My Boyfriend likes to expose me – part 03

My Boyfriend likes to expose me

or perhaps it should be called

The exhibitionist in denial

by Vanessa Evans

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent when the events took place.

Part 03 – Ryan’s Training Course


At the end of the January Ryan had to go on a one week training course on London. He was told that I could go with him providing that I paid for my own travel. Something about being able to cover-up the extra hotel charges, but not the extra train ticket.

Just before we left home Ryan had given me a little package. He told me not to open it then, but to wait until I needed it. He told me that it was an alternative bikini bottoms to go with my yellow bikini. I put it in the suitcase and promptly forgot about it.

We were put up in a big, nice central hotel; a touch of luxury. Our room was on the ninth floor but we were on the side where the only view we had was to the hotel across the street. The first thing that Ryan did was to open the curtains and net curtains. He said that we way too little sunlight in this country at this time of year and he didn’t want to miss any of it.

We arrived there late Sunday afternoon and as soon as we’d settled in our room we went out to get something to eat, and for Ryan to get his bearings; he didn’t want to have any problems getting to the training centre on the Monday morning.



We went down for breakfast that first morning to a relatively quiet hotel restaurant. I was a little surprised to see a couple of guests there in their hotel bath robes. We assumed that there must me a swimming pool in the hotel leisure centre.

After Ryan left for his course I decided to go for a wander round the hotel and see what I could find. I found the leisure centre with a swimming pool and a jacuzzi nearby. It also has a sauna and big workout room. It put that little hotel that I’d worked in to shame; although I never saw one naked housekeeper there.

There were quite a few people in the leisure centre and I learned from signs on the walls that it was open to members of the public – subject to a horrendous

‘membership’ fee.

I decided that I’d go and have a look round some shops then come back to the hotel and relax in the leisure centre until Ryan got back.

The shops that I found in reasonable walking distance weren’t that interesting so I headed back and got changed. Luckily, before we left home, Ryan had been told that the hotel had a leisure centre and I had packed the clothes that I would need.

I put on my little tennis skirt, the white top with the lace band, and trainers and headed to the leisure centre. In the little reception area they got me to sign-in and gave me a towel. The man there also told me that I shouldn’t use any of the exercise machines without an adult there. I was going to put him right, but I couldn’t be bothered.

I had a little wander around then went to the workout room. There was no one there so I had a look at all the machines and decided that the only one that I knew how it worked was the exercise cycle.

I got on it and peddled for a couple of minutes. As I peddled I though back to the exercise cycle in the hotel where I had worked. I remembered how I’d set the seat so high that my pussy was rubbing from side to side as I peddled.

No one else had come in so I got off the cycle and raised the seat.

Yes, that was much better; my clit started getting a workout as well. I got wetter and wetter and the arousal factor increased. Before long I was cumming and struggling to keep quiet.

As the waves of pleasure receded I slowed down and then got off the cycle. After wiping my juices off the saddle with my towel I went to the water machine that was just round the corner from reception. As I was drinking I heard the receptionist man tell another man that everything was quiet apart from a cute piece of jail-bait.

I went back to the workout room and was just stood there deciding what to do when another man came in. He introduced himself as Jim, ‘the personal trainer’. He told me that he’d just started his shift and would be pleased to help me use any of the machines if I wanted.

I’d just about got my AF down to a 2 and I had plenty of time before Ryan got back so I said,

“Yes please, I’ve never used any of these machines, apart from the cycle, before; could you show me how they all work please?”

“Sure, I’m sure that I can set them up for someone your age and size.” Jim said.

I couldn’t be bothered to put him straight and we went to the end of the row of machines. We went to about 4 machines where Jim gave a demonstration then set them up for me; then talked me through using them. Some were hard work and I got a bit of a sweat on.

We got to the rowing machines. They were lined up facing a big mirror. When I sat on one and started rowing I could see myself in the big wall mirror. I suddenly realised that I could see more of myself than I expected. What’s more, Jim was stood beside me so he would be able to see my pussy in the mirror as well.

I stopped and told Jim that I’d had enough of that one.

The next machine was one that Jim told me was for toning my thighs. When Jim showed me how it worked my initial reaction was that there was no way that I could use it. It spread my legs very wide. As Jim squeezed his thighs together I thought that I would be okay if I pushed a lot of my skirt between my legs before I started. When my legs got wide apart there would still be enough of my skirt between my legs to keep me decent.

I got on and adjusted my skirt as Jim set-up the machine. He must have set it so that there was hardly any pressure as I pushed my legs apart. As my legs got wide apart I looked down at my skirt and saw that I was still decent. Jim was stood in front of me and I relaxed knowing that he couldn’t see my pussy.

Jim got me to open and close my thighs a few times. I was only after about the fourth that I looked at Jim’s shorts and saw that he had a hard-on.

“What had caused that?” I thought.

I looked down at my skirt and saw that all the material that I’d pushed between my legs had come up and my skirt was tight across the front. Because my legs were wide apart at that moment, my pussy was on display. Jim was looking into my open hole. I flushed with embarrassment, felt my pussy get very wet, and my AF increased to about a 3.

My body won out over my brain – again, and I stayed on that machine for 4 more spreads, my AF raising to about a 7. Jim must have loved it.

“Okay, that’s enough of that.” Jim said, “Let’s do a bit of weightlifting. We’ll just do one exercise then I think that you will have had enough for one day. We’re going to do bench presses; they’re best done with 2 people, the one doing the lifting, and the other standing close-by just in case the lifter gets into difficulty. That’s called ‘spotting them.’”

“Okay.” I said as Jim got a lifting bar and put what looked like a light weight on each end.

Jim put the bar on 2 stands and lay on the floor with his chest under the bar. He then told me to stand close to his head with my feet slightly apart to make it easier for me if I had to help him with the weights.

As I moved into place I realised that Jim would be able to see straight up my skirt. My body was dulling my brain and I moved my feet further apart. There was a few seconds silence in which I was sure that Jim was having a real good, close-up view of my pussy. I got another wet rush and hoped that I didn’t drip onto Jim’s face.

Jim lifted the bar off the stands and raised it 3 times before replacing it on the stands.

“Now it’s your turn!” Jim said as he got up.

I lay down and shuffled up, under the bar. As I shuffled I felt my top come down a bit. I didn’t check to see if my nipples were still covered.

I lifted my hands to the bar as Jim moved in to ‘spot’ me. I looked up and saw up his shorts leg. He was wearing underwear.

“You may want to put your feet on the floor to help you get a more solid base.” Jim said.

I slid my feet onto the floor either side of the bench. Jim was stood at my head so he couldn’t see up my skirt.

I managed to push that bar up twice. The second time Jim told me to hold it up. There was a long silence as I strained to hold it up Jim seemed to be miles away, and looking straight ahead, passed me.

