First MFM

It all began with us watching adult videos with multiple partners involved. They were mostly with at least two males and a single female. I must admit that the thought of several cocks pleasing me was a definite turn-on.
I don’t remember whose idea it was to try this. We have been married for 15 years and we have a wonderful sex life. I think it started by Tony asking me if I found the thought of two males intriguing. I said duh, who wouldn’t want two men pleasing her every whim. He asked if that was something I would like to try. I nervously laughed at him and said maybe.
Next thing I know he asks me if I want to sign up on a swinger website and see what happens. I said sure why not. We had a few hits, but it didn’t seem like we were right for the other couples. That is until we met a couple from Parkersburg.
We met the male half of the couple for a drink and to see if we were compatible. We all hit it off well and agreed to meet again when all could meet. It didn’t take long till we all met and we knew the chemistry was right. He was about 5’11 180 lbs and she was 5’5 blonde hair and very curvy. Tony is 6’ 210 lbs with dark hair. I am 5’, 115, blonde, blue eyed gal with a 34d chest and 24 inch waist. We talked for hours at the restaurant where we met as our kids played games.
They were a seasoned couple having had several experiences. They even, because of their schedules played alone. This was good news because I knew I wanted him.
We arranged for Brian to come to our house one morning. I was excited and extremely nervous at the thought of finally fulfilling my fantasy of two men.
I wore a black pair of boy shorts and a black boustierre that had my breasts sitting firmly in the support. I covered it with a robe. My nipples were hard and ready for some attention.  My shorts barely concealed a recently trimmed pussy with a landing strip pointing the way to a paradise that was wet in anticipation.
Tony had given me the go ahead to have fun and not worry about anything. I decided to take him up on his offer.  I arranged everything. 
Brian called a short time after 7 am and said he was a few minutes away. I asked Tony if he was sure and he said not to worry. About then the doorbell rang and my heart started racing knowing what was about to happen.
Brian was wearing a pullover-collared shirt and was wearing Polo Black cologne. We invited him in and we sat down and talked for a few minutes.  He could tell we were nervous and asked us if we were sure we wanted to do this. I took his hand and led him downstairs assuring him we were certain.
Once we got downstairs he asserted himself, grabbed me and turned me around and began to kiss me. His lips touched mine and they felt so soft.  He began sliding his tongue inside my mouth lustily kissing me.  He was an excellent kisser.  Many couples have rules against kissing but we fail to see the reasoning in this.  He began to caress my breasts, cupping them in his hands.  He rolled my nipples between his fingers.  My body quivered at the touch of his hands. His lips kissed me passionately. He began to kiss my neck, gently nibbling on it as his hands worked a masterpiece on my breasts.  My body was tingling all over as he caressed my body. He gently laid me back on the bed and worked his lips down to my hardened nipples and began to suck on them.  He rolled my nipples in his mouth, gently biting them with his teeth.  Expertly he positioned himself between my legs as he distracted me with his tongue running circles on my breasts.  I arched my hips when I felt his hands on the waistband on my shorts. He easily slid them off. He continued working his mouth down till he found the landing strip that pointed him to my wet pussy that was awaiting his touch.  He parted my legs wide as he slid his head inside my thighs and slid his tongue into my slit.  He darted his tongue on my clit and licked it and rolled it in his mouth.  As he was running his tongue all over my clit he slowly began slid a couple of fingers inside me. He rolled his fingers for a moment till he found my g-spot and  "OH MY GOD "  I have never been fingered like that before or since.  He rubbed my g-spot firmly as worked his thumb over my clit and alternated his tongue with it. I was in heaven.
My legs were shaking, my heart was pounding, and my pussy was aching. But the best was yet to come.  He stood up and began to undo his pants. I sat up to help him. I could see the outline of his cock in his pants and I could see it straining to get out and seek the pleasure it was about to receive. I unfastened his pants and pulled them down and there staring me in the face was the largest cock I had ever seen. My pussy twinged at the though of this massive pole inside me.  His massive cock sprung out of his shorts and I eagerly took it in my hands.  I started stroking him as I admired this behemoth of a cock.  I would guess it was about 9 inches long and oh so thick.  I don’t know what I liked more, the length or the girth.  Either way I would be enjoying both soon enough.  I guided his cock and worked the head into my mouth.  It felt so big in my mouth.  I licked and sucked on it like I was a kid with an all day sucker. I swirled the tip in my mouth as I caressed his balls. I stroked his cock with my hands as I took as much of his tool in my mouth as I could.
