The Red Thong

His hand landed on her ass cheeks.. repeatedly.. with great force..
“I’m not gonna stop until your ass is as red as that cheap, ugly thong of yours, you slut!”
She was sobbing, but her thong was getting soaking wet too.
“You didn’t really think I would like that hideous piece of fabric, now did you?”
He pulled the thong deep inside her slit.
“I have to punish you for your stupidity.. you fuckin’ whore..”
He ripped the thong from her body and forced it inside her mouth. Then he continued slapping her red-spanked ass. It was exciting tasting her own juices from the soaked thong in her mouth, but it felt like the skin of her ass was burning and she couldn’t fight the tears anymore. They dripped down her cheeks and her body started shaking.
“Goddamn.. I haven’t even started yet.. you whining bitch!”
He dragged her to the bathroom and put her under a cold shower. Even the water-drops were hurting as they landed on her ass. She started shivering from the cold, but he wouldn’t let her get away from the water just yet.
“Now clean yourself up, you filthy slut! You look hideous with that run-down make up!”
She quickly tried washing off all the make up.
As suddenly as she was dumped in the shower, the water stopped. “I’m not gonna waste any more water on you, you’re still disgusting!”
He decided she wasn’t worthy of using one of his towels, so he said he would hang her to dry.
In one of the rooms he had a bondage apparatus with big black ropes strong enough to lift an elephant. He wrapped the ropes tightly around her arms, legs and torso, leaving her unable to move. Then he slowly started lifting her up, making the ropes carry all of her weight, making them hurt even more. But he wasn’t done yet. From a closet he took a basket filled with clothespins. He took his time carefully placing several pins on her inner and outer labia. Then he placed clothespins on her nipples, which hurt much more than on her cunt. The thong in her mouth could hardly muffle her screams anymore. He pulled the thorn thong (which was now totally soaked with her saliva) out of her mouth and replaced it with a big dildo. “I guess you’re more used to sucking on this, aren’t you.. you fucking slut!”
He put another dildo in her asshole and had to remove a few clothespins to be able to push one deep inside of her cunt.
Then he just left her hanging there.. with a tortured cunt and nipples.. with every hole filled. He left the room and she heard the tv. She wondered how long he would let her hang there. The ropes were almost cutting into her flesh and the longer the clothespins stayed on her, the more she felt her blood throb in her tortured cunt and nipples. Yet she also felt horny as hell. She tried to imagine it was his cock she was sucking on.. his cock buried deep inside of her cunt.. his cock forcing it’s way inside her tight ass.
It felt like she was drifting away in some kind of dream-like state. Her body seemed to get numb from the pain. She had no idea how long he had her hanging there.

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Finally he came to check up on her. First he removed the dildos and then slowly let her drop to the floor.. as she was lying there, he removed the clothespins. Removing them hurt even more than placing them, but in this state of mind she could bear it better. He softly caressed her tortured cunt and placed careful kisses on her nipples. She felt totally hot as he started pushing his finger in and out of her wet cunt. She started rocking her body forward onto his hand, to make his finger go in even deeper. This was the sign for him she was ready to get fucked. He carried her to the bed and placed her on her stomach. Then he forced his hard cock inside from behind. Her cunt and nipples felt more sensitive than ever before, because of all the torture. He fucked her hard and let her scream. Her body started shaking as she reached her orgasm. And at that moment she decided: she would buy more of these thongs first thing tomorrow morning!


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