I looked in that direction and saw the mirrored wall.

Shit! Jim must be looking in the mirror and seeing right up my skirt.

“Jim!” I shouted, “Can you help me please?”

“Sorry,” Jim said, “I was miles away.”

More like the distance between your eyes and my pussy I thought.

Jim lifted the bar back onto the stands and I got up; thinking that my arms ached. As I got up I saw that one of my nipples had escaped through the lace at the top of my top; I quickly straightened it.

Jim told me that I should stop for the day, and go and relax in the sauna or jacuzzi. He also told me that he’d be there for the next 4 afternoons if I wanted another session.

I got my breath for a minute then went to the water machine again. I overheard Jim telling the man in reception that, “that girl was a right little tease, shame that she was just a kid.”

I smiled and walked towards the pool. I had to decide whether to try the sauna, the jacuzzi or the swimming pool.

I remembered that I didn’t have my bikini with me so I opted for the sauna, I’d never been in a sauna before so it was going to be a first for me.

When I got there I realised that I couldn’t go in there wearing a skirt and top so I went to the changing room, took them off and wrapped my towel round me.

As soon as I opened the door to the sauna the heat hit me. I realised that I wasn’t going to last long in there. There was no one else in there so I decided that I’d last longer if I didn’t have the towel wrapped round me. I took it off and spread it on the bench at one end.

I sat on the bench then turned so that I could lean back against the wall. To make it more comfortable I lifted one leg up onto the bench leaving my legs wide open.

I got bored quickly and one of my hands wandered to my pussy and started playing with my clit. I felt my AF rise.

I got hotter and then hotter. My hand lost interest in my clit and I just sat there. I started to think that I had to get out, but that needed effort.

Just then the door opened and a middle-aged man with a towel round his waist walked in. I knew that I had to cover-up but I didn’t have the energy.

The man looked at me and smiled. Then he asked me if I was alright, I didn’t answer.

“No you’re not are you? Here let me help you.”

He came over to me, lifted me up and carried me out. He put me down on one of the sun loungers that were outside the sauna, then went back into the sauna and got my towel.

He spread my towel over my naked body and disappeared. A couple of minutes later he was back with a plastic cup of water.

“Drink that.” He said, holding it out for me.

I drank it and started to feel better.

“Children your age shouldn’t really go into a sauna without their parents being there, the heat creeps up on you and…. Well you know the rest. Stay there for a few minutes until you feel better.”

As the man turned and went towards the sauna I managed to thank him for his help.

I lay there for a while with the towel just covering my body. When I felt a bit better I looked around and saw a shower and decided that I needed a cold one. I slowly got up and walked over to it.

That cold shower made me feel a lot better. I was just deciding that I could get my towel and go and get dressed when I heard voices; foreign voices. I looked round the curtain and saw 4 Japanese men wearing only towels. They were stood talking right next to the sun lounger with my towel on.

My brain told me to stay there until they’d gone, but I pulled the curtain back and boldly walked towards them. Two of the men saw me straight away and said something to the others. They turned and saw me in all my naked glory.

I fully intended to pick up my towel and wrap it round me, but instead I spread it on the sun lounger and lay on it. What’s more I kept my knees apart. Why the hell was I doing that?

The 4 Japs looked down at me and I felt my heart pounding and my pussy getting wet. My AF was increasing.

The Japs kept looking at me and talking, maybe about me, maybe not, for what seemed like hours. I reality it was probably about a minute; but in that time my AF rose to about a 6.

I really did want to play with my clit; and at one point I wished that I had the remote controlled vibrator inside me and Ryan was controlling the speed.

Eventually the Japs went into the sauna and I saw 2 naked, middle-aged butts as they took their towels off. Not as nice as Ryan’s butt.

My clit needed attention. I thought of 2 choices; one was to get dressed and go back to our room and take care of it there; the other was to go and sit in the jacuzzi and do it underwater.

My brain was telling me to go to our room, but my body won and I got up; wrapped my towel round me and walked out to the swimming area.

I was half way to the jacuzzi when I saw a couple, about my age, in the jacuzzi. What’s more there were 3 people in the swimming pool.

As I got closer I decided that if I timed it right I could take the towel off and quickly slip into the jacuzzi while the man was looking the other way. I got to the place where I could hang my towel and looked at the couple. They were both staring at me. I fiddled with my hair a bit, but they kept looking at me. My heart pace increased and I decided that I had to go for it. I unfastened the towel with my back to them.

My nervous let me down and I accidentally dropped the towel. Without even thinking I bent over to pick it up. As I stood up I realised that the couple must have had a great view of my butt and pussy.

With a red face I turned and quickly got in the jacuzzi.

I looked down, not wanting to make eye contact, but my head lifted and eye contact was made. The man smiled and the woman said, “Hi!”.

I said “Hi!” back then the couple started talking to each other.

I relaxed in the bubbles knowing that I was covered. My eyes closed and my right hand found my pussy and clit. I looked forward to a long slow masturbation session.

I was making good, slow progress when the bubbles stopped. Everything went quiet and my hand kept working.

After a couple of minutes I heard someone stand up. I opened my eyes and saw the woman reaching over to a button on the wall. As the waves settled I looked down and realised that I could see my whole body, and what my hand was doing. If I could see, then the couple could. My fingers stopped and my hand went flat over my pubes.

I looked at the woman and saw that she wasn’t wearing a bikini; it was her underwear that I could see, and they were quite thin and slightly see-through.

The bubbles started again, the woman sat down again, the man took his eyes off me and my fingers started again.

It took a few minutes, but I finally released my pussy pressure and relaxed back to enjoy the bubbles.

I was laying there with my eyes shut, enjoying the feeling when someone else got in the jacuzzi.

“Oh shit! I thought, “Two more men.”

I had a decision to make. Did I try and wait until they got out or did I be brave and get out, letting them see me naked.

I pondered the decision for a while as my AF started to climb then all of a sudden I was standing up, right in front of them. Their faces were inches from my pussy. What the hell was I doing?

I’d started, so I couldn’t stop; I turned and climbed out, letting everyone see my butt and pussy as I lifted a leg to climb out.

“Fuck that was horrible;” I though as I wrapped my towel round me. So why was my pussy so wet? I wish that I could understand my body’s needs.

I walked back along the side of the pool, into the changing room, got dressed and went up to our room.

It was dark when I got there. I looked out of the window and saw into some of the rooms in the hotel over the road. I saw 1 naked man (no erection) and 2 women (separate rooms) in just their underwear.

I was just deciding if I would (I knew that I should), close the curtains before putting the light on; when the door opened and Ryan walked in.

As I turned to face him I dropped the towel and rushed to give him a naked hug.

