Mom's Best Friend Part 7

Chapter 13

And then Dean, Adam’s twelve-year-old son was the only innocent remaining in the group. Mary and Adam agreed that it was time to do something about it. The boy had been prepared for it with a father-and-son conversation after school that day.
He talked to the boy vaguely about sex, wanting to leave the more detailed aspects for Mary, who would find that an exciting part of the seduction. Adam stressed the importance of secrecy regarding everything the boy saw or did, in his home, pointed out that other people didn’t believe as they did, and that they could cause serious trouble if they ever got even a hint of what was going on.
 "Are all of you doing … sex things? " Dean asked nervously.
 "Yes, Dean, all of us. And now we feel it’s time to welcome you into the group. You’re going to do all the things a man does with a woman. Do you like the idea? "
 "Oh, yes. Who am I going to do it with first? "
 "Mary. She’s already your friend, and now she’s going to be your teacher. She’s a very good teacher, the best possible, and she’s very eager to teach you as she taught Sharon and Emily. Mind you, I did some teaching myself. "
 "What are we going to do? "
 "I think it’s best not to go into that right now, Dean. When she comes to visit this evening, you’ll go to the bedroom with her and she’ll take over from there. One thing I must warn you. No matter how excited you get between now and then, don’t jack yourself off or you’ll spoil the whole thing. Do you think you can resist the urge? "
 "Yes. I won’t even play with myself. "
 "That’s good thinking. It may be better to stay around me or Emily. That should help keep temptation from getting too strong. "
 "Thanks, Dad. You’re really something. "
Adam gave his son another reminder of the need for absolute secrecy; then they went to the kitchen to find Emily preparing the evening meal. Adam helped her with the work while Dean looked on, admiring his sister’s thighs and wondering how soon he would be allowed to run his hands over them and feel more. He had often seen how her ass bulged her tight pants or bathing suit, and he trembled as he thought of taking her panties down to see and feel those plump buttcheeks.
Mary and Sharon arrived for dinner. At the sight of the woman, Dean flushed hotly and felt perspiration trickling inside his clothes. Mary smiled warmly at him and gave him a loving hug, letting him feel her boobs. Then she sat and slowly crossed her long legs, avowing him to see her big, smooth-looking thighs.
His father hadn’t actually said that he was going to fuck Mary, but Dean hoped with an his heart and mind that he was going to. He had overheard older boys talking about fucking, and they made it sound so exciting. As he kept stealing glances at Mary’s thighs, he tried to picture her naked, then found it more exciting to imagine her taking her dress off and showing him how she looked in her bra and panties.
When the meal was finished, the group went to the living room, where the adults had a drink while they all chatted, sharing the excitement which fairly crackled in the air since all knew what was going to happen in a little while.
Although Dean didn’t know it, they were deliberately stalling the session until dark so that the others could go to the balcony outside the master bedroom. From there, the L-shaped design of the house permitted a view into Emily’s bedroom. It was for that reason that they had chosen Emily’s room for the seduction of the boy. Too, the back of the house was totally screened from view so that they would have absolute privacy for all that was to happen that evening.
Finishing her drink, Mary put her glass down, uncrossed her legs and raised the hem of her dress. All eyes were on her as she rubbed her inner thighs with the tips of her fingers, her hands moving closer to her crotch as she licked her lips, eyes shining with excitement.
 "I’m feeling very horny, " she announced.  "I think I’m ready to go to the bedroom with Dean for our … uh … little talk. Are you ready, Dean? "
 "Y-Yes, " he stammered, his face hot.
Getting to her feet, Mary took him by the hand, and they turned and walked from the room. As they left the room, the girls giggled excitedly at the prospect of watching Mary seduce the boy; they they hurried up the stairs with Adam.
When they reached the balcony, they saw that Mary and the boy were standing beside the bed, kissing as they embraced. Mary whispered something to the boy, and his hands moved down her back and began rubbing her behind through her dress.
 "I’ll bet his little cock is hard right now, " Emily whispered, and she and Sharon giggled again until Adam told them to be quiet, not wanting to upset his son during his thrilling experience. As he did, he unfastened the waist of his daughter’s skirt, pushed it down, and she stepped out of it.
Sharon was wearing pants, and he opened them and pushed them down to her knees; then he lowered her panties to bare her ass, and went to his daughter to do the same. He didn’t object when his daughter opened his fly and took his stiff cock out.
In the bedroom, Mary and Dean enjoyed a few kisses. Then she raised the hem of her dress and sat on the edge of the bed with her knees apart. They watched the boy drop to his knees between them.
The audience could see that he was saying something to Mary as he fondled her thighs eagerly, the bare skin feeling smoother and far more exciting than silk. While Dean went on feeling her thighs and staring at them and at the bit of black nylon panties he could see in her crotch, Mary opened the top of her dress, and said something to the boy. Dean looked up to watch as she pulled the dress down to her waist. He gave a little cry at the sight of the bulging cups of her black bra and the white skin between. The cleavage of her boobs was deep and thrilling, and the boy hungered to see her tits bare, to rub them with both hands.
He got part of his wish when Mary invited him to feel her jugs through her bra. He hurried his trembling hands there, squeezing and rubbing as she sighed and looked beyond him, smiling at the audience she knew was on the balcony as she delighted in the feel of the hands on her bra.
Dean put a hand between the cups and felt the upper slope of one tit, then did the same with the other. Mary smiled and told him to get up on the bed; then she held him by the back of the head and pressed his face to the cleavage of her boobs. He seemed very content, and she held his face there for a while, feeling his deep inhalations. At last she released him and told him to strip naked.
