Cum Together Coffee Poem

Roar Bean Got Chosen by RobinRecreatesSex “Cum Together” He slaves over her Drips he’s risen face, boiling taste lips flirting miraculously exhibition sex boiling two cups comes together wicked orally delicious Bold, tantalizing blend, of Coffee to hold. My flavor came out in my shower. he’s sold Pop- erotic body–steamy he raided my book, He poured … Continue reading Cum Together Coffee Poem

Completely Random Act of Poetry

The main lights go out, The dance floor lights come on. The music starts, The fog’s turned on. Women in low cut tops, Cleavage on show. Enter the dance floor, Friends in tow. Glances are met, Moves are noted. Temperatures are rising, Reticence gets demoted. Vision lingers, Pulses race. Curiosity piqued, By a beautiful face. … Continue reading Completely Random Act of Poetry