I undressed him and pulled him on top of me on the bed.

After he’d filled my pussy, we lay there and talked about our days. We’d both had good days. Ryan told me that we’d go to the leisure centre together one evening and that he’d fuck me in the jacuzzi. He also told me that I should go and have more workouts.

I asked him about the curtains, saying that it didn’t feel right leaving them open.

He reminded me that we hadn’t got any curtains for our apartment and I didn’t seem worried by people watching us fucking all over the place at home.

I told Ryan that I’d never seen anyone watching us at home; but he was adamant that we’d been watched a few times. I thumped him and told him that we needed to get some curtains soon. I also felt a wet rush in my pussy.

He told me to leave the curtains open.

We showered, got dressed then went out for something to eat.

When we got back to our room Ryan slowly stripped me and fucked me hard. As I lay on the bed, naked, he got his ties out and tied me, spread-eagled to the 4 corners. He stuffed my bikini bottoms into my mouth and used my bikini top to cover my eyes. I thought that he was just playing games and didn’t object; I knew that he would never hurt me.

The next thing that I knew, Ryan was talking to room service on the phone and ordering a bottle of beer.

“Ryan, untie me – please.” I said, but all that he could hear was garbled noises.

Ryan sat beside me and rubbed my clit until there was a knock on the door.

“No, no, yes, yes!” I tried to say, and struggled with my restraints.

Ryan got off the bed and went and opened the door. I heard Ryan telling the man to put it on the table. I froze and went bright red. I was so ashamed, yet so turned on. I felt like dying, but I wanted to cum.

There was a long pause during which I didn’t die, and didn’t cum. Then I heard Ryan say,

“She likes playing bondage games; she looks cute doesn’t she?”

“Ryan, why are you doing this to me, I love you?” I thought.

A minute later I heard the door close and Ryan came and took my bikini away from my face.

“You bastard Ryan!” I said as I saw him start to drink the beer.

“You loved it, I know you did.” Ryan said. He ran a finger along my slit and held it up.

“You’re wetter than my beer,” he said, “want a drink?”

He held the bottle to my mouth and I took a drink. He got that mischievous look on his face and the next thing that I knew was that the beer bottle was being slowly pushed up my cunt.

“That’s cold,” I said, “but nice;” as Ryan started to fuck me with the bottle.

Lubrication wasn’t a problem and my pussy made a few slurping noises as Ryan pushed and pulled and twisted the bottle to get it deeper inside me.

I felt my pussy stretching. It wasn’t painful, just different.

“Wow!” Ryan said, “You’ve got to see this.” Ryan said.

“Untie me then.” I said.

He did, and I sat up.

“Where’s the bottle?“ I asked, knowing full well where it was.

Ryan untied my ankles as I put my hand on the half inch of bottle that wasn’t inside me.

“Can you stand up?” Ryan asked.

I slowly moved to the edge of the bed and asked Ryan to help me up. With a few ‘aaarghs’ and ‘ouches’, I (we) managed to get me to my feet. The bottle started to slide out, but I managed to hold it in using my hand. I started to shuffle along and found that it wasn’t too bad. As soon as I tried to walk I stopped, it was too painful.

I moved my hand and let the bottle slide out onto the floor.

Ryan picked me up and put me back on the bed. His hand went to my pussy and he started to explore my stretched pussy. He easily got 4 fingers inside me. He was going to try to get his whole fist inside, but I asked him to stop. It was hurting too much. I promised to let him try again in a few days.

Ryan lay beside me and said,

“I bet that the audience over the street enjoyed that.”

“Shit!” I said, and reached over and switched the light off.

I woke up the next morning to that wonderful feeling of Ryan slowly fucking me.



After our shower Ryan told me not to get dressed; he told me to do what we’d seen others do the previous morning; go to breakfast wearing the hotel robe. I started to get my bikini out but Ryan stopped me telling me to wear just the robe. I wasn’t sure, but Ryan persuaded me.

In the lift on the way down, a man got in and stood in front of us, facing the door. Just as we started going down again I felt Ryan pull my robe open. My whole front was exposed to the man’s back. I quickly re-tied it.

I had to keep re-tying my robe all through breakfast as Ryan kept trying to get me to flash the other diners.

In the lift on the way back to our room Ryan gave me a long kiss and managed to undo the robe without me knowing. As the doors opened he pulled the robe right off me. I screamed and ran down the corridor, naked, to our room. When I got there I remembered that my key was in the robe pocket, and Ryan had that.

I stood outside our door, hoping that no one would come out of their room. Ryan was taking his time so I stood in the middle of the corridor, facing him, and did some star jumps until he got there.

“I think that you need to go and work off some of that energy.” Ryan said as he opened our door.

“Did you see the security cameras?” Ryan asked.

“NO! Oh shit, what have I done?” I said

“Only joking.” Ryan said.

I thumped his arm then hugged and kissed him.

Ryan pushed me away, telling me that he didn’t have time; he had to leave.

I decided to take Ryan’s suggestion and go for a workout. My next decision was what to do when I got there, and what to wear.

In the end I decided to wear my white tennis skirt and my bikini top. I would carry my bikini bottoms rolled up in my towel.

As I walked along the corridor I looked down at my bikini top. In the bright lights I could see the nipple bumps and make-out the change of colour for my areolas. I hoped that no one else noticed.

When I got in the lift I had to stand in front of 4 men. Two of them were facing me as we went down, and both were looking at my bikini top. I felt my nipples get rock hard and my face blush.

At the leisure centre I went straight to the workout room and was surprised to see 6 men and 1 woman there. Fortunately no one was on the exercise cycle so I went to it and adjusted the saddle height. I wanted to get myself worked-up, but I was going to stop before I had an orgasm; I didn’t want to have one with all those people there.

I got on and started peddling – slowly. I looked round; everyone was doing their own thing. The woman was wearing a sports bra and tight lycra shorts. She had a bit of a camel toe.

My pussy started to lubricate and the sliding became easier. I leaned forwards to put more pressure on my clit and I started to feel good.

My legs started to speed up and I got hotter. Before I knew it I was getting close. I knew that I should stop, but I couldn’t. I just had to keep peddling.

Two of the men left the room, one gave me a strange look bit I ignored him.

My face got redder and redder as I started to cum. I bit my lip to try to hold in the moans. I think that I managed okay because no one turned to look at me although the woman did give me a quick grin. I guessed that she had used the exercise cycle before.

My peddling slowed down and eventually stopped. I got off the cycle and wiped the seat with the towel. My bikini bottoms fell out and I quickly picked them up.

The others in the room were still doing their thing, the woman had moved onto the thighs toning machine. As her legs opened the tight lycra pressed into her pussy making the slight camel toe a big camel toe. I smiled to myself and left.