The boy didn’t hesitate as he got off the bed and began undressing. He paused when only his briefs remained, and she saw the form of his stiff prick making a bulge in the garment; then he emitted a little gasp as he pushed the briefs down and his hard little cock leaped to freedom.
 "Come here, darling, and let me feel your nice hard dick, " Mary told him, and he went to her and she closed a hand gently around his tool.  "My, it feels nice and strong, Dean. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stick it in a woman’s cunt and fuck her? "
 "Y-Yes. Are you going to let me do that, Mary? I really want to. I want to do everything there is. "
 "That depends on you, dear. If you do everything I want you to, you’ll see me bare naked and you’ll feel me, too all over. Then you’ll lie down on top of me, stick your cock in my cunt and give me a wonderful fuck. "
He assured Mary he’d do anything she wanted and try to do it well, explaining that this was his first lay and he really didn’t know much about sex. Mary told him she was sure he would be a very good lover and that she would teach him everything; then Dean was on the bed with her again. She reached behind her back to unhook her bra, being careful not to hide the view from her audience.
When she showed him her naked tits, Dean let a cry break from his throat. The audience couldn’t hear it, but they saw his mouth open, and they could guess. Sharon held her breath as she watched his trembling hands come up hesitantly. Then they were on Mary’s boobs and she seemed to be sighing as the boy fondled. Her lush jugs were so big and beautiful that his hands looked too small to cope, but Dean did his best, and her eyes told her she was enjoying it.
She kept him playing with her tits for a long time, then told him she wanted her boobs sucked.
Dean looked delighted, and then he was holding her left tit in both hands and sucking. He began the task tentatively, but excitement soon carried him away and he kept trying to get a whole boob into his mouth. He tried so hard that his jaws ached, and a couple of times Mary had to tell him to be more careful with his teeth.
He sucked the beautiful boob until Mary took it from him and they both examined it; then she had him lie on his back and, her big ass arched toward the window, she lowered herself over him and stuffed a tit into his wide-open mouth.
While he sucked voraciously, Mary put a hand in her hot crotch and began fingering her cunt. It was the most exciting thing she had ever done, and she felt tremors of passion sweeping over her as she thought of all the exciting things that were still to be done.
Mary had only intended giving her cunt a bit of a fingering, but once she started, it felt so good that she kept diddling her twat while Dean sucked her tit. Then she triggered a big come and fell atop the boy, panting, her big ass jerking strongly until the waves stopped crashing and she sighed warmly as she sat up beside him.
 "That was a lovely tit-sucking, darling, " she said, her eyes shining.  "Would you like to see some more of me now? "
He told her he would, and she left him sitting on the bed as she got up, turned her back to him and worked the dress down over her hips. At the sight of her magnificently rounded ass, only partially covered by the little black nylon panties, Dean let out another dry-sounding cry which partially caught in his throat.
As Mary stepped out of the dress, Dean had to fight to focus his eyes on her. She turned, her knockers swaying enticingly, and showed him the frontal view, a sight as thrilling as the rear view had been, the boy decided.
Standing with her hands on her hips, Mary told Dean to come and kneel before her. She saw his hard prick twitching as he hurried to her; then he was on his knees and his hands were on her thighs.
Mary left him free to do what he wanted as she stood with her thighs together to keep his hands out of her crotch. He made the best of her generous gift, thrilling to the feel of the big, silken asscheeks under his hands, exploring all of her from her waist to her knees, his hands never staying in one place very long.
Telling him to stop, she moved her feet wide apart and let him look up into her crotch. When she gave him permission, he raised one hand, palm up, then earned it to her crotch where he felt the warmth of her cunt through the sheer nylon. Dean thought his pounding heart was going to shatter as he rubbed her cunt mound gently.
 "Your hand feels so good in my crotch, darling, " she told him,  "but I think your face would feel even better. Put your face between my thighs and suck my panties. I’m going to train you to suck cunt as excitingly as your father and sister do, " she added as she put a hand on the back of his head and guided his face into her crotch. He began sucking at once and liked it so much that he hoped she would let him keep on doing it for a long time.
The nylon of her panties was warm, so warm; then it became wet as he sucked, producing exciting sounds, wondering what her cunt looked like and how soon Mary would let him see it. It surprised him that he found no taste in her crotch, none of the unpleasant odor he heard older boys talking about. Her box just smelled clean and beautiful and very exciting. While he sucked, both his hands continued to play with her lovely big behind.
Outside, as he watched and fondled two bare asses, it was all Adam could do to resist the urge to bend one of the girls over and bury his cock in a tender cunt to blow his load. Still, if he did, he reminded himself, it-would spoil the rest of the performance for him, so he contented himself with fondling pretty young asscheeks.
Dean had been sucking for a long time before Mary patted him on the head and told him to stop; then she turned her back to him again and once more smiled to the audience.
 "All right, dear, " she told Dean,  "we’re coming to the big moment now. Feel my panties a little, then peel them down and have a look at my bare ass. It’s a really big one, but your father thinks it’s beautiful. I hope you will, too. "
 "Oh, yes, I know it is! It’s the most beautiful thing I ever saw, " Dean told her, and then both hands were rubbing the seat of the stretched panties. The hands rubbed for only a few seconds, then Mary felt them moving up to the waistband of her panties, and she took a deep breath.
She loved having someone take her panties down, but it had never been as exciting as it was when his trembling fingers managed to grip the nylon. Then he was slowly pulling her panties down, baring plump, silken asscheeks.
He paused when the upper half of her ass was bared, blinking in an effort to focus properly. Then he resumed unveiling her butt and pulled her panties down until the garment slipped from his fingers and fell down her legs. Resting a hand on his shoulder, Mary stepped out of her panties and kicked them away.
