Wet Wet Wet

It was late afternoon and tennis courts that were normally fully booked were empty. Sixteen year old Mary was sitting in the club house, Mary was a known violent thug who few people trusted but she had got a job as an attendant at the tennis club, she was the only person working at the … Continue reading Wet Wet Wet


It was early afternoon as Cindy sat in the back garden of the house her parents had just moved into, her dad was in the government and kept moving around the country, at just twelve years of age this was the fourth house that Cindy and lived in she knew that in a few years … Continue reading Welcome


The old factory on the outskirts of the small town had been empty for a few years, it was then brought by a property tycoon and turned into a hostel for homeless people of all ages, not long after opening the hostel was full, there were volunteers who helped the staff, sixteen year old Cindy … Continue reading Homeless


It was just a few months before my sixteenth birthday. Those days I did not understand how much I have been addicted to exhibitionism. Every time I got into performing an act of naked exhibitionism in public places I was terrified with the idea of getting caught. Again after a few weeks, I would start … Continue reading Dangerous


Mark was a proud boy, when he had been on holiday in China he had gone into a herbal medicine shop where he had brought a penis developer and pills that gave staying power and now two years after the holiday was happy with the results of his purchases his dick was now eight inches … Continue reading Proud

The Cam

Tracy was a very intelligent sixteen year school girl who had agreed to take part in a homework club when students who were struggling with their school work could at a given time be touch with Tracy on a one to one cam session so that they could get some help with their school work, … Continue reading The Cam