I decided to go for a swim so I went into the ladies changing room, found a locker and swapped my skirt for my bikini bottoms. It felt a little strange wearing something that covered my pussy.

I had a great swim, the pool wasn’t that big, but I could get a fair bit of speed up and practiced my racing turns.

When I stopped I checked my bikini, it was still there, no Ryan to undo it.

I got out and headed for the jacuzzi; I wanted to relax in those bubbles. There were a couple of young men in there already, but there was plenty of room. As I got close I saw one of the men staring at me. He said something to the other man and he too stared at me.

I had to check that my bikini was still where it should be. I looked down and saw that the yellow bikini might well have been back in our room; it was totally see-through. My hands moved to cover my bits as I quickly got into the bubbles and closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see the men looking at me.

The men started talking about football and I relaxed. So much so that my right hand moved to my pussy and my fingers got to work.

A couple of minutes later the bubbles stopped and I had to move my hand. I hoped that one of the men would get up and press the button to start the bubbles again, but they didn’t.

The water settled and I could see my nipples; fortunately my pussy was hidden by me being sat down.

I waited for one of the men to move, but neither did. I had a dilemma; did I just sit it out, or did I stand up and press the button, letting the men have a good look at my virtually naked body. My brain was telling me to sit it out, but I just stood up and reached for the button.

Sitting down again I said to myself,

“Tanya why the hell did you do that?”

I relaxed a bit, and then all of a sudden the men got up and left.

My fingers got to work and brought me to a nice orgasm.

When I decided that it was time to leave I had another problem. I didn’t want anyone to see my virtually see-through bikini; or more importantly what was under it; so I had to work out how I could get to the changing room without being seen.

I decided that I would wait until the swimmers were swimming away from me and quickly walk alongside the pool to the changing room. I waited for my moment and quickly got out.

Everything went well until I got close to the changing room entrance. All of a sudden the 2 men from the jacuzzi re-appeared right in front of me. There was nothing that I could do. I blushed and rushed passed them.

In the safety of the ladies changing room I took my bikini off and went for a shower. As I dried myself I realised that the only dry clothing that I had was my skirt. I had no choice; I wrapped my towel round me and went back to our room carrying my bikini and skirt in my hand.

Back in our room I went into the bathroom to do what comes naturally. When I came out I got a shock. The first thing that I saw was that our room door was open. I turned towards the bed and saw this young woman making the bed. As soon as she saw me (naked) she said something in a language that I didn’t understand, and rushed out.

I was still feeling horny when I was deciding what to do that afternoon. I knew that it was wrong and that I shouldn’t do it, but I went out wearing just my shoes, duffle coat and the remote vibrator. I’d set it on low just before I left our room, putting the control back in the drawer.

The first place that I went was a McDonalds. I remembered what Ryan did to me the last time that we were in McDonalds; and for once I was grateful that Ryan wasn’t with me. It would have been horrible being exposed to all those people in there.

I giggled to myself as I wondered what they would think if they knew what I was wearing under that coat.

It was busy in there, and the only place that I could get to sit was on a high stool at the long bar at the front window.

As I climbed up the front of my coat fell open and I could see all of my legs, right up to my stomach. I quickly put my food down and made myself decent. On those stools there is no way that a girl can cross her legs so I had to sit there hoping that my coat wouldn’t fall open. I was facing the street so none of the other diners would be able to see my legs.

I sat there eating and thinking about my morning and how I’d let those men see me virtually naked. How could I have done that? All of a sudden I remembered what that vibrating in my pussy was. Instead of ignoring it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

By the time I’d finished my food I was feeling quite worked up. Instead of holding my thighs together, they had drifted apart and my coat had fallen either side of my legs. As I looked down I could see my bald pubes and the top of my slit.

I knew what was going to happen and I couldn’t stop it. I looked round; no one in there was looking at me. I looked outside; again no one was looking at me.

I picked up a napkin and held it to my mouth. I had to supress the moans that would be coming any second.

I looked outside again. A young man was stood talking to a young woman and he was looking my way.

I thought that I might break one of my teeth as I clamped them together to try to stay quiet as it hit me.

The young man outside was grinning. Was he looking at my pussy? Another bolt hit me.

I reached my peak and started to calm down. As I did so I looked around again. I was happy that no one was taking any notice of me. When I looked outside the young man had gone.

I relaxed and enjoyed the afterglow for a couple of minutes before getting off the stool and going to the toilet to clean myself up a bit. As I climbed the stairs the vibe felt good, but I had it under control.

Walking down the street I came across an underground station. On impulse I went in and saw that I was on the Circle line. I bought a ticket that would let me go all the way round and back to where I started. As I went down the escalator I felt that lovely warm draught up my coat onto my pussy. It felt nice. I was also pleased that the coat was long enough for me not to have to worry about people looking up it.

I got on the next train and found a seat; it was one that backed to the side of the carriage, facing a similar one on the other side. There was no one sat opposite so I didn’t cross my legs; I just held the sides of my coat so that my legs were covered.

The vibe, along with the vibrations of the train felt good. I blushed as I had visions of having an orgasm with lots of people all around me.

A couple of stations down the line some more people got on. A middle-aged man came and sat opposite me so I crossed my legs. With the vibe purring away I felt uncomfortable, so I uncrossed them. The man opposite was reading a paper but he was holding it quite low; I could see his eyes going from side to side as he read. I decided that I could ignore him and just put my hands on my lap.

At the next station a lot more people got on. As one walked passed me he accidentally knocked my knee and my legs went wide open for a second. The man looked down at me and said that he was sorry, but I’m sure that he would have had a good view of my bare legs.

For the next 4 or 5 stations the vibe kept me simmering. A couple of times I suddenly noticed that my knees had drifted apart and I had to quickly pull them together. On the second time, I looked over to the man opposite and saw that he was pretending to read, but his eyes were looking straight at my legs.

I blushed and wondered if he’d seen my pussy. Why hadn’t I sat more upright?

The thought of that man seeing my pussy pushed my AF up one. I suddenly realised that I’d let my knees drift apart again; even wider.

I didn’t want that man to see my pussy, so why was I opening my knees? My coat was sliding down the sides on my legs. I looked up and saw another man looking down at me.

Shit, two of them looking at me; it was like someone had turned the vibe up to full.

The train pulled into a station and when it stopped I panicked and got up and ran off the train.

I sat on a bench and cooled down.

I watched one train go passed then got on the next. It was crowded and I had to stand and hold onto one of the upright poles. A few stations along I realised that I’d been holding the pole quite high up. As a result the bottom of my coat was gaping open. I looked down at the person sat in front of me. It was a girl about my age, and she was staring at me; or should I say, my bare thighs. I wondered just how much she could see. I wasn’t that worried, after all, it wasn’t a man; so I didn’t bring my arm down any lower.

