If you’ve seen one

It was the summer of my sophmore year and I had a great opportunity to train at my coaches house. He had a huge house out in the country which was a great place to train. At the time I was training for inline speed skating and in a few months I had the national competition.
My coach Dan lived there with his wife Patty and their daughter Kate. Patty was from Italian decent and came from money. She had a hour glass figure and long brown hair. I usually stayed clear of her, seemed she was always bitching about something. Kate was about 9 year old and read a lot of books. For the most part she was a good kid.

I slept in the basement which I really didn’t mind. It was recently redone and now had a ridiculous bathroom with a glass shower, sauna. It was my own little getaway were I could be myself and have some privacy or so I thought.

It was my first weekend there and I had just came back from my morning bike ride. They were just waking up and they had just sat down for breakfast. I quickly said good morning and headed downstairs to take a shower. I was fully taking advantage of the double headed shower when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. With no warning Patty walks in. In shock I instantly turn.

“If you seen one you’ve seen them all.” She says.

I guess turning didn’t do much help. The shower had glass doors from ceiling to floor so I was pretty much open to be viewed. She was either seeing my cock or ass that’s for sure. She disappeared in the pantry on the other side of the bathroom and from time to time she would walk out and walk back in. Every so often glancing my way. At the time I was still a little wet behind the ears and only a few have seen me completely naked. I was still quite shy about my body and definitely not used to an older woman walking around the bath room as I showered. The thought of being seen still excited me though. I got that weird feeling in my gut and heart instantly started racing. Even After the 4th or 5th time that she walked back in and out I turned as usual.

“Once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all”. She says again.

She had finally left, which gave me time to finish up and get dressed. I run upstairs and sit down at the table. After a few minutes my coach sits down and starts chuckling. Patty said she walked in the bathroom when you were showering. Right away he can see I was uncomfortable and assured me I have nothing to worry about. He then explains in Italy nudity isn’t a big deal. Then he added a side note of her visiting nude beaches when she was younger. From around the corner Patty catches an ear and enters the conversation.

“I’ve seen hundreds of them, they’re all the same”. She says.

She was obviously talking about men’s cocks. She then goes into stating that no ones is bigger than her husbands 9 inches of dangling death and other details. After she had left he pulled me aside and said,

“if she comes in the bathroom it’s to clean and organize and to just ignore her.”

I didn’t know what to think. I was confused and the whole idea was to much for me to handle. Throughout the day I would catch myself day dreaming the scenario of her watching me.

The next couple of weeks I was back to my routine. Morning runs, afternoon bike rides and road skating in the evening. I was usually exhausted & by the end of the day I went to bed early. My coach was away most of the time taking care of the rink and Kate was off at her cousins. Everything seemed normal except that every time I hopped in the shower Patty would come walking in. She did it so often that I was slowing becoming use to it. She also never failed to comment that they are all the same. The thought of her walking around me now started to excite me rather than terrify me and I found the exhibitionist in myself come out. I didn’t turn right away now but casually took my time. I always kept my eyes on her and noticed her glance my way more often. I guess no matter how old you are and how many you’ve seen. If there is a naked young man in front of you, you are going to look.

The month flew by and it was Saturday morning. My coach and Kate had taken off to open the rink and Patty stayed behind to do some house hold chores. As I’m walking up the drive from my morning run, I can see Patty in the garden next to the house. She was in full mode with her gardening boots and gloves on. She was wearing an old t-shirt and some old skating spandex. As I walked up, I couldn’t believe my eyes. she was bent over pulling weeds, Her round ass was in the air with a full crotch shot. I don’t think she was wearing any underwear either, with her sweating and the thin fabric it seemed almost transparent. I had a perfect outline of her pussy lips in the fabric. A jolt instantly shot to my groin as I admired it for a good 20 seconds. She then turns to greet me. Her old t-shirt was just that. Her hard nipples easy poked thru the thin fabric. Instantly I was turned on.

“Can you give me a hand”. She asked.

but even before I could could answer she thru me some gloves. I guess the question wasn’t rhetorical. I was dead tired but with another look at her protruding nipples, I quickly agreed.

“Okay, but only for a little bit”. I said.

I quickly got down on my hands and knees and started pulling weeds. I really didn’t mind. Patty was just a few feet from me the whole time and so we chatted back and forth. I really never talked to her that much before and she was actually pretty nice, far different from the bitch I knew at the roller rink. I continually stole peeks the whole time. Every time she turned her back towards me, I would study her back side. I studied every detail from the dimples going down her leg, from the muscles leading to her crotch. An hour had passed and the continuous staring had taken its toll. I was in mid adjustment when she turned my way. It wasn’t hard for her to miss my full erection. My running shorts did little to hide it protruding straight out. Her expression was slightly surprised but as she turned away a small smirk finally came out. She then proceeded to face slightly towards me. At this angle I could see perfectly down her shirt. Her over sized breast dangled with every movement. After a few more minutes I couldn’t take anymore. I had enough and It felt like I was going to explode in my shorts. I said I was getting tired and we both decided to finish up later on. On the way back to the house It was nearly impossible to hide my erection. Every so often she would glance towards him in delight. I immediately headed inside and Patty walked towards the back of the house.

I headed downstairs and stripped down. My erection jumped out as I took of my shorts. I started the shower and jumped right in. The hot water felt great. Images of Patty tits and camel toe jumped back into my head. A couple quick strokes and he was full steam again. It hadn’t been more than a couple of minutes and I hear a knock on the door. Patty instantly walks in a looks my way. My natural reaction was to turn away.

“If I seen one I’ve seen them all.” She shouted.

I was torn on what to do. Instantly I began to shiver and a sense of adrenaline came over me. Do I turn or not? With no hesitation I turned towards the glass. It was slightly foggy but not enough to hide my roaring erection. I grabbed some soap and started to wash my hair. Every movement I did amplified the bouncing and swaying of my cock. I could make out Patty across the room staring as I washed my hair and lathered my body. Every couple of seconds I would lather him up and give him a few strokes. Minutes had gone by and the same sheraid was in play. She would walk in and out of the bathroom every so often give me a hard stare of me washing my self. At one point she paused for several minutes just staring at me. At this point I just plein out started to masturbate for her. My hands slowly explored my shaft and balls. Stroking ever so slowly for her. She then came in closer for a better look. She came next to vanity and toilet which was next to the shower. She still acted to put stuff away and clean up but constantly gazed at me. The excitement had really got to me and I lost it. I shout my load on the shower door. As I squeezed the last drops out she walks out of the bathroom. I stood there for a moment and played back what had just happened. A feeling of satisfaction set over me knowing an older woman enjoyed seeing me naked. It also gave me the confidence to become a little riskier this summer.