She would have taken him back to bed then, but his arms wrapped around her and she heard an impulsive cry. His face pressed between the cheeks of her ass and she could feel his labored breathing. His hands came around her, and she felt him stroking her pussy bush while his young face pressed and pressed more firmly, as though Dean was trying to get it entirely into her smooth crack.
But it was her cunt that needed attention then, had to have another come, so she took his hands off her belly and invited him to get on the bed with her. While he staggered to his feet, Mary told him how much she had enjoyed the feel of his face between her asscheeks. He glowed as they went to the bed, and then she lay on her back, raised and parted her knees and invited Dean to look at her cunt.
He got down on his hands and knees and stared in her crotch. Some boys had bald him he would shit his pants if he ever looked at a real cunt, but Dean knew how wrong they had been as he stared at the soft pink lips; then he watched as she parted her puffy gash with the tips of long, well-manicured fingers and showed him inside, telling him that was where his cock would be when they fucked.
 "First, though, " she told him as her finger diddled,  "my cunt needs a nice sucking. Give me a good sucking and licking and make me come. After that, we’ll enjoy a beautiful fuck and you’ll shoot all your cream in my snatch. "
Dean was eager to get started, but Mary made him wait while she gave him a lecture on the art of cunt-lapping. In the course of the lecture, she guided one of his fingers into her slit and showed him where her passion bud was located. He assured her he wouldn’t forget.
Ready then, Mary sighed as he hurried his face to her crotch. His mouth touched her snatch and then Dean was sucking again. It was much more exciting with his mouth right on her hot, wet cunt, Dean realized, and he sucked voraciously while his hands rubbed as much skin as he could reach.
Mary’s sighing and panting told him he was doing the job well, and then his tongue licked into her gash and her sighs became deeper, warmer as he probed her juicy puny and told himself that he would be content to spend the rest of his life with his face in her hot crotch, even if he never got to fuck her.
When she told him to, his tongue w«t searching for her clit. There was a moment of panic for him when he failed to find it on the first try; then he licked a little closer to the top of her twat and heard her loud gasp when he licked slowly over her clit as her ass squirmed on the sheet.
While Mary kept urging him on with hotly panted words, he lapped her cunt beautifully. Then she warned him that she was going to come. Not knowing what was expected of him, the boy just went on licking her clit as he rubbed her smooth hips. Then her body jerked, cries of ecstasy broke from her throat and she pushed his face away from her crotch. Dean stared hotly as she panted and jerked through what struck him as being a very long and strong climax, acting as though she were suffering great pain.
But when the orgasm passed and she opened her shining eyes, Dean knew that there had been no pain at all. Her eyes shone, her whole face seemed to glow, and he sensed her great joy.
She confirmed that with words, telling him that his mouth and tongue had done the job beautifully and that a boy who could lap her cunt so nicely was going to get to do it often, if he wanted to.
Eagerly, he told her he loved eating her cunt. She bathed him in a warm smile as he offered to go down on her again. Turning over to lie face down, Mary invited Dean to play with her ass some more while she thought about it. His hands hurried to the big, smooth cheeks and then he felt the firmness of her flesh as he squeezed.
After playing for only a little while, he drew the firm cheeks apart with both hands, then his face was pressed between them again, and he was licking her crack and the exciting bung he found there, making Mary purr with delight as she realized what tremendous potential he had. Any boy who would so eagerly suck a woman’s cunt and get his tongue into the crack of her ass without being told, she reasoned, could be trained into a perfect lover, one who would do anything and everything to please a woman.
The licking of her crack and tonguing of her brownie, so thrillingly performed, made Mary want to arch her ass sharply so that he could get his tongue right inside her butthole to ream her. She had heard of the act but had never experienced it. On second thought, she decided to wait a while for that and to have him eat her cunt again.
When she told him to sit up, he did so, licking his lips, his eyes wide with delight. She told him how exciting it had been and that another time he was going to be allowed to do even more. Then she told him to lie on his back and eat her cunt another way.
Mary knelt astride his head. He looked up and let a low, quavering moan break from him at the sight of pussy, tits and lower slopes of beautiful asscheeks; then she told him she was going to deliver her hot cunt to him to be sucked and lapped.
She let her body come down slowly, and Dean held his breath as her open pink gash approached slowly, so slowly that it was maddeningly exciting as he waited for the feel of her cunt on his mouth, the confinement of his face in the thrilling warmth of her wet crotch. Soft, warm cunt brushed lightly over his nose and he groaned in her muff. Then she delivered her cunt to his mouth. His next groan was muffled in her cunt; then he was sucking, his hands fondling her smooth, naked asscheeks.
As he sucked and licked cunt, Dean wanted to tell her that it was his favorite position, and he would want to eat her that way every time, but talking was out of the question at that time, so he concentrated on sucking and licking her juicy, delicious cunt until she climaxed again. When she did, it was a thing of wild excitement as her wet crotch rubbed all over his face, smearing it with tasty Juice.
 "Oh, you darling boy, " Mary said, sighing as she got off his face and rubbed a hand in her wet twat,  "what a delightful cunt-lapping that was. If any boy ever deserved a good fuck, it’s you, " she told him; then she was lying on her back with her knees raised high and wide apart as she invited him to get aboard her naked body and get his dick into her slit for his very first fuck.
Trembling, he did so, lying on her smooth warm body, his face between her tits as he purred with delight. She told him to get his cock into her slit. He raised up a little, reached between them and found his stiff prick, then he was probing her box with it, probing until he felt his rod slip between the lips of her cunt. He pushed his dick slowly, going out of his mind with excitement as he felt the ecstatic joy of pushing his cock into a woman’s cunt, getting it right inside her hole where it was warm, soft and thrillingly wet.