What I did do was slide my feet further apart. I needed better balance. Well that’s what I told my brain.

The girl noticed and smiled up at me. I blushed, but didn’t move.

Was it the vibe that was getting me more worked-up, or was it the fact that another girl was staring at my pussy; I had to believe that it was the vibe; there was no way that I’d get turned-on by another girl.

I looked down at her again and our eyes met. She smiled at me then licked her lips.

I looked away as I felt another wet rush flood my pussy.

Fuck! I WAS getting turned-on by another girl. What was wrong with me, I love Ryan.

At the next station the girl stood up and got off the train. As she stood up she whispered to me,

“Cute pussy kiddo, but be careful, there’s a lot of perverts about.”

I blushed – again; and quickly sat in the just vacated seat. I crossed my legs, even though it wasn’t comfortable.

The crossed legs didn’t last long, at the next station a whole gang of young men got on and I moved to the end of the carriage to get out of their way. The problem was that they moved along the carriage as well. I was trapped in amongst then, standing at the end of the carriage.

I got a bid scared, even more so when I felt one of them putting his arm round me. While laughing and joking with his mates, he slid his arm round to my front and into my coat. I nearly jumped a mile when his hand touched my bare stomach.

I think that he was a bit shocked at first because his hand froze for a couple of seconds; then it started to explore my naked flesh.

As soon as the hand found my pussy I exploded. It was a good job that his arm was round me as my legs went all weak. I nearly screamed.

All of a sudden it was over as quick as it started; the train stopped at the next station and all the noisy young men got off. I was left there wondering what the hell had happened. I leaned back against the end door and slowly regained my composure. After that I sat down and waited for the train to get back to where I first got on it.

Back in our room I squeezed the vibe out and had a short nap and I was in the shower when Ryan got back. He was later than the previous day but I wasn’t worried. As soon as I came out of the shower I saw that he had a little box with him. It was a present for me. When I opened it I saw that it was another remote controlled vibrator. I looked a bit confused and reminded Ryan that I already had one.

“Not like this you haven’t. It has an amazing feature that you are going to love. It has a program called ‘random’. When you turn that on it will switch itself on and off at random times and random intensity.”

“So,” I said, “I can be talking to someone and in the middle of our conversation this thing will suddenly give me a full throttle blast for anything from 1 second to 20+ minutes. That could be sooo humiliating.”

“You’ll love every second of it.” Ryan said.

“Well yeah, but…….”

“Come on babe,” Ryan said, “get on the bed and show me your pussy. I want to give this baby a trial run.”

“Later,” I said, I’ve got to tell you all about my day first.

When I told Ryan about the housekeeper incident he told me he’d had an idea for some fun, but wouldn’t tell me what. He said that I’d have to wait.

I then told Ryan about my visit to the leisure centre and my trip on the underground. He told me that it just proves that I’m an exhibitionist. Of course I disagreed with him; he couldn’t possibly be right.

Ryan was a bit hungry so we decided to go and get something to eat.

One thing that Ryan had me do before we went to bed that night was to send me to get a bottle of water from the vending machine near the lifts. The thing was, he sent me without any clothes on. At first I refused, but as usual I gave in and said that I’d do it.

I opened the door and waited until everything was quiet, then I set off. It wasn’t far, but it may well have been a mile. My heart was pounding as I walked along. I made it to the vending machine, but as I picked up the bottle I heard the lift coming up. Was it going to stop at our floor, and if so, who would get out?

My heart was pounding as I walked.


The lift doors opened. I had about 10 yards to go and Ryan was stood at the door watching me.

I heard voices behind me, but I didn’t dare look.

I was just getting to Ryan when he went back into our room and closed the door.

The bastard; I thought.

I knocked on our door but it didn’t open.

I knocked again then looked round to see who had got out of the lift. It was a thirty-something couple, and they both had grins on their faces.

I knocked again.

This time the door opened and I barged in passed a grinning Ryan.

I turned to Ryan and called him a bastard; then I jumped on him and gave him a long kiss.

“I knew that you’d enjoy that.” Ryan said as he carried me to the bed.

Wednesday Morning


The next morning I woke up before Ryan. It was my turn to wake him up in a nice way. I slid down the bed and found his cock. He woke up to the feeling of me giving him a blowjob.

Ryan wanted me to go for breakfast wearing just the hotel robe, so after a shower I sat on the bed waiting for him to get ready. When he came out of the bathroom he went and got the new remote vibe and held it up in front of me. I grinned and lay back on the bed for him to work it into my pussy.

I thought that he wasn’t going to switch it on because he put the control in one of the drawers, but as we were walking down the corridor to the lift it suddenly burst into life. I froze and gasped. It only lasted a few seconds but it certainly surprised me.

I had just finished my breakfast and was drinking my coffee when I got another blast. I nearly sprayed Ryan with a mouthful of coffee.

When we got back to our room Ryan asked me to keep it in all day. I promised to try to.

When Ryan left I decided that I’d go to the leisure centre and have a lazy day. I planned to do just a bit of swimming then lay around until I got bored. I wrapped my bikini in a towel and left our room. I was in the lift when I got blasted again. I was stood behind an elderly Japanese couple and when I gasped they both turned and looked at me. I blushed.

When I went into the ladies changing room there were 2 teenage girls who looked about 13 or 14 there; from what they were saying I think that they were German. I assumed that they’d only just got there because they were dressed and had dry hair.

I took my robe off and put it in a locker then I unrolled my towel and got my bikini. I pretended to have trouble with a knot in the strings and watched the girls as they got undressed, I don’t normally watch other girls get undressed, but something about these 2 told me to watch them. As they took off their tops and skirts I saw that neither had underwear on. Both had breasts bigger than mine, at a guess I would say they were both a 32B. Both their pubes were bald and they both had some sort of clit jewellery.

They were laughing and giggling, and in a world of their own. What they did next totally surprised me; they both walked out of the door towards the pool, totally naked.

Wow! Either the Germans are a lot more liberated than the English or I had missed something about this hotel.

The vibe kicked in again, this time with a long fast blast. I could feel my pussy getting wet, and tingling.

I did something really stupid then, I put my bikini back in the locker and followed the teenagers out to the pool.

I was very nervous and excited as I went through that door. What I saw was 2 naked teenage girls playing games in the pool with a man that looked like their father. There were a few other swimmers that were ignoring the 3 naked girls.

I dived in and swam a few lengths. I love the feeling of swimming naked, it feels so natural. When I went swimming as a kid I often used to think about swimming naked.

I’d done about 10 lengths when the vibe zapped me again; it was another long one so I had to stop swimming and just stand there with a tortured expression on my face.

