over her silken butt. Then she gave a warm sigh and her crotch came down slowly until Adam felt the lips of her cunt on his mouth and he began to suck it. Her snatch was deliciously juicy and warm. As his hands fondled the cheeks of her beautiful ass, he went on sucking and lapping while she squirmed and sighed with joy until she felt her climax building and she panted that message to him.
His tongue curled around her clit. Then Mary came again, and her crotch massaged his face while wave after delicious wave broke over her. Mary told herself that the rest of her life was going to be full of such magic moments with her magic man.

Chapter 6

 "Mother, are you having sex with Adam? " Sharon asked her mother as they met in the kitchen after school the next day.
 "Yes, dear, I am. I’ve never lied to you, so I see no reason to start now. After all, sex is a natural thing between a man and a woman, especially when they’re in love. "
 "I’m glad for you, Mother. Is sex always good? "
 "No, dear, it isn’t always. It is with Adam and me, though, and I have a hunch it’ll only get better. "
 "It wasn’t good with Daddy, was it? "
 "In the beginning it was. Then it died out. I’m not saying it was his fault or that he was a bad man. Things just died between us. "
 "I think you’re being very generous to him. I’m still just a kid and I was younger then, but I know he spent every evening drinking beer and watching TV. He was usually drunk when he went to bed, wasn’t he? "
 "You’re more than just a kid, dear. Actually, you’re very observant. Yes, it’s true that your father lost interest in sex. I was hungry for a long time, and since Adam came along, it’s like being born again in a beautiful new world. "
 "Sex must be so exciting, " Sharon observed with a little sigh,  "and I’ve got so long to wait. "
 "I know, dear. I can understand how you feel. I was thirteen once, you know. When I had that longing to grow up and try sex, I’d go to my room, take my panties off and masturbate. I take it you do that when you’re in the mood? "
 "Gee, Mother you’re really frank. I keep wondering about it. I hear other girls talking about it, and they make it sound nice, but I’m afraid. "
 "Afraid? Why? "
 "Because, well, I heard that if you do it too much, you can break your cherry and that too much of it makes your pussy too big and men don’t like that. "
 "Oh, you poor lamb, that’s all garbage. It’s like telling boys that if they jack off, they’ll grow hair on the palms of their hands. Those are just things that are said to scare children. I suspect most of them began with churches or religious parents who think that to have fun is a sin. "
 "You mean there’s nothing wrong with masturbating? It isn’t abnormal or anything? " Sharon asked, surprised.
 "It’s as normal and as natural as breathing, dear. Far from being a bad thing, it’s a good one. People who don’t masturbate suppress natural feelings, and suppressed feelings can lead to trouble. It’s natural for people, children as well as adults, to get horny from time to time. I pity anyone who doesn’t. When that happens, there comes a certain tension. Masturbation is nature’s safety valve. "
 "You mean anytime I feel that way, it’s all right to go ahead and finger my pussy? "
 "Well now, when you say anytime, I’m not sure I can go that far. If you fingered your pussy in class, it wouldn’t go over too well. "
 "Oh, Mother! " Sharon said, and they both laughed.  "I wish we’d had this talk before. "
 "I’m sorry, dear. The fault’s mostly mine. I should have paid more attention. "
 "Don’t blame yourself, Mother. You’re wonderful. I wouldn’t want any other woman in the world for a mother, " Sharon said and hugged her mother tightly.
 "Mmmm, this must be my week, " Mary said and beamed.  "First Adam told me so many wonderful things, and now you. If you keep this up, I’ll start believing it all. "
 "You should believe it, Mother. It’s true and I’ll bet what he tells you is, too. Mother, now that we’ve gone this far, I guess it’s time for me to ask you something. "
Mary hugged her daughter more tightly; then she asked in a whisper,  "Do you mean you want to learn more about fingering your pussy? "
 "Yes, " her daughter replied and blushed.
 "Then let’s go to the bedroom for a little lesson. You’re going to like it a lot, dear, " Mary told her as they left the kitchen.
In the bedroom, Sharon hugged her mother again, and Mary felt her trembling.  "Nervous, darling? " she asked.
 "Yes, I guess I’m plenty nervous, but I feel kind of excited, too. "
 "That’s a good way to feel, darling. I always feel that way when I’m getting ready to finger myself. I like it best in the mornings when I’m still sleepy. Sex is always best first thing in the morning, as far as I’m concerned. "
 "Tell me about it, Mother. Tell me what you do and how you feel. "
They sat on the edge of the bed. Mary put an arm around her daughter, then tried to explain it in full detail, not just her actions, but her feelings as well. Since she had decided to be totally honest with her daughter, she told of some of the fantasies she enjoyed while masturbating, fantasies which included a man who sucked and fondled her tits and ass and cunt, and who fucked her. While she talked, her daughter squirmed with passion. It wasn’t long before Mary was doing the same.
 "It must be thrilling to have a man suck your cunt, Mother, " Mary said, her voice breaking.