As he began fucking slowly, Mary pressed her big tits together, confining a warm, sweating face between them, adding to Dean’s delight and nuking the fuck such a thrilling thing that he felt sure no other boy or man had ever enjoyed so thrilling a screw.
He panted, and she felt him drooling between her big tits as he humped his hard little cock in and out of her already juicy cunt; then she released her boobs as her hands rubbed down his back to cup his jerking butt.
Dean was just wondering how long he would last when he felt the churning in his balls and knew he was almost at the breaking point, that his fuck was almost finished. He tried to hold his load back, but it was hopeless.
Grunting and groaning, his body jerking in her warm crotch, he pumped his fuck juice into the depths of her pussy, and she held his shuddering body until it was all over.
 "How did you like your first fuck, darling? " Mary asked when he opened his eyes and sighed as he savored the feel of his spent cock soaking in her hot, juicy cunt.
 "I can’t tell you, Mary, " he replied in a weak voice.  "I don’t know enough words. Please say you’ll let me get on you and do it again soon. "
 "Yes, darling, " she assured him warmly,  "you’re going to fuck me often from now on. I love the way you suck and fuck, and tongue my asshole. You’re going to be a very busy boy from now on. "

Chapter 14

Having discovered the joy of fucking Mary, Dean was eager to get into Sharon’s twat. He was even more eager to strip his beautiful older sister naked, fondle her firm young body and stick his tool into her pussy.
All this came out in the course of a family conference later that evening, when all of them were fully clothed again.
Adam and the girls told how excited they had been while watching the exciting performance; then it was Mary’s turn to tell of how thrilling the seduction of the boy had been, how she especially enjoyed the way he had tongued her crack and her bung, promising him she would teach him exciting variations of that game.
The girls had been excited by that act, too, and had agreed that it would be exciting to take Dean to a room and have him lick both their asses.
 "There’s something we have to make clear right from the start, " Adam told the group.  "Dean, you can count on getting all the fucking you want from now on, but Mary’s cunt is the only one you’re allowed to get into. "
 "Why, Dad? " the boy asked, obviously disappointed.
 "Because Mary is fixed up so that she can’t become pregnant. The same doesn’t apply to Sharon and Emily. "
 "But you fuck them, don’t you? " Dean asked.
 "Yes, I do, but I wear a rubber when I do. You see, your cock isn’t big enough yet to wear a rubber safely. What you must remember is that just one drop of your sperm getting into a pussy could knock a girl up. I want the three of you to keep that in mind each time you play and get horny. "
 "Then I can play with the girls and see them bare naked and feel them up and all that? " Dean asked.
 "Yes, of course. In fact, there’s also a way you can fuck them. "
 "You mean up the ass, Daddy? " Emily asked, and she wondered how it would feel to take a hard prick up her shitter.
 "That’s right. Lots of people, men and women, like being ass-fucked. I think it’ll be especially good with Dean, because his cock is nice and slim. We could have a little demonstration of ass-fucking later. Are all of you interested? "
The girls and Dean assured him they were, and they agreed that they would give it a try later, after Dean had recovered his vitality.
Leaving the others to chat, Adam went to the well-stocked bar and poured a couple of drinks. He returned with them and guessed that things would soon warm up as he noticed that the three females had raised the hems of their dresses, and that Dean was trying to look at all six thighs at the same time.
The evening wore on pleasantly, and Adam saw that the others were eager to move beyond the stage of conversation and get into action. More than anyone, Sharon and Emily made that clear as they sat together on a couch, Sharon with a hand between Emily’s thighs, Emily with a probing hand inside the younger girl’s blouse, fondling her firm young tits.
 "Since you two seem so interested in playing, " Adam told the girls,  "perhaps you should put on a little show for us. Who knows, it might help Dean get a hard-on and then we could have a real orgy. "
 "How about your cock, Daddy? " Emily asked.  "Is it hard? "
 "It’s very hard, " he assured her as he watched her playing in Sharon’s crotch while she showed him how her pale-blue nylon panties snugged against her warm pussy.
With help from Mary, Adam quickly rearranged the furniture, so the second couch was facing the one on which the two girls sat. Before sitting, Mary drew the hem of her dress above her hips; then Adam was seated to her right and Dean to her left as they watched the two girls petting on their couch, sharing hot kisses, each fondling the body and thighs of the other. While they watched, Adam and his son fondled Mary’s thighs and the crotch of her panties; then she gave the boy permission to unbutton the top of her dress, and there was even more for them to play with.
On the couch, the girls removed each other’s clothes gradually, unhurriedly, until Sharon took Emily’s panties off. Then they were both naked.
While their audience watched intently, they went wild with passion, sucking and fondling tits, stroking warm little pussies until they agreed that it we time to produce some comes. Seconds later, they moved into an end-to-end embrace. For the first time in his life, Dean saw two females lapping cunt in the sixty-nine pose.
It was so thrilling to the boy that he couldn’t just watch. He left the couch and went to play with the two writhing, naked bodies, stealing all the feels he wanted, his cock so hard that he couldn’t believe it possible.
Mary didn’t mind when Dean left her, especially when Adam put an arm around her and fondled one boob with a gentle hand while his other hand rubbed so excitingly in her crotch that her panties became nicely moist there.
There was a wild flurry on the couch as the two girls climaxed at the same time. In his arousal, Dean clutched at both cheeks of Emily’s ass. His fingers dug into the firm flesh hard enough to make marks on her sensitive skin, but she didn’t seem to mind as the girls untangled and she got up smiling, looking very pleased with herself and her partner.