The vibe had got me to a point where I wanted to take it further. As I didn’t have the control I decided to go into the jacuzzi and bring myself off under the bubbles. I swam to the end of the pool and climbed out. There was no one in the Jacuzzi as I pressed the button and climbed in.

I lay back and started frigging. I was going to enjoy it. I closed my eyes and brought myself to a very nice orgasm. Just as I was about to cum the vibe zapped me again. It was only a short one, but it was long enough and strong enough to push me over the edge.

I opened my eyes to see that the 2 girls and their father had joined me. I blushed as I wondered how much they’d seen.

The 2 girls were all over their father, sitting on his lap and rubbing their breasts on his arms. Another time one of them was straddling his lap with her breasts in his face; she looked like she was fucking him, except that he was wearing swimming shorts. I wondered if he had a hard-on.

I remembered the relationship that I’d had with my father. It was the complete opposite of these 2 girls. I was jealous.

The bubbles stopped and one of the girls got up to press the button. As she leaned over I could see every bit of her pussy. Her clit jewellery was a horizontal barbell stud that was in the hood. Her clit was peeking out too. Was she aroused as much as I was? I stared at her jewellery as long as I could and decided that I wanted one.

I decided to leave them to it, got out and walked towards the sauna. I wanted to try it again. As I walked alongside the pool I got zapped again. I stopped and squeezed my thighs together. Fortunately it was a quick one and I managed to continue without anyone noticing – I think.

In the sauna area I decided to lay on one of the sun loungers for a few minutes as I plucked up the courage to go in.

While I was there a middle-aged man came out of the sauna with a towel wrapped round him. I recognised him as the man that had rescued me the other day. I smiled at him then remembered that I was naked. I bent my knees to cover my pussy.

“If you’re thinking about going in there don’t stay long. As soon as you start to feel funny come out. There might not be anyone there to rescue you the next time.” The man said.

“Yes I will,” I said, “and thank you for rescuing me the other day.”

The man walked off into the gents changing room.

“Okay” I thought, and stood up and went into the sauna. The heat hit me, but this time I knew what to expect. There was no one in there so I lay flat on the bottom bench and let one leg drop to the floor.

I’d just got comfortable when the door opened and in came the 2 girls. I resisted the urge to sit up and cover my pussy. I needn’t have worried, the 2 girls climbed to the top bench and one sat at each end with one leg on the bench below; their pussies were as spread as mine. I looked at both of them and saw that they both had similar barbell jewellery in their clit hoods.

They continued talking so quickly that my schoolgirl German was of no use to me.

The door opened again. This time it was their father; and he was naked too. What’s more his cock was pointing straight out in front of him; he has a semi.

He climbed up and sat between the 2 girls, which was directly above me. He joined in the conversation as I turned my head and looked at the 3 of them. The 2 girls were not at all embarrassed about letting their father see their open pussies, and he wasn’t at all embarrassed by his cock that was getting harder. I wondered if it was anything to do with him looking down at my pussy.

I know that I was embarrassed, but I was so amazed by the 3 of them. I was just thinking about going out to cool off when I got zapped again. That time it was a long fast one and I realised that I was going to cum.

And I did, shaking and moaning and arching my back a little as I did. As I reached my peak I opened my eyes and saw the 3 of them looking down at me. I was soooo embarrassed that I wanted to crawl into a corner and die.

Needless to say that I didn’t die; instead I got up and went out and into the shower. As I went through the shower door I heard the 2 girls giggle. I was sure that they knew that I’d just cum.

As I stood in the shower I felt a little proud on myself; I felt that I’d made a small step towards getting rid of my shyness and guilt. So much so that I went back into the sauna and lay in the same place with my legs wide open.

As I went back in the 2 girls giggled again and I saw that their father still had a hard-on. The 2 girls still had their legs wide open, but one of them had her hand on her pussy. Was she frigging? I wondered. She was the one at my feet end so I could watch her. Yes, she was definitely rubbing her clit. Wow, I would never have dreamed of doing that in front of my father.

A couple of minutes later I got zapped again and I jumped a bit. I so wanted to rub my clit. Another minute later I decided that if she could, then I could, and my right hand moved to my chest, squeezed my nipple then slid down to my pussy.

There was silence as I cupped my pussy then tweaked my clit. My AF was still quite high from before and within seconds I was cumming again. I started shaking and arched my back a lot this time. It was another good one.

The embarrassment kicked in again, and I went to the shower again. When I came out I went and lay on one of the sun loungers; I couldn’t face going in to the sauna again.

All the sun loungers had their backs up so I was half sitting with my knees bent; and wide open. I was looking down at my pussy and feeling pleased with myself when the 2 Germans came out of the sauna. The fathers cock was soft. The father went to the gents changing room and the 2 girls both went into the shower. I heard them giggling.

When they came out I expected them to go and get changed, but instead they went and sat on sun loungers that faced me. As they sat down they both cupped their little breasts and pulled their nipples. What’s more they sat the same way that I was. With their knees up and spread wide. They could see my pussy and I could see both of theirs.

They were both talking and looking at me; or should I say my open pussy.

I was still randy from my previous orgasms and without realising it I found my left hand on my tiny breast. What’s more, my right hand was rubbing my lower stomach.

The 2 girls stopped talking and stared at me.

My right hand moved down and touched my clit. I gasped a bit and moved my hand away. Both girls, at exactly the same time, moved their hands, one to a breast, and the other to their pussies. They both started frigging in total silence.

I wanted to see how far they would go so I took it really slow. I knew that it wouldn’t take much for me to cum again.

Both of those girls went for it; all 4 hands were busy and it didn’t take that long for them to cum. I saw the signs and speeded up my own fingers. I think that all 3 of us came within a minute.

Afterwards there was a long silence as the 3 of us sat there with our legs wide open. I was feeling well pleased with myself and I was sure that Ryan would be as well.

I was brought back to reality as I got zapped again. I jumped a bit and gasped. That broke the spell and the 2 girls got up and went into the changing room.

The zap was a short one and I quickly recovered and went and had a quick shower before going into the changing room.

Both girls were just starting to get dressed in denim miniskirts and tops. I dried myself and was just putting my robe on as they walked passed me to leave. We all smiled at each other. One of them said,


She was thanking me!

When I got back to our room I didn’t know what to do; I wanted more excitement, and my new found courage was egging me on; but at the back of my mind I was still fighting my upbringing.

I decided to order something from room service and looked at the menu. When I’d decided what I wanted I picked-up the phone and ordered.

My brain was fighting my pussy; should I open the door naked, or keep the robe on. In the end I decided that I would chicken out but as I walked to the door I wiped the robe off and threw it on the bed.

I opened the door and looked the man straight in the face. His eyes opened wide for a second then he said, in very poor English,

“Room service.”

