Stinking Sewer-Slut

Wayne – an attractive and proudly misogynistic white man – knew that Bonny was immensely depraved before he married the submissive 22-year-old when he was 24. But that was the exact reason he’d tied the knot, because he appropriately considered that all women should be viciously immoral. In fact, he thought that wifely virtue is … Continue reading Stinking Sewer-Slut


Jessica and her husband were sailing a small yacht in the ocean near the Philippines. They were near one of the smaller islands and had just anchored near a cove to spend the night and explore in the morning. They had failed to check the state department warnings for the area. Had they checked they … Continue reading Pirates

A new Summer

Chloe looked around her bedroom and checked her backpack on the bed. The simple khaki backpack held all she would need for the summer. A whole summer… she could never remember having even two weeks off in her entire but short twenty-four-year life. Up until seven months ago she’d always been on some kind of … Continue reading A new Summer

Taking Liberties

You find Jill alone in the kitchen, tidying the counter after dinner. You pause for a second to admire the way her body is squeezed into the tight, short dress that has distracted you all night. She looks up at you and smiles. “Oh. Hi Jeff.” “Need a hand, Jill?” you ask. But your intentions … Continue reading Taking Liberties


Title: Empowered Synopsis: To understand the true significance of her traumatic experience, college-student Laurie must undergo a radical and empowering cognitive therapy. Tags: mc mf fd hm Word count: 6119 Author: Adam Lily *********** Dear Reader: This story delves into themes of rape, power, and race. It might be someone’s stroke fiction, and that’s great—let … Continue reading Empowered