Rich Girl

Tina was the daughter of the richest man in England, she lived with her parents in a twelve bedroom house on the edge of a small English town where she was well known and well liked, Tina was known to help anybody if she could. It was two days after Tina’s sixteenth birthday her parents … Continue reading Rich Girl

The Station

Martin was sitting in the deserted railway station, he knew that at that time of night very few people used the station, Martin looked at his watch and saw from the time showing it was just over a hour before his train was due, Martin was a well known peeping tom who did not have … Continue reading The Station

Caught ???

Simon had been suspended from school because he had been caught trying to look into the girls changing room, no girls had been in there so he had seen nothing and thought it was unfair that he had been suspended, he was now sitting at home being looked after by Tracy who lived in the … Continue reading Caught ???