 "Yes, darling, it is and your day will come. You’re close to fourteen now. Just a few more years and you’ll be ready. "
 "Oh, Mother, I know I shouldn’t ask this, but I can’t help it. Has Adam sucked your cunt yet? "
 "Yes, darling. Last night after you were asleep, we went down to the rec room and played for a long time. We were both naked, and he did everything to me. He sucked my cunt and made me come three or four times that way, and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him off. I’ve never met a man as exciting as Adam. He’s such a lover. "
 "Oooohhh, Mother! " Sharon squealed.  "That’s so exciting! Did you ever suck Daddy’s cock? "
 "Yes, he’s the one who taught me. Adam tells me nobody ever sucked his cock as beautifully as I did. I hope he really meant it. I did my best, and it took me half an hour before I made him shoot his cream in my mouth. "
 "Oh, Mother, " Sharon squealed and pressed closer,  "I’m so horny! "
 "Now that you mention it, dear, I’m pretty horny myself. I think after you’ve had your come, I’ll need one, too. "
 "Oh, yes, Mother, do it! I know, you do it first and I can watch you. Come on, Mother, let’s take all out clothes off and do it right now. "
 "Wait a minute, dear, I’ll have to think about that a bit, " Mary said, trying to find the strength to resist, but she searched in vain, and then they were standing by the bed, undressing, Sharon almost tearing her clothes off in her hurry, eager to see the mature body of her mother, sensing that it was going to be a very beautiful one.
 "What a little beauty you are, darling, " Mary said as she eyed her naked daughter.  "Your titties are coming along so nicely. It’s hard to believe you’re not even fourteen yet. That’s a nice little pussy bush you’re developing, too. Turn around and let me see your ass. "
Eagerly, the girl turned and Mary smiled as she looked at her buttcheeks. Like her own, they were perfect mounds, and she hoped they would stay that way as Sharon developed.
 "You’re going to have an ass like mine, I think, " Mary told her.  "I’ve always felt mine was too big, but Adam swears it’s the most beautiful one he’s ever seen. He loves to kiss and lick it, and it drives me right up the wall, it feels so good. "
Moving closer to her daughter, Mary put a hand on one cheek and squeezed. She found firm flesh and skin that was smoother than silk; then she found herself enjoying it too much and took the hand away.
 "That felt nice, Mother, nice and sexy. I guess I’m sexy all over today, " Sharon added as she turned and watched her mother unhooking her bra. She gasped as the garment was removed, and her eyes blinked at the sight of the big boobs, so big yet so firm and smooth-looking.
 "Oh, Mother, what a beautiful big pair of ti … breasts you have. Gee, you’re beautiful. "
 "Thank you, darling. It’s all right to call them tits. I like the word. Adam and I use all the strong words. It makes it more fun that way. "
 "Oh, please, Mother, let me touch them. Let me feel your tits. "
While Mary hesitated, thinking that perhaps it was time to draw the line, Sharon reached for the big, firm boobs, and then she was panting as she fondled them. Her hands felt good, so good that Mary’s nipples hardened fast, elongated excitingly, the size of them delighting her wildly aroused daughter.
 "Honest, Mom, I’m not queer or anything, " Sharon panted as she fondled the luscious tits,  "but this feels so good. I never knew tits could be so exciting to feel like this. "
 "Yes, dear, it’s exciting for me, too. By the way, I don’t think queer is a nice word, but we’ll talk about that later. I think we’re both ready for some fingering, don’t you? "
 "Oh, yes, Mother. Take your panties off and show me the rest. Then we’ll finger our pussies. Oh I’m so horny! "
Since Adam had made her so proud of her plump, well-rounded ass, Mary turned her back to her daughter, then slowly pushed her panties down, delighted by the gasp she heard.
 "No wonder Adam says your ass is beautiful, Mother, " the girl said with feeling.  "It really is. I hope mine will look like that someday. "
Mary was pushing her panties down when she felt two smooth hands on her ass, one squeezing each cheek. When her panties fell around her ankles, she stepped out of them. Then she was naked except for her garter belt and nylons. As she did, she had to warn herself of the danger of things getting out of hand. Never before had she felt any sexual arousal toward another female, and it frightened her that she was becoming so wildly passionate in the presence of her own, innocent daughter. A couple of strong orgasms would settle them both down, she decided.
Taking her daughter onto the bed, Mary told her all she knew about masturbation and explained the function of her clit, telling her that while general playing with the cunt felt nice, the clit was really the trigger of the orgasm. She parted willing legs and found Sharon’s passion bud. As she touched it, the girl panted and squirmed.
 "Feels nice, darling, doesn’t it? " Mary asked as she stroked the little clit with a finger she had wet in her mouth.
