My daughter is my sex slave Part 1

First some backround: Im 6’’7 dark brown hair and im very musceluar. I have a stunningly beautiful daughter who I haven’t been able to see because of my ex-wife. But she had a crash in her car and now im getting my Kristy back! I drove to the airport and hugged her when she wasn’t looking “Daddy!!” she cried out. She spun around and hugged me hard rubbing herself some on me. “Come on, let’s go home” i said to her as we got in the car.
On the way home we talked about what had happened to us since last we saw each other. I had gotten a new job as a writer and she was the head cheerleader. I told her how proud i was of her as we went inisde. She marveled at how much my home had changed. It was already close to midnight so i sent her off to bed and climbed into my own and i slept peacfully knowing i had my Kristy back.

I woke up to a woman’s moaning. *i walked around till i found Kristy on the coach 100% naked fingering herself and moaning. “KRISTY!!” She looked up and moaned again. “d-daddy i w-w-want you!” she said this in between her fingering motions. I blinked dumbly “what?” I asked unsure. “I want you to dominate me as your sex slave!” she cried out. What the fuck i thought to myself? What happened to my sweet innocent Kristy?. Her body was amazeing though, near-perfect C-cups, perfect curves, and a pussy that would make a man drool.

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I was hard before I knew it and she got on her knees infront of me. “I-it’s so big master!” I had around two feet of cock. “Are you sure u want to be my slave Kristy? Never haveing an opinion in anything?” I asked. “Totally” she replied her face set. “Then lick my rod you wench!”. She did as she was told, licking me all over her tongue running little circles all over my dick.


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