When Adam began undressing, Mary and Dean followed his example. As Mary began to push her panties down, Dean begged to be allowed to do that for her, and she smiled as she tugged them back up and waited for him.
 "Your daddy made the crotch of my panties wet with pussy juice, Dean, " she told the naked boy as he crouched before her.  "Why don’t you make my panties a little wetter with your mouth, darling? I love having the crotch of my panties sucked. "
It was all the invitation the boy needed as he dropped to his knees, and ran his hands up her thighs. Then his upturned face went to her crotch. While the others watched intently, Dean sucked greedily.
He mouthed and sucked and licked so excitingly that Mary realized that she was on the verge of coming. As the first shock wave struck, she clutched at his head and pulled it tightly against her, her hot crotch jerking against his face until the waves had all pawed.
The girls were impressed, and then they watched as Dean slowly pulled Mary’s wet panties down, taking his time about it. When her panties had been pulled to just below her ass, Dean began kissing the plump, smooth cheeks, but she told him to hurry and strip her because she had a surprise for him, one that he would like very much.
Seconds later, Mary stepped out of her panties and knelt on the couch with her head down and her big butt arched high, her asshole and cunt clearly displayed for all to see.
 "Adam darling, " she said with a sigh,  "since Dean likes asses so much, I have a feeling he’d enjoy doing a nice ream job on me. What do you think? "
 "I think the two of you are even wilder than me, " he told her,  "but I think you’re right about a nice reaming. "
Adam and his son went to the couch to admire and play with her ass while the girls watched, not knowing what the proposed reaming was all about. They watched as Adam showed his boy how a tongue should be curled into a roll so that it could be worked up an asshole just like a cock. Dean had so enjoyed kissing and licking her crack that he knew it would be sheer delight to get his tongue right up Mary’s bung and use it as a prick to ass-fuck her. There was no trace of apprehension, no thought of taste he could encounter there. Her bung was a beautiful little ring in the valley of her ass and he wanted to ream her.
Crouching behind her, he rubbed his hands over both smooth cheeks, and probed her crack with a gentle finger as she trembled and sighed. Then he was holding her well-fleshed hips as he licked up and down her crack.
When he decided that her ass crack should be wetter, like her cunt, he poured saliva into the top of it and watched it trickle all the way down through her crack into her crotch, to make her cunt even wetter. With a gentle hand, he smeared the juice over her pussy. His face returned to her beautifully arched, white ass and went between the cheeks to plant a loving kiss on her butthole, a kiss which made her tremble with lust.
Mary groaned that she wanted to see the boy as he worked on her ass, and Adam hurried away, returning with a mirror which he positioned against the other couch so that she could watch. When the mirror was in place, Mary groaned at the sight of the boy with his face pressed between the big cheeks of her butt, looking a; though he was trying to get his whole face up her asshole.
And then she felt his tongue probing, trying to curl into the tight bung. Trying to help him, Mary used her ass muscles as though she were shitting. He felt her brownie pushing out to meet his tongue, and as it opened, his tongue pushed inside.
Wrapping his arm tightly around her big thighs, Dean kept his face pressed against her ass. Then his tongue was working in and out of her bung as she panted with lust and tried to describe the thrill of the reaming to the others, who stared in disbelief as Dean went on tongue-fucking her up the ass. Finally it became too much for Mary, and she had to tell him she couldn’t take any more.
Dean wore an expression of regret as he let his tongue come out of her shitter and pulled his face away. Before he let her go, he planted one loving, moist kiss on each cheek of her ass, then got to his feet, looking very pleased with himself.
 "Finish up the job with your big cock, lover, " Mary panted as her naked butt swayed.  "Stick that big prick up my asshole and fuck me blue. "
Delighted, Adam told her he’d get the Vaseline, but she told him to forget it and slip it to her dry, adding that the boy’s mouth had prepared her asshole enough for his big cock.
In no mood to argue, Adam knelt behind her, his pecker throbbing with desire, and steered his cock between her asscheeks.
The children moved in close, watching the prickhead as he guided it to the bung which looked much too small to admit his dong. Then with a groan, Mary felt the cockhead push into her asshole, stretching it as it had never been stretched before.
Dean watched the head of his father’s prick vanish up Mary’s butt; then he wanted to see something else so he lay face up on the bed, working his way until he was lying with his face under her wide-open crotch. He reached up, rubbed her wet, warm pussy, then slipped a finger into her slit and began fucking her with it. Mary let him know what a brilliant idea that had been as he went on fingering her twat while his father fucked her up the ass, delighting her and the girls, who stared in mounting arousal, each of them thinking that Dean would soon be diddling them that way, wondering how it would feel.
Adam went on buggering her big ass, his belly making exciting sounds as he allowed it to spank the big cheeks; then the tightness of her asshole provided more friction than he could stand, and he couldn’t hold back his load.
Panting the message to her, he gave her bung a few more strokes of cock, then pressed tightly against her warm, white ass. His load exploded strongly, shooting up into her butt in shot after shot as she purred.
But Mary’s purring changed to other sounds as the boy’s stroking finger triggered a climax which she enjoyed with Adam’s cock still up her asshole. It was a wonderful orgasm and seemed to go on forever.
Faced with the available asses of the two girls, and having only one cock to serve them, Dean didn’t want to risk offending one girl by choosing the other, so he tossed a coin, hoping it would win him a ride on Emily’s bigger ass. When it fell tails, appropriately, he smiled and led Emily to the couch. As he did, Adam went to get a jar of lubricant; then he went to the couch, and he was gentle as he greased his daughter’s bung to provide an easy film on which his son’s cock could ride. Because of the smallness of Dean’s cock, Adam wasn’t sure that her brownie needed lubricating, but he decided to take no chances.