 "Oh, yes. It almost hurts, but it feels so good. I never knew it could feel this wonderful. Mother, I want you to do it all the way and make me come, but please do it to yourself first and let me watch. "
 "All right, dear, " Mary said, then pushed the finger all the way into her daughter’s cunt and worked it in and out a few times.  "I’m really in the mood for a big come anyway. "
 "Ooh, that feels so good, " Sharon said as her mother took the finger out of her pussy.  "Is that what it feels like when a cock is working in and out of your cunt? "
 "Something like that, dear–only a cock is so much bigger around and longer. It really stretches a cunt.  "
 "How big is a cock? How big is Adam’s? "
With her right hand, Mary showed her daughter what the circumference of Adam’s tool was, then showed her the length of it. The description so thrilled Sharon that in that moment, she knew she was going to find a way to look at the real thing. She didn’t know how she was going to arrange that, but she knew that somehow she would. Then her mother lay back on the bed and parted her legs.
But before Mary’s hand reached her crotch, Sharon’s was there, feeling the warm slash, patting it and rubbing it gently as she panted with arousal, telling her mother how exciting her twat felt.
When Mary told her to, Sharon took the hand away and wet it with her mouth. When the hand returned to the warm, soft cunt, Sharon understood why it would be wet as it slid more easily over the soft lips; then she parted them and looked at the shiny wet interior of the first cunt she had ever really seen. She had checked her own with a hand mirror, but that wasn’t really the same.
As she admired and patted her mother’s snatch, she recalled what Mary had said about Adam sucking it and sensed that it would be a thrilling thing to do. For a moment, she considered putting her mouth on her mother’s twat, but she rejected the idea, fearing that it would upset her mother and spoil everything.
 "All right, dear, I’ll take over now, " Mary said.  "I’ve just got to have that come and I think it’s going to be terrific. "
Sharon took her hand out of the warm crotch then, and her mother put one of hers there, showing how she rubbed her twat a little before starting; then Mary’s hand stopped rubbing, and Sharon watched a finger slip into the slit, working in and out for a little while.
Sharon saw the look of passion on her mother’s face, saw her naked body squirming and decided that must be the way she looked when Adam was lying on top of her, fucking her with his big prick. At the thought, she trembled and felt a fresh surge of passion; then she saw the finger as it came almost totally out of the cunt, just the tip left inside.
Sighing, Mary told her daughter she was stroking her clit and that she was going to come quickly. That didn’t surprise the girl as she saw how fast the finger stroked, heard her mother’s labored breathing and the sighs, deep, loud sighs which were almost moans. She saw, too, that her mother couldn’t keep from squirming her bare ass over the bed and in her lust, Sharon wanted to be a man, wanted to throw herself on Mary and fuck her with a big, hard prick.
Neither knew how long the fingering had been going on when Mary panted loudly, her voice breaking, that she was going to come. Sharon caught her breath and held it, then she saw her mother’s body jerk strongly, her back arching in passion. Her body fell onto the bed, and she cried out loudly as orgasm swept over her.
All through the climax, Mary’s face was contorted as though in pain, but as the spasms passed, that changed to a smile of contentment, and she sighed warmly and opened shiny eyes which were suddenly filled with very bright stars, Sharon saw.
 "Help me, Mother. Help make me come, too. "
Smiling, Mary had her daughter lie back with legs wide apart, then she put a finger back into her own pussy, to wet it. She heard Sharon give a little cry of delight as the finger went to her crotch.
Crouching over the girl, Mary slowly pushed the finger into her little cunt and drew a sound that was both sigh and moan as the finger probed inside. With her left hand, Mary fondled a firm little tit, the touch adding to Sharon’s arousal; then she went on fingering her daughter’s cunt.
Mary couldn’t understand how, so shortly after having discovered the real love of a man, she could get so wildly aroused by a female, but she was, and there was nothing she could do about it. She hungered to press her face into the virginal crotch of the girl and suck her cunt, but she was able to resist, if only barely.
 "Oh, Mother, " Sharon panted, her voice rough with passion,  "I’m going to come! "
 "Just relax, darling and let it happen. "
As she talked, her tone warm, Mary went on with the thrilling fingering of her daughter’s cunt until she saw the pretty young face contort with passion, heard a loud gasp followed by panting and grunting as the naked body, glistening with sweat, jerked strongly in orgasm.
Taking the finger away from Sharon’s pussy, Mary impulsively took her in her arms and held her tightly, her face pressed against the base of the smooth young tummy so that she felt the fuzz of Sharon’s cunt bush on her cheek.
It would have been so easy to part Sharon’s legs and press her face into her crotch to suck her, that Mary became frightened and kept warning herself that she mustn’t do it. And then the orgasm passed and there was a golden glow on Sharon’s face as she opened her eyes and looked surprised to find herself on Mary’s wide bed rather than somewhere up among the stars.
 "Oh, Mother, it was so good. I never came that good before. "
 "You have a sensitive little cunt, darling, and now you know the best way to use your fingers. Anytime you want to, all you have to do is put them together. "
 "Mmmm, I want to come again, " Sharon said, and then her right hand was in her crotch, rubbing her pussy which still felt a little tingly.
As she watched her daughter fingering her twat, it triggered a need in Mary to do the same, so she sat on the bed, Indian style, and slipped a finger in her snatch; then she was fingering her box again. It felt good, so good that she decided one more come couldn’t hurt. Again Mary felt the desire to go down on her daughter, and she gave herself a firm warning not to take the big step into lesbian incest.