  About that time I heard my husband come into the room. He sat down for a moment and watched me take another man’s cock into my mouth. I wondered for a moment if he was ok with this that is until he began to undress and his rock hard cock sprang from his briefs.  I knew then it was ok.
Brian slid back on our sofa bed to make room for Tony.  I followed him, as I didn’t want that monster of a cock to get too far away.  He sat back against the cushions and invited me to suck his cock.  I was on my hands and knees with my ass sticking straight up.  Tony positioned himself behind and I felt him part my cheeks. I was expecting him to slide the only cock I had known for the last 17 years inside, but he slid his tongue inside my lips and the feeling was almost unbearable.  I had never been in the middle of two men, but I knew now what I had been missing and couldn’t wait for what was to come.
  My husband ate my pussy like he has been doing without equal for the last 17 years. To this day, he is the only person who has made me come by eating me out.  He worked his magical tongue in my wet lips.  Slowly parting them as he ran his tongue up and down my dripping cunt.  I was quivering with excitement.  This just made me suck that much harder on Brian’s 9 + inches of meat. I worked my mouth hungrily up and down his pole stroking him as I slid him inside my mouth. Tony continued eating my pussy. I felt his tongue find my clit.  He slowly sucked on it as he ran his tongue hurriedly all around it. I began to feel the familiar sensations of my orgasm. I sucked harder as my body began to shiver with the most intense orgasm I had ever had.
  I took all of Brian’s cock deep inside my mouth, with my chin resting on his balls, as I could feel his cock touching places in my throat that had never known a cock.  Tony knows that I love to be fucked immediately after I have an orgasm so he slid his cock against my pussy lips.  Teasingly, he worked it up and down the opening before he slid it in.  My body was still quivering with my previous orgasm, as he began to pump my dripping wet cunt I began to cum again.  I had to stop sucking the wonderful cock before me so I could enjoy my earthshaking orgasm, and to make sure that I didn’t bite Brian’s cock.
  My husband began to pump my pussy, filling it with his hard cock. He fucked me for a few minutes as I continued sucking on Brian, making sure he was fully engaged.  Tony grabbed my hips and started pumping my pussy harder and harder.  I cannot describe the feeling of having my pussy filled by my husband and my mouth stuffed by another juicy cock. All I can say is that I was in heaven.  After a few minutes I felt my husband climaxing as his juices filled my wet pussy.
  I stopped sucking on Brian’s cock as I sat up and turned around offering my pussy to another man.  Brian did not need a second invitation as he began to rub my pussy with his cock.  He slowly fingered my sopping wet pussy while he reached for a condom.  He ripped open the wrapper and I could hear him slipping the sheath over his cock.  After what seemed like an eternity, he positioned himself behind my legs and began to rub his member against my awaiting lips.  He slowly slid the head inside me and worked it up and down.  I tried to push myself back onto him but he pulled away.  He did this for a few moments.  He could tell I wanted his cock deep inside me.  I was so worked up.  I began to suck on my husband’s cock feverishly in anticipation of Brian sliding his massive cock inside me.
  Slowly, Brian began sliding his large, thick cock inside my small, tight, and extremely wet pussy.  He parted my lips like they have never been parted before.  His cock felt like it was going to rip me open.  As Brian was working his way inside me he groaned and exclaimed how tight my pussy was.  I had to stop sucking on my husband’s cock so I could concentrate on the indescribable feeling I was having.  It felt like I was being split open, yet it felt so damn good. I let out a moan (more like a scream) as he slid his mammoth piece of meat inside me.
He began to move his body in a slow, steady rhythm, rocking back and forth, sliding his cock deep inside the walls of my wet pussy.  He placed his hands on my hips to better control the tempo and to maintain control as I tried to rock my pussy harder and faster into him.  I found my husband’s cock and began sucking on it.  I loved the feeling of my husband in my mouth and another impaled inside me from behind.
  Brian started to increase his tempo as he began to really to pound my pussy.  Tony recognized this and he pulled away and stepped to the side.  He watched Brian fuck me and I asked him if he liked what he saw.  He replied yes as he was pulling on his cock.  Brian stopped and rolled me over on my back and placed his arms under my legs and placed them over his shoulders fully exposing my eager cunt.  He then slid inside and really began stuffing my pussy.  He parted places inside that had never been touched before.  It hurt so damn good.  He fucked hard and deep. I grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper. I could feel his pace quicken as I knew he was about to fill my pussy with all the protein he could.  His shoulders arched as he gave one final deep thrust and I could feel the warm liquid explode from his cock. My body tensed as I began to climax.  My body was shuddering as this incredible orgasm swept over me.