As Adam pulled his finger out of the greased butthole, Dean hurriedly knelt behind his sister and used both hands to fondle her pretty ass. He wanted to play awhile with the silken cheeks, but acting like a bossy big sister, Emily told him to hurry and get his cock up her ass.
Her attitude annoyed him, and he told himself he was going to have a talk with his father about that; he rubbed the head of his dick on her bung for a few seconds, then gave a slow push and his prick slipped into the greased brownie with ease. He took his time and slowly fed the rest of his cock up her shitter. When it was all the way in, he pressed against warm, smooth asscheeks and felt his prick throbbing in her tight butt.
He held her by the hips then, as his father had held Mary, and then he was buggering the girl, doing it slowly, loving the feel of his cock pumping in and out of the very tight hole. He saw Mary kneeling close to Emily and reaching under her to play with her tits, making it more exciting for Dean as he went on riding his sister’s ass.
Because he had already shot a load, Dean was able to keep the ride going for a long time. But then he reached the stage where it could be extended no longer, so he began riding her ass with fast strokes, making her grunt and groan, and then his sperm pumped up his sister’s ass with very strong force.
When it was all over and Dean had taken his spent cock out of her bung, Emily decided that fucking up the ass couldn’t begin to compare with taking it in the cunt, yet she thought it was an interesting game and that from time to time it would serve as a nice change of pace.
Deciding that her daughter looked neglected, Mary went to the couch with her and soon had her writhing in lust as she sucked her little titties and played with her hot little cunt until the girl was crying for a come.
Raising and parting Sharon’s pretty legs, Mary pressed her face into the warmth of the sweet young crotch and began sucking her cunt. She sucked well, and it wasn’t long before Sharon’s legs scissored a message of ecstasy as a strong orgasm enveloped her and took her for a beautiful rocket ride. The ride proved to be a long one, such a long one that along the way she passed through heaven and kept on going.

Chapter 15

 "Darling, " Mary said as she and Adam spent a quiet evening at her house while Sharon was at Adam’s, romping with Emily and Dean,  "there’s something I have to tell you. It’s been bothering me, and I have to get it off my chest. "
 "Anything that comes off that beautiful chest will have to be beautiful, " he told her and cupped a tit through her dress, fondling it lovingly.  "Tell me and then you’ll feel better. "
 "Well, it’s about King, " she began nervously.
 "Don’t be afraid, darling. I love you, remember? "
 "All right, dear, but it’s so difficult. You see, until you came into my life, King was all I had for sex. He served me well. Since you, I don’t need him anymore–I mean for sex. "
 "I’m with you so far, dear. Keep going. "
 "Well, you see he got hooked on lapping and fucking a woman, and it hurt him when I cut him off. "
 "Poor King, it would hurt me if you were to cut me off. I can understand how he felt. "
 "You see, dear, after I cut him off, I felt sort of disloyal. He’d looked after me, but I refused to look after his needs then. "
 "Mary, you’re a very loyal person, and I can well understand your feelings. "
 "All right, here’s the rest of it. One night, he came to me, put his snout in my crotch and cried. I couldn’t stand it, so I stripped and let him lap my cunt a little. Then I went down on all fours and let him fuck me. "
 "I think that was the only decent thing for you to do, Mary. You’re not a selfish person. "
 "Then you’re not angry? "
 "Angry? Why in hell should I be angry? He was your lover until I came along and interfered. As I see it, the poor animal is hooked on you and it would be an act of cruelty not to give him a piece of tail from time to time.
 "Oh, darling! " she said and turned to throw her arms around him.  "No wonder I love you. You’re such a man, such a wonderful man. "
 "I’m only what you make me, dearest. Now let me tell you something. I assumed you were still letting King fuck you, and I’ve been dying to watch. I didn’t ask because I was afraid I’d embarrass you, but I’ve been waiting for you to invite me. "
 "Oh, Adam, I’ve been such a dummy about this whole thing. I’d love to have you with me when he fucks me. We can do it tonight, if you want. He hasn’t had a screw for almost a week. "
 "Mmmm, it sounds too good to be true, my angel. Let me get you nice and horny, then bring him in and I’ll get to watch him ball you. Oh, Christ! This is really going to be a treat! "
 "Darling, would you like to fuck me before he shoots his juice up my cunt? "
 "No thanks. I want to have a hard-on during the performance. I’ll be hot to fuck you later. I don’t mind riding a wet deck. "
 "Riding a wet deck? " she asked, puzzled.
 "It’s an old navy term. It means getting into a cunt after it’s already been fucked. "
 "You can ride my deck anytime, lover-wet or dry. "
They got up and began undressing. While Adam stripped naked, he had Mary leave her bra and panties on, and she liked that, liked it because it meant he wanted to take them off for her, and Mary always enjoyed the way he did that.
 "Oh, lover, " she sighed as he pushed his briefs down and his stiff tool leaped out,  "one look at that delicious cock and I could forget all about King. "
 "Thanks, darling, but why settle for one cock when you can have two? Besides, I’ve been waiting a long time to see that big dog humping your sweet ass, " he told her, kicking his briefs away as she hurried into his arms.
While they kissed, he fondled lovely asscheeks through her panties and around them. During their second passionate kiss, Adam pushed a hand inside her panties and played with silken cheeks of which he knew he would never tire, just as Mary knew she would never tire of the big cock which throbbed as it pressed against her belly.