“Come in;” I said, “Put it on that table please.” Then I walked over to the window so that he could watch my butt as he carried the tray in.

I turned and stood facing him with my back to the un-curtained window as my pussy tingled and got quite wet.

The man put the tray down and turned to me. There was a long pause before he thanked me and walked to the door. I followed him as he turned for one last look before disappearing down the corridor.

“Wow!” I’d done it again; Ryan was going to be so proud of me.

I ate my lunch, thinking about what I was going to do that afternoon. I could stay in the room and let the vibe tease me all afternoon or I could go out and do something; but what?

Wednesday Afternoon


In the end I put a skirt, top and my coat on and went out. I felt quite over-dressed as I went down in the lift.

I decided to go to Oxford Street and look in clothes shops. I had no intention of buying anything, but I like to look.

I got the tube and decided to be a good girl and keep my legs together. The vibe gave me a few ‘moments’, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. I even tried on a few skirts and dresses having to strip naked to do so, but I was a good girl and kept the curtains firmly closed.

I got back to the hotel about the same time as Ryan and told him all about my day. When I’d finished he hugged me, kissed me and told me that he was proud of his little exhibitionist.

“I’m not an exhibitionist.” I said – again; wondering if perhaps I was.

Ryan looked in the hotel information booklet the told me that we were going for a quick meal then going back to the leisure centre. He wanted to get me naked in public again.

We went to a Chinese restaurant and I have to say that I’ve never eaten so fast. The bottle of wine went down quickly, with me drinking most of it.

Back at the hotel Ryan told me to squeeze the vibe out while he put his swimming shorts on. I squatted down and squeezed. As the vibe hit the floor Ryan reached down and picked it up, put it in his mouth and sucked, then put it in the drawer. I reached for my robe but Ryan told me to leave it and put on my bikini; but to wear the bottoms that I hadn’t even tried on yet. As I went and got the package I told him that I hoped that it wasn’t a thong with sides that he’d undo as soon as he got the chance.

He said that it had elastic sides so he couldn’t untie it. I felt a bit relieved, but that didn’t last. As I pulled it out of the package I held it up and said,

“What’s this, there isn’t any material here, only edging.”

I moved it around in my fingers and saw that it was like an ordinary underwear thong, elasticated strings everywhere, but where there’s normally material to cover your pussy and pubes there was nothing, just a big hole.

“Put it on.” Ryan said.

I did and looked at myself in the mirror. From the back and sides it just looked like any other thong bikini (the colour even matched my bikini top).

“I can’t go out in this Ryan; I’m virtually naked.” I said.

“Yes I know, and you look great. Come on, let’s go.” Ryan said as he pulled me out of the door.

We walked to the lift with me feeling VERY naked. I felt extremely under-dressed when the lift stopped on the floor below and a couple got in, both dressed as if they were going out to a posh dinner.

As we got close to the leisure centre Ryan told me that I was going to be his daughter for the evening.

“Okay!” I thought, I’d played that role before; but I was surprised when he pulled me into the gents changing room.

I looked round; there were 3 young men in various states of dress and one naked man in the shower. I could see his cock.

Ryan called me over to him by the lockers and told me to take my bikini bottoms (ha!) off and put them in the locker.

“Yes daddy.” I said in my little girl voice.

As I did so I looked round and saw 2 men looking at me. One had turned to face me and I could see his rising cock.

“Now the top princess.” Ryan said.

I reached round my back and pulled the strings undone. I put my bikini top in the locker, pulled my nipples and turned to look at the other men.

Wow! I’d caused 2 hard-ons; I was pleased with myself.

Ryan got hold of my hand and said,

“Let’s go and have that swim now princess.”

We went out of that room and I immediately saw the 2 German girls again. This time they had little bikinis on. I was disappointed that they had clothes on, and they looked surprised that I’d come out of the gents changing room.

“Guten Abend.” I said to them, remembering a little German.

We dived into the pool and swam to the other end; the 2 German girls having disappeared. I looked round; I was the only naked person there, but there again there were no kids there; only about 15 other people, one third women and two thirds men.

We did another couple of lengths then got out and went to the Jacuzzi. As we walked there Ryan whispered that he was going to fuck me under the bubbles.

We sat in the bubbles talking for a couple of minutes.

“Those 2 were the teenagers from this morning then?” Ryan asked.

When I said that they were he said that he thought that they were naked. He sounded a bit disappointed when I confirmed that they were that morning.

“Sorry babe, you’ll have to settle for seeing me naked today.” I said.

“And I’m very happy seeing you naked TT; especially here.” Ryan said.

The bubbles stopped so I stood up, reached over and pressed the button. As I pressed it I realised that Ryan was right behind me. I kept my finger on the button and moved one leg sideways to that he got a good look at my pussy.

As I turned to sit down Ryan pulled me onto his lap so that I was sideways to him with me facing the pool. He’d pulled his shorts down so his hard cock pushing against my pussy. I kissed him and asked if he was going to fuck me now. He smiled and I opened my legs a bit so that his cock could slide inside me.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling and the excitement of being fucked in that public place.

I opened my eyes occasionally to check that we were still on our own; but I didn’t check often enough. One time when I opened them I saw that we’d been joined by the 2 German girls; and what’s more, they were topless; their nipples showing as the bubbles burst.

I looked at Ryan as if to say that I wanted to get off him, but he held me firm. Ryan was going to let these 2 girls watch him fuck me.

When Ryan eased his grip on me I swivelled round on his cock so that I was facing the 2 girls and pushed myself up and down, just a bit, just enough for them to know what was going on.

Ryan and I stared at the 2 teenagers and they stared at us.

The bubbles stopped but no one moved. The girls had confirmation that we were fucking, and I saw that the girls hadn’t got their bikini bottoms on either. I pushed down on Ryan’s cock and felt that familiar feeling.

“That didn’t take long,” I thought, “was Ryan turned-on by the sight of the 2 girls?” I quick pang of jealousy hit me then I decided that there would be something wrong with him if he wasn’t turned on.

I waited a couple of minutes for Ryan’s cock to go soft then I stood up; my just fucked open hole was inches away from the girl’s faces.

As I got out Ryan adjusted his shorts and followed. We walked along the side of the pool to where the sauna was. Just as we went through the door Ryan looked back and saw that the girls were following us.

“Quick!” Ryan said as he pulled his shorts off; “into the sauna and do what I say.”

“Don’t I always?” I said as we went in and closed the door. We were the only ones there, which was good, suspecting that Ryan was going to do something naughty.

Ryan sat halfway along the bottom bench and told me to lay across his lap.

“What have I done to deserve a spanking?” I joked.

It wasn’t a joke. I heard the door open just as Ryan slapped my butt.