Before taking her onto the couch, Adam unhooked her bra and took it off; then he was handling her big tits, driving Mary wild with passion. She was sighing hotly as Adam took her panties down.
 "Are you sure you want me to let King fuck my cunt? " Mary asked as he inserted a finger in her pussy and gave her a slow diddling which kept her ass squirming.
 "I’m positive, " Adam assured her.  "I can still see it in my mind, that time I watched through the window when he lapped your beautiful cunt and balled you. This time I won’t jerk off, though. I’ll get you in the same position and then I’ll be your big dog. "
 "Oh, yes, Adam! I want you to watch King fucking me. I’d like to let the kids watch, too, but I’m afraid I’d shock them too much. "
 "I’m not so sure about that, darling. I think it would be wild. Now that you mention it, I’d love to see the big brute fucking Emily and Sharon. He’d look so big mounted on Sharon’s little body with his big cock rammed up her little slit. "
 "If you think so, Adam. Anything you want. I guess the girls would love being fucked by a dog at that. Yes, we’ll do it, Adam. I’d give anything to watch King screw Sharon. We’ll do it and we’ll all watch. Maybe I’ll let them watch me getting dog-fucked first, just to show them how thrilling it is. Do you want me to get him now, dear? "
 "No, darling, your tender little cunt isn’t ready. "
 "Isn’t it, Adam? What does it need to be ready? "
 "It needs a nice sucking to make it juicy and very slippery. It needs more than just a sucking. I’ll get my tongue up your slit and give you a lapping that’ll make you come. "
 "Oh, lover, that’s such a terrible thing to do! It will make me suffer so. "
 "Yes, you poor little angel, you’re going to suffer so badly. You didn’t know how cruel I could be, did you? "
 "No, but I’m so small and weak and you’re so big and strong. I’m helpless, Adam, I can’t stop you from eating my cunt and making me cry. I’m going to try, though. I’m not going to let you open my legs. "
Adam took the finger out of my cunt and Mary closed her crotch, pressing her thighs tightly together. When he reached to part them, she kept them closed and sounded like a terrified little girl as she begged him not to eat her twat.
The exciting game drove Adam wild as he forced his hands between her thighs and she went on begging as he parted her legs wide and stared into her crotch as she went on playing the game. Even then, she thought they would play the game again soon. In her mind, she saw him dragging her to a bed, tearing her clothes off and raping her while she pleaded and begged for mercy she wouldn’t want or get.
Mary was still begging and pleading when his face went down into her crotch and he began sucking her hot, juicy cunt, his hands caressing her ass lovingly. She stopped playing the game then, and her hands went to his head, mussing his hair as she moaned with passion, rubbing his head as she urged him on and he sucked and lapped her snatch eagerly.
When his tongue curled around her hard passion bud, Mary felt orgasm approaching and knew it was going to be a beauty, one of those sensational and shattering ones that would leave her limp and drained.
When climax struck, it was like lightning that hit first in her crotch, then fanned out through her whole being. As it surged more and more strongly, Adam held her tightly, his arms around her jerking ass, his face pressed into her pussy bush.
 "Oh, my darling, " she panted a little later,  "that was a new, all-time record. You’ve never sucked my cunt so beautifully, and I’ve never had such a come in my life. "
 "I’m glad to hear it, angel. Did it make you ready for a good fucking by a big, horny dog? "
 "Oh yes, lover! But I’ll have to rest for a minute. Right now, my cunt couldn’t take it. I think it’d kill me. "
They rested for a few minutes, Adam lying with his cheek on the muff of hair which crowned her well-lapped cunt. Then she told him she was ready. He got up and watched the exciting motions of her bare ass as she went to get her dog.
When Mary returned to the room with the animal, he looked more than happy, his long tail wagging and his tongue hanging out. It was obvious King knew that he was going to fuck his woman again. Adam felt his cock throbbing strongly and wondered if he would shoot off in the air while watching the exciting performance, one the like of which few men had ever seen, he guessed.
Mary sat on the edge of the couch, her crotch wide open. She jerked a little at the touch of the cold snout on her inner thigh; then the dog was licking while Mary rubbed his head and talked to him in the loving tone she always used when he was licking her snatch.
 "That’s my good dog, King. You really know how to lap a cunt. Yes, baby, it’s nice and juicy, isn’t it? "
As she talked to the licking animal, Mary parted the lips of her cunt and held them open so that King’s rough tongue could reach the sensitive interior of her horny snatch.
Looking at Adam, she saw him standing, holding his hard cock in his right hand, a lustful expression on his face. She wondered if he were thinking of that time when he had seen King lapping and fucking her.
 "Oh, Jesus! He’s going to make me come! " Mary panted and took one hand out of her crotch to rub the animal’s head and urge him on.
The big tongue kept licking over her clit. Mary let out a wail which rose in pitch and broke as she fell back on the couch. Her lush, white ass jerked strongly as she rubbed her body hotly on the rough fabric in her second magnificent come of the day.
Again Mary had to pause to rest. At last she sat up, sighing, and told King what a good dog he was and how beautifully he had lapped her cunt. Standing, she turned her back to him and bent to sway her beautiful ass, telling him he was about to mount her and collect his reward for the lovely cunt-lapping he had given her.
Hurrying to her, King put his snout under her ass and sniffed, liking the aroma of woman cunt he found there, his cock beginning to harden and stick out of the furry sheath. But the dog, Adam thought, couldn’t possibly be more excited than he was at the prospect of watching his woman being mounted and fucked by a big dog.
Telling the animal to sit, Mary went to Adam and gave him a passionate kiss. Then he released her and she knelt on all fours, her lovely tits dangling pendalumously, her silken ass beautifully arched, her knees apart.