The 2 girls stopped and looked at us for a second, then climbed up to the same 2 corners that they’d occupied that morning. They sat the same way as well – one leg on the bench below, showing their bald pussies.

Ryan slapped my butt again and told me that I had to stop teasing my father like that.

With my face pointing to the floor I smiled and knew that we were in role play mode again.

“Sorry daddy.” I said, “I need to be punished more so that I won’t do it again.”

I hadn’t a clue if the girls understood what I was saying or not, but they sure as hell knew what a spanking was.

Ryan slapped me 4 more times and I pretended to cry.

Ryan then told me to stand up. I did and held my head low. I wiped a non-existent tear from my eyes.

“Get on your knees girl.” Ryan said.

As I got down I thought that there was no way that he was going to get me to give him a blow job, not in front of those girls. But he did. He only had a semi to start with, but it wasn’t long before it was as hard as I’ve ever felt it.

As my head bobbed up and down I looked up at him. He was loving every second. I looked at the girls as well. Both were frigging themselves.

Just before Ryan came, he held my head back and shot his load all over my face. I looked at the girls, their faces were totally emotionless. They just stared at us.

Ryan motioned for me to stand up so I did.

“Let that be a lesson to you my girl.” Ryan said.

“Yes daddy.” I replied, wondering if the girls knew what ‘daddy’ meant.

“Okay, go and get a shower and come back here.”

I did as I was told. Ryan later told me that he’d laid flat on the bottom bench and the girls had watched his cock slowly get hard again. They never stopped frigging.

That was the position he was in when I went back in. I went up to him and bent over and kissed his cock before sitting like the girls at the end of the bench near Ryan’s feet.

I started frigging like the girls were.

I was just getting happy when one of the girls spoke to the other and they both girls got up and went out.

We stayed for another 5 minutes before going out as well. In those 5 minutes Ryan told me to make myself cum. I did, and it was a loud one. I must really have needed that one.

When we went out I was surprised to see the 2 girls sat on the sun loungers, facing each other. Their knees were bent and their right hands were still rubbing away.

We went straight into the gents changing room. There were 4 youngish men in there in various states of dress. I assumed that they’d come from the workout room. Three of them looked at me then got on with changing.

We got some soap and shampoo and went to the communal showers.

Why do men have a communal shower when the women have individual ones?

As we were showering, one of the other men came over and stood under the showerhead at the other end. Ryan had just got me covered in soap when we heard the door open, and in came the 2 girls.

At least I had an excuse for being there; I was with my ‘daddy’. There was no sign of the German man so these 2 girls had obviously decided to show themselves to any man that was in there without their father knowing.

The girls went to a locker and got soap and shampoo and came and joined us. The other man that was there was obviously enjoying the view; he was standing facing the girls and he had big hard-on.

Ryan stood in front of me, squirted some shampoo on my head and rubbed it in. He too had a hard-on again and I gently wanked him as he rubbed my head.

I rinsed off and we went over to our locker. As I dried myself and put on my virtually non-existent bikini, I watched the 2 girls. They made a big production of soaping and shampooing each other; their hands concentrating on each other’s tits and pussies. Mr hard-on was joined by Mr hard-on 2 but neither girl acknowledged them.

They were still there when Ryan and I left.

In the lift on the way up Ryan hugged and kissed me; his hands wandering down to my butt. We were like that when 2 women got in on the third floor. We didn’t look at them and they said nothing.

About half an hour later, with both of us naked, Ryan asked me to go and get him a bottle of water out of the vending machine near the lifts. I said that I would and went to get a robe.

“No, like you are.” Ryan said.

“But I’m naked.” I replied.

“So I see.” Ryan said with a grin on his face.

“Not again!” I said, and held my hand out for the money.

I picked-up the card key (he wasn’t going to lock me out this time), opened the door and checked that it was all clear.

With a pounding heart and a tingling pussy I started walking. I told myself that it wasn’t far, and that I’d be back in seconds.

I got to the vending machine and my heart dropped. No water. I didn’t want to disappoint Ryan so I tried to think where I’d seen another vending machine. I seemed to remember that there was one on each floor near the lifts. Did I go up or down? I chose down.

Next choice, did I use the lift or the stairs? I chose the stairs on the assumption that at that time of night there was more chance of someone coming up in the lift rather than using the stairs.

Totally naked, I started down the stairs, stopping every time that I heard a noise.

I opened the door on the floor below and looked at the vending machine. No water.

This happened again, and again. By the time that I got down to the first floor I was a little less nervous and a little annoyed. No water again. The floor below was where reception was. I knew that there was water in the vending machine there because I’d seen it when we came out of the leisure centre.

I gingerly went down that last flight of steps and opened the door. I could see the vending machine, but I could also see the receptionist; a girl about my age. I could also hear men’s voices.

I waited for a minute while I plucked up the courage then boldly walked out and to the vending machine. All went well until the noise of the bottle of water dropping, to the place where I could get it, attracted the attention of one of the noisy men there.

“Hey lads, we’ve got a flasher over by the lifts.” He shouted to his mates.

They all turned and started cheering. My face went bright red and my left hand (with my card key in it) went to my nipples. That’s all I could cover with one hand while my right hand got the bottle of water.

I made a dash for the lifts, figuring that I’d get back to our room quicker in the lift. I just hoped that there would be a lift waiting. I was wrong, and in that time 5 of the young men came over to me.

The started telling me what they’d like to do to me. I remembered the workmen when I’d been out jogging.

I heard one of them say,

“Fuck, she’s only a little kid. Leave her alone lads”

That seemed to have the desire effect and they all walked off muttering. For once I was really glad that I had the body of a little kid.

I started to relax a little and heard the ‘ping’ of the lift arriving. It was empty and I quickly walked in. Just before the doors completely shut an arm came in and the doors opened again.

“Shit!” I thought as a couple in their thirties walked in.

“Holy cow!” a very American man said. “You Brits are something else.”

The woman just smiled at me.

They both stared at me as the lift went up. After a few seconds the woman said,

“A dare or a bet?”

“A dare.” I said.

“I hope that it was worth it.” She replied then looked at her man.

“Winston, take your eyes off the poor girl; can’t you see that she’s embarrassed enough?”

Winston didn’t take his eyes off me and I was glad when the lift stopped at the ninth floor. As I walked out the woman said,

“I hope that your parents don’t find out.”

I didn’t really care if my parents did find out, but I wasn’t going to tell them that.

When I got back to our room I told Ryan all about my adventure. He told me that he’d though that I’d got lost, or arrested.

“I just knew that you’d enjoy it.” He said.

And he was right, I had enjoyed it; even though it had been scary and potentially dangerous; I had enjoyed it. My body had as well, I was dripping.

I went to sleep that night with my back to Ryan and his cock filling my hole.