Adam wanted to drop to his knees beside her so he could play with her body and kiss and tongue the crack of her ass but he didn’t dare. Despite the fact that the big beast was well-trained, Adam didn’t want to run that kind of risk. He had only one cock, and he didn’t care to have it used for dog food.
Knowing how she was exciting Adam, Mary went on with the teasing game, making them both wait. Looking at the animal again, Adam saw that more of his cock had pushed out of the sheath. As the animal stared at Mary’s cunt, the sheath peeled back, all the way back over his balls and Adam gasped as he saw the length of the beast’s big prick.
Mary saw it, too, and knew how ready the dog was. She decided it was time to stop teasing and take a good fucking.
 "All right, King, " she said warmly,  "come now and mount my ass. Mount me and get your big cock up my hot cunt. Fuck me! " she panted.
Staring intently, Adam was surprised that the beast didn’t leap for Mary. When she called him, King got to his feet, looked under to see that his cock looked as ready as it felt, then went to her unhurriedly and sniffed at her cunt.
King mounted her naked body with easy grace. As he did, Adam was again startled by the size of the dog’s stiff cock, almost as big as his own, and streaked with blue veins which gave it an unnatural appearance. But there was nothing unnatural about the way the big cock jabbed in the air as he adjusted the position of his hind feet, the prick jabbing closer and closer to Mary’s cunt as Adam hunched beside them for a closer view of the fucking, the mating of animal and beautiful, naked woman.
The dog stopped his futile jabbing, repositioned his hind feet and, seeming to sense that he had the slit lined up, jabbed strongly. Mary groaned as he rammed half the length of his cock into her hole, paused, then fed her the rest of it.
His forelegs wrapped around his woman, King began fucking her. He humped like a pro, keeping Mary panting and sighing as the long cock pistoned in her twat, moving so fast that it was almost a blur. Watching intently, Adam was able to see the beast’s cock on each back stroke, wet with Mary’s hot cunt juice.
Instinctively, Adam had his cock in his hand as the show went on, and he was jacking himself without being aware that he was doing it. When he realized he was very close to shooting his load, he released his dick at once, thankful he had stopped in time, so that when King was finished, it would be his turn to play dog with his beautiful woman bitch.
But King showed no sign of being finished as he kept panting while his magnificent prick pistoned in Mary’s twat. Adam wondered whether she was going to have a come while the beast was still humping her and giving her cunt a first-class screwing.
The answer to his unasked question came within seconds as he saw the dog give a few faster strokes, then press against the warmth of Mary’s silken ass. His body jerked strongly and Adam knew that the dog was shooting his juice up her twat and, knowing how Mary fucked, he guessed that her cunt was sucking cock, draining the animal’s balls.
When King was finished shooting his load up her sucking cunt, he dismounted. Remaining kneeling, Mary told him to go out of the room, and he did. Adam followed him to the door and closed it. Seeing that Mary was still kneeling and panting, he guessed the beast had brought her close to orgasm but hadn’t finished the job.
 "Hurry, Adam! " she panted in confirmation.  "He brought me so close. Get your cock into me quick. I want to feel you on my bare ass, lover. Get that sweet cock up my cunt and fuck the hell out of me. "
Adam was panting with eagerness as he dropped to his knees behind her and pulled her silken cheeks back against his belly, marveling at the lovely feel of them. Then he released her, took his stiff cock in hand and went looking for her cunt. He found it very quickly, and it felt hot and soft and excitingly wet. He heard her moan as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit a few times; then he very slowly pushed his swollen prickhead between the lips and Mary groaned as she felt it stretching her twat.
 "Oh, yes, darling! " she panted.  "This is it! This is real fucking. That was only a novelty. Give it all to me, lover! Make me feel that beautiful big prick up between my tits. "
Adam doubted he could get that far into her, but he tried his best. Even after his cock was in her hole to the balls, he pulled her behind tightly back against him and pressed hard, feeling his cock throbbing in her hot snatch as he held her well-fleshed hips lovingly, the way she liked to be held when he fucked her that way.
Wanting to make sure she would come, he fucked her slowly, his belly making an exciting spanking sound each time it slapped against her asscheeks. It was a sound she never tired of hearing, a feel she loved so much she promised herself that one day she would ask him to smack her naked buttcheeks with his hand, perhaps to give her a real spanking that would leave her behind hot and red and tingly.
But for the time being, his cock was giving her everything she could want, and she loved it as the big rod filled and stretched her gushing cunt.
And then it became better as she felt the first warning flash which told her an orgasm was on the way. Mary told him she was getting very close. To his surprise, Adam wasn’t, so he indulged in the luxury of some fast stroking. His hands gripping her tightly, he panted as he pistoned his cock in her cunt furiously. Then he felt his balls tingling, and hoped he would time it right so that he would pump his sperm up her cunt just as she was enjoying her come.
The low, quavering cry began, her body jerked and then she was coming. Adam pulled her beautiful behind tightly against him as he rammed his cock up her pussy and held her against him as his balls sent spurt after strong spurt shooting up into her sucking, convulsing cunt.
Unlike the dog, Adam chose to remain mounted on her ass for a long time after the fuck was over. When he did dismount, his well-used cock soft and shrunken, Mary tiredly lowered herself onto the thick carpet. Adam’s arms went around her, crushing her luscious boobs against his chest as they kissed lovingly. The torrent of passion had subsided for both, but the glow of their love went on.
Later, they talked of how they were going to enjoy it when King mounted Emily and Sharon to show them what it was like to be fucked by a big dog.